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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 420


Chapter 420: Great Leonopteryx skull

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During the instant when Murru released an incomparably excited howl, Sheyan received a notification.

[ You cured the Takji clan patriarch's son, Murru. ]

[ Your reputation in the Takji clan has been raised to 'amicable'. ]

[ Murru is phenomenally grateful for your actions. Your personal relationship with Murru has been raised to 'Revered'. ]

Following that, when a healthy and kicking Murrur returned to the Takji clan, this miracle naturally ushered in waves of commotion. Of course, a series of banquets couldn't be discounted. After feasting on excessive meat and strong wine, the Takji clan patriarch stared into the bonfire as he sank into deep thoughts. Then, he sighed deeply and lamented.

’’Haais, our Takji clan have not seen the birth of a Tsahik for a full decade. We have lost communication with Mother Nature Eywa;when our brave clan warriors had gone out hunting previously, they encountered the wrath of Mother Nature Eywa and had all returned to dust........if only we had a way to regain the blessings and favour of Mother Eywa, wouldn't that be amazing?’’

When Sheyan listened to his words, he immediately understood his long awaited dramatic climax was arriving. Indeed so, after the long-winded bemoans of the Takji clan patriarch, the trio simultaneously received a mission.

[ You have obtained a hidden side mission: 'Glory days of old' . ]

[ Mission difficulty: A+. ]

[ Mission summary: Aid the Takji clan in reattaining Mother Nature Eywa's blessings. ]

[ Mission description: The more dynamic the effects, the greater the rewards. ]

[ Do you wish to accept this mission, yes/no? ]

[ This mission is categorized as a universal mission for the Na'vi race, it can be shared with infinite duration to complete. ]

[ You must decide within a minute. ]

In light of this mission, Sheyan immediately commanded through the party channel.

’’Everyone accept together!’’

Sheyan then stood up and headed off into the dark forest. Yet only a minute had elapsed before he came trudging out, resurfacing in front of the entire Takji clan once again. On hindsight, it seemed like there was nothing different about Sheyan. However, presently hoisted over his shoulder, was a skull.

An impressive monumental skull!!!

The skull was coated with intertwined shades of yellow, red and black;as it exuberated a brutal air of tyranny!

At this instance, even the monstrously unrivalled legendary mount of the Takji clan's patriarch, couldn't help releasing a frightened hiss filled with utter veneration!

The Takji clan chief murmured to himself briefly as tears began welling up in his eyes. With both his hands trembling fanatically, he stammered.

’’Is that perhaps a..........Toruk's skull totem?’’

Sheyan nodded his head gently and replied.

’’Yes, that is so;but for you to rekindle the grace bestowed by Mother Nature Eywa, that would have to depend on your clan's capabilities.’’

At this moment, Sheyan had already received the notification.

[ You barely acquired a semi-decayed Toruk skull totem. Only 4 members will be acknowledged with mission success upon relinquishing this mission object. Do you wish to proceed with mission completion? Please indicate your nightmare imprint numbers. ]

Sheyan and buddies were in total, 3 individuals. Obviously, they wouldn't be stumped by that notification;as they reckoned that with the Toruk totem of the Omaticaya clan, it would be able to satisfy the requirements of even a large scale party like the Illume-union.

Bequeathed with such a wonderful outcome, the Takji Clan patriarch instantly and decisively implemented two measures.

The first measure was to immediately relinquish his position as clan patriarch, allowing his fully recuperated son, Murru, to assume the patriarch role.

The second measure that Mourbo, the clan ex-patriarch, undertook, was taking the initiative to fill the crucial but vacant position of Tsahik.

Under the toilings of ex-patriarch Mourbo - or precisely speaking, under the laborious efforts of his mount, a bloodline descendant of a Great Leonopteryx;a Toruk skull totem of pristine invincibility was finally stamped inside the Hometree of the Takji clan. Thus, Mother Nature Eywa's blessing was once again conferred onto the Takji clan.

When that happened, Sheyan's trio instantly received their notifications.

[ Hidden Side Mission: 'Glory Days of Old' (completed) ]

[ You receive the following rewards, please choose 3 rewards amongst the following options. ]

[ A: 8 achievement points ]

[ B: 8 free basic attribute points ]

[ C: Hometree Warbow ]

[ E: Helmet of Residing Souls ]

[ F: Prolonged period of stay in this world by 15 days! ]


[ Weapon: Hometree Warbow ]

[ Origins: Manufactured by Warrior Harry of the Takji Clan. ]

[ Equipment rarity: Silver Storyline grade ]

[ Equipment details: Arrows released with this bow carries additional 70-130 damage ]

[ Equipment requirements: Strength 22 points, Agility 40 points ]

[ Equipment position: Both hands ]

[ Effective range: 5- 150 metres ]

[ Material: Hometree holy wood, Hometree holy bark and polished tendon rope. ]

[ Additional installations: Bow shaft (Accuracy +3)/Arrows ]

[ Attack interval: 3 seconds ]

[ Weight: 250g ]

[ Length: 1.7m ]

[ Weapon additional effect: 'Na'vi's rage' - When utilizing this longbow to attack, fixed percentage of dealing bonus divine na'vi penetration of 60 points. This damage negates enemy's defence and holds precedence. The attack will also repel the enemy by 2 metres. ]

[ Weapon type additional effect: 'Fatigue' - When the user releases ten shots within a 1 minute duration, the 11th shot will consume 10 seconds of time. ]

[ Description: This divinely formidable weapon has obtained the blessings of Mother Nature. However, it emits a bended stench of beast blood and tree sap. ]


[ Equipment: Helmet of Residing Souls ]

[ Equipment rarity: Silver Storyline grade ]

[ Details: Strength -2, Physique +2 , spirit +1 ]

[ Equipment passive ability: 'Lapping wounds' - A chance to trigger this effect when receiving close combat damage, lowering all damages inflicted by 20%. HP will regenerate by 3% every 5 seconds, with a duration of 15 seconds. This effect can only be activated once every 30 seconds. ]

[ Equipment active ability: 'Heartening Chorus' - When triggered, your negative buffs/effects will instantly be expelled. (Inclusive of charmed*, petrify, infuriation, blood loss) Cooldown duration: 300 seconds. ]

(TN: Just in case, *Charmed here refers to a negative buff)

[ Additional passive ability: 'Perseverance of Steel' - Explosive strike damages received will be lowered by 25% (Example, when an explosive strike deals 200% increased damage, it would be reduced to 175% instead). When your HP drops beneath 50%, you will receive additional 25% resistance to explosive strikes. ]

[ Equipment requirements: Strength at least 15 points, Physique at least 20 points. ]

[ Equipment position: Head ]

[ Material: Wood ]

[ Weight: 5kg ]

[ Description: The helmet of a na'vi who fell in battle. Its master's soul continues to reside within it, randomly manifesting itself to aid any courageous warrior. ]

[ Evaluation: As long as you can precisely activate the ability 'Heartening Chorus', your HP is as good as guaranteed. ]


Browsing through the series of notifications, Sheyan issued a serious order into the party channel.

’’Prolonged duration of 15 days in this world is a must, the rest is up to you.’’

Sheyan pondered for a moment before selecting the options of 8 achievement points and 8 basic attribute points. Yet after further deliberations, he directly stored the 8 basic attribute points without allocating them to his attributes. Moreover, now with an additional 8 achievement points, he had finally attained the qualifications to promote to Lieutenant (first). However, he still had to return to the nightmare realm to complete his promotion.

Sternly analyzing, luck definitely had a part in Sheyan and his buddies discovering this vital mission tool - The skull of a Great Leonopteryx. Yet from an even stricter viewpoint, it was essentially them robbing away the dead Makaji's discovered fortune;and Sheyan and company just happened to be present at the right time.

Furthermore, acquiring this skull was definitely not an easy feat. The excavator of the skull, Makaji, was genuinely an exceptionally powerful entity and wasn't the least bit inferior to Prince Stalo. Except, his strongest summoned creature had perished and wasn't resurrected yet. Nevertheless, the deadliness of the Uzel and Lille combination following that was needless to mention. Still, one had to factor in Jin Ximin who harboured ill ulterior motives as well.

The most crucial factor was that amongst the trio, Reef had already exhausted his 4 times reserve-duty Growth-hunter opportunities, and could be tacitly recognized as an ordinary contestant. Furthermore, the Mogensha then hadn't broken through the boundary, and Sheyan was still a sliver away. Which goes to say, the combined evaluation of their might by the realm was in fact merely at the ordinary contestant level.

Three ordinary contestants who were susceptible to disharmonious coordination, had to defeat an official expert Growth-Hunter, 3 reserve-duty Growth-hunters (inclusive of Jin Ximin), and finally escape from the combined vendetta of the Kiwatakin Clansmen, reinforced by the Takji clan. Only after all had been accomplished did they manage to obtain this Great Leonopteryx skull. Under normal circumstances, such a difficulty wouldn't be shy of an 'A+' rating.

Unexpectedly stumbling on such accidental reapings, both Reef and Mogensha were exceedingly elated;as they lauded over the fact that Lille and Uzel were driven to such desperate actions just because of this rare object. They had spared no expense in attempting to preserve the mystery of the Great Leonopteryx skull. Yet in view of the events unfolding now, don't even mention a substantial boost of reputation, just that enhancement of 8 attribute points and 8 achievement points were all worthwhile ventures!

Their excitement had clouded them to the extent that after obtaining the reward for a 15 days prolonged period reward, Sheyan heaved a deep sigh of relief;as though a burdensome weight was relieved off his mind. All his actions till now, had been a string of consecutive investigations and deductions, attempting to harvest the melon by following the vine. Since everything were all inferences, then the possibility of failure was inevitable. However, now that he had acquired an entire 15 days extension in addition to the 3 days he acquired prior to this, this meant that he now had adequate reserve time to design his schemes and firm up his plans.

Regarding Sheyan's former schemes, he was merely basing it on a 1 week period of stay in this world;which only gave him a 50% confidence of accomplishing the Golden Side mission. Yet right now, he was bestowed with a full 18 days period of stay!! Thus, the confidence he possessed now regarding this 'C' rank Golden Side mission, had soared to above 70 percent!!!

Proceeding that, in following period;Sheyan, Reef and Mogensha repeatedly aided the Takji clan in hunting wild beast and accumulating food. Under their diligent and incessant toiling, the Takji clan had since stockpiled enough food to sustain every clansman for half a month. Moreover, Sheyan had no intentions to rest, this persisted until dusk of the third day......


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