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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 417


Chapter 417: Zi's ultimate form

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Upon hearing Sheyan's analysis, Brother Black who was more proficient in warfare aspects frowned and said.

’’But in theory on this planet Pandora, human's firepower occupies full superiority. The casualty rate can be close to negligible. Thus, costs of war would be compressed as low as possible.’’

Sheyan smiled faintly and swayed his finger.

’’You committed an error, my dear friend. This place is an entire 5 light years from Earth! The cost of transporting a guided missile, I'm afraid would be 10 times the cost of creating it, or even a hundred folds! The RDA company is a business company and not a military organization. The expenditure of inciting a war is much more terrifying that what we can imagine. Moreover, the pressure of Earth's Greenpeace organization on the RDA company is immensely impervious.’’

’’Even if we fulfill those two conditions, we probably still must wangle with Parker privately......facts have proven that even by activating Jinkuang, Parker would still be a very very very tough greedy nut to crack. Therefore, it isn't totally impossible to incite RDA to deal with the Mosake clan, but the definitely isn't smaller than getting all contestants to unify.’’

At this point, Mogensha abruptly inquired.

’’Boss, how did the blood bandit affair with male lead come along?’’

Sheyan answered.

’’Of course, without a hitch.’’

Mogensha frowned in response.

’’Strictly speaking, the blood of the avatar world's main lead, should be drawn from that paraplegic marine veteran, but you went and harvested a completely unmatured......his avatar body's blood, it may not be approved by the realm eh.’’

Sheyan frankly replied.

’’I had the same worry as you beforehand, which was only verified after the sampling concluded. And the facts proves that my conjecture is correct, where I also stored up a remainder of his blood.’’

Seeing that his two assistants had no other questions and silently nodded, Sheyan then decided to return to RDA Hell's Gate.

Currently on hindsight, their basic objectives had already been met. Employing alcohol gifts to entice the Na'vi into communication was relatively successful. However, relying solely on 'Endless Vodka' to supply alcohol was evidently inadequate, gathering alcohol from the base to supplement their 'door gifts' was more suitable.

Apart from that, after verifying the information obtained from the RDA company and the Na'vi clan, it better guaranteed that potential areas of contradiction and suspicions wouldn't surface. Sheyan's working style always attached strict importance to details;truths had to be verified, even if it pertained to areas not usable for the future. While for matters crucial, its specifics must be verified to the pinnacle.

Due to Tsu'tey getting drunk, they were left with two Na'vi cavalry escorting them. With them leading, they naturally met with no troubles during the journey. The Na'vi cavalry weren't willing to spectate the scenery of deforestation, thus they separated with the humans at the outskirts of Hell's Gate.

The night had yet to be overshadowed by morning, pitch-darkness still enveloped all sides. Those bioluminescent organisms of Pandora's forest seemed to realize that dawn was approaching, as their enthusiasm waned and their glows dimmed. From afar, masqueraded within the incessant branches of the dark forest, resided a danger that was unspeakable.

Mogensha suddenly half knelt, pressing his cheek to his rifle as he squinted his eyes;raising his rifle to aim. Without hesitation, he released trigger.

DA DA DA! His AK gunfire resounded, disrupting the stillness of the night. Then, Mogensha's eyes widened greatly. The string of bullets he unleashed were obviously expected to repeatedly latch onto targets and explode. Yet, it was like a clay ox entering the sea, completely silently and utterly extinguished!

From the darkness, an individual surfaced.

Clear facial features could not be seen, but one could only sense an immense unknown force blending with the darkness. Yet it was apparently docile as it binded this individual entirely, as mysteriously as a black hole.

This individual's figure was noticeably abnormally raised, travelling forward as though weighing her own weight. Light and graceful, like a dancer scaling through a balancing beam. Her eyes were the most surprising, it brimmed with an imposing dignity. Both eyes shockingly hosted abnormal golden pupils, that would send delusions of hurt and stifling upon eye contact.

’’Zi?’’ Reef had the most interactions with her, and couldn't help probing out. Yet this woman made no sound, strolling in one step at a time until a gap of 8 metres from Sheyan and company;her cold glare stabbing forward.

Suddenly, Zi lifted both arms. One could distinctly observe her hands gripping onto something. In a flash, the air was pierced with a 'Chi!' sound;as though molten iron had been poured into icy cold water. In that instant, Sheyan felt a brilliance radiating all around his eyes, as though he was about to turn blind from that splendor. When his vision had scarcely reinstated, the shocking sight of two majestically dazzling lightsaber greeted him!

The two lightsabers was modeled after the fine swords used in royal duels in 17th medieval century! One lightsaber unleashed a red beam akin to flames, while the other unleashed a bone-chilling icy beam. When the two beams reflected mutually, it created an illusory impression that the fighting could commence anytime.

This was actually Zi's ultimate fighting form!

Her trump card, was shockingly a mage contestant transfiguration into a close-combat type contestant. Yet if one deliberately thought back, the force of Star Wars was essentially just a supplementary ability to jedi warriors!!!

Yet right at this moment, it was unknown why she had chose to reveal this ultimate trump card.

Both hands clutching lightsabers, Zi replicated a bird demonstrating its fully opened wings;before she interweaved her lightsabers in front, as they emanated the light 'wham' sounds! Then she demanded outrightly to the trio.

’’What mission are you guys doing now?’’

Reef hesitated slightly. Instead, Brother Black munched on his chewing gum and chuckled.

’’The Golden Side mission.’’

Zi light snorted from her nostrils in reply.

’’I have no time and mood to joke with you, give me a forthright answer! I am lacking manpower now. Since you three have withdrawn from the final side mission, then our interests do not clash anymore. So hurry up and name a price, I'm hiring you lot to complete the mission!’’

After she issued her statement, Reef and Mogensha both flashbacked to Sheyan's earlier deduction. That final side mission of retrieving the 'Tree of Souls stem' was brazenly outrageous, and they immediately thought of rejecting her. Besides all individuals accustomed to the realm would know;no matter how great the benefits, it amounted to nothing once life was lost.

Sheyan suddenly cut in.

’’What price can you pay? The reason we abandoned the final side mission, is because of its ridiculously high difficulty! The rewards obtained from that is already the best.’’

Zi lightly replied.

’’The hardest part of this mission actually resides within us contestants. With a tiny completion quota of a tiny 3, it inevitably would lead to mutual hostilities and conflicts. But right now, there are no longer any interfering and competing parties.’’

Speaking till here, four others quietly strolled out from behind Zi - Demondream, Archeaphill, Sable, and the Deadsoul user, Mordah*. Reef replied in astonishment.

(TN:*Dead souls user Mordah appeared in ch 5, and is a support for the Illume-union)

’’Don't tell me the others?’’

Demondream snorted coldly.

’’Nobody can hinder us from making the next step! Anyone bold enough to obstruct us, will eventually meet with death!’’

Mogensha suddenly spoke out.

’’It was clearly that lone expert sniper, that could even intimidate Prince Stalo, that aided you. If not, no matter how formidable Zi is, the outcome of battle is impossible to look so neat. But that person is definitely not part of your Illume-union.’’

Demondream replied aloofly.

’’Why can't he be our Illume-union's?’’

’’You guys cannot hold him.’’ Mogensha's words drew blood on first prick. ’’If I hadn't guessed wrongly, the minute probability dark-gold grade accessory previously should be his commission for operating.’’

After hearing Mogensha's probing words, Sheyan noticed the expression of Sable and that dead souls user, Mordah, turned slightly unnatural. Their reaction honestly proved Mogensha's conjecture. At this moment, Zi stepped forwardly and loudly proclaimed.

’’That's correct, but so what?’’

Mogensha laughed in response.

’’So I doubt you guys can produce anything of worth to us.’’

Zi faintly replied.

’’You're implying you want prepayment? That is obviously impossible. But to demonstrate our sincerity, why not you describe to us your current mission. As long as Reef agrees, then we can first assist you to complete your hidden mission. Is that sufficient sincerity?’’

After she spoke, Zi faintly sneered as her curved brows raised slightly, enhancing her charm a little. This method of retreating to advance was indeed wily. In actual fact, this trio combination of Sheyan's party had already incurred the attention of many others. Even the core of Illume-union shared this consensus, and felt Reef's new party had the quintessence of three words - stable, precise and fierce.

Yet Reef's party had ultimately decided to forgo in front of all the contestants, right after treading to the final side mission. This was way beyond any reasonable limits, and the Illume-union shared a common viewpoint.

Only with something else of greater interest and benefits surfacing, could one be enticed to forgo the readily available cake in front of their eyes. There was a huge possibility that this so called party Ace had acquired a certain hidden mission of tremendous fortune!!

Wise individuals wasn't eternally limited to only Sheyan. Since he could deduce the treachery of the final side mission, Zi similarly could deduce it. Therefore, Zi's latest suggestion had a strong probing function:

’’We take the initiative to assist you with mission completion, but we obviously cannot do so without you revealing a slight bit of mission content! Once we obtain the relevant tiny hints of the mission, then with how powerful the Illume-union individuals are, it wouldn't be tough to deduce from there. Like a mountain having a connecting pulse, the possibility of the voice of us guests overwhelming the mission host is there.’’

Faced with this incomparably coercive probing, Sheyan was seemingly presented with only two options - agree or refuse.

Agreeing was akin to falling into the opponent's trap. On the contrary, wouldn't rejecting be very well emphasizing the value of their mission? Hence no matter which answer they made, it was pretty much stepping into the opponent's ploy!!!


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