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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 430


Chapter 430: Deceased monkeys

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Although these cunning and nasty Betami-ghost apes fought with an effective method that could frequently leave expert creatures in shambles;in regards to this fighting style, it relied on one crucial aspect - it was essential for them to strike under stealth and unexpectedness! However, their concealment had been foiled and were discovered earlier on by the fire-control systems. Instead, torrents of crazed fire greeted them. From the ambushers, they became the ambushed.

Following that, they suffered from Brother Black's spear in the form of an abrupt chain lightning. From here on, casualties piled up. When Reef had managed to charge over and released a 'Shattering Cardiac Roar', apart from the leader Bloodbringer Larynx, everyone else were seemingly slayed.

Sheyan had noticed the 29 points of strength this ape had, and reckoned he wouldn't be able to inflict crushing damage. Hence, he directly hurled a flask of agile curse-mix over. Though a deduction of 4 points of agility cannot be considered much, a 10% speed decline still considered pretty good.

(TN: Bloodbringer Larynx has 41 points agility, so 4 points translate to around 10%)

As soon as the monkeys had shown their faces, disaster struck them;and its little brothers paid the heavy cost of death. Naturally, Bloodbringer Larynx reached the emotional pinnacle of discomfort. Thus, it roared fanatically and directly controlled the slinger beneath to charge forward. Yet clearly, this monkey hadn't loss all rationality. It craftily curled up and huddled behind the slingers's back, trying its utmost to utilize its mount to endure Mogensha's torrents of bullets.

Due to the slinger thundering in at a rapid speed, it remained unfallen even after being struck by bullets, with blood streaming profusely. Instead, its inertia propelled it forward unyieldingly. Thus, this vile and beastly monkey appeared barreling through inundating mists of blood, mixed with the occasional tinge of poisonous black blood.

Facing such a speedy opponent, Mogensha frowned as he fired 3 blazing bullets;which blatantly collided in midair and exploded! The result was an AOE fiery blast. Caught inside the exploding combustion, the blood streaming out from the slinger and the Betami-ghost ape boss underwent an unexpectedly shocking reaction. Boom! The blood ignited with flames!

The inferno surprisingly adorned a blood red appearance, leaping and churning hectically;releasing a flexible impression. The flames resembled tongues of bloodthirsty feral beast, incessantly lapping up fresh blood;thriving with cruel bloodlust!

However in the next second, Mogensha was completely unable to react in time to the charging monkey, and was rammed off from his vantage concealing position. Groaning as he made a row after crashing to the ground, he discovered a long charred wound carved out from his chest. Moreover, the wound was still corroding rapidly! It also emitted a pungent odour.

Fortunately at this instant, though Sheyan still had a crippled leg, he managed to raise up his 'Nail Gun' and aimed;his action done while still hiding inside the camp. Nevertheless, as for why Reef hadn't activated 'Courage' to rescue Mogensha, it was firstly due to his confidence in Mogensha. Secondly, he inevitably had to safeguard Sheyan whose mobility was currently lacking.

A bullet of unparalleled sharpness soared out, creating circular ripples of surging trajectory in the air. During its path, it rippled through a tree branch, shredded a leaf, and accurately drilled into the rear leg of that elite slinger. Pzzt! It easily penetrated through its unprotected thigh, and pierced into the shin of the Betami-ghost ape boss!!!

Killing two birds with one stone!

The aftermath of that shot - gearing to charge in pursuit, the elite slinger's rear leg was now visibly twisted into a grotesque fold. Concurrently, the Betami-ghost ape who was waving its claws with unmatched ecstasy, unexpectedly lost balance after its mount suffered serious damage;and nearly fell flat on its face.

Yet at this point, the Betami-ghost ape finally felt a searing pain in its shin, as lively spurts of blood emerged. Beneath its waist, the slinger hissed miserably under the torture of such intense agony;before abandoning its owner as it darted into the forest.

Faraway, Sheyan was presently half-kneeling with squinted eyes as he supported his gun with both hands. His hand was as stable as a boulder. That shot was indeed released by him! Upon witnessing his successful marksmanship, he couldn't resist the impulse to clench his fist in self encouragement.

After landing and executing a roll, Brother Black maintained his balance. Yet, probably due to aggravating his chest wound, he couldn't help groaning deeply, but still remembered to raise a thumbs up to Sheyan. Simultaneously, two light-blue viperwolf undying spirit had bulged from behind Mogensha's back and dashed out. Howling menacingly as they bared their incomparably vicious fangs, pouncing fiercely at their rival.

Those two viperwolf spirits had actually been trigger summoned when Mogensha had hurled out his 'Sparta Spear' previously. With that 'javelin' toss jolting through foes like a chain lightning, good luck also had a part to play, as one assault actually managed to summon out two spirits successfully.

Abruptly sustaining injuries, Bloodbringer Larynx raged out and unleashed a piercing roar. Its mouth widened so expansively, that one could even observe the lymphatic node squirming in the depths of its larynx. Immediately, Bloodbringer Larynx begun jetting out a turbid yellowish-green vomit that extended to over 20 metres! When Sheyan had opened fire, he obviously knew he would have to suffer its vengeful wrath. There was nothing he could do about it, and had chosen to flee beforehand like a scoundrel.

Instead, the piping hot vomit was regurgitated onto that 'Nail Gun' that Sheyan had carelessly left behind! The corrosive nature of its vomit was exceedingly potent, as bulks of acidic vapour rose into the air from the gun's metallic surface. A repulsive acidic stench permeated into the atmosphere, causing anyone who whiffed it to nauseate. It was a pity, such a good gun that exhausted quite a hefty sum became invalid from henceforth.

Reef suddenly frowned.

’’Let's us hurry and conclude this battle. I'm afraid the regurgitated vomit isn't merely used for harming and tracking. It can also be employed to seek reinforcements.’’

As his words faded, the nimble ape had already leapt in front of Reef. With an uncanny cray, it pushed forward its claws and pinched. Fortunately, Reef's wasn't weak in reacting. Raising his shield to block, he resisted the monkey's pinch. Though that was so, its claw still punched an oppressive sound onto the 'Alien Skull', scraping out glaring sparks!

Yet right at this instant, Reef already activated the natural ability of his shield - 'Tongue Thrust' !

Shua! An oddly sharp tongue catapulted out from the mouth of the Alien skull. The tip of the tongue even hosted sharp ivory tooths, and hastily gnawed at the monkey's chest. While inflicting damage, it even induced a stunning state.

Meanwhile, Mogensha had pulled out his Wasp revolver, as he half-knelt and aimed over. Then, he activated 'Beastly Instincts', allowing his formidable battle spatial awareness to select the optimal offensive target! At this moment, Mogensha could feel a throbbing pain in his head, coupled with an unexplainable burning sensation;as though his MP was depleting fully.

Instantly, the bullets within the Wasp revolver was unloaded fully. Without mercy, the bullets pierced into the body of that disgusting and stinky monkey, before mutual internal collisions unleashed an exceedingly vigorous chain of explosions! Immediately, a blaze curled to life alongside the stench of scorched matter. Preceding that, Reef had already been warned by Mogensha, exclaiming to him, ’’careful!’’. Thus, to avoid friendly fire, Reef had sent the monkey flying with a kick first, before Mogensha had opened fire.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Mini explosions transmitted in succession, sending the fried monkey flying while utterly wrapping it in smog and flames. When the monkey crashed to the ground, it was completely unable to maintain balance;attempting with its might to stand but could only repetitively collapse down. It currently exhibited an unbearably hot and restless countenance, as its innards had visibly spewed out. It was clear the monkey had suffered extremely severed injuries as it repeatedly coughed out greenish black pus.

Actually, the explosions didn't appear very intense, but Sheyan could distinctly sense the concentrated might within those explosions;therefore though they appeared lacking in extravagance, they couldn't be described as weak. Around the periphery of its core injury from the explosion, not only had its blood all evaporated, even its flesh seemed to have been grinded away;with remnant embers still nibbling at its belly, roasting with sizzles!

Evidently, this strike from Mogensha had dealt grave damages to it. All of a sudden, a black shadow scuttled out from nowhere and hoisted the ape up before fleeing. It was actually that elite slinger mount!

That slinger had originally fled with a broken leg, yet nobody would've expected it brazenly return to rescue its owner. The stranger part was, a slinger's movement speed could normally count as its shortcoming, being creatures merely adept at shadowing others. Yet nobody could imagine this elite slinger was so valiant;even with a fractured leg, it could still sprint away with unbelievable speed.

’’Chase!’’ Sheyan immediately snapped. Although his legs were still inconvenient, he braced himself with a wooden branch and limped in pursuit.

Of course, Mogensha and Reef weren't willing to stay their hands as well, and set off in hot pursuit. Towards a prey that was heavily wounded, further intense running movement would result in aggravating its wounds! Moreover, the foul stench coming from the monkey's body had transformed into their greatest tracking trail. Very swiftly, following the dispersing sounds of urgent footsteps, and after having experienced this brief clamorous uproar, the forest regained its tranquility...


Blood droplets dripped continually.

Flowing out from a badly mangled flesh window.

Flowing through a muddled mess of fur.

Flowing through the air of planet Pandora.

Finally, it splashed onto the ground.

If one peered backwards, one would notice speckles of bloodstains implicating into a meandering trail. The blood traces seemingly manifested into a roadsign wherever it went.

A slinger with only 5 legs arched its crooked back forward, as it hobbled up a challenging and steep slope.

The monkey carried over its back, would occasionally sink into fits of violent coughing;coughing as though its heart was tearing apart, wanting to stop but unable to do so. Such dry coughing held no other significance, apart than speeding up its blood loss.


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