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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 424


Chapter 424: Esteemed allies

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The functionality of the Nydus Worm was, to establish a rapid transportation channel between different arachnid bases across vast distances! It was analogous to any two arbitrary sliding doors;no matter how complicated or complex the terrain was, two Nydus Worms would act as a network for travelling, allowing arachnid fleets to bypass both time and space. However, each transportation wave could only be activated for several punitive seconds. Naturally, due to the immeasurable gap between planet Pandora and the Blackthorn Overmind, the duration required in constructing this Nydus Worm was longer. Furthermore, the cooldown needed to activate the Nydus Worm transportation function, was similarly longer than usual.

Going by the theory of science, it was leveraging on a quantum folding of space and time - say point A and point B on a piece of paper had a gap of 20 cm, then the shortest distance between point A and B isn't created by drawing out a straight line. Instead, it would be directly folding the paper up, allowing point A and B to converge, linking them up as though the disparity between the two was zero. This was the groundbreaking theory behind the Nydus Worm!

It was essential for the Mother Nest and the Overmind to evolve to class 3 before such an advanced organ structure could be incubated. According to Sheyan's initial estimation, after the Blackthorn Overmind had dominated that entire abundant pandora ore mine, time would be the only hurdle preventing it from evolving to class 3. Hence, consigning this newly established arachnid base to the Blackthorn Overmind, and allowing it to employ a Nydus Worm to supply reinforcements, was exactly Sheyan's ultimate trump card.

However, even if Sheyan had made an error in his deductions, he would at most forsake the Golden Side Mission. Fleeing to preserve their lives wasn't a problem at all.

Noteworthily, the Nydus Worm was in fact constructed on his ally's 'Creep' carpet. If Sheyan hadn't consigned the arachnid base to the Blackthorn Overmind, he reckoned the overmind would absolutely refrain from selflessly sacrificing its blood efforts to reinforce Sheyan.

As for the first batch of arachnids that had travelled through the Nydus Worm, it was the arachnid that possessed the greatest mobility - the battling creature, Mutalisk! They directly propelled towards the viperwolf tide;while the viperwolves who lacked aerial prowess, were totally incapable of retaliating against the flying mutalisks!

Next, came the incessant scurrying of Lurkers out from the Nydus Worm, as they speedily arrived at several vital openings around the periphery of this currently small scale arachnid base. Utilizing their eight incisive long legs to drill into the ground rapidly, within a short span of seconds, they blatantly buried their entire bodies underground! As for the sheer quantity of lurkers present, it at least amounted to over a hundred!

The first batch of mutalisks entering planet Pandora from the Nydus Worm numbered nearly a hundred;though they possessed frightening offensive might, the sheer quantities of viperwolves charging in from afar was similarly too ludicrous. Just the current width of organized assaulting wave alone nearly reached 500-600 metres. Moreover, the end of its length remained out of sight. How was it possible to fathom the concept of such a viperwolf horde??? Facing against such epic multitudes, even the assaults from the mutalisks seemed like throwing cups of water onto a burning cart of firewood!

Hence, they could immediately observe the crushing black beast tide swarming in like an endless lake;before directly leaping down from the edge of the sinkhole. The infiltrating mass of crushing darkness segregated into 3 black streams upon reaching the obstructing pandora crystal ore veins;three armies invading towards the arachnid base.......even though the arachnid organ structures were vile and enormous, in the face of the boundless sea of viperwolves, they were like frail candlelight amidst a raging gale.

Nevertheless, along the inevitable pathway to access the arachnid base, there were at least a hundred plus Lurkers that were densely burrowed underground!

Following that, the three streams of viperwolf tide of epic proportions forcefully trudged into the attacking vicinity of the underground lurkers!

Instantly, chaotic stabs of metallic chaffing pierced into the atmosphere. The foremost onslaught wave of viperwolves abruptly exploded with matchless decapitation! Sliced into fragments of flesh, spewing in all four directions along with greenish fluids! When the mutilated flesh landed onto the 'creep' carpet, it seemed to transform into butter that were thrown into a scorching pan;melting at an astonishing pace. Within few measly seconds, their flesh was thoroughly consumed by the ravenous and famished 'Creep' carpet!

Within the aftermath district of the magnetic storm, the scarcity of organic substance was supremely appalling. Hence, the 'Creep' carpet of this arachnid base had constantly been unable to expand extensively. Yet currently, with the enhanced fertilizing of countless flesh from dead creatures, the famished 'Creep' carpet was now in full swing as it devoured violently, extending outwardly at a fierce rate.

Though the viperwolves fanatically speared forward with fearless defiance;after careful inspection, one could see dense and awe-inspiring rows of gigantic razor spikes impaling through the ground;welcoming the endless waves with friendly jabs. It was utter carnage. As long as the viperwolves arrived within the interior attacking range of the gigantic spikes, they would receive incredibly lethal damages. Yet to their helpless horror, their foes were actually concealed underground, totally covered by the soft soil and mud. It was basically impossible for the viperwolves to locate these pesky opponents!!!

The terrifying onslaught of the viperwolf tide seemed to have knocked against clusters of invisible ramparts. Although their targets were merely a hundred metre before their eyes, this layer of invisible wall was akin to a flesh grinding millstone;tightly halting their assaults, while employing cold emotionless assaults to counter this raid of exel.

At this point, the Nydus Worm had already ceased unleashing more lurkers. Right now, dozens of leader tier zerglings, with body frames the size of calves, were pouncing out. Instead, they stood sturdily approximately 20 metres from the Nydus Worm exit, forming into a fan shape formation, as they guarded vigilantly.

Within the next second, an incomparably plump and humongous crusty beetle flew out from the Nydus Worm, its wings still struggling with full force! Finally, when its massive abdomen and bulky solid jointed legs trampled onto the surface, the ground momentarily tremored violently and distinctively. Its exterior carapace was radiating with the pure refractive rays of diamond like sparkles.

At the instance this gigantuous crusty beetle appeared, one could clearly sense the enlivening of every single arachnid lifeform, as though they had just been injected with adrenaline;their battle capabilities instantly soared by at least 25%! This fat bug propped up its rear legs onto the ground, as it lifted its head and straightened its body. Finally, it executed a deep breathing action, before unleashing mental thoughts of shuddering rhapsodic emotions.

《 What a fresh and pleasant air! Such beautiful clusters of crystals! Though the quantities contained within this ore mine is slightly skimpy, it is still sufficient reserves to harvest for a year! Setting my foot onto the soil here for the first time, I can already feel a deep affection for it! 》

Of course, Sheyan wouldn't have just remained at the fringe of the sinkhole previously. He had already retreated back into the arachnid base long ago, as he loudly exclaimed to the fat bug.

’’Hey! My friend. You really ought to slim down. Also, this fresh air can at most be inhaled a little, at least, it remains fatal towards humans. You should best cherish your own life, because all our hopes and fortunes have been invested ahead.’’

The Blackthorn Overmind released a fit of rumbling from its chest.

《 Ah, hah! Thanks for your warning, but I firmly believe my body hasn't been this healthy before. Ah ahhhh, just look at those gorgeous branches of clustered crystals!!! What unprecedented miracles unfolding before my sight! My partner Shengong, can you sense the fertility here? I can't help but itch with impatience to relocate the Mother Nest here. 》

(TN: Remember, Shengong is the name of the Mother of the Blackthorns)

Sheyan shrugged his shoulders.

’’I have indeed forgotten you are a disgusting species strong enough to blatantly surge through outer space. Such venomous atmosphere should be considered a nutrition for you obviously. Also, please don't be too conceited yet. I should warn you, this is merely the first wave of assaults from this planet's creatures. The following impending retaliation of creatures would be outstandingly powerful, even beyond your expectations. Therefore, you should make some preparations for evacuation.’’

《 Evacuation? 》The Blackthorn Overmind suddenly roared forth with an uplifted tone.

《 Oh! No, that is absolutely inconceivable. Do you expect me to return to that nearly depleted and barren ore mine? Do I have to directly yield to the squeezing extraction of the Empress? Preposterous!!! My friend, you really didn't deceive me. This planet is completely devoid of the Empress's aura. A fertile planet without a trace of arachnid existence. This ground will definitely be the ascension to prominence of the Blackthorn tribe! I'd rather die in battle here, than return to become another's slave. 》

Sheyan was fairly satisfied with the Blackthorn Overmind's answer. He could already begun to feel that the Golden Side Mission was theoretically 50% in his hands. Thus, he immediately advised solemnly.

’’Roughly half an hour later, the aerial forces of the primitive aboriginals would arrive. They are terrifyingly fearsome dragons that relies on fleshy combat. I reckon each dragon possessed the offensive capabilities equivalent to at least 5 Mutalisk, or above.’’

The Blackthorn Overmind started issuing terrifying snarls. Its voice echoed through the air of the base.

《 Nobody can chase us away from this haven! No matter how formidable our rivals are. Unless they can slay me and the Mother Nest, and cease the war here, causing us to retreat entirely and abandon all hopes;then engaging us in full blown warfare at the other side, eradicating us and finally severing the Nydus Worm there! Unless they can completely severe our link of connection with the tribe, we will definitely establish a new world over here! 》

Following that, the peaceful voice of the Mother of the Blackthorns quickly drifted in.

《 Your determination will be thoroughly implemented. I am already impatiently anticipating the day I fight alongside you in our new homeland. 》

At this moment, Mogensha and Reef had already assembled with Sheyan. Brother Black observed Sheyan's incomparable elation and cried loudly.

’’Boss! You've succeeded! You really succeeded. This damned Golden Side Mission, we will surely accomplish this!!!!’’

Sheyan stared into Mogensha's eyes, and uttered word by word.

’’No! This is our success, this is ours;the success of Party Ace!!!’’

As his sentence resounded out, the trio's blood simultaneously boiled with blazing passion within their veins. Such surging waves of emotions were truly hard to describe!! They stretched their arms out in huddled embrace, heads knocking against heads, as they issued an indomitable roar of ecstasy!!!


A gigantic brown viperwolf! Its body muddled with the flesh and blood of zerglings.

This deadly brute was at least 5-6 times larger than its comrades. Stretching out its mouth that was brimming with vigorous and penetrative fangs, its movements undoubtedly allowed one to recall an electronic pincer. Its robust rear legs accorded it with exceptional leaping abilities. At present, a bypassing mutalisk floated in with slightly diminished altitude. Immediately, this brute stomped over its comrades and leapt highly, tearing the mutalisk down from the sky. In a flash, the mutalisk became food for several viperwolves.

Sheyan had long since locked onto it, emanating a glare of a famished individual eyeing a loaf of bread.


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