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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 432


Chapter 432: Grazing and assaulting

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As the trio observed this unexpected scene, they couldn't help becoming intrigued. Thus, they didn't resist the urge to stealthily creep forward, under the pretext of the pumice rocks of the Windstone Highland. Sheyan's perceptive sense was the highest;hence after encroaching in for several hundreds of metres, he could already differentiate acute wrath seeping in from afar, along with angry shoutings.

’’Kill him, kill him!!!!!!’’

Suddenly, a na'vi stood atop the back of his enormous Hammerhead-titanothere mount, and waved his burly arms towards the pack of agitated clansmen beneath him before calling out.

’’I am a member of the Mosake clan! Hear my words!’’

It appeared that this na'vi probably owned a rather high status. Beside Cherokee, an old woman adorned with a red feathered crest stood forward;gesturing to the crowd to calm down. Then, that na'vi standing atop his warbeast continued announcing loudly.

’’I've personally captured this blasted outsider. He has caused a total of 4 fellow clansmen to return to the dark abyss of the ocean, and even slew 17 from our partners. Yes, I too desire to watch him die! Yet, I have to acknowledge the formidable strength he possesses - a strength worthy of respect!’’

’’Therefore, I wish to bestow him an honorable death! Not one that involves humiliation, not one that involves random hacking, only to be excreted from the rectum of wild beasts in the end. This is my right! Anyone that isn't satisfied can step forward to challenge me!’’

The crowd simultaneously quieted down, without any potential challengers appearing. Cherokee stroked the head of his Thanator, and declared with a heavy tone.

’’Yes, Authe, that is your right. Nobody has an objection.’’

With his flaring temperament, Authe leapt down from his mount, before sauntering uprightly and unafraid before his clansmen. Finally, he faced the convict held inside the wooden cage and spoke.

’’Outsider! I very benevolently allow you to choose your manner of death, now, please tell me your decision.’’

At this moment, that outsider lifted his head. In that instant, the hearts of Sheyan and buddies shuddered in unison. As it turns out, this man was someone that recognized. indeed, it was that outrageously powerful expert sniper! Yet for unknown reasons, he actually managed to remain in this world till now. Moreover, as he faced such desperate straits, he wasn't the least bit flustered!

At this point, Brother Black whispered.

’’He should be in possession of an item that allows him instant return to the nightmare realm, at anytime and place. I've previously seen the Metals Professor employing it before.’’

Reef asked curiously.

’’There's such an amazing item?’’

Brother Black chortled in response.

’’Its usage requirements are exceedingly harsh, lowering all attributes by 5 points. Moreover, all rewards and missions obtained from this world would be discarded, returning to the state before one had entered that world. However, it is still much better than losing one's life.’’

Because that individual had actually prolonged his stay in this world, hence Sheyan immediately started contemplating the possibility of Zi and her pack staying as well. Yet after having second thoughts, he mused. It didn't matter if they stayed behind. With the imposing Blackthorn tribe having been established, other elements could no longer offer a single influence to Sheyan's schemes.

Instead, for that powerful sniper to be captured and still remain till now, most likely he had hidden tricks. Just like the item that Mogensha had just mentioned, or perhaps some form of untold mystical life preserving method -- of course one couldn't dispute the price needed to rescue oneself during critical moments, would surely be relatively costly.

Right now, that sniper finally opened his mouth. His voice wasn't loud, but was extremely firm.

’’Before I die, I wish to cleanse my body with water, then be buried in the river without shedding blood.’’

Sheyan's eyes sparkled as he listened.

’’That brat is indeed savvy, where would you find a river on this Windstone Highland? He is obviously dragging for more time. Besides during the process of escorting, there would be opportunities to escape.’’

Having heard his final request, Authe replied without hesitation.

’’Fine, I accede to that! It will be my turn for shepherding three days from now. When that time arrives, I will surely grant you your heart's desire!’’

After spectating these events, Sheyan's trio proceeded to retreat further. After scanning their environment briefly, they realized the location they ascended from was indeed more precipitous, which was western side of Windstone Highland. As for the southern side, an abrupt depression had been formed, just like a tiny blemish of a bowl. Descending from there, was a relatively gentler slope. It seemed like under normal circumstances, the na'vi clansmen would travel to and fro from that slope.

When Sheyan and buddies had decided to leave, the ground suddenly tremored slightly. Very quickly, they witnessed a view of an astounding multitude of direhorses galloping speedily down the southern slope. Several na'vi folk were loudly shouting around them, prompting the herd of horses to a distant location.

’’Ah, that should be what they call shepherding.’’ Sheyan mumbled. ’’So that's the case. The Mosake clan had already completely abscised from their hunting livelihood. Their clan members includes their wild beasts, which is extremely taxing on food. Thus, they adopted shepherding methods to ensure the stable survivability of their clan.’’

At this moment, he suddenly reminisced about their former journey to Hell's Gate base - The contestants had paused to rest beside a particular stream of river, which boasted of exceedingly scenic views. Moreover, there were artificially planted fields of crane flower like vegetation. According to the Illume-Union's Yuan Zhan's depiction, direhorses require to take in nectar to condition their bodies at periodic intervals. Nectar to them was like table salt, and hence, that place was undoubtedly a direhorse paradise.

After presently recalling about that, that flower field was possibly a specially cultivated grazing field of the Mosake clan, utilized to rear direhorses.

Since they had already gathered adequate intelligence, Sheyan and buddies were naturally unwilling for side issues to arise. They prudently climbed down Windstone Highland, before boarding their arachnid Overlord flight back to the Blackthorn tribe. To the trio, though the entrenched district of the arachnids was unavoidably revolting, at least it was allied ground;providing a more comforting rest as compared to the dangerous Pandora forest.

In the end, an astonishing sight of an expansive and bloodied battlefield greeted them when they returned.

Such a tremendous scale, was the largest carnage between the Blackthorn tribe and Mother Nature Eywa.

Mother Nature Eywa was utterly furious. Apart from a blended mix of legendary creatures within, Sheyan could even notice large amounts of na'vi integrated within the assaulting beast horde. Fortunately, none of the na'vi clans associated with the main movie lead, were present. The excellent archery of the na'vi had issued massive threats to the arachnid race. In time, little by little, the Blackthorn tribe was forced to retreat in defeat, losing 5-6 of its organ building structures.

Yet at this very moment, Defilers entered the fray. This was the first time the Blackthorn tribe was employing such a powerful unit, the Defiler. A Defiler possessed zero offensive capabilities, but its two unique abilities earned its accolade as the best arachnid support unit;being second to none.

They could produce large quantities of biochemical virus substance, substance that no powerful antidote whatsoever could resist. A Defiler could even consume other arachnids, and use their comrades as raw material for their toxins. They would normally be protected by flocks of zerglings. The Defiler's cannibalistic methodology indeed embodied the sole pattern of arachnid behavior.

By employing only one ability, the Defiler was able to neutralize the incisive onslaught of the na'vi warriors!

They sprayed out large clouds of black matter, which floated roughly half a metre above ground;utterly obstructing the line of sight of those archers! This was the Defiler's ability - 'Dark Swarm'! An ability that completely negated all hostile long range attacks! Only by charging into the terrifying fog of darkness, could one continue merely engaging in close combat.

Moreover, the iron-trio composition of Lurkers, herculean Ultralisks, and multitudes of zerglings, had already proven its might throughout many battles. As it turns out, Mother Nature Eywa could only resort to a cruel war of attrition to counter them, a method she was most unwilling to do.

During the latter parts of the battle, the Defilers had managed to despicably spread out fogs of 'Dark Swarm' to all na'vi archer populated areas. Furthermore, the zerglings and ultralisks were brazenly stampeding forward, engaging in widespread slaughter!

Facing such an aspect, Eywa could only give up. She had no choice but to give up, as she summoned her tidal waves of beasts back in retreat. Instead, the Blackthorn tribe pursued them ravenously! Only after dealing massive devastation to their enemies, did they return.

Seizing this opportunity, Sheyan greeted the Blackthorn Overmind.

’’How many times have you fought after we left?’’

The Blackthorn Overmind straightforwardly answered.

《 Including this, 4 times. 》

Sheyan pondered a little before continuing.

’’I reckon Eywa would soon unleash her final assault. If you can endure that, then she would probably try to reach a compromise with you instead.’’

The Blackthorn Overmind replied.

《 I too, earnestly hope for peace. On such a fertile planet, my greatest wish is to continuously harvest the energies of pandora crystals without any disturbances, and finally upgrade my state and prowess. Although this will be an excruciatingly long process, but I firmly believe, there will surely be a day I surpass the Empress;and uprightly appear before her on equal footing 》

Sheyan chuckled and replied.

’’I earnestly yearn for your early success. Eywa's war had already exhausted the lives of countless creatures. She wouldn't persist such a war of attrition for too long.’’

Sheyan's forecast did seem rather accurate. Yet after a short period, a shocking scenario took place. Even the sunlight in the skies had been overshadowed. Covering the skies and earth, were hordes of aerial creatures. Mother Nature Eywa had seemingly abandon all ground offenses, and opted for an out-and-out aerial war with the Blackthorn tribe!!

However, before the aerial battle even begun, a trivial incident of subordinate disharmony played out! A Defiler had abruptly borrowed out from underground to engage in a sneak attack! In a flash, the sky was seemingly dyed red from wild splashes blood! This was indeed the other terrifying ability of the Defiler - 'Bloodied Clouds and Mist' !


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