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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 433


Chapter 433: The final campaign, the final collision!

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After evolving, a Defiler could produce and spray out massive networks of corrosive blood spores, which could swiftly decay and extinguish all matter. Also known as 'Blood Plague', this ability was the same against any opponent;be it building structures or armies, it would equally deal hefty damages. No matter allied or foe, all will be affected.

Once the decaying process began, the plague would deliver damage over time to any affected unit;until it finishes!

Although that Defiler was instantly killed, amongst the densest congregated mass of aerial forces, many creatures had started flapping their wings frantically and releasing horrifying anguished wails. It was obvious, they had been contaminated by the plague of spores;the decaying seeping into their flesh and vitality.

Yet presently, the Blackthorn tribe had since expanded to a relatively large territory, and it was simply impossible for their entire base to be under the protection of the Defiler's 'Dark Swarm' ability. Moreover, the physical aerial creatures of planet Pandora were extremely numerous, and the skies of the battlefield were starting to be filled with large battalions of aerial beasts. Not only were there Mountain Banshees, there were even several peculiar and unknown creatures;each incredibly menacing and deadly.

Against its rival's offensive might, the Blackthorn Overmind hastily commanded his response.

《 Attack!! 》

《 They wish to compete in aerial dominance! 》

《 Then your area of expertise will be your downfall!! 》

Epic multitudes of Mutalisks and Scourges had been spawned out, as the Scourges demonstrated insanely frightening kamikaze area destruction! As for the Mutalisks, their intense shooting also dealt extremely compelling restraint onto the enemy's concentrated formation. In addition to the Defiler's 'Blood Plague' continually sapping away the opponent's life force, the Queen-zerg's enormous green web was also substantially lowering the flight velocity of her foes.........allowing the Mutalisks and Scourges to unleash shockingly devastating results.

Massive corpses were now falling randomly from the skies, as their blood and flesh subsequently consumed by the 'Creep' carpet. Mournful shrieks pierced through the entire battlefield, seemingly causing the ears of the humans to split open! Gripping their hearts even more, the beast tide was about to occupy all round superiority;however, the Blackthorn tribe started delegating immense crowds of arachnid drones, as they proceeded to blatantly build thick crowds of Spore Colonies over the 'Creep' carpet!!

Even though incubating such powerful battle organs required a definite duration, and despite its relatively frail state while incubating, it was nonetheless, a cheap manufacturing expenditure (doesn't require Vespene gas). This retaliation immediately plunged Eywa into a dilemma.

-Either continue routing the enemy's aerial fleets with concentrated spurts of energy!

-Or segregate her troops to squash those currently incubating Spore Colonies!

The earlier option was a gamble. Gambling on the possibility of condemning her enemy's aerial fleet to crumble entirely, before those Spore Colonies could finish incubating. The latter option was on the contrary, a dependable method. However, it would allow a breathing space for the arachnid aerial fleet, the fleet that was already approaching imminent crisis!

The defense line of the arachnids seem to depict an impression of collapsing at any second, but it just wouldn't collapse! Their fortified tenacity could even caused one to vaguely sense a hidden card up its sleeves!

In the end, Mother Nature Eywa decided to seek stability, and spared none of the incubating Spore Colonies;attempting to completely abolish them. However, during this period, the arachnid's mutalisks and scourges weren't idling. They dished out exceptionally tremendous damages to the distracted beast horde, that were focusing on the Spore Colonies. Thus, both parties very unfortunately fell into a war of attrition once again.

In lieu of such a scenario, Mother Nature Eywa held no more reservations;immediately opting for reinforcements! Within the unprecedented intensity of massacre, from afar in the skies;an astronomical shadow interweaved with stunning yellow, red and black stripes appeared.

A wave of unparalleled power and oppression surged in!

It was as though the skies had lowered, bequeathing itself to cover all earth;causing all to feel great repression in their hearts!

The hegemony of Pandora had finally descended.

’’I'm afraid this will be the last battle.’’ Sheyan muttered. ’’After this round, if the Blackthorn tribe can stand firm, then Mother Nature Eywa would probably consider compromising. Besides, her instincts pertain to upholding the balance of nature, and not speed up its extinction.’’

Three monumental Great Leonopteryx displayed their tremendous wingspan, gliding in slowly from a distant place. Despite being about to launch a blood war, they didn't discard their graceful and unhurried demeanor;resembling monarchs patrolling to uphold their own territories.

Though Sheyan and buddies had since witnessed personally its renowned true identity and even touched it in close proximity.........yet, how could an air-dried, mummy skull even compare to the true body of an existing soul, an unrivalled tyrant?

After Mother Nature Eywa had mobilized her ultimate trump card, she further bestowed blessings without the least of stinginess! Primarily, their HP had estimatedly been enhanced by over a million, and secondly, they were completely immune to negative buffs!

The Defiler's 'Bloodied Clouds and Mist' - ineffective!

The Queen-zerg's green mucus web - Ineffective!

Lime colored spores catapulted from the Spore Colonies, criss-crossing as they struck against their bodies. Greenish fluids splashed in all directions, yet measly drawing a sliver of blood!

Regardless of all the arachnids present thus far, barring the ground-based Ultralisks, not a single could withstand against even one blow of the 3 Great Leonopteryx!!

Within a split second, the 3 Great Leonopteryx speared through the arachnid defense line like an arrowhead, wrecking as the lines crumbled down.

Massive loads of organ structures soon exploded into fountains of blood, covering the skies under the unceasing and relentless assaults. Mountain Banshees swooped down in berserk aggression under the leadership of their kings. Ever since this bitter war had been sparked till now, their rigor was suddenly boosted by 3 folds. The previous deadlocked state of the entire battlefield, had instantly tilted overwhelmingly towards one side. The beast horde was like flames being sprinkled by a ladle of oil, roaring sonorously as they arose fanatically! Seemingly ignited with a momentum of a prairie fire, they commence their counter-attack!

Instead, the arachnid race remained silent,

Silently perishing, silently retreating;like a machine, repetitively spawning out buildings and armed units. So much so that even mining drones resorted to harming themselves, defending the frontlines without hesitation. The beast tide rummaged in like a clamorous raging inferno, but the arachnid tide remained cold and detached;like a machine, silent and ruthless! Completely tossing aside all existence of emotions!

Sheyan had even observed the Blackthorn Overmind personally floating up into the air, using its own body frame to block several hostile assaults. Although it appeared that its fat frame could obviously take several beatings and not sacrifice its life, the current impasse had reached such a bad extent, the Overmind had to personally serve as shield! One could tell how deadly the present predicament was.

Mogensha's breathing had presently turned gravely heavy, because he could fathom;that though the Blackthorn Overmind could endure several blows, before shrinking back into a safer region.......but in at most 30 seconds! The beast tide would be able to directly push in right ahead of the Mother Nest. Once the Mother Nest was demolished, the 'twin cores' supporting the entire Blackthorn Tribe would degrade to a 'single core'! Following that would be a wholescale collapsation and withdrawal. Ultimately, if the Blackthorn tribe were to be eradicated from the planet, their Golden Side Mission........would fizzle out in smokes!

Even Reef had his brows tightly knitted as he observed the situation. In such a battlefield, where individual might was stifled to its bare minimum, even if he voiced out to help, it would be simply empty words!

Amongst the trio, only Sheyan's current expression maintained a convicted composure. Although his fists were tightly clenched with cold sweat dripping out from within, but.....his demeanor still exhibited a hope;as for his gaze, it was fixated onto the distant sky!

During earlier portions of the battle, the Blackthorn Overmind was still able to engage in unit to unit precise controlling manipulation. Hence, for certain fatally wounded Mutalisks, he could directly maneuver them towards any empty region without fighting going on. Relying on the arachnid's formidable homeground battle advantage, those severely wounded Mutalisks could rapidly regenerate their health through the attention from overlords and the 'Creep' carpet.

Right now where Sheyan was fixated on, was indeed the empty casualty dumping region!

As the other two glanced towards where he was looking, they could distinctly see - that was a region originally filled with nearly 40 heavily wounded Mutalisks, that had been flapping their wings. Unbeknownst when did it happened, an unexpected cocoon had started weaving in mid air! Then, it spun into a gigantuous and thick ash grey crescent cocoon. Just like that, it peculiarly floated still in mid air. Moreover, on the periphery of that giga-cocoon, there were even silky white thread needles thrusting out in all directions.

Those Mutalisks there, were actually undertaking a second evolution! Moreover, upon observation, it should indeed be the killer move purposefully left behind by the Blackthorn tribe! One that was specially employed to deal with the wargods dispatched by Mother Nature Eywa - the Great Leonopteryx!

What could that thick cocoon possibly be breeding?

’’Still 20 seconds left.’’ Mogensha's voice sounded as if he had squeezed it out between the cracks of his teeth. ’’The Mother Nest is about to be directly assaulted.’’

At the instant his voice faded, that distant ash-grey crescent giga-cocoon suddenly split and exploded, with chartreuse colored amniotic fluids spilling out like a biochemical rain! Within the next second, oddly insect screeches rung out incessantly into the battlefield. A whole new arachnid unit appeared in plain sight of everyone.

This was a creature whose size wasn't one bit inferior to the Ultralisk. Two solid chitin carapace wings covered its back, a humongous belly and malevolent looking jaws. Finally, black fur coated its entire body surface! It appeared identical to an enormous beetle with a beer belly, while its body's crust was of paramount sturdiness.

Yet contradicting its stupendously fleshy external, its movement speed was unbelievably swift. As though in the instance they had just spawned, they had directly soared towards the most critical of places in aid! Brazenly issuing out a challenge to all rival aerial forces!

The ultimate aerial unit of the arachnid race........the Devourers, finally entered the scene!

Devourers were the most formidable aerial fleet offensive units of the arachnid race. In spite of their immense body frame, their movement speeds were meteorically fast! Their plump bellies could rapidly concoct out lethal toxin fluids, before fanatically shooting them out through their sinister jaws.


(TN: author should still be basing units on starcraft 1, so for those that play starcraft 2 or 3, you'll probably know of stronger aerial units)


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