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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 427


Chapter 427: The Mother of the Blackthorns descends

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Such a ludicrous massacre didn't persist for long, and concluded in roughly 10 plus minutes. The battlefield lands were littered with endless carcassess that rapidly dissolved into the ground like snow. Instead, the gradually distinct outcome caused Sheyan to widened his eyes in amazement.

Within the battlefield spanning tens of square kilometres, a sole zergling rampantly lurched towards a badly beaten slinger, before cleaving through its throat with deadly sharp claws;feasting on its flesh and blood. Finally, like a wolf, the zergling released a penetrative howl towards the high heavens!!!

Witnessing such a scene, Sheyan couldn't help but turn to observe that fatty bug;recalling their previous endeavours, where it was merely a Black-iron lord. Instead, the nightmare imprint priorly notified him that it was truly a Silver lord now.......if this outcome was truly his meticulous arrangement, then such a display of perfect warfare understanding, could only be described as truly frightening! It was no wonder the Blackthorn Overmind harbored the ambitions of replacing the era of the Blade Empress.

’’Whether it was a coincidence, the next battle will reveal it.’’ Sheyan couldn't help but mumbled to himself. Having witnessed the entire sequence of events, Reef finally remarked earnestly. ’’I reckon it is time Mother Nature Eywa unveil her true strength.’’

’’Right.’’ Sheyan suddenly recalled something. ’’Where are the Takji clansmen?’’

Mogensha smiled bleakly. ’’They fled after witnessing the beast horde.’’

Sheyan responded indifferently.

’’Their beliefs revolve around Mother Nature Eywa. Upon witnessing the assembled beast tide of their old granny, they could only flee as far as they could. I hadn't anticipate that a constructing arachnid base would sufficed to instigate such a beast horde. This debt must be settled in the future.’’

After speaking, Sheyan was unable to control his urge to advise the Blackthorn Overmind.

’’The next wave will surely be the true test. Let me transfer all my creature reports I have acquired to you.’’

However at this instant, Sheyan suddenly became aware of an oddity;it was as though the surrounding organ structures were all radiating with streams of black shimmering brilliance. If one were to describe the organ structures of the arachnid base previously as a semi-finished room, then their state right now, was like a newly refurbished room inlaid with ornamental ceramic tiles. One could evidently sense the breeding rate of arachnid lifeforms speeding up, and the incubating rate of organ structures propelling by a notch!

Within a split second, that class 'III' lair that was a substitute for the Mother Nest suddenly inflated, swelling to a height of nearly 200 metres;its periphery spouted forth with 8 incredibly obnoxious and coarse fleshy red tentacles, repeatedly dancing through the air. Moreover, its distinct exterior prune veins swelled rampantly as though it had hyperemia. Strange hexagon shaped, constituted with high purity pandora crystals, suddenly emerged from its already originally grand and malevolent organ roof!

Observing such an elevated momentum, its exterior appearance amplified with sinister savageness. Within this instant, don't even mention about a Hometree with an altitude of 300 metres;only the sacred lands of the na'vi, the Tree of Souls, could be comparable!

’’The Mother of the Blackthorns has migrated over, right?’’ Mogensha couldn't help but ask. As his words faded, the voice of the Mother of the Blackthorns resonated from the depths of their heart. 《 My friends, I express gratitude for your assistance. I can feel a tremendous mystical force from afar currently amassing various lifeforms in its bid to eradicate us 》

At this moment, Sheyan suddenly felt perplexed and swung round. Instead, he realized that massive toothy and fierce Nydus Worm was withering at a rate that even the naked eye could capture. He immediately gasped in shock.

’’O Mother of the Blackthorn, what is wrong with the Nydus Worm?’’

The Mother of the Blackthorn calmly replied.

《 The Nydus Worm connects two converging points of space, but in reality, it is of one body. Once the Nydus Worm on the other side is dead, the Nydus Worm here would naturally wither away. 》

Sheyan anxiously questioned.


The Blackthorn Overmind interrupted him.

《 We've completely abandoned our base at that side. In reality, the ore mine we occupied there could at most support our harvesting for only 2 more months. However, there are wholly 4 hostile arachnid tribes situated around us. If we hadn't left behind adequate forces to resist them, solely relying on the defensive Sunken and Spore Colonies wouldn't be sufficient to last us for even 8 hours. 》

’’8 hours?’’ Sheyan doubtfully inquired.

The Mother of the Blackthorns patiently explained.

《 Conjuring a Nydus Worm requires the ability of quantum space folding, which leaves behind traces of meddling within the cosmic universe. If we had been unable to drag for 8 hours, the space vortex would not regain stability in time;allowing the possibility of others to perceive our location that, and seek out that we've migrated to this heaven like planet. Yet once we can drag for 8 hours, even if the Blade Empress had personally arrived, it would be utterly impossible to identify even tiny hints and clues. 》

Sheyan laughed sourly.

’’ can even feel it. That tremendous mystical force is currently amassing her creatures in preparation for war. Without spawning and supplying reinforcements from the Nydus Worm, how would you hold ground here. Its offensive tempo accelerates ferociously with each wave, and could even pinpoint your weaknesses.’’

The Mother of the Blackthorn amicably answered.

《 Yes that force is tremendous, and the assembled multitudes of creatures equally dominant, yet......they aren't born to this world for the sake of war. 》

For some unknown reason, upon hearing that final phrase from the Mother of the Blackthorns, Sheyan suddenly reminisced about the vast wilderness of carcass littered, the battlefields of desolation;then recalling the berserk manner of which the zergling had pursued the slinger. Sheyan's heart was eventually soothed.


The ground tremored slightly,

Incomparably oppressive rumbles like that of a drumbeat! Leaving the innards of all creatures resonating with dreadfulness!

The echoes of gigantic beasts,

The resounding clamour produced by unrivalled colossal beasts, blessed by Mother Nature Eywa,

The sound of unceasing stampeding acceleration throughout the lands of Pandora!

This time, Eywa was furious! According to Sheyan's estimation, there were at least 8 legendary creatures with health exceeding hundreds of thousands of points that led the charge;piercing forward with crackling sounds of thunder!!!

Behind them, was a blended mix of slingers, viperwolves and various other creatures.

Yet up against such domineering grandeur, were densely arranged rows of breeding eggs within the arachnid base;standing firmly in great numbers, soldiers of immense vigor!!!

When the beast horde had stampeded to a gap of 1 kilometre from the arachnid base......appalling cracks emerged on at least 30 of those massive 2 storey tall giga-eggs. Instantly, their shells split and shattered into fragments, producing gigantuous 'beast' that were 3 storeys in height, with their bodies clad in exoskeleton.

Upon their birth, the arachnid creatures speared forward towards the silent paths of the arachnid base! Amidst the intangible destitute, the arachnid's disciplined killing intent of stern austerity was ready at the calling. Just listening to the rumbling tramples reverberating from the ground, one could adequately fathom the majestic loftiness of this arachnid army;brimming with an air of forward pressing desperation.

Examining the carapace of these gigantuous arachnids, it seemed to resemble the sturdiness of ancient era armours;exhibiting a remarkable bright bronze luster! The most shocking aspect was the twin giant crescent bone-like scythes protruding out from its mouth area. Those scythes were as long as half of the creature's body. Such a gigantuous ferocious creature, was analogous to giant siege tanks. Not only that, beneath its fearsome chin, it boasted of sharp edges that could easily puncture any thick armour of various creatures.

(TN: Fun fact, the bone-like scythes of the ultralisks are actually called kaiser blades in starcraft.)

This was ultimate conventional unit of the arachnid race, the Ultralisk!

As they speared forward in advancement, successive large batches of eggs started hatching as well. When the raiding beast horde had reached 500 metres away from the arachnid base, the arachnid sea here had congregated to a junior scale;a marshalling mix of Ultralisks, zerglings, hydralisks and lurkers.

At that instant, the indomitable beast horde and the fearless arachnid sea collided! It was as though heaven and earth flashed with bouts of melancholy lightning, seemingly transforming the entire battlefield into snippets of frozened stopmotion. It was like even heaven and earth were bearing attention towards this war of unprecedented bloodbath, ingraining this impending event into memory!!!!!


The enormous kaiser blades of an Ultralisk stabbed deep into a Sturmbeest's body, drawing out spurts of blood. Blessed by Mother Eywa, the Sturmbeest roared in anguish, firmly holding ground as it lashed forth with its monstrous body frame;as though it was a tiny mountain. The Ultralisk couldn't pull out its enormous kaiser blades in time, as it emitted fracturing sounds into the air before snapping off;causing it to instantly lose balance and tumble to the ground.

Raising its front hoofs in raging agony, the Sturmbeest heavily stomped down. Even with a thickness of a metre, the chitin carapace couldn't defy such tremendous strength by even the slightest bit. Even a distance of hundreds of metres couldn't mask the horrifying sounds of bone shattering, as turbid red blood shot to heights of dozens of metres before drizzling onto the ground.

Yet instantly, 3 other ultralisks barreled forward in a frenzy! Hoisting forth their annular bone-scythes, they slashed deep against the Sturmbeest's body! Such herculean strikes combined was sufficient to knock the Sturmbeest into staggering retreat! Instead, the Stumbeest's response was to fly into a raging charge after stabilizing itself!

It had only one notion in its mind!

Charge forward!

Despite its circumstances, the Stumrbeest still managed to accelerate, as the long fur coated over its back fluttered against the sweeping wind. Whenever its massive body leapt up from the ground, its soft mane would paste against its tenacious leather. When its massive body landed back onto the ground, its soft mane would waft upwards;masquerading it in hazy dashing, as it ushered a complicated yet warm impression to others, brimming with force and fierce enchantment.

Streaks of thin and tiny dark figures swept past it incessantly! Indeed, those were zerglings unremarkable to behold. Though their claws couldn't deal much threat to the Sturmbeest, but, the Ultralisks' cutting kaiser blades had sliced out long threads of mutilated blood wounds, which became the focal point of target for these zerglings!


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