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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 434


Chapter 434: Eywa appears

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At the instant the Devourers entered the fray, the entire battlefield became seemingly enshrouded in violet dark clouds. Insanely murky toxic black-violet fluids voraciously jetted towards the enemies, appearing similar to large regiments of violet clouds. Frequently when a Mountain Banshee was struck, the toxic fluids would splash wildly. Not only would it contaminate the victim, it would transform into a large scale AOE assault, rippling to other creatures around.

Yet strangely, those toxic fluids seem to carry an indescribable viscosity;leaving an impression that if one got struck by it, the fluids would inevitably adhere tightly to one's skin. Sheyan could even see dense cyan fumes emitting out of the body surfaces of those contaminated creatures! Obviously, their skin were currently being wildly corroded away.

The 3 tyrannical Great Leonopteryx were obstructed head-on by 21 massive dark-violet Devourers! In a flash, excessive loads of black-purple thick spittles struck against them. Finally, they echoed out unbearably agonizing shrieks, as they fluttered their wings and lunged towards their foes. However, one could vividly notice that even with the impressive defense of the 3 Great Leonopteryx, their skin were similarly corroded by the wicked venom. Frothed in pouring fluids, they appeared extremely miserable.

In terms of solo battle prowess, although the Devourers were not a Great Leonopteryx match, they were definitely not as frail as Mutalisks. Especially their fleshy abdomen which looked like an exceedingly obvious weak point. Yet in actual fact, 3 quarters of it was layered with a fortified chitin carapace and solid muscles.

For an entire abdomen the size of a room, its frail stomach actually occupied roughly only the size of a fridge! One could tell how impregnable it was! Hence, if foes were to ferociously attack their 'weak point', on the contrary, they would've fallen for the Devourer's trick! If a Great Leonopteryx were to directly cleave the Devourer's head or chest, it would merely require only 3 claws to fatally injure it. However, if the Great Leonopteryx were to primarily target its belly, then it would require 5 strikes to finally slay it!

Yet strangely, following the increasing toxic phlegm accumulating on these hegemony of Pandora, the Great Leonopteryx, Mother Nature Eywa's blessing seem to have lost its effects. One could tell the skin of those 3 tyrannical Great Leonopteryx were starting to discharge 'chii chi' sizzles of fumes;allowing the fluids to diffuse through its skin.

No matter if it was flapping their wings of executing any actions, they now evidently exhausted more strength. Those thick fluids accumulating on their surface were like glue;constricting their mobility, covertly draining their physique!

’’Those Devourers are truly powerful!’’ Upon seeing this scene, Brother Black couldn't help but exclaim with a stern expression. ’’Its sole attack already possess 3 different passive abilities! An AOE damage, persistently corroding enemy's armour, persistently draining the enemy's attack speed!’’

Sheyan observed for a moment before replying.

’’You should add in their high HP and rapid flight speed. However, their flaws are rather obvious too - probably being extremely weak to ground assaults. Speaking from the perspective of their physiology composition, they must be in close proximity of their enemy before being able to shoot out attacks. This will easily cause them to be clawed down by ground troops.’’

By this point, Reef finally exhaled a long, worried sigh.

’’Dang, so this Blackthorn Overmind had actually retained such an ace for this moment. In my view, being weak against ground assaults isn't really that terrible. Fiends that wholly specializes in one aspect are the most terrifying!’’

Following the bitter warfare waged by the Devourers, the aerial situation had immediately shifted to a crisis averted. Though the onslaught of the enemy was half a step away from destroying the Mother Nest, so much so that they had slaughtered till a dozen metres from the Mother Nest, they were simply unable to invade even an inch further;like a spent arrow that couldn't penetrate crude silk. The 3 Great Leonopteryx expanded their tremendous strength and finally annihilated the 20 plus Devourers blocking them. Instead, they immediately realized yet another dozen or so Devourers had surged towards them!!

By this point, their bodies were already soaked drenched by the black-purple saliva of the Devourers, that even flapping their wings now required the peak of energy. Furthermore, after the 3 tyrannical creatures had been entrapped in, the remaining aerial beast forces were seemingly on the verge of being massacred completed. The killer combination of weaker Devourers, Mutalisks and Scourges had completely overturned the tides of war;pouring it directly in the arachnid's favour!

Another 10 minutes elapsed. The 3 Great Leonopteryx were outstandingly indomitable, consecutively cleaving and disposing of the dozen plus Devourers in their path. What caused them to despair further, was yet another 6 newly bred Devourers soared over. Right now, the 3 Great Leonopteryx were already riddled with cuts and bruises. Even solely dealing with merely 6 Devourers, could be described as arduously taxing. Even more depressing was the fact at least hundreds of Mutalisks and 2-3 hundreds of Scourges had encompassed around them;sealing them so tightly, that not even water could pass through!

The rest of the aerial beast horde, had actually been utterly exterminated!!!!

The arachnid race had to pay an exorbitant cost for this battle, but once again managed to safeguard their own 'Hometree'. Total extermination of their rivals, such terrifying tenacity and toughness. As Sheyan and buddies spectated by the side, their hearts involuntarily welled up with an unexplainable reverence. The Blackthorn Overmind's fearsome battle assessment abilities, could indeed only be described as a grand master type level.

Facing such a scenario, the chances of survival for the 3 Great Leonopteryx was as good as zero........still, a king's haughtiness was sufficient for it to remain unyielding, absolutely fearless as their eyes emanated a glow of unmatched ferocity. In unison, they fluttered their wings and howled ludicrously to the heavens, determined to dye their opponent's bodies with the last drip of blood!

At this moment, Sheyan's emotions stirred, and instead communicated mentally.

’’Blackthorn Overmind! Release them!’’

The Blackthorn Overmind hesitated briefly before replying.

《 My friend. Those three are exceptionally dreadful and invincible beasts. The reserves of pandora crystals I've amassed isn't left with much. If I release them, then once they mobilize against us again, my losses would be tremendous. The chances of resisting the next wave will only be 43.71%! 》

Sheyan earnestly urged.

’’This is a golden opportunity for you to demonstrate your sincerity, and obtain rights to a negotiation! You've already fully revealed your individual prowess to Mother Nature Eywa! It is now time for you to express your goodwill, and announce to her you aren't her enemy!’’

’’These 3 Great Leonopteryx are already riddled with scars, and 2 of them have sustained leg injuries that are hard to recover. The worst possibility is - if you release them and negotiations fall through, after they regroup and return, they will maximally be able to demonstrate only a sixth of their prowess displayed today. Moreover, your gains you can obtain from releasing them are much more! Trust me! You simply cannot continue to defy a will that can manipulate the creatures of this entire planet. At least right now, that is impossible!’’

The Blackthorn Overmind deliberated for a while, naturally discussing with the Mother of the Blackthorn, Shengong. Then, he proceeded to control this arachnid creatures to open up a gigantic divide, allowing the 3 Great Leonopteryx a way out to life. Though the 3 arrogant tyrants would rather die than submit, when facing such perilous straits, seeing their enemies opening a way out was naturally what they were seeking for;they instantly fluttered their bruised and toxic saliva filled wings to escape.

Nevertheless, the Blackthorn Overmind tightly seized this period to repeatedly repair and construct organ buildings, replenishing drones to engage in ore mining. If there was indeed a next wave, then it was necessary to prepare these things. Besides, the reserves of crystals and vespene gas it plundered from the previous planet was nearly depleted.

After roughly 10 minutes since those Great Leonopteryx had flew off, Sheyan suddenly felt a peculiar sensation. Though there was an absence of wind in the surroundings, the leaves of the nearby forest were unceasingly gently swaying;releasing rustling sounds. Closely following, light drizzles started petering from the skies. Unbeknownst when, the clouds in the sky had congregated like a vortex, as the drizzle against their skin felt incredibly refreshing. Moreover, the current atmosphere lingered with a mystical aroma.

Such an aroma was something Sheyan and never whiffed before in the present world. Only not too long ago;this aroma was analogous to the smell of the grassfield in front of the valkyrie shuttle. That same smell released by the evaporating mystical 'root' object, the item the beast horde had campaigned against the valkyrie for.

At this moment, Sheyan's heart was finally throbbing and thumping;because he knew, he was about to meet the divinity of the na'vi race. The true ruler of this planet, Mother Nature Eywa!

All of a sudden, a hundred metres away from the arachnid base;various grass shoots, tree splinters, soil, and shrubs congealed together as though possessing spiritual energy, metamorphosing into a statue of a female na'vi as tall as 5 metres. Sheyan could notice a plethora of white fine threads blending from the soil into the substances of the statue.

The statue actually possessed its own vitality, raising her steps as she advanced several steps forward;as though she was adapting to her new body. Then, she finally glared towards here. Concurrently, in this instant, not a single movement was made. Then, towards every single life form on this side;be it Sheyan, the trio or the entire Blackthorn tribe, their minds simultaneously resounded with a gentle yet indignant voice. The voice ushered a sensation that every cell in their body was resonating!

《 Outsider! Leave this place. You have already threatened the ecological balance of this planet. Refrain from such meaningless slaughter! 》

The Blackthorn Overmind's answer was extremely forthright and blunt.

《 I cannot leave. If I do, I will either perish within the currents of space, or die under the cruel regime of the Empress. Ah, Spirit Nature of this planet, you cannot deprive my rights to live just because of some presence of threat! If not, I would rather fight to the death with you, till the very last drop of my blood! 》

Eywa lifted her hand;pointing to the arachnid's base, she rebuked.

《 You are too dangerous. If you continue expanding in strength, I will soon be incapable of stopping you! 》


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