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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 421


Chapter 421: Appearance of a hidden trump

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Under the splendor of the sunset, Sheyan remained focused in hunting. Using his strength to twist, he snapped of the neck of a fallen Hexapede*. After he had leisurely tossed over the Hexapede to the na'vi clansmen behind him, he remained seated conveniently on a slope and inhaled deeply;before turning his gaze towards the east.

(TN: Hexapede is the peacock looking herbivore in Avatar)

The east was a field of extensively broad riverbay. Observing the vast loftiness and mighty serenity of the riverbay, it wasn't overboard to describe it as a lake. The sunset clouds in the distance had already slipped down the horizon, yet its afterglow remained burning with scarlet red. The lake reflected speckles of glittering waves, incessantly shimmering like a million scales.

Mogensha puffed on his cigar as he strolled over, and lazily confided.

’’Boss, you tired?’’

Sheyan continued admiring the waning sunset afterglow, as he gently shook his head. Instead, he replied with an irrelevant answer.

’’It should be roughly 1700 in the evening right.’’

Mogensha was slightly baffled as he expressed his affirmation in nods.

’’Roughly around there.’’

Sheyan slowly continued.

’’When we entered this world, it was 1700 in the evening as well.’’

Mogensha smiled bleakly.

’’Boss, can you just finish your sentence?’’

Sheyan laughed as he comfortably stretched his back and turned to gaze at Mogensha.

’’I'm implying;if there has been no mishaps, it doesn't matter if Zi and the rest had accomplished the final step of the side battle mission. The majority of them should've already left this world by now.’’

Mogensha heaved deeply in response.

’’Yes, that should be it that, boss, you've actually been waiting for the Illume-union members to leave?’’

Sheyan earnestly answered.

’’That's right!! The Golden Side Mission's greatest difficult, I'm afraid resides in any interference by other contestants! Eventually, the rule dictating that only one individual can attain its final reward, would restrict and stumble others from sacrificing for your cause! What I desire to achieve, failures definitely cannot be permitted. Moreover, such an erratic factor like Zi and her party, would surely become the greatest thorn in our hearts.’’

’’The unified strength of the Illume-union is really too frightening. Once they wholeheartedly decides to disrupt us, that would be truly devastating! Therefore, I'd rather wait! I'd rather bid my time! Actually, the Illume-union's greatest merit lies in their cohesiveness, yet that is also where their weakness converge. Even though Zi possesses an antagonistic vengeful temper, she would definitely take into account the bigger picture, in terms of setting off and returning from the world.

Reef then muttered to himself.

’’Could it be possible.....they had successfully completed the final side mission, and similarly chose to prolong their stay here in this world.’’

Sheyan laughed in response.

’’Even though I would take into consideration minute possibility occurrences when formulating plans, but chances of them smoothly accomplishing the final side mission is truly a terribly minute possibility......furthermore from there, selecting to prolong their stay again in this world is yet another minute possibility occurrence. Such a scenario is essentially too rare, it is simply inconceivable.’’

’’Therefore.’’ Sheyan paused here as he spectated the distant Murru, vigorously urging his horse to gallop faster. Sheyan's eyes sparkled with an unquenchable blazing ambition as he continued. ’’Now is the time he honors his vows.’’

Not long later, Murru galloped over, his face beaming with excitement.

’’My brother, I heard you were looking for me?'

Sheyan nodded, as he spoke with heartfelt sincerity.

’’Mn, I require the assistance of the Takji clan. In the next few periods, I may have to journey into exceedingly treacherous environments, and will require protection.’’

Murru replied resolutely.

’’The Takji clan will use our lives to guard you.’’

Sheyan laughed and continued.

’’My nemesis may be incredibly deadly, perhaps more pernicious than the Mosake clan.’’

Murru chuckled heartily in response.

’’Those bunch from the Mosake are indeed formidable, but their lasses are fairly decent indeed. My father's wife was snatched over from the Mosake clan. I too, will do likewise in the future! Whatever dangers lies ahead are nothing but transient clouds!’’

Reef listened to Murru's words, only to become increasingly uncomfortable......the wife of Murru's father, isn't she just Murru's mum? Just hearing his manner of speech - relishing in this matter as if he was enumerating his family's valuables, as though he is practically flaunting his medals of honor around his neck.

Murru dismounted from his stallion as he cordially treaded to Sheyan's side.

’’Brother, don't you worry. The Takji clan will always be your staunch supporter at anytime, and anywhere. As long as you beckon for us.’’





A spacious nothingness,

This was the very first impression Sheyan and his buddies had.

Dried and withered trees that grew orthogonally to cliffs appeared before their eyes. A spiralling stream of water flowed from low grounds to elevated heights. An oddly ground fracture slab speared out from the ground rigidly. Grape like vines twisted and warped throughout the pathway, covering unfathomably deep crevices that separated the ground;hollow depressions that resembled psoriasis plagued skin.

One could even behold, mud rolling up into windy obstructions like gigantic serpents, stretching despondently for dozens of metres;blended with fresh leaves, branches, twigs and fragments of scattered and smashed tree trunks. Occasionally, these mud trails interweaved and warped around each other, other times, they irrigated deep into the ground. The entire scene depicted a brazen tale of a titanic invisible palm, smashing down wantonly over the surroundings with unparalleled destructive might. Then, the culprit slipped away hastily while laughing in madness.

Shockingly, this was a place Sheyan and his buddies had been supremely familiar with. The scenic imagery of this place was originally analogous to anywhere else on planet Pandora;a luscious rainforest filled with weird creatures, twisted roots, interwoven vines, and moist humidity of the decaying undergrowth......

This was the exact location that redoubtable Growth-Hunter Makaji, had died. It too was the place where the fearsome Iklinozee clan had met extinction in the past. Similarly, it was the burial site of the Kiwatakin clan.........

Sheyan folded his hands over his chest as he displayed a fairly unperturbed expression. Instead, as he gazed upon the grotesque and variegated desolation, he couldn't help emitting a shivering chill from his back. Previously, when he had buried those virulent explosives beneath the Hometree, he had never anticipated the Hometree to create such a magnetic disturbance after it collapsed;tilting the equilibrium of the magnetic field and instigating a tempestuous magnetic storm!

Evidently, for those unfortunate individuals that were implicated by such a monumental destruction, even a titan possessing over 100 points of strength would not be spared;everyone had probably perished instantly.

As they advanced further towards the nucleus of the magnetic storm, strange sceneries surfaced exponentially. Their surrounding visions were obstructed greatly by suspended boulders wandering through the atmosphere, with several pandorian creatures seemingly stupefied by the lingering devastation of the ferociously frenetic force.

At present, though the magnetic storm had ceased, dread still hovered in those curled up and shivering creatures;creatures that had scarcely survived near the district of the magnetic storm, and now feared to advance deeper. It was as though venturing further would result in a curse. Thus, as the humans explored deeper, they could sense a misconception of total barrenness;a deathly stillness on all four sides. If they did not possess contestant bodies that exceeded the realms of ordinary humans by several folds, they would inevitably feel a screaming sensation preventing them from taking a single inch forward.

After trekking arduously for half an hour, Sheyan suddenly halted and announced gravely.

’’This is the spot.’’

As they approached the nucleus of the magnetic storm, the terrain instead had turned increasingly smooth. That was because the tempestuous might of the magnetic storm had directly disintegrated all to dust, and gravity had settled everything down naturally. Presently, even without Sheyan's reminder, everyone could tell this was the location of the original Hometree. Right now, it had astoundingly transformed into a frightening sinkhole that was at least 17-18 metres deep.

The depths of the sinkhole was leveled up and exceedingly vast - at least the size of two football fields. Yet right at the abyss of the sinkhole, was a cluster of dense and flourishing pandora crystal ores! It was akin to densely arranged coral reefs situated at the bottom of the seabed. Moreover, these coral reefs were exuberating dazzling translucent sparkles, truly magnificent beyond wonders, like a dreamy reverie.

Sheyan observed this scenery as he couldn't help inhaling deeply. He then swiftly proceeded to climb down the pit walls of this sinkhole. Only when he had reached the bottom of the sinkhole, did he huffed deeply and proclaimed.

’’Do you guys wish to know why I was adamant in blowing up this Hometree that day?’’

Reef questioned curiously.

’’Could it be, it wasn't just a ploy against the reinforcements of the Takji clan?’’

Sheyan replied earnestly.

’’Such a terrifying magnetic storm triggered by this explosion, was in fact something I had not primary goal, was getting something done once and for all!’’

Speaking till here, Sheyan's eyes suddenly flashed with fanatical fervour!

’’You guys understand that the na'vi clans treats a Hometree with utmost significance. Once a na'vi discovers that this Hometree is uninhabited, then they would possibly attempt to colonize this place. However, that is extremely unfavourable to my plans! What I wish for, is this exact phenomenal. Plains of tranquility, a pandora crystal treasury without a single trace of lifeform! The greatest challenge of this scheme, lies in preventing other lifeforms from perceiving tiny traces of hints and clues. The only way to prevent our ally from being choked to death at her infancy stage, the only way to sustain her during her frailest moment. The only way to guarantee the safest environment to mature!’’

At present, Sheyan was standing perfectly upright where he was, with both arms lifted high towards the heavens. The clouds swirled in the skies, and even the darkest and deepest valleys seemingly couldn't help but release slight gasps. Sheyan then turned round and gazed at Mogensha and Reef. His lips curled into a furtive sly smile.

’’Beneath me, it is time for the curtains of miracles unfold!!!’’

At this instant, over the soft ground a hundred square meters around Sheyan, 5 sudden earthen mounds protruded out;seemingly amongst them, echoed a gentle heartbeat that was throbbing vigorously. As time elapsed, the fine particles of yellow soil rustled and dispersed to the sides. The winds in the air continued to brew over them. It was as though the entire planet Pandora was trying all means to resist their emergence!!

Yet after a short span of a minute, a sorrowful howl pierced into the air. The soil over two of the mounds were utterly scattered, and revealed an incomparably tenacious eggshell. At this moment, the two eggshells had already shattered, and ushered in an amniotic foul odour that assailed their nostrils. From within, 4 incredibly vile and robust shadows leapt out, and instantly surveyed their surroundings with unprecedented vigilance;leaping about high with watchful intentions.

Indeed, they were zerglings! Vicious feral beasts of the Starship Trooper World!!

Furthermore beside those zerglings, three unhatched eggs were still fidgeting rapidly........



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