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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 423


Chapter 423: Only by giving, can one receive

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Facing such an arduously steep challenge, Mogensha shut his eyes and calmed his breathing to soothe his dejected heart. After sighing, he massaged Sheyan's shoulders and comforted him.

’’Boss, an eternally smooth sailing journey is simply an impossibility for anyone. Since we still have 15 days worth of time, we should just shift our direction towards legendary creatures;perhaps we can earn back our losses. Those shitty viperwolves are about to arrive within, at most, 10 plus minutes. It is absolutely inconceivable for us to resist them.’’

Sheyan snorted coldly and sighed once again.

’’Are you thinking that I'm frustrated over the forfeiture of the Golden Side Mission? No. Such a scenario has long been included in my calculations. I'm merely sighing due to the fact of losing the chance of raking in utility points and equipments extensively, and allowing that brat to make cheap exploitations.’’

Mogensha and Reef glanced at each other in bewilderment and asked.

’’What can you still do right now?’’

Instead, Sheyan did not answer them. Seizing every second in this race against time, he controlled the overlord to land on the ground surface;before sprinting towards the core of his arachnid base. His sprinting was so ferocious, that every stomp of his foot caused large splashes and ripples over the 'Creep' carpet. As for Sheyan, his gaze was currently fixated onto an arachnid egg, one that was urgently attempting to hatch.

This egg was something Sheyan instantly breeded once he witnessed the scale of the impending onslaught of viperwolves. From its maturity progress, one could tell the lifeform contained within had a larger head than its body. As time trickled away rapidly, every second birthed greater nervousness in their hearts.......

Finally, a crack whispered into the air, followed by excessive splitting shatters. A brown organism that resembled an air blower soared out. Its surface displayed black stripes, and it relied on the contractions of its superficial membrane around its body to float!

This creature was none other than a unique unit of the arachnid race.

The Queen-zerg!

At present, all life within this enormous arachnid base was still under the sovereignty of Sheyan. Thus, the Queen-zerg directly soared towards Sheyan. To rank the Queen-zerg amongst the military, it was rare for her to be directly involved in offensive capabilities, but nevertheless become the dictator of victory or defeat on a battlefield. Moreover, she was even equipped with an ability to colonize human base, possessing exceedingly powerful spirit and intelligence. This was something they could confirm back in the Starship Trooper world.

Sheyan strode towards the front of the Queen-zerg, and pasted his forehead onto the feelers of the Queen-zerg. After waiting for 3-4 seconds, his ocean of thoughts was suddenly interrupted with an exceptionally familiar voice. This voice was indeed special, one that bypassed the dissemination of the eardrum. Instead, it rung from the depths of his heart.

《 My, old, friends. Ah, it seems like, you've discovered a wonderful fertile planet! 》

When the voice attempted the human tongue initially, it remained rather shaky, but immediately turned fluent at the end. When Sheyan heard the voice, his originally flustered expression instantly soothed as he immediately answered.

’’Ah, that's right, it has been a long time, my friendly Blackthorn companion. You ought to be glad the communication link we've laid down beforehand is effective. The reserves of crystal ores over here vastly exceeds your planet by hundreds and thousands! Most crucially, apart from the primitive creatures of this planet, there is none in contention against you!’’

The Blackthorn Overmind immediately transmitted a bluntly direct message.

《 My friend, I must have this planet!!! 》

Sheyan asked in astonishment.

’’Isn't that abundantly fertile pandora ore mine that can support a decade worth of harvesting, colonized by you?’’

The Blackthorn Overmind's tone became sullen.

《 Yes, but the direct subordinates of the Blade Empress discovered about it, and I cannot contend against the I could only relinquish that treasure trove to her...... 》

The Overmind's voice suddenly transformed ecstatic.

《 But to reward my sacrifice, the Empress conferred onto me enhanced strength, causing me to evolve once again. My friend! I require this base you have, these mineral resources, no, the entire planet! With it and adequate time, I may even develop to a level where I can contend against the Blade Empress! My companions!!! 》

At the end, the Blackthorn Overmind's voice was already trembling. Sheyan coughed in purposeful hesitation, before replying.

’’Then will you aid me? As long as I have a request, will you do your utmost for me?’’

The Blackthorn Overmind replied haughtily.

《 Of course. Haven't we already established mutual trust and collaboration previously? 》

Sheyan recalled for a moment;This fat parasite......oh wrong, he should've evolved to a dung beetle by now. Indeed, he hasn't lied to me since we met. Thus, Sheyan answered frankly.

’’Alright, but the distance between us can only be estimated in terms of light years. Moreover, I have another unfortunate news to report;because in at most 5 minutes, an immensely terrifying horde of primitive creatures are about sweep through us. They would require at most 10 seconds to level the entire base, please note, their sheer magnitude is insane!!! They are overwhelmingly unstoppable!’’

The Blackthorn Overmind hastily replied.

《 We can still make it! As long as you consign the authority privilege of this base to me!! I just need 3 minutes, to supply you with reinforcements! As for how mighty?! When have our grand arachnid race succumb to formidable foes?! The stronger our rivals, the more insatiable our arachnid claws shiver with thirst! 》

’’As expected, my conjecture was spot on.’’ Sheyan clenched his fist. ’’The Blackthorn tribe must have already grasped the skill mechanics of that arachnid tribe!!! Seems like the realm wouldn't deliver a mission that is impossible to attain as well, and would still leave a remnant of chance to accomplish the mission.....if not, it would be time to ponder about fleeing instead.’’

Sheyan instantly linked up with his nightmare imprint.

’’I wish to transfer ownership of the 7 arachnid organ structures along with all drones, to the authority of the Blackthorn tribe's Overmind.’’

[ Do you confirm, you wish to consign all authority of the 7 arachnid organ structures and drones to the Silver Lord Overmind of the Blackthorn tribe? ]

[ Your actions may result in unknown consequences! ]

[ After consigning ownership, you will become unable to receive any loots or spoils of war from the forces conjured by the arachnid structures! ]

’’Silver lord Overmind Blackthorn........the heck, weren't you just a Black-iron lord previously? How did this damned bug evolved to the Silver lord class? ............I can confirm.’’

[ Transaction engaging......linking up. ]

[ Transaction completed!! ]

In a flash, the spirit link between Sheyan and his arachnid base was severed;just like in games where this was obviously his troops, yet suddenly being unable to manipulate them, and thus changing into allies instead.

Moreover during that instance of transaction success, at the west of the arachnid base and over the 'Creep' carpet, an astoundingly incubating giga-cocoon abruptly materialized. That giga-cocoon was purely black and its peripheral surface struggled and twitched violently. It appeared as if there were several hundreds of creatures intensely struggling within. As for the billowing tidal waves of sprinting viperwolves, they had already reached a distance of roughly a kilometre away!!

The berserking howls blended together, producing ear-splitting barkings! So much so that frightened birds and beasts within the radius of tens of square kilometres flapped their wings to flee in frenzy.

Sheyan folded his arms in front of his chest as he stood by the edge of this gigantic sinkhole mine. His eyes serene as he coldly stared at the incoming stampeding viperwolf horde. His hair flowed accordingly to the wind, as it released a melancholic air of a hero at the end of his route;bidding his final farewells!

500 metres,

100 metres,

10 metres,

3 metres!

At this very distance, Sheyan's vision was already devoid of anything distinct. His wild gaze was occupied with fanatically charging viperwolves and their claws, saliva and fangs! It was as though in the next second, this terrifying beast horde would swallow him and not spare an inch of his bones!!!

Yet he remained still! Even any intentions of resistance was gone!

However, right at this moment, from the colossal sinkhole behind him, a gigantuous dark shadow soared forth in abrupt fashion, like regiments of black cloud! The arrival of such an oppressive presence could cause heartbeats to halt and slow down extensively into distinctly clear - 'Thump' 'Thump' 'Thump' Thump'.

The sound was akin to the roaring of the unrestrained and boundless oceanic tide.

Or seemingly two transparent and titanic palms of dozens of square metres, colliding with mutual ferocity!!

Yet in reality, it was the sound of hundreds or even thousands of flapping wing membranes;beating clamorously against the air of Pandora!!

Just when the first beast wave arrived, when the very first claw of a viperwolf had barely reached half a metre from Sheyan's body, that regiment of gigantuous shadows spat forth hundreds of shining yellow, dumb-bell shaped spores;catapulting in gruesome splatters against the viperwolf tide! Instantaneously, 7-8 paths of mutilated flesh and blood were plowed through the black compressions of the viperwolf beast tide!

As for that viperwolf that was pouncing towards Sheyan, after receiving a spore cannon in its face, it couldn't even mutter a sound before exploding;transforming into a sorrowful lotus of blood and flesh!!!

Mutalisks vs Viperwolves............

The very first collision between the Blackthorn tribe and Mother Nature Eywa!

The very first collision between arachnid lifeforms and Pandorian lifeforms!

Presently, if one glanced back towards that black giga-cocoon, that had sprung up abruptly over the carpet, one would be shocked to realized it had ruptured in explosion. In its place now, was an astounding colossal organ structure;appearing like an erected mouthpart with 7-8 deathly fierce fangs.

The mouth was wide opened, and its auxiliary fangs grew to lengths of 7-8 metres and heights of 50 metres. Even the mouth could broaden as large as 30 over metres! It demonstrated a fleshy red appearance, and the impression it released was as though an incomprehensibly powerful great beast was buried beneath it;only protruding forth its mouth to breathe.

Such feelings of mystery and fantasy was invoked by an abstruse layer of shimmering membrane, that covered the internal mouth of this organ structure. Its surface exhibited deep darkness, but also speckles of flickering brilliance, as though the endless cosmic universe was stored inside. Gazing into it, would cause one an involuntary sensation of being drawn in it.

Suddenly, that layer of black glimmering membrane displayed a correlation of ripples. A large crowd of long-legged, spider like freaks, flocked out;using their 8 long legs to move speedily. The tips of their long legs exuberated the cold glimmer of metallic blade sharpness. Although these creatures had a head that looked like hydralisks, they were at least 2-3 folds amplified that of the hydralisk! This was indeed the advance unit form of a hydralisk - Lurkers!

Furthermore, the organ building that surfaced from represented the most supreme technology of the arachnid race, a Nydus Worm (Worm-hole)!!

(TN: you can google Nydus Worm if you wish to, there's more information there. But basically it is something like a worm that digs wormholes through distant worlds/places, allowing arachnid units to travel through)


TN: My apologies if i get characters or building structure names wrongly, research is tough because the chinese terms are hard to match with english ones, but i will try my best to infer the correct terms from what I have. Do inform me if I have made any errors.


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