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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 414


Chapter 414: A drink to clear the way

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Instantaneously, Sheyan received a notification.

[ Warning: Cracks have emerged in your relationship with an important storyline character 'Head Administrator Parker'. Your relationship can decline any time. ]

Naturally, Sheyan overstepping his boundaries had incited Parker's displeasure. Instead, the unchanging Sheyan sneered slightly.

’’I will definitely direct your 120% sincerity to my superior, and speedily facilitate their investment.’’

Just like that, Sheyan successfully shook hands with the main lead avatar, which was still devoid of a soul. During this process, he employed a unique needle he had hidden within his fingers, to prick its hand and absorbed a drop of blood. It was covertly flawless, and when others weren't paying attention, Sheyan conjured an excuse of using the washroom;and dripped the blood on.....

'Chris Redfield's Lucky Bracelet'. Instantly, a glaring transformation happened.

[ Chris Redfield's Lucky Bracelet (First blood seal undone) ]

[ Weaver: Shinji Mikami ]

[ Rank: 7 ]

[ Current unsealed effect: Allows you to grasp the rank 5 passive ability - 'Luck Art'. ]

[ Usage requirement: 15 potential points, 150,000 utility points, 10 achievement points (Official achievement points that aren't acquired from trade) ]

[ Releasing the second blood seal: Allows you to grasp the rank 6 passive ability: 'Major luck art' ]

[ Releasing the third blood seal: 50% probability of grasping the rank 7 passive ability 'True luck'. Also, 50% probability of a curse, causing you to randomly lose one ability. ]

Of the 3 seals, he had managed to undo one already. Sheyan finally released a long exhalation. At this moment, he bidded farewell to Mr Parker and exited the biolab. That was when Reef contacted him.

’’Boss, negotiations have collapsed between Zi and that Flint Ray. She wants to hire us to fight for her, and assist us in accomplishing that damned mission.’’

Sheyan chortled in response.

’’Don't be in a rush to reply her, delay it.’’

Mogensha silently chuckled

’’That's correct. We are now rare commodities worth hoarding. No matter which side we lean to, we hold absolute advantage. Since we are selling ourselves, then we should sell to the highest bidder. Drag on and we profit.’’

Sheyan sincerely continued.

’’I've never thought of aiding them to complete that final sequel side mission. I'm afraid that mission difficulty would be beyond everyone's imagination. If not, why would I be willing to forgo it?’’

Mogensha doubtfully replied.

’’The current Omaticaya Clan is rather amicable to the humans now. Even if the exploration failed, at most we rush back crestfallen. Plucking off a stem from the Tree of Souls wouldn't pose huge risks right.’’

Sheyan squinted his eyes and answered.

’’If I haven't recalled wrongly, the coordinates of the Tree of Souls in the original storyline was only leaked to the colonel by Jake Sully. Moreover, the colonel treated this report of major significance.’’

Reef immediately tasted the underlying flavour of Sheyan's words.

’’What you're trying to imply is;the ultimate target of this side mission, is in fact not the genuine Tree of Souls?’’

’’There's a huge possibility.’’ Sheyan earnestly continued. ’’And right now, those Growth-hunters have already left this world, and for the realm to enhance the difficulty, then naturally it would be designed towards the natural environment of this planet. The first beast horde side mission's difficulty is needless to mention, it was to test the contestant's strength and courage. The second side mission obviously trended towards a contestant's intellect and socialization. Then, this third side mission, and also the final side specially designed to allow only three to complete - most likely it is testing the contestant's unity. Do you think these people can be united?’’

Sheyan's series of bold statements had thoroughly convinced Reef and Mogensha.

Sheyan then continued.

’’No matter if it's Zi or that Flint Ray, just pretend to comply. Give them the impression you're trying your best to become objects for profiteering. Hmph, hmph. We just need to drag for 24 hours, they would naturally become like monkeys with scalding assess, and get busy with their mission. Even if they realized we have no intentions of helping, both their hands would be full! What we must do now, is to prevent any mishaps or slip-ups. Especially, at the starting phase;it can be said that with one wrong move, the whole piece will be lost!’’

Mogensha was still slightly apprehensive.

’’Only, the RDA report we retrieved doesn't contain what we want. I reckon it is that Doctor Grace pulling tricks, and not divulging everything. If not, anyone can simply swap positions with her already. But boss, your relationship with her is already hostile.......don't tell me you want Reef and I to curry her favour?’’

’’No need for that.’’ Sheyan dimly replied. ’’Even if you guys made a hasty last-minute effort, I reckon it is too late. Besides, she may not reveal the truth. In this world, the answers we need may not be only known by Doctor Grace.’’

Reef muttered out.

’’Are you perhaps inquire from the Omaticaya Clan?’’

A brilliance flashed past Sheyan's eyes.

’’That's correct! The reason I hadn't considered the Omaticaya clansmen is because we are lacking a certain incision point. We hadn't personally witnessed the attitude of the Omaticaya clan towards humans. Yet after our encounter with Tsu'tey, I admit it did conceive an idea within me.’’

’’The RDA Company has had over ten years of diplomacy with the Omaticaya clan, yet it cannot be said that the Omaticaya clan had no desires or wishes from the earthlings. During their honeymoon period, at least the Omaticaya clan children attended Doctor Grace's schoolhouse. The reason they've sank into this enmity, is that Hell's Gate has nearly exhausted all the surrounding pandora ores around. The only solution would be harvest beneath the Omaticaya clan Hometree, and thus it has led to an irreconcilable contradiction to surface!’’

’’But we are different. Moreover, the tremendous price we paid to obtain this RDA company report is definitely not useless. At least, it records down the Omaticaya clansmen most beloved item......and that is alcohol! Strong alcohol! These few days, I have been storing up a total of few kilograms of spirited alcohol with my 'Endless Vodka'! In addition to the excessive quantity we had purchased from the canteen, it is sufficient to build a good relationship with them;so much so, that there would be enough to spare. Come, let's head off!’’


Even though Sheyan had grasped the detailed coordinates of the Omaticaya clan Hometree;to travel in a straight line there, it would still take over a hundred kilometres. Trekking in this luscious primitive forest, even for a powerful contestant, it would at least require over 3 hours;moreover, that was on the pretext of not encountering any wild beasts.

Of course, it wasn't that Sheyan didn't consider employing an Overlord, but he still felt rather apprehensive;because of its inexistent self-defense capabilities. Without a defense mechanism, it was hard to deal with unexpected outbursts. Moreover, once the Omaticaya clansmen noticed a flying alien Overlord in the air, no one could predict their reaction to it.

Therefore, Sheyan once again seeked out head administrator Parker with his thick skin. Without expending much effort, he got wind of a Samson aircraft that was bound for an aviation mission the next day. Hence, they only needed to request the pilot to deliver them to a location 10 kilometres from the Omaticaya clan hometree, and he would settle the rest. This kind of tiny matter was easily accomplished by Parker, and fully satisfied Sheyan.

During the flight journey, Sheyan and company personally beheld the impressive floating spectacle of the 'Hallelujah Mountains', and couldn't help praising the work of God. When they descended, the trio were free of worries, because they had already accustomed themselves to the monstrously multi-colored pandorian forest over the past 3 days. That was in addition to learning of various creature characteristics, topography distribution etc from the RDA report. Thus, they encountered no extra troubles enroute, and reached within a 5 kilometres radius of the Omaticaya clan hometree. Right amidst a fluorescent sunflower region, they met an Omaticaya calvary.

(A Samson in the Hallelujah mountains in the movie)

Three mounted warriors sat atop 6-footed direhorses, looking formidably gallant. Sheyan reckoned their combat prowess vastly surpassed the barbarian clansmen he had slain previously. Furthermore, they didn't make a move, but merely expressed a callous countenance. Upon opening their mouths, they ordered these outsiders to leave, and very kindly pointed out the direction back to Hell's Gate.

Sheyan easily seized Jinkuang from the back. Piling up smiles on his face until it looked like an anus, Jinkuang strolled forward.

’’Brave Omaticaya clan warriors, I am here specially to visit prince Tsu'tey;in gratitude for rescuing my nephews and me from the brutal Hammerhead Titanothere previously.’’

While he spoke, Jinkuang fished out 3 simple looking, processed and carved wooden cylinders. There was no bamboo on planet pandora, but a variety of trees were hollow without segmentation. A simple processing and storing of alcohol would serve as a considerate gift. Under his overbearing 'charm', the 3 Omaticaya clan warriors who didn't harbour any hostility, accepted his gift. They were first deeply moved by the delicate carving of the wooden cylinder, before sampling a whiff of its internal spicy fragrance. Unable to contain themselves, they raised their heads and drank. As the alcohol reached their throats, their face instantly turned radiant and exposed smiles.

As the saying goes, receiving one's goodwill requires showing face. Moreover, Sheyan and gang had very sincerely traversed here to thank their clan warrior. Naturally following this, the entire Omaticaya clan had faces of dazzling radiance all around, and obviously offered courteous reception to them. After Jinkuang had slowly distributed these gifts out, a thick alcoholic aroma pervaded the air of the entire Omaticaya clan

The attitude of these Na'vi clansmen became increasingly affectionate towards them, making a hospitable exception to invite them into their own hometree;yet it didn't initiate any reputation amongst them yet. Suffice to say, one must obtain the approval from the woodsprites of the Tree of Souls like the male lead before it was possible.

(TN: Woodsprites are the floating dandelion seeds in the original storyline)



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