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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 440


Chapter 440: Closely Interrelated

Translator: Editor:

Mogensha's current outburst was actually within justifiable grounds;because be it a personal or group perspective, if Mcdh were to temporarily collaborate, being a similar long range combatant would definitely dilute Mogensha's contributions and rewards within the party. Putting it bluntly, if a long range weapon/equipment were to surface, with the addition of Mcdh, Mogensha's sole indulgence would have to be divided into two portions......... When Mcdh heard Mogensha's words, it seemed like he was already prepared and scoffed faintly.

’’If my speculation is correct, you guys are attempting to complete the insanely difficult Golden Side Mission. Even with a powerful summoner alongside you, just based on these low level zerglings and rather few elite legendary creatures, it is absolutely impossible to defeat the Mosake Clan!’’

Sheyan questioned suspiciously.

’’How are you aware of the contents of the Golden Side Mission?’’

Mcdh battered an eye at Sheyan before he earnestly replied.

’’For a medium intensity war, the peak power should be an official Growth-hunter. In truth, it is truly a minute probability occurrence for me to enter this world alone. Hence, it is impossible for an Awakener that had already gone through a transcending job advancement, to appear. Therefore, I can tell you the Golden Side missions for the Avatar world, only presents a few possibilities.’’

(TN: I'm guessing an Awakener is the 3rd stage of contestants. So roughly this is the levelling chart: Contestants ->Reserve-duty Growth-hunter ->Growth-hunter ->Awakener?)

’’The first is acquiring a model body of Mother Nature Eywa. The second would be hunting/capturing/taming a Great Leonopteryx. The third would be to destroy the Omaticaya Hometree within 24 hours. The fourth is Cherokee's sacrifice. The fifth would be demolishing Hell's Gate.’’

As Sheyan listened to Mcdh, his eyes flickered with an unfathomable glow of thought. Instead, Mcdh continued.

’’Amongst these 5 missions, the toughest challenge would be to demolish Hell's Gate. That is because when defending, the Colonel's commanding armoured fleet would demonstrate a might that surpassess all human imagination. Forget about that, but more importantly, once someone accepts a Golden Side Mission;from that very moment, no matter who but as long as you are a human, boldly aggressing a RDA worker would instantly earn you an undispellable negative buff. That buff is called 'Race Deserter' - which forcefully lowers all your basic attributes by 50%. This negative buff will follow you persistently until you leave this very world! Battling under such a state, I'm sure you know the consequences of that.’’

’’Right, that is a mission that many have attempted, but up till today, I've never heard of anyone accomplishing it before. As for Cherokee's sacrifice, its difficulty is ranked the second amongst the missions. According to my understanding, it also maintains an awkward completion record of 0%, and the difficulty of this mission lies primarily in time duration. As for the other Golden Side Missions, they've all been conquered.’’

Upon hearing Mcdh's words, Sheyan gently nodded his head. In fact, he had already acknowledged this fact long ago, that is why he forsook all his costly rewards in exchange for a prolonged stay in this world. At present, Mcdh could already determine that Sheyan should've had already made a resolute final decision on assisting him or not. Thus, he didn't mind divulging more information.

’’The Mosake clan is already sufficiently indomitable. Moreover, under the state that all its clansmen are beast tamers, to defeat a single Mosake warrior, it is akin to having to beat down two or even 3 wild beasts with closely identical strength! Hence, even if all contestants that had entered this world were to collaborate together, it would still be impossible to clash head on. The only method would be like what you've just done, devising small traps and skirmishes to wither away at the Mosake clan's strength.’’

Sheyan nodded in response.

’’What you've said is correct.’’

Mcdh's lips curled into a faint smile. He was definitely a shewed individual. Even by rambling about all these, his words definitely contained concealed daggers. As he observed the opposing gradually drawn towards him expectantly by his words, such a feeling of success was indeed incomparable.

’’However, the Mosake clan similarly contains many highly intellectual characters. After suffering any sudden ambushes, they would undoubtedly react swiftly and not commit the same error. Even if they were to venture out, they would surely bring along sufficient manpower, and raise their vigilance exceedingly. Therefore, another sneaky ambush would not occur again.’’

’’Perhaps you are thinking that their enormous population would become flustered in the face of food deficiency, but I have to inform you. The Mosake clan has always have the practice of stockpiling food supplies, because Pandora ever so often experiences irregular intervals of continuous rainy seasons. Thus, they always store up food supplies and more critically, the they can rely on these food supplies and coup themselves within their old nests. At least, they will last much longer than your period of stay in this world!’’

Upon hearing this news, Sheyan's expression slightly changed.

’’I have to admit, this report is rather valuable.’’

Mcdh continued advising earnestly.

’’Therefore at this period, you would require an exceptionally formidable long range combatant. Someone that can repeatedly chisel their forces away, no matter how well hidden the Mosake clansmen are;sinking them into frightful panic. Although saying in this manner sounds rather bold and conceited, only I can fulfill that role. Thus, our collaboration will be your best decision.’’

Sheyan very seriously listened to the words of this powerful Growth-hunter, and declined to comment on his final suggestion. Instead, he smiled lightly and replied with a gentle tone.

’’Mister Mcdh, I will have to deliberate a little on your suggestion. So, please grant me 3 hours before I can give you an answer. During this period, we can still travel together. You should know, to persuade an ally that harbours differentiated opinions would require some time.’’

Mcdh massaged the areas of his wrists and ankles where the skin had turned deeply black. This was the same special venom the Mosake clan utilizes to induce a compelling paralysis onto gigantic beasts, while not harming their life force. This was also one of the greatest reason that the Mosake clan, who had lost favour from Mother Nature Eywa, could still continue expanding in strength. Just reflecting on the limbs of the bear, Bluster*, one could indeed understand this fact;to tame a wrestling animal as compared to an immobile one, it would pose at least 5-6 times the difficulty challenge.

(TN: Bluster is a bear from the Dark Elves trilogy novel.)

Facing Sheyan's suggestion, Mcdh very gladfully agreed. The 3 hours duration wasn't sufficient for him to recover from his strength decay due to the venom. Hence, even if Sheyan had suggested a 6 hours period, he would still immediately gladly accept.

Concurrently, he was also feeling rather surprised. The difficulty of Golden Side Missions always revolved around the essentiality of coordinating everyone's ability to raise a chance of accomplishing it. Yet in the end, the reward could only be acquired by one person! By not collaborating with Zi and the rest, how could Seaman possibly wish to complete this mission?

Of course, Mcdh's generosity also stemmed from his obliviousness to the trio having sparked news of a Silver title 'One hand to cover Heaven'. If not, what kind of concept was a +1 legend level title! Even most Growth-hunters weren't aware of such a term known as legend level!

After advancing through the forest for 30 minutes, Mcdh started to become even more amazed. He had begun scrutinizing the jellyfish creature floating in the air right ahead with shock. Mcdh obviously knew this was an arachnid Overlord, which was something commonly seen in the Starship Trooper world.

Mcdh could even confirm that he himself, had personally eliminated at least 20 of such Overlords. But obviously, he hadn't sampled the freedom of flying aboard such a creature. Even more so, he hadn't tasted a journeying process alongside overlords packed with 50 zerglings, as they soared through dozens of kilometres. Afterwards, the multitudes of zerglings were air dropped at the outskirts of the Mosake clan buildings on the Windstone Highland;and personally witnessed these 'irrational even to death' zerglings flood in berserkly like a tsunami!

Presently, Mcdh was even more startled. According to logic, these foreign bugs would easily face the assaults from native wild creatures. However, he wasn't aware that Mother Nature Eywa had previously summoned hordes of beasts, and had amassed her ferocious aerial creatures to another region.

Right now, Sheyan's gentle whispers were seemingly still ringing in Mcdh's ears.

’’Hey, Mister Mcdh. Please refrain from being alarmed. Without approval from one, I would never allow one to exert any efforts. Therefore, what you need to do now is just spectate, and patiently observe, or retreat when you sense danger. We don't require you to open fire, and I also wouldn't mind answering your queries. But of course, only when I have the time.’’


Indeed, the vigorous full force of the Mosake clan had emerged from their residing nest. One of the Mosake clansmen whom Sheyan had purposefully released, should've returned to the clan half an hour ago. With a body riddled with wounds, he should've informed his redoubtable chieftain, Cherokee. ’’An unprecedented pack of foreign fiends had ambushed our grazing pastures, Angtsik Makto (Hammerhead-Titanothere rider) Authe was locked in a gruelling battle, and died to his foe.’’

Hence, the following sequence of events were - Chieftain Cherokee's first reaction was to immediately inquire about the enemy's strengths and weaknesses. Once he had fathomed the enemy's strength (several hundreds of zerglings + few elite legendary Ultralisks), he released an ordinary command to incite the entire nest in a vendetta for vengeance. However, when they arrived at the grazing pastures to rescue those heavily wounded members, this was coincidentally the moment when Sheyan led a legion of 600 ravenous zerglings to descend on the Windstone Highland. Noteworthily, after the Mother of the Blackthorn had been bestowed greater strength by the Blade Empress previously, the Overlord's capacity had also risen.

Right now, one had to admit the Mosake clan's might was truthfully impressive. Even though their main forces had left, the remaining clansmen that had stayed only required a short span of 20 minutes to cleanse out the rush of zerglings invading from all four directions. If not for their inadequate manpower being their greatest hindrance, then, this cleansing would've been shortened from 20 minutes to 10 minutes.

TN: For those that are confused, Mcdh should be an official Growth-Hunter based on what author writes. Also, here is my personal opinion: he entered this world alone, so based on his individual power, it is a small possibility for him to enter this world. In comparison, Zi entered with a party, so she is evaluated with her party not on her individual power.

TN: I wonder if you guys still remember this, but when Jinkuang previously showed Sheyan a flea as a pet, named Basite or Cuisite, it was supposed to be Bluster and Drizzt. Which are references to the Dark Elf novel, one is a bear while the other a drow ranger. This happened back in ch 54 or 55 of the previous volume, but I couldn't find out the terms for the chinese character at that point. I've since amended the terms.


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