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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 413


Chapter 413: Blood bandit

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’’How is that possible?! Those 3 actually chose to give up?’’

’’Am I seeing wrongly?!’’

’’They actually abandoned the mission!!!!’’

Right in the midst of the uproar, Zi's expression appeared seemingly indifferent. However, her fingernails had already cut deep into the flesh of her palm, as her heart flagged a perilous situation.

’’Those three actually gave up?? Don't tell me that not a single one of them claimed the top 3, wrong, that isn't reasonable. Fine, let's not care about them for now. At least, those 3 wouldn't be a direct threat to us now, then the state of affairs should be pretty straightforward now.......’’

Since Sheyan had initiated, Reef and Mogensha naturally followed suit. The trio's forfeiting was like a stone evoking a thousand heavy ripples! Most had believed that Sheyan's initiating was inspired by Reef......but no matter what, as for now;following Sheyan and company's withdrawal, the originally chaotic situation had clarified. It instantly dissolved to a direct dilemma between the remaining contestants and the Illume-union.

Because no matter how smooth one's mission was, only 3 eventual victors could receive rewards! The surplus would be neglected!

As the upper echelon of the base left, a state of mutual hostility grew more distinct. At this moment, one individual finally stepped forward amongst the remaining contestants, and made claims as equals against the Illume-union.

This person was called Flint Ray, and was possibly contestant no.15711. During the resistance against the beast horde, Sheyan had a definite impression of that person. He belonged to the southern region, and his performance wasn't poor but didn't stand out as well. Moreover, during the duelling with those Growth-hunters, he had appeared exceptionally mediocre. To keep hidden till now, he was indeed remarkable.

But right now, after the trio had withdrawn, he could no longer keep hidden. Because if he did, then those neutral positioned contestants would continue to fade away;trying to go against the Illume-union then would become impossible.

Sheyan was currently spectating the fierce battle between giants by the side, while plotting if he could fish in troubled waters. Yet at this moment, a RDA staff worker suddenly found him. This worker wasn't just anyone, but indeed head administrator Parker's secretary, Jenny. Her gentle voice drifted towards Sheyan.

’’Mr Parker invites you to his office.’’

Sheyan nodded, his heart was stirred. ’’Could it be about that?’’ Thus, he informed through the party channel and headed off. Pondering a little, he wore that 'Chris Redfield's Lucky Bracelet' on his wrist. When he arrived at Parker's office, he indeed caught sight of Grace Augustine inside Parker's office;as though they were discussing something.

When Parker noticed Sheyan, he heartily walked over and slapped his shoulder;introducing him to Doctor Grace.

’’Grace, this is Lieutenant Seaman. You must've heard about his name on Earth eh?’’

Doctor grace creased her brows.......obviously 'moved' by Sheyan's high 'charm' before replying lightly.


Parker picked up his coffee mug and swallowed a mouthful, before voicing seriously to Grace.

’’Grace. Seaman is actually the representative of a mysterious wealthy lord. I reckon if we invite him to grace our Avatar program and its processes, it may result in an investment interest for this program by his boss.

Doctor Grace very blatantly refuted.

’’Parker, I don't find him being able to understand much. May I ask about your qualifications, Seaman sir?’’

Sheyan shrugged his shoulders.

’’My apologies, I haven't graduated from high school. If you require, I can only offer my elementary school certificate.’’

Doctor Grace continued replying indifferently.

’’Then, are you able to analyze the human's genetic code sequence?’’

Sheyan laughed in response.

’’Oh, I can analyze human gambling patterns of blackjack proficiently.’’

Doctor Grace proceeded to ignore him and turned to Parker.

’’Okay, I don't believe he can obtain any beneficial information from any tours. I suggest gifting him an adult film to fight his boredom, and not cause trouble here at our busy workplace.’’

Just when Parker was feeling rather awkward, Sheyan interrupted.

’’Perhaps I indeed cannot pick up any information from this tour, but I can determine something else. That is respect, Doctor Grace. Perhaps you are immensely talented in the field of science, but please don't forget to respect others;especially respecting an investor, which is fundamental general knowledge of all enterprises. At the bare minimum, you should have basic reverence and thanksgiving for Mr Parker here! Without his help and capital allocation, you wouldn't even be able to research a dog's fart.’’

Doctor Grace's face turned ashen, and ignored Sheyan.

’’Parker, I have other matters, I'll leave first. Lastly, my biolab would never accept any irrelevant personnel!’’

After speaking, she turned to leave.

Parker's face didn't display any change, but his tone became slightly weightier.

’’Grace. I'm glad to have this chat with you today, but our words weren't just mindless chatter;but to inform you. Also, I'm not soliciting your opinion, so I'll pretend I haven't heard what you just said.’’

Doctor Grace spun round, glaring at Parker angrily.

’’How can you be like that?’’

Parker coldly replied.

’’I'm starting to feel convinced by Mr Solinmu that this Avatar program was a mistake. It should've been terminated after the realization that avatars cannot be mass produced. Still, I was persuaded to support you, yet you are repaying my support with rejection. Achieving nothing but displaying utter arrogance.’’

’’Oh Grace, listen to me finish. The shareholders have only one goal for us to be on this damned treacherous planet, and that is to mine as much pandora ores as possible. However, please tell me;how has the billions of dollars you've squandered fared on our monthly report? Helping it rise by several hundred percent? Let's not talk about others, please answer me.’’

Doctor Grace remained silent for a moment before replying.

’’Nothing, for now.’’

Parker furrowed his brows.

’’Then let's agree on this. 10 minutes later, I will bring Seaman to tour our RDA company's research department. If you have any grievances, you're welcomed to put forth a complain to the board of directors. If not, just produce your resignation letter!’’

Doctor Grace stormed out, heavily smashing the door shut, before stopping to take a deep cold glare at Sheyan. Sheyan instantly received a notification.

[ Your relationship with an important storyline character 'Doctor Grace' has plunged to hostile. ]

[ Important storyline character 'Doctor Grace' is not a combatant, she will not initiate attacks against you;but all communications will be refused. ]

Sheyan had no other alternatives to this. Naturally, one must learn to grasp his opportunities. Although Doctor Grace didn't have a good impression of him, if he hadn't adopted a resolute attitude just now, that woman may not treat him favourably as well. On the contrary, Parker may foul up on his side, and cost him the blood of the avatar male lead. Oftentimes, trying to peacefully handle everything would lead to fruitlessness on both ends.


That was followed by a string of unbelievable events, and it really showed logic in the saying 'a fort would normally be breached from the inside'. Under Parker's leading, Sheyan successfully entered the biolab;and toured around the avatar connector facilities as well as the incomplete Amnio tanks. Under Doctor Grace's resentful cooperation, Sheyan personally witnessed the series of artificial avatar processes.

Following that, he strolled towards the tip of the male lead's amnio tank, and suddenly gasped with a 'woahh' amazement.

’’This face, it really looks like a familiar friend of mine. Is he perhaps, Jake Sully?’’

Head Administrator Parker sighed in response.

’’Nono, my friend. You're mistaken, it is cultivated according to the DNA of one of our RDA's internal doctor. Unfortunately, he has since perished on earth. Only a person with near identical DNA can control this. Luckily, we heard he had a twin brother. Eh, it seems that I've seen his name was indeed called Jake Sully. Going back to topic, his twin brother presented a tiny probability of redemption for our 50 million dollars invested, instead of sending it for impairment.’’

At this moment, a big beard Doctor wearing a big white coat, Matthews Peter, spoke up.

’’If we impaired this avatar, it would've been a huge waste;because other avatars were all artificially cloned on earth before going through a long 5 years to be transported here. This particular avatar was successfully created here after many failed modulations. It contains an extremely substantial significance.’’

’’Woah oh!’’ Sheyan exhibited a solemn and reverent expression. ’’I would never expect such a complicated story to it. More importantly, even in a place 5 light years from earth, I actually managed to witness such an object so intimately related to Jake Sully. Mr Parker, you must grant me this request, let me shake hands with this one.’’

Naturally, Head Administrator Parker felt awkward, while Doctor Grace inhospitably replied.

’’The avatar amniotic fluid isn't warm like humans, so much so, that it can be described as an exceedingly violent alkaline substance! Parker, your guest is here on a tour and not to make a mess.’’

Since their relationship had already turned hostile, Sheyan naturally didn't sugarcoat his words.

’’Shut it old hag. I'm about to vomit from the foul smoke coming from your mouth. Didn't anyone teach you that interrupting another's conversation is extremely impolite? Or are you implying that you can represent Parker to make decisions?’’

Obviously, that final slanderous speech affirmed Parker's decision. In spite of Doctor Grace trembling entirely, he turned to the big bearded Doctor Peter.

’’Satisfy Seaman's slightly queer aspiration........but lieutenant sir, I hope this is the final time you make such a difficult request.’’


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