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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 446


Chapter 446: Glad tidings for the Takji clan

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Towards Reef's inquiry, Sheyan chortled and replied.

’’To conduct a transaction. Relax, I too am a man of principle.’’

Reef silently nodded and continued.

’’I trust you.’’

Observing the flight direction of the overlord, it became astonishingly clear their destination was the Takji clan.


Between 2-3 kilometres from the Takji clan's Hometree, Sheyan hopped off the overlord. Apart from the ex-patriarch's mighty Mountain Banshee, their archery capabilities weren't weak as well. To impulsively approach inside an overlord may trigger an unnecessary air crash.

When they entered a kilometre proximity of the Hometree, several Takji clan members noticed them;however, upon identifying Sheyan, they immediately spurred their direhorses and shamelessly fled afar. This happened until Sheyan arrived in front of their Hometree, greeted by the scene of the Takji clan's current patriarch, Murru, and their Tsahir, Mourbo. Both stood at the entrance with crestfallen expression, filled with utter disgrace.

’’My brother, please forgive my cowardice in battle. We only chose to retreat after receiving admonishing from the divine Eywa's oracle. It is absolutely not because of danger!!’’

Murru stretched out both arms as he persuaded with great anguish. His face was distorted with haggardness and wilt, and both his eyes were bloodshot;indicating his sincere honestly. Sheyan released a long sigh and replied.

’’Alright, my friend, I can understand your feelings and I respect your faith. We are after all, brothers;this matter......just treat it as it had never happened before.’’

Murru shook his head in heartache, as tears streamed down his eyes.

’’I'm no longer fit to be your brother, I'm a coward who runs from battles.’’

Murru drew out his bone saber smoothly and offered the saber's shaft to Sheyan.

’’Please end this life of humiliation. This way, I can then be at ease.’’

Shedding crocodile tears by the side, Tsahir Mourbo suddenly turned flustered as he hurriedly hugged his child.

’’Ah! My child, don't do this. It was I who had forced you to retreat, this blame should be placed on me!’’

Sheyan watched on with cold detachment, he obviously could see through the hypocritical show of affection within the deepest bones of Tsahir Mourbo. Instead, it was that brat Murru who was truly genuine. Presently, Sheyan didn't wish to waste any time and straightforwardly sheathed Mourbo's bone-saber back into its scabbard. Then, he stepped before Murru and interrupted.

’’Since I've already said this matter had never happened, then this matter concludes here. Do you want to turn me into someone who renegades on his words? However, Murru, my return this time is earnestly to ask you something.’’

Upon hearing that, Murru immediately turned eager and asked.

’’What is it?’’

At this moment, Brother Black's face abruptly revealed a peculiar expression;a licentious look of unspeakable wretchedness, analogous to how Edison Chen would lead an innocent model into a brothel. He licked his thick lips and answered for Sheyan.

(TN: Mogensha probably caught up to them already. Also, Edison Chen is an actor in Hong Kong who is also known for scandals with other actresses)

’’I seem to recall you mentioning before, lasses from the Mosake clan aren't bad eh?’’

Murru was stupefied as he glanced nervously at his old dad before replying.

’’Did I say.... I really said that?’’

Borther Black instantly knew Murru was trying to hide this embarrassing deed, and also noticed the gloomy look on that old fart Mourbo, as though a family disciplinary session was round the corner. Soon, several others also faced away to the sky to mask their giggles.

Nevertheless, this topic Mogensha raised triggered a commotion from all the males who shared the same opinion. The Takji clan had all along not been strict with their internal hierarchy;hence, several eavesdropping Takji warriors started butting into the conversation, similarly attempting to liven up the mood.

’’Yeah man, yeah man!’’

’’Although the corrupted Mosake clan had lost favour from Goddess Nature, on the contrary, their women had become exceedingly alluring!’’

’’Rumours has it, it is because of their corrupted sacrificial temples they built.’’

’’Indeed, they are far more pleasing to the eyes than our worn-out women.’’

’’Those voluptuous chests that looks amazing to touch.’’

’’Those round buttocks.’’



While Sheyan listened to their mindless chatter, more or less pertaining to the ampleness of Mosake chicks, he carefully realized a subtle relationship between this and Mother Nature Eywa! Naturally, corrupted clans were free from abstinence, and could hunt and feast on any creature they liked. Thus, such flourishing carnivorous diet would obviously yield greater abundance in females;naturally, the product of plentiful nourishment.

Yet the current Sheyan couldn't care less to carry on bullshitting with them. Despite the fuming countenance of old Mourbo, Sheyan blatantly pulled the incomparably awkward Murru to one side and whispered.

’’Looks like your clan's males uphold the same standards as you, eh.’’

Murru replied bashfully.

’’This is only normal alright. If not, why would the most beautiful ladies garner the most pursuers?’’

Having probed a clearer understanding of them, Sheyan coughed and offered earnestly.

’’Actually this time, I wish to make a transaction with you.’’

Murru refuted with shame.

’’Whatever you've set your eyes on, just take them. Why the need for a transaction.’’

Instead, Sheyan thought in his heart;despite your forthrightness on this issue, what I want is regrettably, indeed something I can't even set eyes on;I reckon this matter resides in the hands of that wily old fox, Mourbo. Therefore, he directly continued.

’’I've just campaigned against the Mosake clan, managing to capture loads of their women and children. If the Takji clan is willing to fork out an adequate sum, then I can consider selling them to you guys. If not, they'll have to be sacrificed to my ally.’’

Murru exclaimed in suspicion.

’’My friend, deceitfulness corrodes from the inside.’’

’’Sheyan rolled his eyes nonchalantly.

’’Ah, but I haven't spewed any lies.......forget it, forget it. Just convey my message to your father, I'll negotiate with him.’’

Murru then relayed his message. After a brief while, that old head Mourbo strolled over and scanned Sheyan with a doubtful gaze.

’’This may be impolite of me, but I still have to express my disbelief........years after years had gone by without the Mosake clan even losing more than a dozen clan member. I don't believe you could've accomplished such a feat after incurring the wrath of Goddess Nature Eywa.’’

Sheyan unfolded his hands and answered bluntly.

’’Fine, Tashir Mourbo, you really should applaud your own eloquence;because your words have succeeded in extinguishing my desire to offer friendly rates. Now, give me some time.’’

15 minutes later. In the end, a youth dashed hastily towards his Hometree on his direhorse. His face flushed with red and his body was trembling in excitement as he disregarded all formalities....... ’’P...Pa...Patriarch, Tashir! women and kids from the Mosake clan!!!!!’’ What would this youth be excited over......the only explanation should be that Na'vi kids matured earlier. Eh, this hypothesis is truly obnoxious.

Clearly, Sheyan had previously tasked Mogensha to 'escort' those Mosake captives alongside 200 zerglings. The reason for tasking Mogensha with this was naturally his ability as a long range combatant. Once someone attempts to flee, a shuttle of bullets would easily bring the situation under control.

Furthermore, the forte of the Mosake clan only laid in two aspects. One was their ability to tame beasts, and the second was in long range combat. With their legs gravely wounded currently, every Mosake captive was assigned with one zergling and compelled to board the overlords. With virtually zero threat, transporting them wasn't a slow process at all. It was only trying to get them to board the overlords that wasted some time.

In spite of their disbelief, Murru and Mourbo were utterly convinced by the facts before their very particular, that stirred up old fart, Mourbo. Don't let your thoughts run wild, that old thing no longer held interest for females;instead, due to the Takji clan's recent tragedy, a shortfall in important prime seedlings had arose. Waiting for nature's replenishment was akin to waiting for 20 years before their clan could develop back to former glories.

Instead, if the clan could acquire these batch of women and kids, the kids would reach adolescence in roughly 3 years;which was more or less half a matured adult. With another 5-10 years, they would morph into brave warriors. This implied the recovery duration of the clan would be shortened by more than half!

As for loyalty wise, Sheyan guessed that such a crucial problem could very well be negligible. This was due to the current primitive era of the Na'vi race, resembling that of the stone age. In term of various social customs, it would be similar to ancient tribes of the grasslands!

For example, the emergence era of Temujin*. His wife had been seized by an enemy tribe, which later escalated into an exceedingly violent and perverse affair. When Genghis Khan had snatched his wife back, she was already pregnant and gave birth smoothly to the infant. Ghengis Khan then treated him like his own, caring fervently and sincerely for him. That little child would grow up to be known as Ögedei Khan. Thus, Na'vi customs can be somewhat derived from this.

(TN: *Temujin is the birth name of Genghis Khan.)

Moreover, once these Mosake captives are transferred to the Takji clan, they could only choose death or pledge allegiance. Pledging allegiance meant that they had to take an oath before divine Nature Eywa, and swear absolute loyalty to the clan. Besides, this was planet Pandora! The greatest critical difference from earth was that divine Eywa was explicitly known! Thus, only a tiny handful would dare to betray their oaths!

’’A chance to establish our clan's dominance, and perhaps even attain secrets of Mosake beast taming. Sufficient women and seedlings........’’ Even the wily old fox, Mourbo, couldn't help but shiver with excitement, as he muttered inaudibly to himself.


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