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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 435


Chapter 435: Silver title: One hand to cover heaven!!!

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After Sheyan became mindful of a certain underlying message beneath Eywa's words, he deeply bowed by the side and spoke.

’’Venerable Goddess, please forgive my audacity......since you both desire for peace, why not settle for a negotiation? My friend here doesn't rely on plunder and wanton devouring of the carcasses of creatures to sustain his life. His survivability and growth is entirely based on something else! He is like a Hometree, and only requires energies from crystals to preserve his existence for a very very long time.’’

’’If you feel his tribal force is growing too extravagant, then it doesn't matter, for he is able to shrink his base to a smaller scale. He can proactively terminate his own soldiers and lower his personal battle prowess. Please believe me, his only necessity here are those pandora ores. If you are able to show benevolence and allocate a tiny living space for him, then peace will once again descend over planet Pandora.’’

Evidently, Sheyan's final words had deeply moved Eywa. It appeared that she wasn't someone who loved war and fighting. Eywa doubtfully questioned.

《 What you are saying, is it true? 》

Sheyan smiled faintly and replied.

’’This is something you can personally ask them to verify.’’

The Blackthorn Overmind then clumsily floated out, facing the Goddess Eywa from a distant location.

《 Respected Spirit Nature, his words are completely genuine. If you are willing to bequeath to me existential rights and a place to reside in, then I can cut down my forces and shrink the size of my ground territory. Before this, I had been coerced to offer an immense portion of energy units to my Empress. Now that I've freed myself from her evil clutches, just merely this current patch of ore veins is adequate for me to grow and survive for a good amount of years 》

Goddess Eywa appeared as if she was indeed unwilling to instigate another war. Besides, this wasn't her sphere of expertise to begin with, and after a series of discussions with the Blackthorn tribe, she issued her personal bottom-lines.

《 First - The current territorial size of the Blackthorn tribe is the maximum limit, you are absolutely not allowed to continue expanding. 》

《 Second - The Blackthorn tribe forces cannot exceed a thousand headcount. 》

《 Third - The Blackthorn tribe can possess its own forces for self-defense. However, it cannot produce other common battle arachnids apart from zerglings and hydralisks. Of course, rare elite creatures such as 'Jenny' is an exception, but such rare elite arachnids cannot exceed over 50 headcounts. 》

Only by satisfying these 3 factors, would Goddess Eywa benevolently permit the Blackthorn tribe to hold residence here, and even bestowed the same existential rights as all wildlife.

In Goddess Eywa's perspective, she too could notice this eccentric race undoubtedly required that layer of mucus (Creep) to construct their organ buildings. Hence, her first criteria was to control their scope of expansion. Her second criteria acted as complementary for the loopholes in her first condition.

Her ideology was that a thousand strong tribe was already considered a large scale clan, and even the na'vi clans of such scale weren't rare. Counting on the multitude packs of viperwolves and slingers, they would easily exceed such a quantity. One must know, the military forces mobilized by the Blackthorn tribe in the previous war had numbered from 5 thousand to even ten thousand! In lieu of this current terms, it would substantially plunge the threat of the Blackthorn tribe to other races!

The third criteria was to limit the occurrence of creatures possessing frighteningly immense individual combat prowess, to prevent the Blackthorn tribe from traversing the path of specialized elite squads. To Goddess Eywa, this concept indicated that she still hadn't realized the vast disparity in terms of warfare commanding tactics between her and the Blackthorn tribe. She was merely taking the personal strength of her enemy to determine the threat level. For example within her mind, she pondered over how 3 zerglings were needed to fight 1 viperwolf, and how 2 hydralisk were required against 1 slinger. Hence, she simply reckoned such regulations could confine the Blackthorn tribe to the bare minimum.

Hearing the 3 generous conditions, Sheyan was truly bursting with joy. Moreover, the Blackthorn Overmind too felt it was within an acceptable zone. Even if Eywa harboured any errant intentions, just based on its formidable surveillance capabilities (since the arachnid overlords didn't possess battle capabilities, it wasn't counted in the headcount. Moreover, it could fly around at rapid speed, and was free to roam about), along with a thousand zerglings and hydralisks, it would suffice to hold on till advanced units could be breeded out.

However, after Sheyan pondered briefly, he suggested an additional criteria.

’’Fourth - if anyone initiates hostility against the Blackthorn tribe, and endangers the existence of the Blackthorn tribe's properties, then these restrictions can be temporarily lifted. However, once the battling concludes, the 3 restrictions must be reinstated within an hour.’’

The fourth condition was a scope of authority that Sheyan helped to bargain for, in place of the Blackthorn tribe. Mother Eywa ultimately believed she could anytime suppress the Blackthorn tribe, and after hesitating slightly, she acceded to that condition. Besides, the Blackthorn Overmind had drew blood on his first prick with his first point - if Mother Nature Eywa was to renegade on her words and campaigned epic multitudes of troops against it, then what could it do? This was despite Mother Nature turning wrathful due to that hypothesis, considering this presumption as an insult to her dignity.

Thus, peace was very abruptly achieved. With a strong start but weak finish, the collision between the beast tide and arachnid sea finally concluded. However, to the present Sheyan whose lips had curled into a snicker, this was instead just a new beggining to his Golden Side Mission!

At the instant both parties reached an agreement, Sheyan suddenly received notification from the nightmare imprint:

[ The strength of the Blackthorn tribe has substantially increased. ]

[ The Blackthorn tribe has officially abscised from the Blade Empress's sequence, and has become an independant race of Planet Pandora. ]

[ Your current relationship with the Blackthorn Tribe leader, Blackthorn Overmind, is 'Worshipped'. ]

[ Title conferred by the realm to the Blackthorn Tribe: 'Second to none' ! ]

[ From henceforth, any parallel universe containing the Blackthorn tribe will be irreversibly destroyed within an hour. Apart from this universe, other parallel universe will no longer host the appearance of a Blackthorn tribe. ]

(TN: This should be referring to movie worlds, possibly for other contestants.)

[ Note: You currently possess a 'Worshipped' relationship with a powerful storyline character accoladed with the 'Second to None' title. ]

[ Note: Silver class milestone: 'One hand to cover heaven' initiated. ]

[ Milestone completion requirement: Possess a 'Worshipped' relationship with two powerful storyline characters accoladed with the 'Second to None' title. ]

[ Milestone completion rate: 1/2. ]

[ Mission completion reward title: 'One hand to cover heaven'. ]

Sheyan glanced towards Mogensha and Reef, observing that same amazed expression on their faces. Immediately, he knew they had unanimously received the same notification. Instantly, he inquired the nightmare imprint through his scope of authority:

’’Please introduce the properties of the title 'One hand to cover heaven'.’’

[ Inquiring: With your current military rank, inquiring a detailed report on this title would require a fee of 10,000 utility points. However, it isn't guaranteed you can obtain the full report. Do you wish to pay this fee of utility points and proceed? ]

Observing this notification, Sheyan wasn't appalled but instead delighted as he immediately chose 'yes'.

[ Silver class title: One hand to cover heaven. ]

[ After equipping, legend level +1. ]

[ Additional property: 'Cornerstone' - this additional attribute holds maximum usefulness during title synthesization. Your current scope of authority is insufficient, you are unable to view the next step of details. ]

Though Sheyan was exceedingly composed, he instantly huffed in a chilling air and immediately shared the information he had obtained. Consecutively, Mogensha and Reef's gasped could be heard, as the benefits of legend level was excruciatingly clear to them! Eyeing such an opportunity, they would definitely not let it slip by.

After calming his aroused spirits, Reef had already submerged into deep thought. After a pause, he finally spoke.

’’Ah, it seems like the crux of the matter is to propel a storyline character to acquire the title of 'Second to None'. Guys, just think about the entire interaction process we had with the Blackthorn tribe so far, its entire sequence of maturity leading till here. Notice what deeds were required for the realm to confer such a title.’’

After a series of intense discussions, Sheyan and them summarized with 3 points:

’’First - that storyline character must be sufficiently weak like soy sauce. To detail it with one phrase, it must be f***king weak. Basically the kind that would absolutely not have a single intersection with the main storyline.’’

’’Secondly - The growth potential of that storyline character must be adequately strong. As the chief, the Blackthorn Overmind's battle capabilities was reflected through his commandery. Yet putting it in context of other races, the Overmind would at least be considered a tier-7, no, very possibly displaying the impact of a tier-8 and above legendary creature magnitude!’’

’’Third - It must be very plausible for this storyline character, to be willing to separate from his/her currently living world.......’’

Of course, it was possible for various other accomplishment conditions, but at least those 3 points was a sure fundamental. Hence, after their discussion concluded, Mogensha and Reef simultaneously fixated a meaningful gaze at Sheyan.......unanimously, a name leapt out of their mouths.

’’Little sister Melody!!!! Boss!!!!!’’


Even though a peace agreement had been attained, Mother Nature Eywa wasn't very straightforward and refreshed in her departure. She stood silently by a side and examined the Blackthorn tribe. Only after confirming they were truthfully consistently harvesting ores as life force, did she swiftly dissolve back into the ground. At this moment, Sheyan then instigated to the Blackthorn Overmind.

’’Brother, it is time to inaugurate a subsidiary base.’’

Its innate arachnid tendency immediately swelled and gripped it. The Blackthorn Overmind instantly exclaimed excitedly.

《 Are you for real? You're aware of mineral resources in another region? 》

Sheyan chuckled lightly in response.

’’That's correct. However, though the quantities of ore there is breathtakingly stunning, its ore purity is extremely low. I reckon extracting and refining the crystals would be a terribly troublesome matter. According to my knowledge, the humans of this world had forsaken that prospect due to the exorbitant overhead costs. I just wonder, will you be able to extract them?


Author notes:

Can anyone guess, how can the Blackthorn Overmind wretchedly inaugurate a subsidiary base without violating the regulations?


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