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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 447


Chapter 447: Severe bleeding

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However, Sheyan was presently well informed of the value of this batch of 'goods' on hand. Mourbo's greedy gaze and aroused reaction had gravely sold himself out. Identifying he had rare 'commodities' worth hoarding, Sheyan flatly changed his expression as he glanced at Mogensha and proclaimed.

’’Let's go! Let's pay a visit to the more hospitable Prince Tsu'tey! At least, the amicable Omaticaya clan would treat their friends with more sincerity.’’

Old Mourbo's pupils instantly bulged as he hastily called out.

’’My friends, my esteemed friends, please wait a moment!! I express my sincere apology for my suspicious conduct previously.’’

Sheyan then offered a 'snapping' gesture, before Jinkuang leapt out from behind him and issued arrogantly.

’’Woah! An apology! Ah, such sincerity indeed. My honorable Mr Mourbo, I too wish to express my most earnest apology;because we have to leave immediately. At least, the Omaticaya clan would treat us with more earnesty and camaraderie.’’

At present, the wrinkles on old Mourbo's face had deepened gravely, displaying his amplified distress. He understood that if he still refused to 'show blood effort', then such a grand opportunity would slip away from his fingertips.

Gritting his teeth, he fished out an animal hide pouch from his bosom, and reluctantly poured its contents out. The contents were 3 precious gems, that shimmered with a warm brilliance. Then he bent his waist, and offered them to Jinkuang with both hands.

’’To compensate for my earlier discourse, this is just a tiny little gift.’’

These were rather familiar objects, and were indeed the naturally high purity pandora crystals;dazzling with luminous brilliance like precious gems. Sheyan and the rest had also discovered that when the Mosake clansmen wanted to execute a certain powerful and unique ability, they would occasionally borrow the assistance from these gorgeous casting material.

When Sheyan interacted with those crystals, he instantly received the notification.

[ You received a special object of the Pandora World: Soul crystal. ]

[ This is a natural high purity crystal that has absorbed the natural energies of this world, being imbued with the tremendous force of earth, water, fire and wind! ]

[ Its value is exceptionally high, and its usage application diverse. Under normal circumstances, erudite mages can perfectly study these mystical gems with their expansive experiences and magic books. ]

Observing the list of notification, Sheyan's countenance finally soothened a little. Following his usual practice, he tossed a block to Jinkuang as reward and stored the rest.

’’Hmm, alright. Respected old fox Mourbo, oh my bad, old Sir. You've finally expressed sincerity that was long overdue. I've just finished a series of intensive battling, and am extremely exhausted. Hence, you can continue further detailed negotiations on the remaining issues with my agent, Mr David Beckham. I confer all authority to him.’’

Old Mourbo's complexion immediately turned pale.......causing a blue-skined na'vi to have such a complexion was indeed not an easy feat. Brother Black flashed a pitiful glance at the old man, before looking over to the nominal Patriarch, Murru, of the Takji clan. The latter had already congregated with his fellow like-minded peers with fervent and passionate expressions, not having a shred of concern towards matters here.

As for what that congregation was discussing, one just needed to guess what a bunch of vigorous and thirsty males would talk about when peeping at ravishing female slaves they could handpick from.

’’Ignorant arm-flinging shopkeepers* are indeed the most blissful of individuals.’’ Brother Black couldn't help but sigh.

(TN: idiom, means individuals who asks others to do work but does nothing himself)

After Jinkuang's saliva had splashed against old Mourbo's face for the fourth time, the curtains finally drew on the bilateral negotiations of both parties. Old Mourbo had seemingly aged by 10 years, and his present walking posture was as though he had constipation and diarrhea for 10 days. The following were the advantages acquired from trading those captives:

[ 1 tier-6 Great Banshee* rider......] (The poor Mourbo had even sold himself. During the remaining period, he would act as Sheyan's temporary servant and was attached to Jinkuang, with Jinkuang having jurisdiction over him. Of course, he would automatically regain his freedom after Sheyan left this world)

(TN: *Hybrid between Great Leonopteryx and Mountain Banshee)

[ 2 'Soul Crystals' ]

[ 20 of the mightiest Takji clan archers. ]

[ Na`vi secret medicine - using it will instantly restore 50% HP. If damage is dealt by Pandora creatures, its healing property would receive an additional 25% (Meaning restoring 75% HP). Cooldown of 8 hours. ]

Amongst everything, the most valuable would be that 'Na'vi secret medicine', which was a pleasant surprise harvest to Sheyan. Though this bottled medicine had an 8 hours cooldown, it was an independent entity and didn't share cooldown periods with other medicines.

Going deeper into specifics, when facing a formidable opponent;after Sheyan consumes an 'Honorary medicine dosage' and restores his HP to full, if he encounters another crisis, he would still be able to consume this 'Na`vi secret medicine' to restore 50% HP, or even 75% based on the situation. If he factored in his party skill 'Gloryheal', that was equivalent to another bonus life! Such immense significance was simply unimaginable.

Naturally, a day of crazed celebrations for the Takji clan followed this, the group of men started dividing the women. Every clansmen harbored zero concern towards Old Mourbo's pact of selling out his country. Even Murru himself accepted the pact. To him who had fled the battle and abandoned his benefactor, this matter had already plagued his heart for a long time and felt he owed Sheyan far too much. Therefore, even if Sheyan desired loads of riches from the Takji clan, it was still reasonable.

Watching the young clan fledglings having such a mentality, the old foxes of the Takji clan could only sigh piteously;sorrowful that there were no qualified successors, and lamenting over the shallow foresight of their young ones. However, their sighs were soon drowned out by a baffling grand sound - the intertwined sounds of Mosake clan captives weeping, and the energetic cheers of young Takji clansmen with raging hormones;such a sound was extremely weird and exotic.

Yet out of their expectations, when served with two choices of life or death, the majority of captives decided to adhere to new traditions and chose life.

Every single Mosake captive harboured deep hatred towards Sheyan and the other outsiders, and resolved to never reach a compromise with them. Instead, they belonged to the same species as the Takji clan, and compromising wouldn't be so tough to accept. One by one, they were selected and questioned on their decisions. Most of the captives were famished and exhausted, choosing painfully to yield and enlist into a new clan;while only a handful abided by unwavering loyalty.

Although in the end, 7 female and 3 heavily wounded males were executed, that was simply unavoidable. Fortunately, to Sheyan and Reef's relief, all the children were spared and swore oaths before Mother Nature Eywa - from henceforth, they would be part of the Takji clan and have no relations whatsoever with the Mosake clan. They would then be inculcated with certain elementary ideologies, to correct their cannibalism vices.


As time trickled away, Sheyan's masterminded besiege on the Mosake clan had already reached its fourth day.

During the past four days, not a single Mosake clan warrior left their building premises. Hence, the unrivalled sniper, Growth-hunter Mcdh, had no chance to display his talents.

According to their earlier intelligence and deductions, the Mosake clan should have completely depleted their water supply by now, and their food supplies reaching a critical state. However, as for today, their combat prowess would not be substantially restricted due to hunger or thirst. Until they exceeded a critical point, the combat prowess of the clan would then plunge with shocking severity.

Therefore, it could be said that Sheyan was strictly awaiting in formation today. Instead, the battle he was anticipating did not arrive. At this moment, Sheyan discourteously summoned Old Mourbo. Although the Takji clan's total might was vastly inferior to the Mosake clan, Old Mourbo was still a genuine talent;compared to those 13 legendary beast-riders beside Chieftain Cherokee previously, he was not the least bit inferior and could even occupy a frontal position. Besides, there was no need to elaborate on the advantages of aerial superiority.

Yet after 3 minutes, a greatly terrified Old Mourbo returned while gasping for breath and wiping his non-existent perspiration.

’’Their defenses are completely air-tight, I couldn't see a single thing.’’

Hearing his report, Sheyan furrowed his brows, and his expression turned gloomy. Old Mourbo belonged to a category that would induce headaches in people. He was astute, crafty, treacherous and possessed a daunting might. Although he had been forced to a state of servitude, a negative conduct of slacking was still unavoidable. Only during the days prior to this, Sheyan would still display courtesy to him. Yet with the deadline of returning approaching, Sheyan's patience had been utterly whittled away.

He issued a dull glare at Old Mourbo and questioned.

’’If you can truly ascertain the stringent defenses from afar, isn't your eyesight too excessively powerful.’’

Old Mourbo was feeling indignant in his heart;this one is a dignified and revered Tsahik, and you use me as a scout? Still, he replied with an indifferent tone.

’’Ah yes, that is what my clansmen praised me for.’’

This ex clan patriarch surveyed the outsider before him with his heart. Considering in his heart that he could easily slaughter him, and this outsider was a fool to trust others;but also considering that he had in fact, reaped a whole load of benefits from him thus far. More crucially, Old Mourbo had no inkling why he disliked this outsider, and loathed him exceedingly;this human actually attempts in vain to suppress me! Therefore, naturally he was unwilling work hard for this outsider.

Thinking till here, Old Mourbo even purposefully coughed loudly before spitting his thick phlegm before Sheyan's foot.


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