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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 415


Chapter 415: The truth of the Golden side mission!

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Right when Sheyan got up to give a toast, he suddenly saw something, causing his gaze to momentarily tightened.

It was a coarse and fine wooden pike, roughly the size of one's wrist;upright and drilled into the ground. The wooden pike was approximately 3-4 metres tall, and its surface displayed glittering twinklers;as though it was coated with a layer of resin, or smoothened after years after years of human stroking.

Erected wooden pikes were relatively common in the Omaticaya clan. However, the object impaled over this wooden pike, was rare. In the entire clan, it could be said to be second to none!

That object was a skull. Although dried and wrinkled up, its frame was still enormous like an adult person;sinister and menacing. Though it should've gone through a rot-proof processing and air-dried, those yellow and red deterring stripes were as distinct as before;vividly being portrayed out!

That object was too familiar to Sheyan. At present, their party interspatial storage had a replica. Indeed, it was that Great Leonopteryx skull! Inside the Omaticaya clan, the region beneath the Great Leonopteryx skull impaled wooden pike, was akin to an emperor's throne. It was governed by the Omaticaya Clan patriarch Eytukan and Tsahik (Spiritual leader) Mo`at seated below. Other na'vi clansmen wouldn't dare to sully that forbidden domain.

Observing this scene, Sheyan's heart was stirred;but he didn't carelessly inquire, and instead continued cordially urging them to drink. After a brief while, several clansmen carried in some peacock meat to roast;the bunch of them started feasting on meat and wine, lost in awful joy. When the banquet crescendoed to its climax, several Na'vi unmarried males and females began pairing up to dance. In a flash, the atmosphere became bustling with noise and excitement.

Only at this moment, did Sheyan finally walked over to Tsahik (Spiritual leader) Mo`at for a toast. When he noticed her mood to be rather good, he then incited Jinkuang to inquire about relevant matters pertaining to that Great Leonopteryx skull.

Raising up this topic, Mo`at's emotions skyrocketed. Actually, her great grandfather was a gloriously unrivalled Toruk Makto (Rider of the last shadow), a term that was implicitly hailed as the chieftain of all Pandorian Na'vi. When her great grandfather's Toruk (Great Leonopteryx) died of old age, they carved out its head with tremendous reverence. After processing it, it became the symbolic totem protecting the entire Omaticaya clan (sounds rather gruesome, but it's similar to egyptian mummies). This was the greatest honor, and hence Mo`at was also known as the 'dragon's daughter'.

Sheyan deliberated for a moment, before finally asking a question.

’’Then.....I heard a former story in our Saucepan-head clan. When they were mining the underground minerals, they dug out a stone coffin;and right inside it, was the remains of a Toruk's (Great leonopteryx) skull. The weird thing was that this stone coffin was actually buried beneath a pathway, which was constantly trampled many times daily. Such strange handling really makes me bewildered.’’

Mo`at's expression turned solemn as she answered.

’’Using a stone coffin to contain the dignified Toruk skull, is to express reverence for these great divine creatures. To bury it beneath a pathway is to trample on the honor and glory of the clan that it once protected!’’

(Toruk: Na`vi tongue which means the last shadow)

’’In the entire na'vi history, there were a total of six Toruks that were tamed. The scenario you mentioned, may very possibly be the extinct Iklinozee clan. That was how the Kiwatakin clan, the clan that annexed them, treated the Iklinozee's consecrated Toruk. If we cannot reinforce our defence and become annexed by other clans, then they would treat our consecrated Toruk skull in the same manner!’’

Hearing till here, Sheyan was finally enlightened on the unusual origins of that stone coffin, and couldn't contain the urge to question.

’’It seems the Toruk skull is extremely significant to all na'vis?’’

Mo`at loftily replied.

’’Of course. It can protect our warriors from getting harmed by wild creatures during hunting. It can bestow a safe childbirth for our infants. It can cause our the forces of our foes to suffer misfortune during conflicts. Only a na'vi clan that has acquired a protecting Toruk totem can better communicate with Mother Nature Eywa.’’

’’Woah oh!’’ Sheyan gasped in surprise. ’’It sounds pretty awesome, just like an omnipotent existence. Then why did the Kiwatakin clan bury the Toruk skull totem?’’

Mo`at very earnestly replied.

’’They were condemned with the sin of bloodshed and slaughter, and were starting to turn corrupt. Therefore, their clan had no ability to gain the Toruk totem's approval.’’

Currently, Sheyan finally understood the reason for Lille's sudden outrageous revolt. There was because the Toruk skull totem had such paramount significance. Naturally after entering this world, most contestants would choose to assist the RDA company;but there would estimatedly be a portion of people who chose to fight shoulder to shoulder with the Na'vi clan! Once one could establish a cooperative relationship (Amicable) with a na'vi clan, then there would be a huge possibility of one receiving a relatively advanced mission pertaining to a Toruk skull totem!

The world's easiest Toruk skull totem to find, was undoubtedly in front of Sheyan. The one not in his party storage, but the one belonging to the Omaticaya clan. But if one acquires it, then no doubt it meant making the entire Omaticaya clan an enemy! If the Omaticaya clan was so easily dispatched, then what would come of the male lead's affairs? It would instantly tamper the original movie storyline into a total mess.

According to Sheyan's calculation, just solely Tsu'tey's personal strength in comparison to the Lord of the Rings uruk-hai leader Lurtz;even if it fell short, it would be of the same tier. Moreover, Tsahik 'Dragon's daughter' Mo`at's supporting abilities would be beyond terrorizing, and simply astonishing to behold. Hence, a further deduction could be made - the Great Leonopteryx skull or rather the Toruk totem's worth, had surpassed his earlier projection.......

Since Sheyan had discovered Jinkuang's charm could influence the Na'vi folk, then he quickly forged the iron while it was still hot;shooting out another suspicion of his.

’’O grand dragon's daughter, I still wish to seek guidance for a personal affair. If you are willing to reply me truthfully, then I will be abundantly grateful.’’

Tsahik Mo`at nodded.

’’Mother nature Eywa desires that I ameliorate the living. You may ask.’’

Sheyan continued.

’’I have a friend;He came here because his mother is critically ill and requires loads of money for treatment. He spontaneously undertook the task of exploring an unknown region. Yet just 2 months ago, he disappeared. Before he disappeared, he issued a message saying only one word - 'Cherokee'.......perhaps the grand dragon's daughter may have heard of this before?’’

When the word 'Cherokee' spilled forth, the na'vi folk in their merriment suddenly quietened down;simultaneously, turning to glare at Sheyan. Beads of cold sweat started emitting from Sheyan's back. After a brief while, Mo`at finally opened her mouth.

’’Outsider, over here, we do not permit the mentioning of that wicked name......mourn for your friend, since he has incurred a relationship with Cherokee, then he should've already returned to Eywa's embrace.’’

Sheyan responded seriously.

’’But I have no ways of explaining to his mother with your words!’’

Mo`at gazed at the bonfire for a little while before suddenly standing up. She turned and headed towards the higher floors of the hometree. Watching her figure fading into the darkness, Sheyan had an impulse of chasing her;but ultimately it was just a thought, if he put it into practice;he was asking for these Na'vi clansmen to throw him out.

The ardent bonfire party came to a spontaneous end with Mo`at's departure. The entire clan recovered its water like serenity. Sheyan and the rest were escorted away by 5 direhorse mounted warriors, looking as though they were sending them back to Hell's Gate. Amongst them, was shockingly Tsu'tey.

Sheyan observed Tsu'tey as he felt this young and vigorous young lad should be much easier to deal with than that old cunning Mo`at. After leaving the Omaticaya clan hometree, he instigated Jinkuang once again. Jinkuang immediately understood intuitively, adopting a teary face and wailed.

’’Tsu'tey my friend. If I were to unfortunately perish, will you sprinkle water at the Tree of Souls for me?’’

The direhorse mounted Tsu'tey immediately asked in bewilderment.

’’Why would you suddenly talk about dying?’’

Sheyan immediately interrupted.

’’Our friend disappeared with neither trace nor reason, we must definitely search for him.’’

Tsu'tey's expression revealed his impatience.

’’Your friend is definitely dead. Didn't Mo`at mention it just now?’’

Jinjuang replied frankly.

’’We must either see a living person, or a dead corpse!’’

Tsu'tey was momentarily stunned, roughly comprehending his underlying meaning. He then released a long sigh of emotions.

’’You outsiders.......still possess sentiments. Fine, even if Mo`at punishes me, I have to tell you the truth.’’

As he spoke, he leapt down from the direhorse and sat on a rock beside. He then pondered deeply before speaking out.

’’Not all Na'vi folks possess a tolerant and pardoning spirit. There is a portion of Na'vi groups who believes in violence and massacre. Their viewpoints diverges inharmoniously with ours, just like light and darkness, water and fire;it cannot be reconciled. They would go to extents of treating other Na'vi clans as prey and food when famished. Therefore, while we hail ourselves as children of nature, we call them the corrupted.’’

’’As for Cherokee, he is the chieftain of a massively supreme corrupted clan! That clan is called the Mosake* clan. He is world-renowned for his brutal atrocities and bloodshed. It is said that a long time ago, a calamity struck. Food was sparse, and Mo`at's brother was captured and eaten by Cherokee. Therefore, whenever she hears that name, Mo`at would plunge into sadness. However if she were to start a war of vengeance, god knows how many casualties will plague the entire Omaticaya clan. That is why Mo`at can only bury this deep hatred in her heart.’’

TN: Fun fact! In real life context, the Cherokees are a native american tribal people


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