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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 443


Chapter 443: Cherokee's counterattack

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During that 30 seconds period, the Nydus Worm coughed out another batch of zerglings and Ultralisk into the arachnid fleet, quietly replenishing whichever corners required. After another brief period had lapsed, new incubated Sunken Colonies had sprung up!

The warring state continued submerging into a drawn out war of attrition.....

The addition of 3 legendary beast-riders appeared successful, yet they had merely slew some arachnids, destroyed several Sunken Colonies, and 3 harmless organ structures that supplied no assistance to the battling!!

At this moment, Mcdh was utterly stupefied! He couldn't help but mumbled to himself.

’’How could there be such an individual that can grasp the battlefield sequence so is it possible for an individual to grasp the battlefield state so accurately!’’

’’To actually be able to erode the enemy's forces under such circumstances;granting the Mosake clan a misconception that victory was within reach, but in actual fact, victory was unattainable all along!’’

Chewing on a gum, Brother Black swung round and glanced at him before laughing mischievously.

’’There'll always be some freaks that surface, ain't that right?’’

(TN: author is prolly referring to the Blackthorn overmind and not Sheyan. Sheyan isn't capable of controlling the entire arachnid army, but only give instructions/commands)

Following that, Mcdh once again shook his head and issued gravely.

’’Chieftain Cherokee is greedy and cunning, but also a cautious fellow. He isn't so easily dealt with, and it wouldn't be long before he orders a withdrawal.’’

Sheyan suddenly interrupted indifferently.

’’That may not be true. Since they've already come, trying to leave now wouldn't be simple feat.’’

They witnessed as the stalemate battlelines persisted for another 5 minutes, with lives continuously falling with each fleeting second. Chieftain Cherokee's expression was presently as deep as water. Suddenly, he retrieved a bugle horn from the saddle of the Thanator beside him.

His bugle horn was coated in crimson blood, and engraved with helix vein lines. Estimatedly as long as two metres, he curved it towards the sky in a 45 degrees angle. It was as though its periphery was densely layered with a dull glow of blood, causing one to stand on edge!

Chieftain Cherokee then lifted his head and blew the bugle horn. A mournful pensive tone echoed into the air, like an unsophisticated yet rich tide that swept through the land. At the sound of the bugle horn, the legendary beast-riders rushed forth simultaneously, as though their fighting spirits had aroused. The arachnid defensive circle once again pulled back substantially! Through the Nydus Worm, large amounts of zerglings and ultralisks poured out once again!

Yet this time, those rushing legendary beast-riders upon reaching the first line of battling, opted not to pursue and attack! Instead, they rein in their blades horizontally, awaiting in strict formation! Meanwhile, the arachnids had hastily shrunk back their defence line, thus the originally climatic battling had came to a spontaneous end. A gap had formed, as though a ceasefire region had abruptly surfaced.

Moreover, one could clearly observe;sheltered by the legendary beast-riders at their front, the other Mosake clansmen had started supporting their casualties, at the same time calling for their favourite adored tamed creatures to them.

Evidently, the Mosake clan was enlightened of this terrifying snare! A cruel snare devised by a crafty nemesis that had preordained the time and location, with the goal of thoroughly chiseling away the strength of the Mosake clan!

Therefore, the true aim for Chieftain Cherokee's blowing his bugle horn, was seemingly to escort injured clansmen to retreat hurriedly at once!

Witnessing such a scene, every arachnid life form appeared to have paused briefly;like a human brandishing his fist before a fight, as they contracted while bracing their muscles and gathering strength. Progressing from there, they flooded in avariciously as though a dike had been breached!!!

If our enemies are thinking of retreating, then now is the best time to attack.

Yet at this instant, Chieftain Cherokee tossed aside the bugle horn in his hand, as his lips curved into a scarring smirk;abruptly revealing an contemptuous countenance as he gazed down.

’’Ijgtasaala rattata morobzzgu zusmozi!’’ (English: Damned rats, I've finally got you)

He suddenly raised his scepter!

The tip of his thick and crude scepter ignited ablaze, scorching the dried leather with flames in an instant! Following that, the flames suddenly blossomed into a blinding radiance! One could observe, over it was shockingly a naturally high purity pandora crystal the size of a goose egg!

Under Chieftain Cherokee's frantic hastening, the pandora crystal on the scepter's tip gradually dissolved while it dispersed out regiments of blood red mist;the mist wafting towards a Hammerhead-Titanothere that was tailing behind him.

The eyes of that gigantic beast immediately turned scarlet, as it buried its head and incessantly dug its front hooves into the ground. Its breathing became heavier as its physique swelled by 5-6 times, forcing its originally creasing and thick outer skin to inflate into the outline of bulging muscles.

Within a second, every Mosake clansmen obstructing the path of that Hammerhead-Titanothere divided a pathway in succession, like waves splitting apart. The Hammerhead-Titanothere's tiny eyes winked as fast as shutter speed photography. Chieftain Cherokee then hurled his scepter towards the Hammerhead-Titanothere, as the beast lifted its head and widened its mouth;its throat squirming momentarily as it utterly swallowed the scepter.

Immediately, this monstrous gigantic beast begun trampling, steamrolling in at breakneck speed! Its tremendous body frame rocked, as it charged courageously and fearlessly while its vitality combusted away!!!

Following the divided up path of blood and gore!

Aligning straight towards the flooding arachnid sea before its very eyes!

Yet its eyes contained no regard for the arachnid sea. From the very first step it stomped out, both its eyes had already ruptured with a blunt 'psshh', as blood trickled down the corners;as though it was sorrowfully shedding blood tears. Only one final message was engraved within its heart - a message about a gateway, that strangely malevolent and alien gateway, the Nydus Worm!!

How fast was this Hammerhead-Titanothere's speed, no one could fathom. Its body mass swayed and rocked with every trampling step, so much so that the sounds of splitting skin and muscles stretching could be heard. When it charged within 20 metres approaching the arachnid sea, it practically appeared like a high speed whistling steam train. In its bloodlusted frenzy, blood sprayed out as it speared forth with indomitable insanity!!

Mcdh's vision hollowed drastically, while concurrently listening to Mogensha's heavy breathing! It didn't matter who, anyone who saw the rampaging charge of this fanatical inflated rocking beast, would inevitably feel like their hearts were compressed by a heavy boulder;welling up with an premonition that 'approaching it meant death'!

Yet right at this moment, a cawing screech pierced out from the throats, or hearts, of the battling arachnids. Treating the gigantic beast like a giant magnet, they surged towards it berserkly!

To compete in terms of unwavering mentality, the ravenous arachnids had never lost to anyone in their entire lives!!!!

When the gigantic beast impacted into the arachnid sea, it upsurge huge torrents of gory flesh tides. Though Ultralisks were obstructing this Hammerhead-Titanothere as well, their outcome would without an exception be getting knocked down, and trampled over into mincemeat. However, arachnids poured in to replace fallen comrades one after another, pouncing in ludicrously.

Screeches repeatedly resounded in unison;when the Hammerhead-Titanothere had thrusted 50 metres into the arachnid sea, its speed had distinctly waned, allowing the dense mass of voracious arachnids to claw and nibble at its body. Even more terrifying was that the surrounding arachnid sea continued to congest together, as they pounced fanatically without any fear of death.

Although the gigantic beast's dark violet scaled leather was extraordinarily tough, and its limbs as thick as a tree, the Ultralisk's crescent bone-scythes were equally an acclaimed lethal weapon. Though initial lacerating tempo was relatively slow, once the leather skin was breached, the fresh reddened flesh were rapidly torn and devoured by the insatiable zerglings!

50 metres before reaching the Nydus Worm, the Hammerhead-Titanothere finally collapsed to the ground with a loud bang. Still, its body remained as inflated as before it began rampaging. Moreover, after it died, its swelling rate accelerated by several folds! Witnessing such an abnormal scene, Sheyan's gaze flickered as he couldn't help muttering.

’’Could it be, Chieftain Cherokee's trump is........’’

As his words just faded,

With that Hammerhead-Titanothere corpse as the core,

Unleashed an oppressive and thunderous detonation!

The destructive might of the explosion was beyond terrorizing. An 18 square metres pit had appeared in its wake. The scattered flesh in the vicinity had been evaporated to ashes, as hundreds of zergling and dozens of ultralisk caracasses nearby had been utterly incinerated. Furthermore, a radius of a kilometre had seemingly experienced a downpour of blood and gore!

Yet even more foreboding, were scattered flesh that were still combusting with flames!

Fortunately, seconds prior to the explosion, several ultralisks had blocked off the front of the Nydus Worm. Though that was so, the ultralisks still emitted incomparably anguished roars amidst the flames. Moreover, the left area of the Nydus Worm had probably been affected by the outburst of bones and flesh, frying off a massive bitter wound that was as long as 6 metres! Within the wound,the deathly pale supporting skeleton of the Nydus Worm was faintly discernible.

What was worst was the dull red flames still adhering to the wound, that even its gushing blood could not extinguish the flames. Flesh was being roasted as it released sizzling cackles.

A battlefield vacuum, an astounding battlefield vacuum had appeared within the legions of arachnids!

Meanwhile at this instance, Chieftain Cherokee heaved up his bugle horn with a contented smirk on his face, and blew on it with great might!

’’HUM~HUM~HUM!’’ Under the urgent humming, the legendary beast-riders formed the primary arrowhead, with the remaining Mosake clansmen following behind;forming into a typical 'Spearing Arrow Assault' formation. Thousands of kilograms rumbling with thunderous momentum, as they targeted straight for the Nydus Worm and stampeded towards it!!!!

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