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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 425


Chapter 425: Viperwolf's beard

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At present, the Blackthorn Overmind had already conferred mobilizing authority to Sheyan over all his arachnid forces. Therefore, with Sheyan's meticulous testing, the crowds of lurkers were purposefully commanded to cease assaults against it. (Because once they interacted, the spoils of war would substantially plunge to even nothingness, which was a circumstance closely referenced to Scarface Harry) He allowed this viperwolf boss direct charging access through the entrance of the arachnid base, as it lurched into the arachnid base with unrivaled excitement!

Instead, at the opening, a figure flashed out,

It was Reef, who directly hoisted his shield in head on confrontation!

’’Boom!’’ A sonorous rumble emitted as both sides were knocked to the ground while rolling crookedly. When this viperwolf boss managed to straighten its head and climb back up, Sheyan had already charged in. He first tossed a flask of strength curse-mix, shattering against its head;and followed up with a crude punch.

This punch was initially aimed towards the viperwolf's ear, but instead landed onto its mouth because it slanted its head. Though that was so, the might of this punch wasn't tiny, even the monstrous might of this massive beast couldn't parry it away, and was struck flying as it crashed against the rocky wall by the side. Its sharp fangs carved against the rock-solid wall, releasing a piercing resonance.

Except, Sheyan was also whipped horizontally by a vigorous tail in mid air! Bam! He forcefully guarded his chest with both arms, but still fell to the ground in tumbling successions before stabilizing himself. While he scrambled back up, blood trickled from the corner of his mouth.

That whip was totally unpredictable. While the boss viperwolf had its widened mouth getting pounded, the concurrent reflexive swing of its tail felt like deeply ingrained muscle memory as it ferociously flogged Sheyan's chest!

Instead, after steadying himself from getting whipped severely, Sheyan returned to action with at most several superficial wounds. If he was an ordinary person, he would've at least fractured several dozens of bones. One couldn't refute the nimbleness of the viperwolf. Yet after loudly tottering and managing to struggle back up, what greeted it was repeated bombardment of fiery bullets;smacking its skin asunder, as it continuously bawled wretchedly.

This viperwolf boss was just about to counter-attack, but Reef had once again blocked its front;stalling its path of assault while simultaneously unleashing a furious roar! A formless ripple swept out, and actually restrained the incoming strike backs of the viperwolf.

After mere minutes, this viperwolf boss had been beaten black and blue. It could perceive its opponents to be like iron and stone, utterly unbreakable. Thus, wagging its tail, it prepared to flee. Yet it had never anticipated the long awaiting Sheyan to surge in deceptively like a shadow that followed its body. His thick arms gripped the widened mouth of this massive beast as he ferociously summoned his strength. Blood sprinkled gruesomely as he actually ripped apart its jaws, by forcefully stretching it for nearly 2 metres;with repulsive organs and blood soaking the ground!

How could your razor-sharp fangs tolerate me!

You boast of strength in that aspect, then I shall lay hands on your pride!

The severely wounded viperwolf boss remained emphatic in final wrestling. Finally, Reef's black lightsaber punctured deep into its heart. After twitching relentlessly, it died an aggrieved death.

Actually, this was already the second boss tier creature that Sheyan and buddies had slain. Sadly, the first stingily dropped nothing.

But after slaying this guy, it shockingly dropped a black key;which produced a black grade equipment.


[ Viperwolf's beard (special) ]

[ Origins: Avatar world ]

[ Equipment rarity: Black ]

[ Equipment position: Neck ]

[ Material: Deoxyribonucleic acid, carbohydrate, water ]

[ Weight: 8.3 g ]

[ Length: 21.4 cm ]

[ Equipment usage requirements: Strength at least 15 points, agility at least 30 points. ]

[ Durability: 40 points ]

[ Equipment: All attributes +1 ]

[ Equipment: When receiving damage from opponent's ability, wielder will result in an additional 25% of damage. ]

[ Equipment: Lowers your explosive strike rate by 1% ]

[ Equipment: When inflicting damage to opponents, there is a chance of summoning a viperwolf undying spirit to attack your target. ]

[ Details: The viperwolf spirit possesses basic attributes of ordinary viperwolf + 25% of personal attributes;lasting for 15 minutes. ]

[ Viperwolf spirit special ability: 'Shredding heels' - after inflicting damage onto enemy, enemy's movement speed will decline by 5%. Duration of 15 seconds. Stackable, to a maximum reduction of 50%. ]

[ Details: At any one time, there can only be at most three viperwolf spirits in existence. ]

[ Details: Upon the death of your controlled viperwolf spirit, your highest attribute will decline by 4 points temporarily. Duration of 8 hours. This negative buff can be stacked for at most 5 times. ]

[ Description: The medium of communication between the king of viperwolves and mother nature. After cutting off, it would naturally contain exceedingly unusual potential. If one can find a suitable horcrux, it can morph to greater formidability. ]


Upon glimpsing this equipment, Reef involuntarily exclaimed.

’’This is a quality summoner's item! The damage produced by summoned creatures would be counted as damage dealt by the summoner, which can similarly trigger that special effect. Moreover, the summoned viperwolf spirit would also receive all the enhancing buff abilities of the summoner.’’

Sheyan pondered for a moment before speaking.

’’This equipment would be fairly good in the hands of a gunman as well. Normally, the rapid fire of gunmen also holds relatively decent chances of sparking out viperwolf spirits. More importantly, with an additional 3 meat shields that can lower the enemy's movement speed, wouldn't its significance be tremendous to gunmen who fears enemies from approaching closely. If this necklace can be merely considered as brocade to a summoner, then to a gunmen, it would be an intrinsic disparity of having zero summoned helpers, to possessing the immaculate aid of summoned creatures!’’

Brother Black drew back his thick lips and chuckled.

’’I fully support boss's standpoint.’’

Hence, this necklace naturally belonged to Brother Black. During actual combat, he discovered that he could trigger that ability after approximately 10 shots. Moreover, the viperwolf spirit would be summoned directly around the surroundings of his target, gnawing its prey with utmost subservience. Brother Black instantly fell in love as he regretted not meeting it earlier. Thus, he made it his determined resolution to upgrade it to a Silver Storyline grade equipment.

Following that, the trio organized themselves without any attempts at creativity. Once again, they slew several elite tier viperwolves and raked in numerous benefits. Against the underground AOE ambushes of the terrifying lurkers, the flooding tides of viperwolves virtually landed themselves into a grotesque genocide;their sacrifices in vain.

At this point, successive multitudes of drones were transported through the Nydus Worm. Majority of these drones started engaging in frenzied harvesting, with a minor portion directly assimilating out various defensive organ structures over the 'Creep' carpet.

At present, the 'Creep' carpet had already acquired sufficient blood and flesh supplies, and had swiftly extended to a vast region of a square kilometre. Due to the fact the constructed defensive installations were not only exceedingly faultless, the drones situated them to guard various strategic locations. Furthermore, they ensured a vividly distinctive plan for future expansion of this base.

To arachnids who engaged in internal strifes frequently, they were seasoned in employing warfare of exorbitant magnitudes. With Pandora's Mother Nature Eywa mobilizing such extensive beast hordes to invade this base;in the face of such a colossal skirmish, contestants like Sheyan could only smile quietly and renounce this battle. Yet to warmongers like the Blackthorn Overmind, he was exceptionally adept at dealing with such widescale war, deploying various defensive mechanism as though fiddling with its fingers.

At this moment, Sheyan's previously upgraded class 'II' base had finally begun upgrading to a class 'III' one. Evidently, it was preparing for the migration of the Mother Nest. Meanwhile, Jenny had already arrived through the Nydus Worm as well. This Queen-zerg had evidently been successful in evolving a level as well. Although her body remained tiny, her flying velocity was upgraded and even learned a new flash displacement ability.

(TN: Jenny was the very first queen-zerg that met Sheyan and Mogensha, and finally led them to the blackthorn tribe for the first time)

As the final viperwolf fell in mournful demise, the majority of the area affected by the magnetic storm had already absorbed adequate nourishment, with the extensive 'Creep' carpet covering over it. Several tens of organ structures were in the midst of speedy incubation, with large amounts of Spore Colonies and ground spikes holding fort awe-inspiringly. An enormous base was tentatively taking shape.

At this point, Eywa's second wave of onslaught arrived. Seemingly analogous to Sheyan's previous mission of guarding the 'valkyrie', it remained primarily composed of viperwolves. Instead, with the addition of Mountain Banshees soaring through the skies.

Noteworthily, before the battle even commenced, a perplexing phenomenon of several brightly glittering floccules came wafting in from the skies. These objects were roughly the size of a palm, yet were roughly identical to dandelion seeds. Some resembled drifting jellyfishes in the ocean, as they floated in from midair;carrying an abnormal leisurely elegance. It appeared like a melancholic bereavement of ritual money notes fluttering in commemoration of the dead, inside a cemetery.

’’This is?’’ Sheyan immediately recalled. ’’The seed of the Tree of Souls, but why is this thing floating here for?’’

Very quickly, Sheyan was enlightened of its effects. Swooping down from high up the air, the Mountain Banshees seemed to have stunningly developed eyes, and could accurately perceive the concealed borrowed locations of the lurkers! They bluntly dove towards the ground, tearing through mud and clay, before seizing several lurkers and pinching them to death!

The seeds of the Tree of Souls could actually detect invisible units!

Undoubtedly, 7-8 units of mutalisks immediately lunged in attempt to eradicate these seeds of the Tree of Souls. However, the outcome was completely out of their expectations. The seeds instead duplicated from 1 to 2, and 2 to 4 upon being struck......multiplying in increasing fashion and even exuberating flares of dying radiance.

Although the offensive prowess of the lurkers were extremely valiant, they still belonged to a class of expensive but frail units. Once their bodies were revealed, they wouldn't be able to withstand the incessant onslaughts of comrades replacing fallen comrades. Yet more critically, the presence of those masculine aerial Mountain Banshee bullies, boasted of easily excavating them out from underground. Hence, under the command of the Blackthorn Overmind, every lurker was entirely withdrawn and returned to the proximity of the Spore Colonies;causing the defense line to be pulled backwards.


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