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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 438


Chapter 438: Blank

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The razor-sharp bone scythes of the Ultralisk easily pierced through the weak leather, cutting deep into the flesh of its foe! Specially designed for war, the crescent bone-scythes easily ripped flesh and nerve fibres asunder, gruesomely rupturing blood vessels and nerves as it scraped against them. Blood instantly splashed out in all directions like a fountain!

A long and huge chunk of red flesh had been carved out!

Sheyan was spectating from afar;observing that when the Ultralisk had drilled in, it first utilized its bone scythes to grind and scrape in slightly, before jerking its head outwards. Such execution was essential modelled after a construction worker, skillfully stabbing his shovel into the soil before stamping down the rear of the shovel blade;thereby drawing a full shovel of soil to toss into the roller! The only difference was that a construction worker tossed out soil, while an Ultralisk tossed out massive chunks of flesh!

The Hammerhead-Titanothere boomed with a sorrowful snarl. In spite of its owner's control, it hoisted itself vertically up as it swung a 180 degrees backwards, recklessly slamming its gigantic horn against the sneaky aggressor. Yet another metre long wound split opened from the surface of its buttocks split due to aggravation, utterly shaping up into a distinctly clear flesh cavity! The uncloggable flow of blood was now spilling out crazily.

Presently, Authe's pupils had shrunk even further. That was because the two gigantic beasts that were struck by his bone boomerang on their heads, had surprisingly shrugged their heads at this moment. Then, they once again jolted forward with frantic trampling! Authe wasn't aware, but such a beast that specialized in storming the frontlines while tanking enemy firepower, normally possessed 4 hearts and 3 brains! No matter how mighty a flying hatchet could be, how could an Ultralisk be so easily defeated?

The sorrowful bellows of the Hammerhead-Titanothere reverberated out once again. Its twin hooves stomped against the exterior carapace of an incoming Ultralisk. Creeeeeaak! A crackle that sounded like trampling on a cockroach emerged, as a 40-50 cm dent coupled with horrific cracks imprinted onto the Ultralisk's carapace. White bodily fluids bubbled out as the glowing vitality in the Ultralisk's tiny eyes dimmed.

Yet this legendary creature was similarly in discomfort. The Ultralisk's crescent bone-scythes had scraped into its body, and shoveled out a massive chunk of flesh! To the extent that its wound displayed the dense white ribs of the Hammerhead-Titanothere, and the peristalsis of its innards could be glimpsed clearly;which was presently covered by a durable membrane layer.

Authe could sense his old buddy beneath trembling not due to fear, but due to it reaching the peak of fury and agony! Authe shut his eyes;to such a domineering Mosake warrior, if he opted to abandon all and head deeper into the forest, he could definitely escape. However, Authe hadn't harped on such a notion, because insanity and courage flowed within his veins. Apart from claiming vengeance for his comrades, Authe had never contemplated anything else!

He hooked out a water purse from his waist, and gulped down several mouthfuls. An aura of destruction was currently diffusing out from his body. When Authe finally fastened back the water purse to his waist and unhurried stretched out his arm, a shocking pure and sparkling 'stone' surfaced on his palm.

That 'stone' was exceedingly familiar to Sheyan, which was indeed a natural high purity (over 99.9%) Pandora crystal! Such an object though rare, was similar to natural high purity gold, and definitely not an impossibility. But especially to the native na'vi race, obtaining one would prove excruciatingly difficult.

Watching as Authe very devoutly clasped that high purity pandora crystal in his hands, Sheyan's heart flushed with a troubled premonition.

’’Could it be, this fella has grasped a method of extracting the crystal energies?’’

A second later, suddenly, a white light flashed out from Authe's palm, with the crystal as its nucleus!

The white light flickered weakly like fluorescent, and gradually crescendoed its blaze with shocking pace and finally exploded loudly. Then, it unexpectedly materialized into an expansive electrical network that covered the sky and enveloped its surroundings, finally sieving downwards in all directions like a net!!

The electric network rapidly bore its way towards the ground, like a sieve that would even filter the ground. Yet any zergling that touched it would instantly erupt into blood without uttering a single bark. Severely injured by the Hammerhead-Titanothere's stomp, that Ultralisk was propelled away by the electric, but immediately knock against the electrical net descending behind it. Following that, a series of violent rupture ravaged its internal before the Ultralisk was reduced to 6 massive chunks of flesh;arachnid fluids splattered towards all sides. It was utterly dead!

Not only that, this expansive bright yellow electrical network, its net as thick as an arm, continued to wantonly crush down;like an invisible large palm kneading down onto the trees, branches, pastures, leaves and flowers, leaving behind a scattered mess. Bits of shredded flora fluttered and wafted through the air, sprinkling down like a shower. Within a radius of several dozen metres, the area appeared as if it had experienced an episode of a grand and catastrophic thunderstorm.

After tapping into the energies of a high purity Pandora crystal, the consequential harm dealt to Authe's body was immense huge. The Hammerhead-Titanothere became evidently more dispirited, because it similarly had to share the yoke of Authe's injuries.

While Authe was gasping for breath, a scene that he was most unwilling to see happened. Two elite Ultralisks before him were clearly covered in scars and bruises, and their peripheral chitin carapaces appeared apparently like shattered porcelain that was glued back. Their entire bodies were overflowing with ash gray mucus. Instead, they managed to wrestle back up with great difficulty, hobbling as they sandwiched him;one at the back, and one at the front.

Casting a gaze of absolute indifference and serenity!!!

In a faraway distant, nearly a hundred direhorses had clearly successfully escaped. All of a sudden, 300 zerglings borrowed out from the ground, as they sinisterly and viciously obstructed their advancing route!

Having concluded their battles, increasing thin streams of zerglings started congregating at the outskirts;intentionally or otherwise, they tightly plugged out all routes of escape for Authe!


10 minutes later. This field of Mosake clan pastures had been reduced to a mess. Amidst the mutilated mess, blood-curdling neighs continued to linger, sending alarming thrills to any listening ear. Sheyan finished off the rest of the Direhorse, and naturally wouldn't spare Authe and his Hammerhead-Titanothere. Instead, after beating up the rest of the Mosake clan members till a severely handicapped state, he spared their lives.

But this wasn't due to him being kind hearted, but purely Sheyan's desire to increase the burden on the Mosake clan! A wounded member exhausting food supplies, the manpower and energy required would be doubled under normal circumstances! If Chieftain Cherokee were to take them in, he would have to shoulder those burdensome bundles. But if he were to disregard them, there would bound to be resentment amongst the people, and the clan dividing and crumbling internally would merely be a matter of time!

At this moment, Sheyan finally swung his head round and glanced towards the human imprisoned in the cage;more accurately putting, that contestant. Still as before, that brat coldly stared at Sheyan with an expression as though someone had owed him millions, and hadn't returned it.

His hands were constricted with a queer black vine, looking as though it was soaked with some sort of venomous fluid;even dyeing his skin with a coat of deep black. It must've been a trademark secret of the Mosake clan, that could directly bind the abilities of this contestant.

Instead, Sheyan couldn't care less to play any cheap tricks in front of this brat. He knew that this contestant most probably could return to the nightmare realm instantaneously, although it would mean forsaking all gains acquired in this world. Thus, not wanting to harm others without benefitting himself, he dispelled all notions pertaining to killing him for his key;and turned to walk off.

If there weren't any accidents within roughly an hour, the Mosake clansmen who realized something wasn't right would definitely rush here and they would be fully equipped. How were they going to handle that contestant, wasn't an issue related to Sheyan anymore........

When Sheyan and buddies had strolled roughly 50 metres away, that contestant ultimately couldn't endure anymore and called out loudly.

’’You bunch of morons. Haven't your pupils announced to you, there's someone requiring aid here? How could you guys ignore my existence?’’

Brother Black inhaled his cigar fiercely, as he swung round and exclaimed in shock with a raised tone.

’’Is there?’’

That contestant responded with spitting anger.

’’Do you guys know, how much benefits you would have received from freeing me from this cursed wooden cage? Let me cite a simple example! Like that Hammerhead-Titanothere Rider Authe from before, there's a huge chance of obtaining his dropped key!’’

Sheyan shrugged his shoulders.

’’Mister, pardon me for being frank, but if I haven't remembered wrongly, you had previously resorted to immoral means of slaying that legendary Sturmbeest during the beast horde war, and plundered our killing contributions! Thus, I don't believe cooperating with you is beneficial to us at all.’’

’’You're really a petty person! Stop!’’ That contestant fumed frustratedly. Fine, fine. I won't say much. Just state your price. What are your conditions for rescuing me?’’

Sheyan revealed a faint smirk as he turned around and once again sauntered towards his face.

’’Mr Sniper, or perhaps Mr Growth-hunter? Forgive me for addressing you in this manner. I'm guessing you've stayed till now is because of a certain vital purpose right. That is why you'd forsaken the plentiful mission rewards and chose to prolong your stay in this world. Therefore, to you, this is a matter of great significance. Could it be the Golden Side Mission?’’

That outstanding sniper snorted coldly in response.

’’Though the rewards of the Golden Side Mission would be exceptionally impressive, but its greatest value option is already useless to me. Thus, it isn't worthwhile for me to squander such efforts over that. My true motive is something I naturally cannot tell you.......’’

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