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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 431


Chapter 431: The apprehended contestant

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Yet no matter how hard it tried to cough, it failed to squeeze out the blood lodged inside its lungs. Naturally, the functional capacity of its lungs consistently declined, along with the gradual streams of blood from its bodily wounds.

DA! DA! DA! Once again, fatal gunfire echoed in from afar. Several bullets struck against the rocks of the steep slope right ahead;scraping out fireworks of sparks. Yet one bullet managed to drill into the slinger's body once again, as fresh blood squirted against the besiding rocks.

As it ascended this precipitous slope, the slinger was already covered in bruises and cuts. Thus, this bullet became the final straw to overwhelm the camel. Instantaneously, energy seemed to have leaked out from head to toe. Kuk Klak Kuk Klak, the slinger tumbled down the hill, convulsing slightly before its breathing halted. Instead, after the Betami-Ghost Ape had wretchedly rolled down with it, it released a whine of matchless misery;a whine of limitless agony. To their surprise, it suddenly bounced towards Mogensha, as it lunged with incomparable maliciousness.

During their pursuit, Mogensha was the culprit who drained its HP extensively. Now, he lifted his rifle and strafed. Knowing that this monkey was incredibly agile, the 5 rounds of AK bullets mutually collided in mid air, unleashing an explosion of substantial magnitude as bullet fragments scattered randomly;instantly resulting in an AOE damage.

The Betami-Ghost ape was already an arrow at the end of its flight, and was now the recipient of a violent explosion. Thus, this savage and filthy monkey followed the footsteps of its mount, and slumped to the ground. After a fit of acute bellowing and gasps for breath, it ceased to get up for all eternity. Its body had been minimally ravaged by 7-8 frags of bullets, and relentless fumes and flames gradually consumed its body;producing pitter-patter sounds of flesh being roasted.

By now, Reef had hurriedly rushed over. Not long later, Sheyan too, hastily arrived. That 'Ebola i Virus' that he was plagued with had finally dispersed. Such was the soothing sensation of having finally escaped the awkward state of hobbling around like a cripple.

An unexpected event occurred - the silver key dropped by the legendary creature, Betami-ghost ape, was actually a 'smuggled goods' type. It produced a single-item eruption, directly awarding them with an entire 20 potential points. Instead, it was its slinger mount that actually dropped a legit black key. However, there was a decline in fortunes this time, and the black key displayed a dark-blue grade ring. However, upon examining the attributes of this ring, it caused them to click their tongues in wonder.

[ Slinger's Eyeball ]

[ Equipment rarity: Dark-blue ]

[ Equipment effect: Increase wielder's 'Basic long range combat' by 2 levels. This boost cannot be applied to contestants with Basic long range combat' exceeding lvl 10.

(For example, the current 'Basic long range combat' ability of Mongensha was lvl 10, then equipping this ring would supposedly raise it to lvl 12. Instead, this effect will be invalid.) ]

[ Details: Wielding this ring would not trigger bonus reward drawing options, but only the bonus from the leveling.

(For example, when someone with 'Basic long range combat lvl 2' acquires this ring, his 'basic long range combat' would be boosted to lvl 4. Under normal circumstances, lvl 4 would trigger bonus reward options. However, it will not happen. Only when the user's pure 'basic long range combat' reaches lvl 4 would that reward option be triggered) ]

[ Equipment requirement: Strength 30 points, Physique 30 points. ]

[ Equipment position: Finger ]

[ Material: Chitin, carbohydrate, protein ]

[ Weight: 4 g ]

[ Description: This equipment is only dropped from a high level slinger in the Avatar world. ]

[ Description: Slingers relies on their incisive visual prowess to roam through dense jungles, and spray accurate and fatal stings at foes. If you can obtain it, you would roughly grasp half of a slinger's aiming tactics! ]


Although this dark-blue grade ring only contained one enhancing property, if one were to exhibit that property to public, it would lead to brawling over it!

If this ring was given to a contestant with a poor level of 'Basic long range combat' ability, it would be rendered useless. Yet for a contestant who had raised that ability to lvl 6 or 7, for them to continue upgrading it, they probably had to squander massive loads of utility points and potential points to advance by one step! Therefore, if they could earn an additional 2 levels, it would obviously be exceedingly valuable.

However, it had an absurdly ridiculous wielding requirement - 30 points of strength and physique!!!

Mogensha contemplated briefly being pooling the equipments of the trio together. Still, he wasn't able to attain 30 points of strength....and could only sigh dejectedly. Sheyan was in possession of his 'Barbaric-demon Pupil' and his 'Rotten-bone Ring', and his ring slots were all filled. Instead, it was Reef who had a vacant ring slot, and thus casually equipped it for fun. When Mogensha manages to amass 30 points of strength, he would then return it to Mogensha. The trio were all curious as to what improvements it conferred. Thus, Reef flashed out his hand-darts, something that would be influenced by 'Basic long range combat'........

(TN: Reef acquired his hand-darts in ch 69, after they killed Reserve-duty Growth-hunter Zeiss.Carl)


The trio gazed upon the precipitous slope right ahead;knowing that the maddened monkey must've fled towards this direction for a reason, and possibly, its summit hosted the residence of the Mosake clan. Presently, the sky had already brightened up. However, considering that na'vi warriors possess night vision capabilities, daylight was instead more advantageous to them.

After a discussion, the trio felt that since they had already arrived here without startling the forces of the Mosake clan, then why not climb up for a peep. At the very least, they should first witness the topography of their area, before making further plans.

Though this precipitous slope was arduously steep, and could act as a heavenly moat to deter ordinary individuals;to the trio, it could only be described as exhausting trivial physical efforts. However, when they finally scaled the precipitous slope, they subconsciously held their breaths.

Because at the peak of this slope, was a stunning expanse of flat land, stretching as far as their eyes could behold. Just observing this flatland resulted in an impression of boundless might, spanning wide their horizons. The majority of the grass here sprouted directly from the ground and laid low. Vividly seen, were sporadic scatters of pillow sized greyish rocks, revealing glossy surfaces and dotted with excessive holes.

These rock fragments looked like magma condensed pumice rocks from the aftermath of a volcanic eruption. They were incredibly light and could even float on water surfaces. With a gentle breeze of wind, these rocks would roll slightly. Hence, the name Windstone Highlands.

Several kilometres away from where Sheyan and them resided, a continuous link of buildings built with stones were erected. Those buildings were pieced together by stones, and exhibited a miraculous beauty. Not forgetting those spiralling stone pathways winding around in accordance to the architecture topography of those 3 layered, 4 layered buildings. Suspended vine bridges connected several buildings, while numerous primitive pulley systems were present;systems which counted on herculean beasts to operate. Combining everything together, it was truly an engineering landscape worthy of marvelling.

These pathways, suspended bridges, houses and pulley systems exhibited a scene of thriving vitality;so much so that it felt like a human market was hosted inside. To the Mosake clansmen who manufactured these and were still utilizing them, such bearing and boldness was indeed a praiseworthy spectacle.

At present, after spying that the building lacked presence, Sheyan and buddies cautiously crawled nearer with their bellies pasted to the ground. After proceeding like this for a definite distance, they finally realized that it wasn't that there was no one;but rather, the na'vi clansmen were all congregated in front of their temple, and were currently engaging in religious formalities.

This corrupted clan had indeed raised a magnificently grand temple. At first glance, it would appear to resemble Mayan Pyramids. However, from its contours, it held certain similarities with the Temple of Heaven in China.

Under the bright of dawn, cooling breeze and the morning sun;the temple boasted of an intriguing, mystical and gorgeous scenery.

Within the vast ceremonial plaza in front of the temple, numerous and closely packed na'vis were kneeling fully. Apart from them, solitary rays of the sun cascaded down beside several hovering boulders.

The vegetation encompassing the temple was rather luxuriant, with circular white rocks coiling around it to form a pathway. Countless basin thick stone pillars stood atop the periphery of the ceremonial plaza, with the tallest being 7-8 metres and the shortest 3-5 meters. They stood in weird, orderly, tenacious and spectacular fashion;propping up in commemoration of their firm beliefs. These obelisks had wave patterns engraved onto them.

All of a sudden, a na'vi leader released a rallying cry. Although he was poles apart from Sheyan and friends, they could still sense their blood surging from that roar;blood boiling turbulently, and rushing towards their hearts like a majestic tide!

Following that, that na'vi leapt onto an unbelievably titanic Black Thanator. Lifting his arms, they had no clue what he was exclaiming to his clansmen.......meanwhile, his clansmen would occasionally stretch forth their arms and shout sonorously in response. No doubt, that na'vi should be the chieftain, Cherokee.

’’Tier 6.’’ Mogensha suddenly blabbered into the party channel without thinking.

Reef immediately refuted.

’’Impossible! It is at least a tier 7. Such forceful suppression, I'm afraid it isn't inferior to that great octopus, Ocean-freak Moria, of the Lord of the Rings world.’’

Sheyan snorted coldly in response.

’’Who cares what tier it belongs to. When our zergling sea of thousands drowns it....... Previously, I've already inquired from Mo`at;as long as their Temple isn't destroyed, even na`vis that turn corrupted shouldn't be willing to relinquish their beliefs and abandon the Hometree.’’

Observing the na'vi's prayer ceremony about to adjourn, and having attained their basic exploration goals, Sheyan and his bros planned to withdraw. ’’Eiyy!?’’ Yet at this moment, Mogensha suddenly gasped in surprise.

’’Guys look, there seems to be someone.’’

Sheyan and Reef too were taken aback. Did a RDA worker get kidnapped? Hastily, they spied towards the direction where Mogensha was pointing. Instead, they caught glimpse of a humongous Sturmbeest currently crawling through, with a wooden prisoner cage hoisted on its back. Contained within, was a person with bounded limbs;unsure if dead or alive.

Furthermore, a large crowd of na'vis had started encircling it, raising their weapons and cheering sonorously. It appeared that apprehended individual inside the cage had aroused public anger, and thus, became the object of indignation of a thousand folks.


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