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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 419


Chapter 419: Marketing favour

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That mountain banshee beneath the na'vi's groin was a class of its own. Its mere physical frame was already 2-3 times larger and exhibited an amplified savageness with its pure dark grandiose. Although it definitely couldn't compare to the likes of a Great Leonopteryx, based on the shade of its skin and built, it would at least be a Tier 4 or 5 legendary creature!

Following the intelligence supplied by the RDA company, Sheyan and the rest pressed their fist to their chest and humbly bowed in respectful greeting.

’’O noble Takji clan patriarch, we bring you greetings and endowments from the great 'Dragon's Daughter' Mo`at.’’

Mo`at was the current Tsahik (Spiritual leader) of the Omaticaya clan. The reason she was acclaimed as the 'Dragon's Daughter' was because she inherited the blood of the latest Toruk Makto (Rider of the Last Shadow). Hence, not only did she inherit greater ability to communicate with Mother Nature Eywa smoothly, she also grasped several secret arts in taming Mountain Banshees. Therefore, the Omaticaya clan had much superior and manifold aerial riders as compared to other clans. Moreover, her prestige amongst the na'vi race was also extremely prominent.

Upon hearing Mo`at's name, in addition to the sufficient reverential goodwill the three invaders had exhibited, an immense possibility remained - that the Takji Clan Patriarch would ignore them if it was under normal circumstances. Besides, in their minds, these outsiders seemed to display a certain inharmonious air between them. However, his current Takji clan was witnessing one of the most dire ordeal to date.....many thoughts flashed through the Takji Clan Patriarch's mind but ultimately, he still nodded.

’’We appreciate Mo`at's greetings, and grateful for Mother Eywa's blessings.’’

Sheyan motioned with his head, as Jinkuang appeared and offered several cylinders of alcohol in response. After the na'vi patriarch uncocked it and sniffed slightly, he immediately revealed a delighted countenance.

’’This is Mastaba Gafsa (Fruit wine)?’’

He then directly gulped down a mouthful;in a split second, his eyeballs instantly swelled out as he choked on the intensity of the alcohol, without being able to take in a single breath of air. Such an unusual reaction immediately caused the na'vi riders behind to turn anxious and glare furiously at the humans;their loud heavy panting was apparent in this atmosphere.

After a few brief fleeting seconds, everyone watched as the Takji Clan patriarch urgently retrieved a meat patty from his pocket and tossed it into his mouth. He then comfortably belched from the alcohol and began lauding praises.

’’Magnificent. Splendid! From henceforth, you are friends of our Takji Clan.’’

Following the clan patriarch's proclamation, Sheyan and the rest received a notification. ’’You have obtained the friendship of the Takji Clan, reputation system for the Takji Clan is now initiated.’’

’’So it is indeed so.....these sly old foxes can only be pacified by benefits.’’ Sheyan scoffed in his heart. ’’Under the current difficulty, I reckon we are only able to initiate reputation system amidst several smaller scale na'vi clans. Only when we raised our reputation in these clans to 'Worship' would we be able to start accumulating reputation in major clans like the Omaticaya clan. If this Takji clan hadn't fell to our schemes and declined to become a minor clan, and this method still worked.....then anyone could simply call the winds and summon the rain* at the Omaticaya clan. That would mean it would be too simple to alter the storyline!’’

(TN: *Chinese idiom which means stir up troubles)

Proceeding that, Jinkuang pointed to the dying lizard goats, who were still wailing in anguish, and declared.

’’Those are our felicitations for the respectable Takji clan.’’

As his words echoed out, one of the 5-6 na'vi cavalry whistled, hinting another to gallop away. Not long later, he brought along another pack of na'vi Direhorse riders. If one could primarily describe the aforementioned na'vi hunters as 'old and weak', then their secondary pack of riders could be described as 'sickly and crippled'.

Leading the second pack of na'vi clansmen was a na'vi leader with crippled legs. That na'vi leader had facial features that betrayed his identity as a Takji clan elder, yet his face hinted of having only experienced light hardships. The clansmen presented a dying lizard goat in front of him. The na'vi leader then sat on the ground cross-legged and pinched towards the carcass head, twisting the lizard goat's head 360 degree around mercilessly

With a flicker of his wrist, he pulled out a thin and acute black sickle that was pasted to his chest and bluntly slice downwards;his action was as smooth as water. Such an incisive slice released an impression that the air had been severed as well.

The Lizard Goat's body fur were all standing and disheveled from its anguish, as the black sickle outrightly tore through from its chest down;its innards came sloshing out. Instead, a na'vi clansman immediately retrieved the innards and segregated them into distinctive organ piles.

A lizard goat was minimally 350 - 400 kilograms heavy. Yet it was effortlessly cut apart by that na'vi who made handling a butcher's cleaver look easy. Sheyan observed that na'vi had indeed employed a slaughtering technique to slice open his prey. Without a doubt, if that na'vi still possessed a pair of functional legs, he would unquestionably be a formidable force to reckon with. As the clansmen took turns at offering the lizard goats, the remaining dozen over lizard goats were disposed off without even ten minutes!

With these dozen over lizard goats, the Takji Clan immediately begun journeying home in high spirits. Without an exception, Sheyan and gang were invited along. When they arrived beneath the Hometree, Jinkuang had already subtlety and gradually inquired plenty of information from na'vi clansmen whom they had favourable impressions with.

Truth to be told, the Takji Clan was originally a medium scale clan with nearly three hundred members. Due to their reputable proficiency in taming direhorses, and particularly adept in equestrian archery, they naturally belonged to the 'Sons of Nature'. However, their methods of taming beasts had been imparted from the Kiwatakin Clan, thus, their cavalry were incredibly invincible.

Therefore, because of that, they had owed a favour to the Kiwatakin Clan. When the Kiwatakin clan had deteriorated gravely, the Takji clan had reached out in aid. Hearing that there were only few invaders, they had dispatched warrior Jacques and his buddies. They had originally presumed this matter was in the bag;but in the end, after a long while, Jacques still failed to make it back.

Jacques's prestige was illustrious within his clan, and his relations with others were excellent. This time, at least another hundred plus warriors were dispatched. Yet their luck ran out as they coincidentally met with the collapsing Hometree, which triggered the wrath of Mother Nature Eywa. (In actual scientific context, the human's potent explosives had already disrupted the stability of the magnetic field. Adding in the collapsing Hometree that was already on the verge, the Hometree that was supposed to maintain the equilibrium of magnetism from the Pandora naturally catalyzed this devastating catastrophe, unleashing something analogous to a magnetic storm.) Eventually, not a single one made it back alive.

Such an absolutely unthinkable calamity had befallen this clan, brazenly shaving off half of its clan population;and what more, the casualties all composed of elite warriors? Thus, members of this righteous clan were plunged into panic, and food supplies were presently on the verge of depletion. Before Sheyan and gang arrived, the clan folks had already been famished for days. As for the dozen few lizard goats hunted today, it could fill their bellies for only several days at the most.

Within the Takji Clan, only three na'vi warrior possessed the credentials to mount a Mountain Banshee. This was mostly related to the long overdue absence of a Tsahik (Spiritual leader) after their previous Tashik had passed away;cutting away the link of communication between them and Mother Nature Eywa. Naturally, convincing the ferocious and savage Mountain Banshees had become an increasingly daunting process. As for the Takji clan patriarch, his Mountain Banshee actually had the blood lineage of a Great Leonopteryx flowing within its veins;and was exceptionally diabolical. The patriarch had recruited his Mountain Banshee during a fortuitous encounter of his childhood days, and such a scenario was simply irreplicable.

That na'vi whose legs were crippled and assumed the responsibility as 'butcher', was actually the Takji clan patriarch's son. His name was Murru. Initially hailed as the prime warrior of the clan, and was first in line for the position of clan patriarch, he descended from heaven to hell the day his legs were impaired;sinking him into unquenchable despair. Yet this setback transformed into a blessing, as he was spared from the epic explosion prompted by Sheyan.

Sheyan's heart was kindled after hearing all these information. Afterwards, he colluded with his buddies Mogensha and Reef, and accomplished several mission for the Takji clan. After raising their reputation to 'neutral', he ran in search of Murru and..... only offered him a single question.

’’Do you wish to restore your legs?’’

Facing such a question that was the epitome of absurdity and silliness, and despite Sheyan's miraculously low charm, Murru's eyes combusted with wild fervour and hot-blooded passion. He nodded his head ferociously in response.


’’I have a method. However, once your broken legs are truly recovered, I would have definitely paid an immense price. Therefore, you must assist me with something......’’

Murru didn't even bother asking what assistance it was, but straightforwardly agreed.


The reason for Murru's frankness was because.........his legs had been crippled for a full three years. Yet, not a single person had presented him with this question!

At present, according to Sheyan's calculations, Zi and party had undoubtedly left in attempt to accomplish that final side mission. Although they may not possess confidence in completing their mission, they would at least make a trip to avoid future thoughts of regrets. Even in the scenario that they abandoned mission, they definitely wouldn't remain idle within the confinements of Hell's Gate. Instead, they would definitely venture out in quest for legendary creatures.

Thus, Sheyan easily brought Murru into Hell's Gate, and blackmailed Head Administer Parker;threatening him to divulge news of his accepted bribery. Ultimately, Parker conceded and restored Murru's incapacitated legs with biochemistry technology. Of course, the consequences of that was his waning relationship with Parker, crumbling into 'hostile' state.........yet in Sheyan's perspective, Parker's exploitation value had already been squeezed dry. Thus, their private relationship dipping from 'worshipped' to 'hostile' was of no significance.

Instead the unexpected occurrence was that Doctor Grace Augustine held utterly no resistance towards Head Administer Parker's orders. In fact, she very refreshingly welcomed this order. Sheyan who was already prepared to refute her even felt deeply amazed. However, he quickly realized that Doctor Grace Augustine was indeed someone who harbored magnanimous adoration for this planet. Hence, this affection naturally manifested in her wholehearted willingness to treat a na'vi.

At present, earthen technology could already construct an avatar, what more to restore a na'vi's limb? Brimming with total disbelief on his face, when Murru sprinted off in his first step;tears overlaid his entire face, as he glanced to the skies released a fanatical howl!!


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