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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 441


Chapter 441: Interlocked stratagems! Deadly ploy!

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Yet this 20 minute duration proved sufficient for Sheyan to smoothly acquire two skirmish objectives.

First, to survey the terrain of the Mosake Clan's residence.

Two, to as much as possible, destroy the storage of the Mosake clan's food supplies.

To Sheyan's delight, the Mosake clan's food storage method was actually ideally identical to humankind, like two tunes leading to the same result. The food supplies were stored in an underground freezer room, where massive blocks of ice were placed. Hence, due to that connection, he saved at least 5 minutes of time;directly strapping a high intensity explosive onto a zergling. From here on, he would just need to wait for the food storage cellar to explode and collapse within a definite time.

In view that planet Pandora's current average temperature hovered around 28 degrees and above, no matter how powerful chieftain Cherokee was, chances of reconstructing a new freezer in a short time would be virtually zero.

After witnessing such a scene, Mcdh suddenly felt somewhat perplexed and in disbelief. That was because he had discovered that the trio hadn't reaped a single benefit ever since this raid begun. Not even a single utility point, or a white grade equipment......

Thus, the dreadful reality lies in that! That indicated these epic horde of arachnids were genuinely not summoned creatures from Sheyan or the other duo! Which goes to say, behind the backs of this trio, there was a certain frightening storyline character. No, an even clearer analysis could be made, that it was a superpower that was selflessly aiding them! He realized now, that he had initially vastly underestimated the prowess of this group of contestants!

’’Shit, never once have I heard of an arachnid race residing on planet Pandora.’’

’’Could this arachnid race that appeared out of nowhere have.......been induced by them on this planet Pandora?’’

’’But how is that possible! In fact, I've heard before that once someone's reputation has reached a certain level in the Starship Trooper world, it is possible to purchase mining machineries from relevant powerful authorities, that can harvest pandora crystals;that includes arachnid drones as well. However, they would possess only harvesting capabilities ah.......’’

(TN: In vol 5 ch 59, author states the arachnid drone egg Sheyan purchased possesses all capabilities of an ordinary drone, not just harvesting. So I guess his are special eggs. Also from ch 82 this vol, author states that he and the Blackthorn overmind had arranged a special communication link beforehand.)

Mcdh was indeed a knowledgeable fellow, and could already scarcely graze against the truth of the matter! However, what he didn't know, was that Sheyan had a slut named Jinkuang with him. A slut that could turn rotting into miracles, transforming the impossible into reality!

Having met their skirmish objectives, Sheyan and the rest were presently riding an arachnid overlord as they swiftly left the Windstone Highland. When they glanced down from their elevated altitude, they could distinctly see billowing clouds of dust and ash dashing through the broad land beneath. That was obviously the hastily returning Mosake warrior battalion after realizing something was awry.

Sheyan had clearly exploited the absence of a Mosake clan aerialforce;playing this tremendously invincible barbaric clan within his palms, by smoothly leveraging his superior flight travelling duration disparity. Such a scheme involuntarily caused a faint thread of apprehension within Mcdh's heart......witnessing the performance of might Sheyan and buddies were displaying, his strength alone, felt like it had seemingly been tossed to the edge of weakness!

In actual fact, his exterior haughtiness and indifference were merely a feign. Just understanding how unrivalled Mcdh's sniping and long range shooting was, it would be impossible to conceal the powerlessness and deficiency in the aspect of close combat of this peak Growth-hunter.

As he observed the dense Pandorian forest drifting speedily past beneath him, the more Mcdh pondered, the more he felt an urge to speak up and break this awkward silent atmosphere. Inside the body of the overlord, he pushed away a twisted fleshy tentacle and coughed before he broke the silence.

’’Where are we headed to now?’’

Sheyan smirked faintly.

’’Of course to the birthplace of the overlords. Oh, we're about to arrive.’’

Mcdh once utterly shakened. As he gazed towards the view ahead;not even 30 seconds had elapsed since flying in this overlord, but the sight of the Blackthorn tribe's subsidiary base at the Triangle Shoals surfaced in his eyes. This formidable Growth-Hunter heaved in a deep breath as his ears suddenly resounded with the harsh words Golden AK has spoken before -

’’Oi! Boss, I object. Since we already possess great confidence in our mission, why would we want any unnecessary side variables?’’

All of a sudden, Mcdh realized that those words were very possibly the truth!! That damned black ghost wasn't attempting to pull a bluff to gain some extortion from our negotiations previously! His words are actually true!!!

After a whole 24 hours of incubating, the subsidiary base of the Blackthorn tribe had already reached a junior scale. Although their current area had expanded to only roughly a quarter, the quantities of drones were relatively plenty. These tireless brats were incessantly mining and harvesting low purity ores, before compressing them to fragments, and finally squirting out liquids to refine them.

One had to acknowledge, harvesting such low grade pandora crystal ores was indeed a rather time consuming affair. Thus, the mining efficiency of the drones was inevitably limited. However, to the Blackthorn Overmind whose wings were already fully developed, time was no longer a pressing factor to him.

Moreover, to the delight of the Blackthorn Overmind, when comparing the pandora crystals between the Kiwatakin clan ruins and the Triangle Shoals, although the former contained natural purities 10 folds of the latter, when comparing in terms of reserves quantities, the latter was a hundred folds that of the former! This no doubt signified that as long as the Blackthorn tribe colonized these 2 ore mines, there wouldn't be a need to search for newer ore veins for at least 50 years.

The overlord's landing was without a sound nor tremor, allowing full serenity and comfort for its carrying passengers. It was a stark contrast to its vile and eccentric appearance. As he stepped onto the arachnid 'Creep' carpet, Mcdh stamped his feet around this unfamiliar discomfort. He frowned as he examined the mucus beneath his feet. After scanning once through the arachnid's base, he randomly blurted out.

’’The defensive fortification here is truly tight, there's actually an entire array of 30 Sunken Colonies!’’

Sheyan smiled slightly in response.

’’Ah, that is because some guests would be visiting us soon.’’

’’Guests?’’ Mcdh curiously asked. ’’Why would there be guests here?’’

Sheyan returned a mysterious sneer and replied.

’’You'll understand soon enough. According to my primary estimation, these guests should arrive in roughly 20 minutes.’’

Mcdh repressed the urge to continue asking, because he had frustratedly realized that in his carelessness, he had suddenly been influenced and drawn into the conversing tempo of the opposing party;and this was indeed not a good omen.

Yet very quickly, Mcdh discovered something - in rough intervals of one minute, a blood drenched and battered zergling would sprint in from faraway! At the start, he didn't felt like it was something bewildering, but eventually........Mcdh's pupils suddenly contracted!

At this moment, a clarity had formed in Mcdh's mind pertaining to the ploy of this group! The raid back at the pastures was merely a foreshadowing, a beginning! Ambushing the grazing herds first, to raiding and rummaging the nest of the Mosake clan;then purposefully leaving traces of hints to lure the Mosake clan into a vendetta from afar. A ploy within a ploy, schemes within schemes. It could also be described as agitating the opponent's spirits, while exhausting their bodies! An act of calculating the actions of one's foe to the limits, and thereby withering their fighting capabilities to the limits!

He could feel his lips turning coarse in this instant, as though every spoken word was immersed inside the deserts of the mediterranean sea.

’’ aren't possibly intending to bait the Mosake clan here?’’

Thinking of that, Mcdh couldn't help but shiver. Instead, Brother Black who was presently chewing his gum forcefully, while rapping and swaying his head, snorted as he swung around.

’’Is there a problem? My man?’’

’’You guys are nuts!!!’’ Mcdh snarled indignantly and fumed loudly. ’’You guys don't know how terrifying the Mosake clan is! These Sunken Colonies possess a powerful offence, but they absolutely cannot prevent the onslaught of that fanatically beast tide!!! You could've waited you know. With the cover of hundreds of zerglings, even if they couped themselves within the Windstone Highland, I could've at least eliminated 7-8 ordinary clansmen!’’

Brother Black shook his finger silently as he scoffed.

’’That may not be true. Do you dare to bet? 5,000 utility points! Oh right, if you're afraid, then you are free to leave first.’’

Mcdh's facial muscles twitched slightly. At presently, he genuinely wished he could point two middle fingers at this cursed thick lips black ghost with a 'f*** you'. However, that conduct would undoubtedly ruin and shatter the cool appearance he had painstakingly built. Hence, Mcdh could only forcefully endure.

Currently, he also desired to leave, because his rationality was warning him of the horrific dangers to his life if he continued staying. However, Mcdh couldn't not admit that the individuals in party Ace were definitely not fools. Truthfully, any fool definitely wouldn't have been able to stay in this Avatar world till now. He was only dying to understand one fact - where the hell are those 3 brats getting their ridiculous confidence from!!!?!


A billowing cloud of dust and ash surged up from afar like a raging dragon.

They had finally arrived.

Incoming was the full force of the Mosake clan. Moreover, this savage and immensely daunting clan was boiling with extreme fury. First, was the death of their shepherding clansmen, and causing the Direhorse herd, which took 3 years to establish, to go up in smokes.

Second, was when they spontaneously campaigned out, their Windstone Highland residence had been raided. The clan's painstaking efforts of constructing a freezer had been demolished and buried underground. Furthermore, almost half of the houses had been wrecked.

Yet the worst part was;a tier-7 legendary Thanator that was unwilling to be tamed had been accidentally released from captivity, and smoothly escaped after completely venting its rage!


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