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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 439


Chapter 439: Speculative reward!

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As he observed this Growth-hunter speaking frankly with assurance, Sheyan's eyes suddenly flickered with a sharp glow and questioned.

’’The Golden Side Mission........its greatest value option is already useless to you? Which means, that reward option was valuable before, but isn't right now? To my inference, the rewards of the mission would only be those few options. So firstly, we can eliminate that the rewards wouldn't discount any utility points, basic attribute points, achievement points and potential points.’’

’’Even though you're a Growth-hunter, the Golden Side Mission equipment/weapon rewards still wouldn't reach a state of being completely useless to your growth right! Nevertheless, you can still trade and sell good equipments and weapons that you've acquired. Therefore, the rewards of equipments and weapons can also be passed. The remaining possible answer, though it sounds far-fetched, is currently the most reasonable one.’’

’’Perhaps the greatest reward option of the Golden Side Mission......useful to you before, but now isn' something that can allow a contestant to overlook the arduous test and directly overstep the boundary limit;a tool that allows one to directly become an official Growth-hunter?’’

When Sheyan issued that statement, even Mogensha and Reef unanimously inhaled deeply;a bizarre sensation that felt like their blood was boiling, and even combusting!

The difficulty of breaking through the boundary to become a Growth-Hunter was needless to say. One could clearly decipher it from Reef's personal experience. If there was truly such a mystical object that could allow one to overstep such a hurdle, it would naturally send everyone going nuts!

That Growth-hunter suddenly became triggered emotionally as he gazed at Sheyan in amazement;seemingly attempting to recognize who this person was. Sheyan acted as if it was nothing and continued.

’’Alright, forget about what I just said, and let's go back to topic. For someone to become a true sniping expert, patience and positioning would take precedence. Hence, like what AK had mentioned previously, you are probably able to instantly return to the nightmare realm, but having to forsake all acquired objects in this world as repercussions. In this manner, even if you miscalculated anything, you can still preserve your life. Thus, let us first presume what losses you would incur from forcefully returning to the realm......’’

’’Firstly, that Dark-gold grade accessory, something Zi had traded to you. Its valuation is something we are all clear about. Secondly, you will lose the important mission you are currently undertaking. I reckon, mission failure isn't something you wish to accept as well. Lastly, from the perspective of your abilities, there is a 75% chance that you'd purchased that item - the 'Unmodeled Amnio-tank'. As for the basic attribute points and achievement points rewards garnered from this world, we don't have to talk about I correct so far?’’

The Growth-hunter sniper's expression immediately sank. He could already guess the words Sheyan was going to say, thus, his glare turned malicious. Sheyan immediately turned to leave.

’’My temperament isn't very good, and I dislike it when someone shows attitude to me. Since saving someone would instead stir up more troubles and uncalled variables, forget it, let's leave.’’

The Growth-hunter shut his eyes in anguish, as he clenched his fist tighter. The taste of having to appease someone else was absolute not a good one! If according to his character, and if he could've escaped earlier, but.......but once this mission fails, such agony was something that he absolutely couldn't bear! Thus, this Growth-hunter immediately opened his mouth, gritting his teeth as he issued.

’’........fine! You won! I acknowledge you possess an extremely keen sense of deduction. What do you want in return?’’

Sheyan spun round with squinted eyes, as he glanced at the Growth-hunter who had made preparations for an impending heartache. He finally offered with a dull tone.

’’I believe that the 'Unmodeled Amnio-tank' would be a relatively reasonable remuneration for rescuing you.’’

After Sheyan issued his offer, the Growth-hunter immediately turned dazed. He had originally prepared himself to be exploited off his 'family fortunes', but the condition raised by Sheyan indeed caused certain invisible discrepancies within his heart - a sense of reasonableness. Hence, he very straightforwardly acceded to this condition, and frankly drafted in an official realm contract with Sheyan - if Sheyan saves him, he would deliver the item.

Despite Sheyan appearing like he was on the losing end, delving deeper into this matter would suggest otherwise. Sheyan's current choice was - to save or not to save.

If he didn't save, there wouldn't be a single benefit to the trio. Moreover, this powerful Growth-hunter sniper would inevitably harbour a bone-deep hatred towards them, placing them into his hit-list. Such a choice would be the worst, the kind that belonged to 'harming others and harming oneself'.

Thus, rescuing him would in fact, serve the greatest benefits to them.

From here, saving would then branch out two options. First, a reasonable choice of adequate remuneration. Second, to be a wide mouthed lion, greedily consuming exploitations.

A reasonable remuneration option would be the best in lowering his opponent's hostility against him, enhancing the possibility of co-operations;besides, from the Growth-hunter's actions so far, it could be inferred his current goal was similarly the Mosake Clan. In this world, there wasn't love without cause or reason. Similarly, there wouldn't be hatred without cause or reason.

After Sheyan and duo had demonstrated sufficient strength, they managed to rescue this Growth-hunter from the prison cage of hopelessness. Next, they demanded the remuneration of the 'Unmodeled Amnio-Tank'. This remuneration hadn't match this Growth-hunter's expectations, and thus it was something he could easily accept. This reasonability and logic was akin to paying up for a meal you purchased on the streets;few would brood over having to pay up for a meal they had already eaten - unless it was indeed a total rip off.

Being a wide mouthed lion may seem like a good move to rake in immense fortunes, but the opposing party would no doubt harbour an intensified motive for revenge. Not only would it hinder the completion of the Golden Side Mission and lower its completion chance, it could lead to greater hidden dangers in the future, were they to encounter him in other worlds.

Therefore, rescuing him in a reasonable manner, was truthfully the best advantage to them. Following that, it was needless to say. After finishing their trade, Sheyan discovered one fact. That was the 'Unmodeled Amnio-Tank' could actually be placed in their party shared storage, and still retain functionality. In this manner, should any official member of their party perish, the 'Unmodeled Amnito-Tank' would automatically trigger its resurrection ability. Thus, Sheyan didn't employ it for selfish enjoyment, but allowed it to become an insurance for everyone's life.

Instead after they had walked several hundred metres away, that Growth-hunter came chasing up. After a slight hesitation, he reached out his hand to Sheyan.

’’Seaman. You have my gratitude for rescuing me from that darn cage. I am Mcdh.’’

(ED: That name is impossible to pronounce, no vowels, it's basically Czech)

Sheyan obviously knew it was a bogus name, but a name was merely just used to address. More importantly, there was an underlying hidden meaning behind him chasing up to them. Thus, Sheyan too reached out his hand and chuckled.

’’Regarding that, it was something you paid for, Mr Mcdh. Therefore, under reasonable grounds of trade, both parties have fulfilled their due obligation. There is no need for thanks.’’

Mcdh then glanced at those zerglings beside Sheyan, as he investigatively inquired.

’’Those are your summoned creatures?’’

Sheyan smiled reluctantly.

’’I really wish they were mine, then I would presently be able to gleefully retrieve Authe's dropped key loot.’’

Mcdh asked curiously.

’’Then why are they being so obedient?’’

Brother Black laughed quietly.

’’That is indeed a good question, brother, but not something we can answer to. If you are able to find the answer yourself, then we really wouldn't mind.’’

Mcdh shrugged his shoulders and extremely earnestly replied.

’’I know what I'm about to say may sound presumptuous, but your current mission goal should be the Mosake clan right? I am too. Since that's the case, why not we collaborate? My mission will definitely not conflict with yours, because this is to revive my beloved. My beloved who had utilized 'Fairy's praise' had transformed into a seed!’’

'Fairy's Praise' - this term was vaguely familiar to Sheyan. He immediately recalled about Venter* and his beloved, and the word 'revive' also caused him to unknowingly think back to the un-revived Metals Professor. He couldn't help but questioned.

(TN: Venter is an opponent he encountered in the Harry Potter World)

’’Is a revival mission so difficult? Something that requires engaging in this war?’’

Mcdh sincerely answered.

’’For a perfect resurrection, the mission's difficulty would indeed be this outrageous. If I wanted to merely revive her to a state of 'first entering into the realm', then the mission would be relatively ok.’’

Sheyan pondered a little before replying.

’’Then how far have you accomplished till now?’’

Mcdh answered.

’’This revival mission is just beneath my eyes, the final step! I can no longer endure anymore days without her. Every additional second not seeing her is my greatest torment! I have no other remunerations for you guys, because I have to provide her adequate equipments and points for her to carry on surviving in this realm. However, I can promise that in the upcoming battles, I will not participate in any division of battle loots. What do you guys think?’’

Undoubtedly, the monstrosity of Mcdh's offensive prowess was something they had all personally witnessed. If they recruited his assistance, then this would truthfully supply them options of devising certain battle tactics that wasn't possible previously. Apart from that, the experiences of such a formidable sniper like Mcdh would very likely be a great help to them. His current words was indeed tough for anyone to reject.

Since that was the case, Sheyan dropped an expression to Brother Black. Mogensha immediately bounced forward, and offered a loud resistance.

’’Oi! Boss, I object. Since we already possess great confidence in our mission, why would we want any unnecessary side variables?’’


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