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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 422


Chapter 422: Failure within the sight of success???

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Even though Sheyan had already employed his arachnid larva eggs to slay Lille previously, the 6 zerglings that he spawned out had all been slain by Lille. As such, Mogensha and Reef had no clue pertaining to that inside information. At present, it was their first time witnessing the emergence of the abundantly offensive zerglings in this world.

’’Ah!’’ Upon witnessing these 4 incomparably familiar zerglings appearing, Reef immediately gasped. However, any follow up words seemed to have stuck within his throat, completely clogging off his channel of communication! He could only gaze inspiringly at Sheyan with a countenance of admiration.

’’Don't tell me?!!!!!! You wish to?’’

As for Mogensha, the moment he caught a glimpse of the two arachnid drones eggs, the cigar in his mouth instantly fell to the ground. He could only muster a wry smile as he shook his head.

’’'re seriously playing it too overly excessive, ah!’’

Sheyan burst into laughter as he replied.

’’If I don't dare to play it exorbitantly, how would you expect us to accomplish this damnable Golden Side Mission?’’

As Sheyan concluded his statement, the remainder two arachnid eggs concealed within the mounds hatched;shockingly producing two arachnid drones! The two drones had an apparent appearance of black stripes, and were seemingly magnified as compared to ordinary arachnid drones.

(TN: small recap;in ch 59 of vol 5, he purchased 2 drones, 3 scourges, 5 zerglings and 9 overlords)

Meanwhile, Sheyan had retrieved a total of 600 units of pandora crystal from his personal interspatial storage, and placed it before the two drones. The two cuties begun to devour the crystals insatiably, as their physique rapidly grew. After each arachnid drone had consumed roughly 300 units of pandora crystals each, their body frames had swelled by at least 5-6 times.

The two drones then separated, each seeking out a broad region to speedily regurgitate silky threads;gradually forming two enormous ash-brown giga-cocoons. The territory occupied by the giga-cocoons swiftly proliferated and ultimately expanded to an extend of a hundred plus square metres. From here, it conversely shifted to elevated growth, speedily developing towards its limits. When it matured fully, the encompassing ashen threads of the giga-cocoons abruptly blustered, and dissolved into a sky full of splinters;gradually wafting through the air! (Author note: constructing of a twin base, you guys know this. keke)

Following that, two stupendous organ structures emerged in the view of Sheyan and buddies. The organ structure's peripheral surface pulsating with coarse prunish vasculars, entrenching onto the ground with overcautious stability, releasing an impression of anchored down roots. Quickly following, the trademark organism 'creep' carpet of the arachnids naturally extended out;enveloping and covering pandorian soil with tender meekness!

Two fundamental core organism building, hatcheries, astonishingly sprouted from this very ground;a novelty appearance on this fertile, gorgeous and treacherous planet!!!

(TN: The Hatchery is the most primary basic structure for the zergs, it upgrades to Lair and finally a Hive)

Sheyan's scheme, was actually to establish an arachnid base on this very planet Pandora! Then, leveraging on the horrifying propagating capabilities of the arachnid race and its sheer quantities, to accomplish the daunting Golden Side Mission! To him, it was merely utilizing two arachnid drones that he carried out previously. Yet, with merely two arachnid eggs while complementing the unique environment of planet Pandora, they could reproduce from 2 to 4, then 4 to endless derivation of possibilities!!!

----and this was the fruits of his painstaking devising, and also the ultimate reason for selecting the Avatar world.

Sheyan glanced back to Mogensha and seriously concluded.

’’For us to reach this stage, your selfless contributions were definitely indispensable. If you hadn't generously offered nearly 2,000 units of pandora crystal to me, then all this couldn't have gone so smoothly.’’

Mogensha chuckled heartily, as he puffed aggressively on his cigar and replied.

’’Boss, actually back at the Starship Trooper world, to even rake in such abundance of pandora crystals was already out of my expectations. I too desire to observe how far you would reach, and that is why I chose to invest in you. It is an investment, understood? Not donation, haha!’’

At this moment, two newly constructed 'hatcheries' had already shifted into full gear, generating strips of larvas onto the 'creep' carpet. Sheyan was currently left with 200 units of pandora crystals, and decided to invest everything into the spawning pool of the mother nest. On the whole, the intrinsic energies of 50 units of pandora crystal could spawn out another drone. Thus, very quickly, 4 other drones were spawned out, hatching from their shattered shells.

With this allied union, Sheyan's cash flow which had already indicated 'deficit' finally halted and begun to rise. The two cutie beetles started to encroach on the pandora crystal ore clusters with their peculiar mandibles, and directly chomped the crystals into smaller fragments;finally secreting their special saliva to refine the ores into high purity crystals. Afterward, they rapidly transported the refined crystals back to the hatchery, and tossed them into the spawning pool.

Within a short span of an hour, a tiny scale arachnid base had reached its junior form. Various organ structures were incubated rapidly, and appeared seemingly inharmonious with the environmental backdrop. Moreover, a hatchery had shockingly been upgraded to the 'II' class already, looking additionally menacing. Several other vital arachid organ structures were still in the process of constructing.

Within the mining district, several hundreds of millstone looking, 6-legged prune colored beetles pouted their incisive mandibles as they frenziedly excavated;before extracting and storing crystals within their mouths, and repeatedly shuttled to and fro between the hatcheries and ore veins.

Within this 1 hour period, Sheyan had also spawned out all the arachnid larva eggs he had on hand;only leaving behind 3 arachnid Overlord egg in reserve. As for the actual combat prowess he possessed now, it was only 4 zerglings and 6 arachnid scourges.

Sheyan then earnestly declared to Mogensha and Reef.

’’I believe that Mother Nature Eywa most certainly wouldn't permit us to simply establish this arachnid base. Therefore, the construction of this arachnid base would surely encounter substantial troubles. Furthermore, within a two hour period from now, I reckon it will be the toughest phase of endurance. If we can persist through this phase, they this arachnid base would be able to supply reinforcements in endless streams. Moreover, it would be extremely formidable reinforcements!’’

’’Because right now, the sovereignty of this entire arachnid base belongs to me! They are like my summoned creatures. To put it in simpler terms, the creatures they slay would similarly produce dropped keys, and bestow us with rewards!! Do you understand the significance of this? Tossing aside the rewards of the Golden Side Mission, the largest fortunes would reside in the dropped keys of those tier-5, tier-6, or tier-7 creatures during the process of accomplishing our mission!!!’’

Mogensha and Reef both nodded. Reef suddenly inquired.

’’Those na'vi folks from the Takji clan would aid us right? As remuneration gratitude for restoring Murru's crippled legs, they wouldn't be content to remain as bystanders.’’

Sheyan sighed faintly and replied.

’’The Takji clan may not be reliable. Even if they abided by their promises, that old fox Mourbo is the true ruler. He is exceedingly crafty and sly, a convenient battle is still possible;yet once he encounters any deadly aspect, he would undoubtedly withdraw and not take life for granted. That is because the current warriors guarding their fort now, are the remnant forces of the entire clan. If everyone were to be annihilated, then the Takji clan would inevitably cease to exist. Moreover.......the foe they may face now, could even be their very own divinity, Eywa!’’

As they listened to Sheyan's conjecture, a sensation of having spun a cocoon around themselves* was borne within the hearts of the trio simultaneously, and shook their head in despairing guffaws. It was indeed them who had single handedly led to the demise of over 80% of the Takji clan elites. Yet verily in this short duration of hours, they became deeply worried over the insufficient might of the current Takji clan.

(TN:*chinese idiom, which means enmeshed or stuck in their own devised trap)

Meanwhile at this moment, the Takji clan patriarch, no wrong, the one hailed as Tsahik (spiritual leader), mounted his massive black Mountain Banshee and skyrocketed into the skies. After spiralling for several circles, they shot forward towards the west;expressing that enemies were incoming from the west. Yet even more far-fetched, that supposedly exceptionally composed Tsahik actually unleashed a terribly alarming scream in mid air!!!

Sheyan immediately called over an overlord he had stationed in midair, before boarding it with his two party mates, and rapidly pulled away from the area. They then surged towards the west as they engaged in cautious surveillance. After glimpsing at the multitudes of hostiles invading towards them, but still a dozen plus kilometre away, Sheyan's countenance instantly revealed a helplessness;a phrase of 'I knew it' all over his face. He was now incomparably vexed as he released a long sigh, and ferociously cursed out.

’’This damned realm! Sure enough, not even a loophole can be exploited!

As it turns out, when they stared into the extreme distant, rolling smoke and dust could be vividly seen within a faraway forest. Trees collapsed and wood snapped into fragments wherever the stampede passed, along with the berserking fleeing of birds and beasts. The smoke and dust formed a width band as broad as a kilometre long, as it drove in with a fanatical magnitude! If once carefully observed, this 'band' was astoundingly a thorough compilation of viperwolves, inching forward in lengths that offered no ends in sight. With one look, it was as though it blatantly stretched into the vast horizon!

Such a terror of epic proportions, it appeared almost on par to the first beast tide that Sheyan and the contestants had squared off with during their former entry to this world! Moreover, at that time, the beast tide was segregated into four, assaulting the four different regions. Hence, it discretely resulted in an outcome of military dilution.

Yet right now, the entire beast tide was a full body. Steamrolling in like with impressive discipline like the Yangtze River. Thus, it produced a frightening loftiness, one that threatened to eradicate and obliterate all that stood in its way! Such a sensation, would practically instill a sense of unrivalled desperation just by looking at it!

Needless to say that in the previous beast horde, the trio were standing alongside 400 hundred plus incredibly powerful contestants/Reserve-duty Growth-hunters. Yet right now, against the onslaught of this beast tide, even with the assistance of the Takji clan and after taking everything into account, that would amount to scarcely 20 plus individuals!

’’Indeed, pulling such cheap tricks is impossible......’’ Presently, within the hearts of Reef and Mogensha, such a forlorned notion swept through them;filling them with dispirited emotions, a feeling of failing when success was in sight. Such a feeling dwelled sullenly in the depths of their heart, causing an irresistible urge to scream in resentment to unload this burden!

’’Could it be, we are about to fail by the lack of a final effort???’’


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