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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 416


Chapter 416: Thanator riders

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Hearing Tsu'tey's explanation, Sheyan's eyes fluttered as he instantly asked with an intrigued tone.

’’The Omaticaya clan is so powerful, and can dominate fierce beasts of the skies and even communicate smoothly with Mother Nature Eywa;but they still cannot defeat a Mosake clan?’’

The usually bold and mighty Tsu'tey haughtily replied.

’’How can we? It is hard for any corrupted clan to obtain Eywa's guidance, and thus they fall short of the qualifications to live in a hometree. Even if they forcefully conquered a hometree, it will lead to the hometree degenerating (just like how the Kiwatakin clan had destroyed and butchered the Iklinozee clan, and was exiled by Eywa as a corrupted clan). They are unable to tame ikrans either (ordinary mountain banshees, because after taming a mountain banshee, it would follow its master to live in the hometree). Thus, us who possess the skies, do you think we are unable to defeat them?’’

As a modern man, Sheyan obviously understood the importance of aerial supremacy. Hence, he was thoroughly convinced and nodded. Instead, Tsu'tey added.

’’However, everything has its pros and cons. Though the corrupted clans are banished from hometrees, it has caused their range of operations to expand;surviving under treacherously harsh conditions. Thus, they became specialized in taming wild beasts, and grasped several terribly savage controlling techniques over various wild beasts. Not only does their forces contain massive multitudes of direhorse calvary, there are some powerful individuals acclaimed as Angtsik Makto (Hammerhead-Titanothere rider), Talioang Makto (Sturmbeest rider), Slinger rider, and even the corrupted clan chief mastering methods of taming a Palulukan (Thanator)!’’

’’Although a Toruk Makto (rider of the last shadow) is recognized as the lord over the na'vi race;throughout na'vi history, there had only been 6 Toruk Makto.’’ Tsu'tey spoke dejectedly.

’’But though a Palulukan (Thanator) Makto is incredibly rare;amongst all corrupted clans, 1 or 2 large domineering clan chief are mighty Palulukan Makto!’’

At this point, Sheyan could roughly guess what Tsu'tey's next words would be. As expected, Tsu'tey sighed and muttered.

’’Cherokee is a tyrannical Palulukan Makto. Most of our warriors here are only Pa'li Makto (Direhorse Riders), and only 23 are Ikran Makto (Mountain banshee riders). Once war erupts, both sides will inevitably suffer. Thus, Mo`at's concern isn't without justification.’’

Observing Tsu'tey's emotional state and knowing he had alcohol left to spare, Sheyan naturally handed several pipes of alcohol to encourage him. He then proceeded to retrieve steak, peanuts and other dishes, and finally motivated him to drink more. Until Tsu'tey was semi-intoxicated, singing in his merriment with Jinkuang and Sheyan. Sheyan then inquired about the sacrificial offerings.

In truth, though the corrupted Na'vi clans had lost their rights to a hometree, many large clans had begun constructing their own Eywa temple, and resided around it. Most of these temples were constructed in a shape identical to the Mayan Pyramids. To initiate a sacrificial ceremony, one had to climb to the peak of the temple, and offer 23 hearts in sacraments on the sacrificial altar.

The truth of the mysterious Golden side mission had finally came to light after Sheyan's painstaking probings. It actually required assaulting a fearsomely dreadful and corrupted supreme Na'vi clan!

To summarize this mission bluntly that no other words can replace, it was for a clean-cut clan extermination! Moreover, the dominion ruler of this corrupted Mosake clan, was even something the Omaticaya clan, of the storyline main lead, feared greatly! As for the crux of this horror, Cherokee was essentially a thanator rider that was almost equivalent to a Toruk Makto of the Na'vi race!

Since he was the one that murdered and feasted on Dragon's daughter Mo`at's brother, then his age wouldn't be young, while his Thanator mount would inevitably be primely matured;it was simply impossible to compare it to those tier 2 or 3 junior thanators they faced during the beast horde. In estimation, if it wasn't a tier-7 then it would minimally be a tier-6. Factoring those Hammerhead-Titanothere riders, Sturmbeest riders.......calculating based on such a difficulty, it indeed required the essential unification of all contestants;everyone right from the first mission to congregate and take down this Golden Side mission!!

Moreover, back at the valkyrie shuttle when Sheyan had just entered this world, he managed to find a RDA worker's diary from his cabin;preceding his brazen disposure of those RDA workers. In the diary, it mentioned the Mosake clan, and it seemed like that worker had a relative understanding of the Mosake clan on hindsight. Furthermore, the dwelling place of the Mosake clan had been recorded clearly - the Windstone Highland.

(TN: this happened in Ch 23. Also, it is mentioned that Mosake translated in the na'vi tongue is called Toxic arrowhead)

At this moment, Mogensha frowned and spoke.

’’Looks like we've been fooled by that Parker. He sold us a totally incomplete RDA report, even those subordinate exploration workers knew things that weren't recorded down.’’

Reef shook his head in refutation.

’’That's not totally the case. Firstly, we cannot eliminate the possibility of the exploration worker burying this matter. Secondly, data that enters RDA report files would normally be more concrete and precise evidences. Whatever rumours, anecdotes, or groundless accusations wouldn't be recorded inside officially.’’

’’Thirdly and also the most important point. The RDA is a business company, they're definitely not some national geographic department. The core essence of their work revolves around mining out fortunes of pandora ores. Other matters would obviously be neglected. Based on what Tsu'tey mentioned, those corrupted na'vi clans or the uncivilized barbarians in our context, do possess the rights to live inside a hometree. Therefore they wouldn't be associated with any pandora ore veins. Obviously, nothing detailed about them could be reported.’’

At present, no matter Mogensha or Reef, after realizing the specifics of this Golden side mission, they both felt the difficulty was like an insurmountable mountain;even hopes of seeing the midpoint was impossible. The current maximal limits of the trio, was probably only against single tier-3 legendary creature. If that legendary creature was mounted with a na'vi rider commanding it, they would merely get wrecked, that's all.

Sheyan proceeded to inhale a deep breath of air, an immeasurable excitement and wild fervour lingered in his eyes. After parting with Tsu'tey, he straightforwardly viewed the topographic map from the RDA report. A careful examination later, he tapped against the map and exclaimed.

’’We'll head there first!’’

Mogensha and Reef glanced at each other, vaguely sensing the terrain demarcated was rather familiar. After inspecting a few more times, they discovered it was actually not far from that valkyrie crash site when they first entered the world. Finally after careful attention, they both simultaneously yelled out.

’’Isn't that the Takji clan?!’’

Sheyan nodded with seriousness and replied.

’’That's right, our destination is there!’’

Mogensha and Reef voiced their disbelief.


Sheyan chuckled in response.

’’I've already inquired during the banquet previously. That Takji clan is part of the Sons of Nature, but possess some kinship ties with the nearly extinct Kiwatakan clan;that is why they assisted those cannibals. Your worries, are because we had wiped out a substantial amount of their forces right? And that is exactly the reason why we must seek them.’’

Observing that Mogensha and Reef had somewhat comprehended, Sheyan earnestly continued.

’’We're the ones responsible for their catastrophic losses, but the Takji clan doesn't know that. Therefore, we can treat it as it never happened before. At least, the mechanics of this world allows us to do that. After all, referencing that we slaughtered those valkyrie RDA workers, the Hell's Gate RDA still treated us with amicableness.’’

’’More crucially, synthesizing the RDA and Omaticaya information we gathered, I'm afraid the reinforcements the Takji clan had dispatched previously was greater than our estimation;It presumably numbers over a hundred! I'm afraid those hundred are already obliterated. Because the Takji clan suffered tremendously, it signifies their entire clan would currently have dire needs;this indicates untold opportunities and missions!’’

Reef was taken aback, and asked.

’’How was it possible so many died? Even if the collapsing hometree had a monumental destructive force, it still doesn't add up to over a hundred na'vi folks dying cleanly right?’’

Sheyan smirked and answered.

’’Inside the RDA report, it recorded that an astronomical level of abnormal magnetism occurring at area coordinates xxx,xxx that night. A phenomenon of magnetic strength skyrocketing to unprecedented levels in a flash, to the extent that their instruments were wrecked. That phenomenon is detailed as a magnetic storm, which normally occurs only in the cosmos universe. The coordinates coincidentally corresponds to the hometree we demolished.’’

’’According to my deduction, the explosion we designed was merely but a fuse, while the most part has huge relations to the already dying hometree. The hometree on the verge of perishment, had already accumulated excessive dying charges throughout its endless life, before a sudden explosion triggered a Pandora magnetic field variation! That is also the reason why although the Omaticaya clan hometree collapsed in the movie, it didn't trigger a magnetic explosion.’’

At this moment, Mogensha suddenly questioned.

’’Boss, say do you think we have a chance of persuading the RDA to deal with that Mosake clan?’’

Sheyan nodded and replied.

’’Yes, but two conditions must be met first. Number one, we must convince them the ground beneath the Mosake clan occupies an astounding quantity of unobtanium reserves. Number two, why is it that head administrator Parker in the movies kept wavering in calling the decision to attack? That isn't because he is kindhearted, but fighting a war costs money!’’


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