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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 437


Chapter 437: 1 v 4 blood battle

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Although Reef was brimming with confidence before initiating battle, but sometimes, the truth could only be clarified after personally experiencing it.

At the instant the boomerang came swivelling in, Reef had already raised his shield in defence but instead, his vision shockingly darkened as loads of stars hovered before his eyes. Closely following, it was like a layer of transparent film had strapped onto his face, completely strifling his breathing. Repeated collisions and snapping of branches resounded from his back, indicating that his current flying speed had reached the utmost maximum. With his tumbling body, he was utterly incapable of maintaining breathing!

When Reef finally crashed to a stop on the ground, he felt like he had just fell from a plane, but forgetting his parachute and free falling down for 7-8 kilometres;what more, he landed on his face. Struggling to climb back up, his legs turned jelly as he sat onto the ground like an intoxicated man. After panting for several seconds, he finally forced himself back up, as he glanced around with blurry vision!!

Reef then lifted his hand, and immediately discovered blood pouring out from his nasal cavity. The amount of blood flow could mirror the splashing puddle of a large truck speeding by past the road drain. One could tell how imposingly brutal that boomerang was. Yet the more alarming horror that nearly 80 percent of his HP had been wholly shaved off! Nearly a sliver away from near death state!!!

Such tremendous might!!!

The trio simultaneously took in a deep breath as they shook their heads and smiled bleakly;this Golden Side Mission, is indeed a well-deserved appears that before officially breaking through the boundary, one shouldn't ever think about trying to reap any cheap benefits. The power disparity was truly too overboard, and any devising would simply be futile. Thus, it seemed like it was time to abandon their prior schemes.

As for that boomerang hurled out by that beast-rider, after sending Reef flying, its momentum actually remained unstoppable, and continued spinning as it carved out an exquisite arc through the air;seizing the chance to smash against two zerglings that were chomping down tightly onto a Direhorse, as two spurts of filthy black blood ejaculated into the air.

The boomerang's edge wasn't sharp, it was purely that the strength it carried was too monstrous;easily dissecting the heads of two tiny zerglings from their bodies without a single sound or reaction. Within the lacuna of the headless carcasses, both blood and clumps of crimson innards were spewing out.

The headless carcasses then knocked against a nearby tree, causing the three to sway from the collision as leaves came pelting down. Such was the tremendous extent of its strength!

Yet even after suffering such beheaded misfortune, the two zergling heads continued biting unyieldingly onto the flesh of the Direhorse. Their vicious conduct was truly unimaginable to humans, so much so that the zergling heads were still fiercely locked in its swallowing mechanics. Yet because their heads had been severed while they remained reflexively chewing, one could clearly see large chunks of flesh being squeezed out from their throats, and finally lumping to the ground!

The abrupt raiding of hundreds of zerglings, had truly struck every na'vi and their Direhorses into full blown panic. This wasn't merely due to the abruptness of their assault, but also because the zerglings were creatures that they hadn't seen before in their entire lives. No matter if it was their offensive savagery, their emitted odour or characteristics, everything was utterly foreign to them. With these various elements combining, it ushered in the scenario of an entire side immediately collapsing when the battle had just commenced!

After 10 seconds had elapsed since the sudden raid, at least 50 Direhorses and nearly half of the na'vis had became casualties. As primary fighting creatures that were meticulously created, along with the upgrade of the Blackthorn tribe to a class 'III' base, the zerglings' offense, defence and HP had all been thoroughly enhanced. It was presumably no longer in the same breath as the ones back in the Starship Trooper world. Of course, such a terrifyingly murderous performance was to be expected.

However, how could Authe, a legendary creature rider, allow such madness from his foes? His legs suddenly squeezed against his mount;instantaneously, the enormous Hammerhead-Titanothere immediately stomped its front hooves into the ground, before straightening itself!

One could clearly sense the air around this gigantic beast rapidly compressing, before it suddenly unleashed an incomparably terrifying roar. Like an autumn gale sweeping away fallen leaves, every zergling within a 30 metres proximity as utterly swept clean!! They were essentially like feathers being blown away!

Immediately after, Authe bellowed loudly as he raised his hand to retrieve the returning bone boomerang. Within the next second, his hands were pressed against his waist, before once again flicking the two bone boomerangs out with extreme ease. Two boomerangs swivelled out with astonishing pace, carving out two streaks of matchless elegance in the air. Revolving at breakneck speed, it chopped open two paths of blood;like a carnage slicing through the atmosphere that wouldn't dissipated even after a long time!

Authe's combat prowess was truly too formidable. With barely one roar and toss, he at least slew close to 50 zerglings in the process. One could fathom, as long as entered a rampaging homicide, several minutes was all it required for him to utterly annihilate the entire zergling fleet.

Only, since Sheyan was present, he was naturally sufficiently prepared for such a scenario. Not even 10 seconds later, violent tremors started rumbling the ground. A certain impetus was currently tearing through the jungle from afar, resembling 4 bulldozers that were rummaging in at astounding speeds!

In a flash, 4 gigantic beasts could be seen charging in, with bodies not one bit inferior to a Hammerhead-Titanothere. Their tiny crab like eyes locked onto the situation here, before shrinking back into their impregnable carapaces. Locking onto Authe and his mounted Hammerhead-Titanothere, they buried their heads and blatantly charged in.

Needless to say, just by observing those incisive crescent bone-scythes of the Ultralisks, one could sense the terror and deadliness imbued within their brutal instincts! Previously when the Blackthorn tribe were warring against Mother Nature Eywa, the intense fighting and ruthless elimination had tempered and birthed out a relatively good amount of elite legendary creatures! The Blackthorn tribe was indeed generous. After listening to Sheyan's request, he forthrightly dispatched out all his elite creatures and forces for his choosing.

This time, Sheyan didn't bother about courtesy. As the massive frame of an Ultralisk could not be masqueraded within the crowds of zerglings, to prevent them from being discovered beforehand, they could only be hidden within a remote distance of the forest. Thus, they were several seconds later than the zerglings into the foray.

At the call to revolt, the 4 elite mammoths encircled the Hammerhead-Titanothere Rider Authe from all 4 directions;front, back, left and right. Their sinister scythes clawed against the ground alongside their hooves, as puffs of white fog repeatedly huffed out from its nostrils beneath the thick layer of carapace armour. Nevertheless, their stationary form was like pulling a bow but without firing, simply awaiting for their opponent to reveal an opening.

Upon observing such a state, an unexpected ominous premonition overcame Hammerhead-Titanothere Rider Authe's heart. He was, after all, one of the most outstanding hunters of the entire Mosake clan. The wild beasts he had hunted and kill numbered to infinity, and even such a boss creature like the Hammerhead-Titanothere was personally tamed by him. Hence, whenever he faced epic multitudes of wild beasts, he would roar fanatically and charge forth into the insane battling.

When encountering such foes, Authe wasn't afraid. On the contrary, his most restraining fear lies in those wild beasts that would silently pause to survey him! These wild beasts were frequently ones that retained a high level of intellect. The Thanator was one such outstanding creature who possessed formidable intellect.

Yet right at this moment, Authe had actually encountered such powerful intellectual creatures! Moreover, he himself was totally unfamiliar with such creatures, and had no form of explanation for them.

Facing these massive beasts that could retain composure amidst the chaos, rationality amidst the zealotry, a feeling of maximum crisis immediately welled up in Authe's heart. What more, he was currently standing against 4 of such eccentric yet monstrous creatures! If he had the choice, he would definitely flee immediately. However, this herd of Direhorses was meant to shoulder at least a third of his clan's food supplies. This mission, once he forsook it, how would his clansmen view him? What would Cherokee think of him? How would the relatives of those clansmen he abandoned view him?

Anguished neighing and melancholic wails of the direhorses, coupled with blood-curdling screams resounded continuously. With the strongest powerhouse Authe being tied down, it was akin to the battle prowess of this shepherding Mosake squad being utterly slashed by 90 percent!

In this instant, Auther affirmed his decision. With a wild cry, he hurled his bone boomerang towards his ferociously evil rivals on his left and right. Simultaneously, his Hammerhead-Titanothere grunted gloomily through its thoracic cavity, and buried its hammer shaped horn towards the massive beast right ahead, as it accelerated forward. Despite both beasts having an identical physique, it was obvious the Hammerhead-Titanothere was a level higher in terms of brute force. Boom! Heads collided and recoiled upwards, as the Ultralisk was struck flying.

Concurrently, the bone boomerangs Auther had hurled out contained exceedingly appaling destructive might. Crraak! They slammed deep into the heads of the two elite Ultralisks, causing those half-meter thick chitin carapace to appear as brittle as eggshell. Furthermore, at the area his boomerang had embedded into, it frothed with white jelly substance;as though their brain sap had been forcibly extracted out! Even the two bulldozer like Ultralisks were repelled by 5-6 steps from the blow!

Witnessing such a scene, Authe's heart instantly slackened. Speaking from his hunting experience, once the head of any wild beast received such devastating blow, then death would inevitably be its only judgement!

Except at this moment, he could suddenly sense crisis blowing in from his back. The elite Ultralisk behind him had already lunged towards him with frightening brutality, as its crescent bone-scythes cleaved in with an outburst of frenzy! Mercilessly stabbing into the buttocks of the Hammerhead-Titanothere. The solid and tenacious leather of the Hammerhead-Titanothere, was practically ripped apart like a heated knife slicing through butter!


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