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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 436


Chapter 436: Bloodied grazing

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Towards Sheyan's doubtful inquiry, the Blackthorn Overmind's greatest advantage was - possessing a company of workers that could work for 24 hours straight, without overtime pay, without social insurance, and without supervision. Hence, he snorted disdainfully and proclaimed.

《 Even if a single unobtanium fragment is lodged within a mountain, the assiduous rascals of the Blackthorn tribe will without a doubt, dig it out! Besides, do our magnificent arachnids require harvesting costs?! However...... 》

The Blackthorn Overmind continued with a vexed tone

《 We just achieved an agreement with Mother Nature Eywa. Surely she wouldn't tolerate such a conduct right? 》

Sheyan chuckled humbly.

’’Isn't your agreement - The current territorial size of the Blackthorn tribe is the maximum limit, you are absolutely not allowed to continue expanding? From what I can observe, your current base occupies approximately ten square-kilometres. If you contract this base to 5 square-kilometres, then doesn't this signify you can establish another subsidiary base of 5 square-kilometres?’’

’’Anyway, according to your agreement, you cannot presently spawn out any advance arachnids. Therefore, why not temporarily allow those obsolete organ structures to wither directly. Similarly, you can forsake several of the larva breeding lairs. In this way, such an easy matter of decreasing half the area of your base, do you need me to elaborate further?’’

It was as if the murky darkness had opened, and the Blackthorn Overmind instantly saw the light. If they acted in accordance to Sheyan's suggestion, then it was utterly not in violation of both party's agreement! Mother Nature Eywa wouldn't be able to find fault in this at all. Moreover, an additional base meant an additional contingency route!

Going a thousand steps back, Mother Nature Eywa wouldn't possess straight up offensive capabilities were she to revolt, and could only employ her beast tides to raid. Yet to amass her beast tide, she undoubtedly required sufficient time. The Blackthorn tribe could just utilize their multitudes of overlords for reconnaissance, allowing at least an hour of buffer time! Thus, there would still be adequate time for last minute emergency constructions!

Broad expansions were an arachnid's innate tendency and instincts. Since that was the case, the Blackthorn Overmind hastily inquired.

《 Where is that place you are referring to? 》

Sheyan replied.

’’There is, quite a distance from here, a place known as Triangle Shoals......even though an overlord can directly engage in flight transport, I still recommend that you dispatch a fleet to escort the drones over. This is to avoid any mishaps from happening. Besides, the wild beasts of this world are rather savage.’’

(TN: Sheyan learned of this information through the diary he had acquired back in ch 23 of this volume)

The Blackthorn Overmind listened as he became deeply convinced. Yet what he wasn't aware, was that Sheyan had left out an additional sentence.

15 kilometres straight west of the Triangle Shoals, is where the Mosake Clan resides;the Windstone Highland! If the zerglings were to break into an all-out sprint there, only 10 minutes are required to reach their destination! If overlords were to get involved, then that duration would be shorten by one fold!

However, based on Sheyan and the Blackthorn tribe's current relationship, even if he was explicitly using them, they wouldn't have any qualms or objection.


Dust clouds rolled in a distant place, as galloping hooves resounded like thunder from afar. From all corners of the forest, startled birds soared around in panic. A large horde of wild beasts were charging in from the horizon like a crushing roller! Having been roasted by the sun for an entire day, the flatlands now billowed with puffs of dust clouds! Spiralling and pervading into the air, like an ash dragon that wouldn't disperse for a long time.

The sunset dragged the shadows of these haughty beast far and wide. If one was familiar with the creatures of Pandora, one would easily recognize. Those were the most common 6-legged creatures of this planet, known as a Direhorse.

Normally, Direhorse herds would travel in 50 or so. Yet appearing right now in this herd, were at least 3-4 hundred direhorses. Moreover, scattered sporadically within the herd, were 7-8 blue skinned, na'vi cavalry with bows slung across their backs. The only differing point from other na'vi folks, was a maroon cloth fastened along their necks. This indicated that these na'vi belonged to the side of the 'Corrupted' clans. It appears that this Direhorse herd was artificially bred, completely analogous to herdsmen allowing their horses to graze on the grasslands. This was also a main reason they had expanded to such tremendous scope.

Thump! Thump! Thump! Amidst the Direhorse herd, 2 enormous wild beast composedly trudged through, as they swayed with each step. One of the wild beast was a Sturmbeest, and was carrying a 2 metre long cage on its back. The other wild beast had dazzling flickering eyes, concealing its brutal mood;like black clouds pregnant with lightning. The indentated horns on its head displayed an exceptionally menacing presence, but it had a na'vi, whose muscles were bulging distinctly, mounted on its back;lazily leaning against its massive horns and resting.

The muscles covering the na'vi body's were crispy clear, releasing an impression of total agility and strength;that of a leopard. There wasn't a bow slung behind the na'vi's back, but instead wore two impressively large bone boomerangs on his waist;decorated with drooping ornaments of interwoven mane and hair of its previous preys. This Mosake clan na'vi warrior spoke bluntly without raising his eyelid.

’’Outsider, I've already fulfilled your desire. I respect your formidable killing might, however, I despise your fighting method of shooting while hidden far away! This is my very last chance for you. If you are willing to face me upfront in a duel, then I will consider burying you within the belly of my friend;and allow your soul to exist alongside their powerful might.’’

The na'vi speaking was indeed that fearsome Hammerhead-Titanothere rider - Authe. He was also one of the few legendary creature riders of the Mosake Clan. Nevertheless, his latest words were not aimed at ridicule, but carried a sincere and serious tone. Just like in China wuxia novels, like heroes duelling heroes to appreciate each other's talents. What he meant was - letting you die in my hands, is a solace.

However, allowing one's own mount to devour the corpse of one's enemy sounded like an extremely cruel affair. Yet in actual fact, it could resemble certain social customs of the present world. For example, a Sky burial (Tibetan funeral practice) sounds incomparably sacred, but in actual fact, it could be seen as some by just chopping corpses to feed birds.......furthermore, if one wasn't a major character, then one would absolutely not receive such indulgent treatment. Instead, this outsider obviously possessed his own plans, and issued a hoarse voice after pondering for a while.

’’If you're regretting about acceding to me previously, then you can simply kill me right now. I would definitely not retaliate.’’

Authe snorted fumingly;possibly feeling like his own heated face was pasted against cold buttocks. He didn't turn to answer, but on the contrary, turn to the other Mosake Clan na'vi clansmen and shouted several raging bellows. Those few na'vi clansmen immediately seethed with fright, as they obediently urged their horses to accelerate forward.

They sky was devoid of clouds, remnants of the sun like blood. There was still a long stretch of distance towards the horizon, as high temperature governed the lands. The scorching climate offered no trace of winds. Following the Direhorses' speedy galloping, the distant pasture of crane flowers were now in sight;issuing the impression of tranquility, a deathly stillness of a tomb, and an intense repression of emotions.

What this herd of Direhorses were beholding, wasn't the refreshing nectar;but after an expedition of speed galloping, they were all itching to immediately leapt into the limpid river water, drinking and romping to their hearts' content. Upon entering the pasture, the organized formation of the herd was thrown into disarray. Several naturally irritable direhorses had started impinging on its comrades, attempting to take first drink of the water! At this moment, that human that was imprisoned inside the wooden cage suddenly raised his brows, becoming indescribably amazed as he issued a 'eiyy'?! He was simply speechless!

Obviously, those na'vi clansmen would naturally not notice his weird expression, because this outsider in their eyes, was already degraded to the ranks of someone on a death row. When the direhorse herd had halted and begun bathing inside the river, while playing inside the water, the atmosphere suddenly echoed with rumbling fragments of 'thump thump thump thump thump'!

The echoes were originally exceedingly light, yet when thousands of such echoes converged together! It instantly transformed into a pressurizing and terrifying shudder, stunning the hearts of all!

From both sides of the forest leading to the pastures, shockingly in this instant, at least 800 peerlessly vicious zerglings suddenly came flooding in. They streamed into a perfect encirclement of devastation, as they berserkly pounced towards the herd of direhorses that had just eased themselves! Baring sharp claws and incisive fangs, they enjoyed the zealotry and ecstasy of hunting! Though every Direhorse was several times larger than a zerging, these herbivores in the face of such terrifying savage creatures, could only reveal their frightened clumsiness!

(Author's note: 2 zerglings = 1 headcount. Like how 1 egg spawns out 2 zerglings)

Abruptly thrown into such an aspect, Authe didn't rage out but instead surged with delight. ’’HAHAHAHA!’’ He laughed like a maniac to the skies. ’’Hu-rong Hu-rong!’’ Moreover, from within the nostrils of that Hammerhead-Titanothere beneath his waist, puffed out excited white fog!

Just when Authe was about to raise and hurl out his bone boomerang, a tall and sturdy figure ploughed through the ground and soared in;sand and stones scattering behind him. Raising a black lightsaber, he ferociously stabbed into butt of the Hammerhead-Titanothere! That gigantic legendary creature instantly unleashed a raging roar of anguish. The electricity curling up within the indentation of its horn dissipated in an instance, as it abruptly swung round and snarled.

Although it was the Hammerhead-Titanothere that got struck, strangely, Authe similarly frowned and immediately turned around;as though whatever encountered by his mount seemingly affected him as well. Bellowing indignantly, he aimed his bone boomerang and hurled it towards that individual who had emerged from behind!

Naturally, it was Reef who was the culprit behind. The trio's painstaking arrangement had resulted in not a single reaping, thus they were obviously dissatisfied (if the assaults of the Blackthorn tribe's arachnids covered everywhere, then battle spoils would shrink and even result in nothing). Hence, as long as they followed their earlier formulated plan, if Reef could hold on;just simply holding on, there would definitely be a possibility of wasting away and eventually slaying this legendary na'vi mount!


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