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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 429


Chapter 429: Ebola virus

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The following was the details of Sheyan's analysis - apart from that damnable toxins of these apes, they could further regurgitate vomit from their stomach to inflict damage onto foes. Not only did the vomit contain intense corrosive properties, it even emitted an incorrigible pungent stench that would adhere to one's body;from then, it would be hard to escape the ape's pursuit.

’’These brats possess very low HP, which is their fatal flaw!’’

Sheyan clutched his mouth as he coughed twice while speaking.

As his voice faded away, Reef charged forward with great strides!

At the instant he pierced forward, Mogensha had casually tossed out a flashbang that he had acquired from the RDA base previously. A blinding light flashed out, momentarily causing the Betami-ghost apes and slingers to shriek in mournful horror.

Facing such a scene, Reef had casually raised his arms to block his front;easily blocking away the reckless sprays of venomous stings from the flustered slingers. Following that, he sunk his leg and rolled forward, using his bulky arms to forcefully wrap around the neck of a tiny and short betami-ghost ape in front of him. Instantly, gloomy crackles of brittle fracturing pierced into the air. This poor devil who had originally sustained injuries previously, immediately spat out repulsively sordid blood, as its long tongue rolled out of its mouth. Convulsing, it perished.

Within the next second, Reef unleashed strength from his holding arm, as he utilized the Betami-ghost ape carcass, that was still warm, as a weapon. Waving the carcass in a semi-circle in midair, he directly flung it towards two other mounted Betami-ghost apes that were currently hiding themselves!

The two semi-blinded monkeys clawed wildly, ripping the fur from their comrade's carcass with maddened frenzy. However, such an action offered no relief from their current danger;because Reef had already ploughed to their faces. With his black lightsaber stroking gently under the night sky, he delivered unceasingly cauterized lacerations onto the devilish like apes!

By this point, Brother Black had released chains of burst fires, and a translucent viperwolf undying spirit had since materialized within the dark of night. The viperwolf spirit had immediately lurched towards another two Betami-ghost apes on the other side. Presently, those two Betami-ghost apes had already gradually regained their vision. Not only did their slinger mounts locked onto the viperwolf spirit and unleashed venomous stings, they similarly widened their mouths;releasing two jets of muddy green vomit over. Instantaneously, the atmosphere was polluted with a sour pungent stench that assailed their nostrils.

Yet since the viperwolf was also known as an 'undying spirit', naturally it was without a single heartbeat just like a zombie. Therefore, it obviously had no blood flow, and without blood flow, naturally the venomous toxins were incapable of propagating. As for the vomit, to a spirit that didn't require breathing, it offered not the slightest threat.

After slaying a Betami-ghost ape at his side, Reef spun round but was instantly amazed to discover all the remaining foes on scene, had already became carcasses! Not only that but amidst the forest, two additional translucent light-blue luminous viperwolf spirits had appeared;and were voraciously gnawing through the ape carcasses. The might of that black grade necklace was fully demonstrated in this battle. After Mogensha had put on that black grade necklace, he could now be described as a tiger that had grew wings.


Those Betami-ghost apes belonged to a model of high offense and low defence. Sheyan was indeed unfortunate, because for some unknown reason, after waiting an entire half an hour, his legs hadn't showed signs of recovery. Thus, the trio were currently forced into a choiceless situation, and could only search for an easy-to-guard location before raising a bonfire.

Brother Black stationed himself on a faraway tree crown, providing him a vantage position to engage in gunfire suppression. He silently stayed while leaning against the tree bark like a mannequin. One had to mention;though Mongensha normally loved to inject occasional humour, he wasn't the least bit careless in conducting official matters. Assuming the sentry role, he appeared as if he was born for the solitary of darkness, seemingly devoid of heartbeat or body warmth.

Previously, after considering the question of wildlife camping and survivability, Reef had also purchased several equipments from the RDA base in preparation.

Apart from the latest 'Duodate' infrared ray triggering surveillance eye, monitoring their campsite surroundings, there was the Dupoint company's 'Aotearoa' water filter system.

And apart from their 3 layered carbon-silk 'Kemasi' tent, that could effectively obstruct poisonous snakes and insects from invading, they also had various incredibly advanced and high tech weapons.

Of course, the most formidable was a tiny red dot that drifted about the forest surrounding their camp, which was the fleeting tracer of an infrared surveillance eye. An easily installable and foldable electromagnetic guide conductor encircled their camp, equipped with 4 camouflaged advanced fire-control system. This was indeed the minimized version of the weaponry system hosted by the outer walls of Hell's Gate.

Through the process of the fire-control systems patrolling through the guide conductor, the infrared surveillance eye would vigilantly survey the surrounding movements. Upon detecting something amiss, the two advanced automatic fire-control system would roll out two pre installed Standard-issue assault rifles;pouring down fiery storms of metal within a split second, annihilating all creatures that dared to encroach within 30 metres radius of the camp.

In view of the comprehensive properties of the Standard-issue assault rifle, the fire-control system could further calculate the volume of the invading hostiles;thus, it could automatically switch to rifle-grenade mode before unleashing fire!

While the other two fire-control systems were equipped with a MBS-22 automatic sentinel machine gun, with an outer appearance resembling the MBS-9M Hydra rifle. The MBS-22 rifle body composed of 3 independent fully automatic rifle barrels. Regarding its powerful fire output, it could easily conjure up an exceptionally frightening metallic storm. Due to its nature of exhausting ammunitions at a terrifying rate, it wasn't normally mobilized. Yet once it was, long range control orders could still be employed to contain its fire output rate, and offensive direction etc.

Under normal circumstances, the standard-issue assault rifle would act as a precautionary warning alarm with its outburst of bullets. Therefore, at this moment, the members of this campsite was able to sleep peacefully. But once, that automatic sentinel machine gun was triggered, then undoubtedly, hostiles with malicious intent were present;moreover, they would be extensively stronger ones. When that happens, it would signify bed time was over, that it was time to pay attention to the enemy.

After resting for nearly 3 hours, where daylight was probably round the corner, at this very moment...........all of a sudden, the watchful firearms of the camp spat out streaks of fiery tongues;the surveillance eye had locked onto a target! In a flash, the fuming bellows of the standard-issue assault rifle resounded out, along with expulsions by the rifle-grenade. Finally, even the automatic sentinel machine gun was activated, unleashing bouts of gunfires;roaring like the engine of a motorbike. The air sprinkled with thickly dotted mess of blazing networks.

Amidst the immense blaze and sounds of explosions, over ten strange shadows shuttled through the forest and subsequently showed themselves. Amongst which was one who appeared significantly larger, emanating a greater ferocity. Sheyan instantly sensed a surge of violent threat, stirring him awake as he climbed up from his slumber. Immediately, he utilized his helmet's innate 'Pulse Detector' probing ability to investigate, and instantly acquired a detailed report:

[ Name: Bloodbringer Larynx ]

[ Race: Betami-Ghost ape ]

[ Rank: Junior tier legendary creature ]

[ Status: Mosake clan warrior ]

[ Height: 1.14 m ]

[ Weight: 38 kg ]

[ Mount: Elite Slinger ]

[ Strength: 29 points ]

[ Agility: 41 points ]

[ Physique 10 points ]

[ Perceptive sense: 30 points ]

[ Charm: 1 point ]

[ Intelligence: 14 points ]

[ Spirit: 19 points ]

[ Basic footwork lvl 7. Other properties: ? ? ? ]

[ Junior tier legendary creature ability: 'Mother-earth Skin lvl 1' - Grants bonus 5,000 HP. ]

[ Mosake clan warrior ability: 'divine Beast Blessings lvl 1' - Grants bonus 10,000 HP. ]

[ Betami-Ghost ape special ability: 'Fluttering leap' - this incomparably nimble freak can leap from impossible angles to assault enemies. Raises attack power by 255% and attack range by 200%. Executing this ability requires 3-5 seconds of cast time. ]

[ Betami-Ghost ape special ability: 'Ebola II model (Passive)' - When the Betami-Ghost ape strikes its opponent, there is a 50% chance of inflicting toxin into the enemy;lowering 33% movement and attack speed. 10% chance of inflicting illusion overgrowth, confusion the enemy and lowers their accuracy by 33%. 3% chance of temporary infecting the enemy with the Ebola virus, resulting in limbs paralysis which lowers movement and attack speed by 70%. All duration lasts for 300 seconds - 24 hours, depending on purely randomization. ]

[ Details: Simultaneously when contaminating the enemy with Ebola virus, 1,000 HP would be deducted from the Betami-Ghost ape. ]

[ Individual special ability: 'Chain vomiting' - unleash sprays of vomit at the opponent. Deals persisting damages (DPS - damage per second) and also repeatedly torments the enemy with foul stench - plunging health by 33%. ]

[ Individual special ability: ??? ]


After browsing through the specifics of this brute, Sheyan was finally aware that he had 'fortunately' encountered a minute probability occurrence - naturally an adverse one. This Junior-tier legendary creature already possessed such a dim probability of infecting one with an 'Ebola ii virus'. Naturally, an ordinary ghost ape though it wasn't explained, would obviously hold a smaller percentage of contaminating foes with an 'Ebola i virus'!

Since they now knew how filthy, nasty and lowly the flock of monkeys were, then naturally the expert of long rage assaults, Brother Black, proactively led the onslaught. Seizing the openings created by the firepower suppression of the automatic fire-system, Mogensha immediately hurled out his personal 'Sparta Spear'. A sorrowful chain lightning bolted through the forest, with its main focus naturally skewed towards eliminating the lil brothers of that legendary creature! Afterward, they would then conveniently dispatch the legendary creature, to prevent any unrelated elements from upsetting the apple cart!

The biggest flaw of the Betami-ghost apes resided in its frail HP. Once one was slain, the slinger mounts would seemingly be covered by amnesty;as long as they didn't continue agitating the slingers, the slingers would voluntarily escape in panic. This pack of Betami-ghost apes were most adept in stealthily creeping up on their foes and ambushing them, finally swarming forth like bees and indulging into chaotic wild battling. They relied on the stink, sores, and innumerable successive stackings of vile buffs onto their opponent, before pouncing on foes to death.


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