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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 411


Chapter 411: First encounter with Tsu'tey

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Speaking till here, Sheyan suddenly paused and stopped the hasty Reef from rushing up to excavate.

’’Oi, wait. There may be wild beasts guarding around that plant, merely, it isn't indicated what sort of wild beast species it may be;pay more caution to it.’’

’’Boss, the wild beasts guarding it are viperwolves.’’

’’How did you know that?’’

’’I have excellent profound knowledge in this......that would be a lie. The truth is, I can already see those fang baring brats scuttling over as if their buttocks are on fire.......’’

’’Dammit Reef. Quick discard your damn shovel, and take responsibility as an MT! Also, AK you're not allowed to fire off. I don't bloody care what you use, use your short-spear to stab those cursed wolves or something. The rumbles of your AK gunshots will drift miles throughout the night, I don't want additional trouble.’’

After having experienced the baptism of the beast horde, even when Mogensha didn't use his rifle, Sheyan and comrades managed to resolve those dozen viperwolves within 3 minutes. Proceeding that, Reef expended great efforts digging out that striped bracken, sweating profusely due to those concentrated roots. Eventually, his gaze flickered as he shovelled his high grade spade a cubic metre beneath the plant, before suavely scooping it into the party's storage........instantly, he felt a great relief.

With the guidance of the RDA internal report, Sheyan and buddies searched easily by following the conventional instructions of the report. Thus, they accomplished these irritating missions without exhausting much effort. Yet when they were capturing the Fan Lizards, for some unknown reason, they accidentally startled a Hammerhead Titanothere.

That creature was analogous to a robust earthen rhinoceros. A giant '凹' shaped cartilage grew at its head, with peacock like feathers displayed as ornaments at its neck. Its head was rock solid and could erupt with astonishing strength. Even if an 'AMP Suit' were to collide with this accelerating brute, it would be sent crashing and destroyed to the ground. (Like in the movie)

Fortunately, this brute was just a tier-1 legendary creature, and didn't possess the bonus hundred thousands of HP like those in the beast horde. Hence, Sheyan and company adopted a roaming battle tactic. Though the situation was rather nerve wrecking, they effectively contained the terrifying collisions of the Hammerhead Titanothere. Hence, as the situation stabilized, the furiously bellowing Hammerhead Titanothere could only have its strength slowly withered away.

Yet after locking in combat briefly, while the usually calm Reef was plotting what weapon to employ, a gentle sound abruptly resounded from afar. Closely following, a vigorous blue figure swung in speedily while attached to a vine, before making a nimble flip in midair and landing atop the Hammerhead Titanothere. It stretched its arms into the horizon, and released an enraged roar!

In a split second, the blue figure's arms simultaneously drove into the Hammerhead Titanothere's eyes. This great beast produced a painful whine, losing its objectives as it lost balance and heavily slammed against the nearby tree. The tree crackled in response, fracturing with splinters and collapsed. As for the severely wounded titanothere, its head knocked the ground as it began convulsing relentlessly.

The blue figure then leapt down from its back, and landed onto the ground, before turning around to face Sheyan and the humans.

No doubt, it was a Na'vi. His face sullen as he glared at the trio;revealing his canine tooth like a cheetah, he snarled vehemently.

’’Leave this place! Outsiders, you don't belong here!’’

(Note from author: The Omaticaya Clan had always been receptively amiable to the humans. They attempted to understand humans, and the construction of Hell's Gate had also received their assistance. The humans aided them in establishing a schoolhouse and hospital facilities. However, the clan's princess and sister of the female lead, Sylwanin, had set a bulldozer on fire;and was reduced to a honeycomb by RDA soldiers. This incited the wrath of the Omaticaya Clan against the humans, and Doctor Grace Augustine was banished from the clan. Even the male lead's avatar had suffered a cold-reception during his first encounter. This is the plot of the movie's lengthened edition, not an original creation.)

Sheyan observed his image, and felt he was rather familiar. He couldn't help asking in the party channel to Mogensha.

’’Isn't he Tsu'tey? That tragic prince who was jealous of the male lead but finally acknowledged him in the end?’’

(TN: Tsu'tey was jealous at Jake Sully and his sister Neytiri falling in love, and enraged when they mated)

Mogensha leaked out an oddly restraining smile before replying.

’’Boss, if he knew what you just said, he would fall out with you immediately. Also boss, you must learn to respect other's social custom......I've heard before of an ancient Chinese custom - there was a princess who married a tribal chief, but after the chief died, his son had to marry the princess. Such a custom is even more excessive.’’

Sheyan was immediately left speechless. Instead, Reef was more honest and stood up with his right hand pressed to his chest;then he bowed humbly.

’’My gratitude for your assistance, friend.’’

The male Na'vi was shocked, and continued fuming.

’’A slaughter begets no gratitude! Their deaths weren't necessary, it's all on you! You've slain those viperwolves, but yet not treat them as food;then, why did you have to kill them?’’

Sheyan helplessly responded.

’’Because they were treating us as food.’’

’’Then you shouldn't have come here and appeared in their sight!’’ Tsu'tey raged out.

Sheyan expressed a tough time in comprehending Tsu'tey's logic. Yet seeing that there wasn't any danger now, Sheyan naturally headed towards the besiding darkness, casually seizing the Jinkuang that was hidden inside. He then pledged to Jinkuang.

’’Settle him, 500 utility points.’’

Jinkuang immediately tidied his necktie, and strolled out arrogantly. He then casted a tormented expression and behavior.

’’Tsu'tey. Actually, we were forced to be here. We are just a group of sad miserable slaves. I'm afraid, all our kin had been imprisoned by the bad guys, and they are compelling us to risk our lives in harsh labour. If not, they would behead out father, mother, wife, daughters.......’’

Speaking till here, Jinkuang squeezed out several drops of tears, his shrivelled tangerine skin old face wrinkling excessively. Then he lunged forward and hugged Tsu'tey's calf before bursting in the saying goes, a well-tempered steel can unexpectedly turn soft! The Na'vi folks wouldn't normally consider the existence of a heaven defying term called lies. Thus, Tsu'tey was now at a loss of what to do.

’’Alright, alright. I don't know about your circumstances, or how to help you. Just release my leg first alright?’’

Mogensha voiced into the party channel wish shock.

’’It appears there's a huge difference between civilized Na'vi clans and barbaric ones. Right, boss, can you view his strength?’’

Sheyan smiled bitterly.

’’A rapid one strike dispatching of a legendary creature.......although it's just a tier-1 legendary creature, the Hammerhead Titanothere probably still had three-quarters of you really think I can see through him?’’

Mogensha shrugged his shoulders.

’’I understand. I will close off my gun insurance.’’

Reef then spoke up.

’’RDA's report also indicated, a Na'vi's brain capability is even wider than humans. Though they appear like uncouth predators, but at least the civilized Omaticaya Clan exceptionally reveres various lifeforms, and possess a kindhearted personality;holding great adoration for nature. Moreover, they are gifted in language;not only can they precisely replicate various animal sounds, they even practice the language of humans. Therefore, I feel we are temporarily out of danger.’’

After strenuous attempts and finally bribing away Jinkuang with a jewel pendant, Tsu'tey no longer bothered them. He directly marched towards the head of the dying hammerhead titanothere;pulling his dagger out, he knelt and recited out.

’’I feel your torment, brother.’’

’’Let me end it.’’

’’Bless you for sacrificing your meat as our food.’’

’’Eywa be with you.’’

Then in a flurry, Tsu'tey stabbed into the Titanothere's heart. The twitching great beast finally died. Clean, agile and decisive. Even Sheyan and the spectating humans felt a ferocious resonating heartbeat in their hearts. Brother black then murmured.

’’That's freaking awesome, that script is too cool! Bless you for sacrificing your meat as our food. Next time, when I kill off someone, I'm gonna use that phrase. Shit man, no, I don't wish to become food for aboriginals!’’

Following that, Tsu'tey called over several other Na'vi warriors to transport the great beast away. He then turned to Sheyan and the rest, before sighing helplessly.

’’Dangers fill every corner of this forest. Outsider, your lives are too fragile here. The Omaticaya clansmen cannot supply you protection all the time.’’

After finishing, he disappeared into the forest with his prey.


The subsequent two days were verifications for Tsu'tey's words. The treacherous and foreign primitive jungle expressed sufficient enmity to Sheyan and company. Yet for the sake of their missions, they couldn't help being constantly on the move;hunters becoming the hunted became a common occurrence.

Many a time, Sheyan would greedily seize waterlogged leaves to drink. Instead, the leaves would become stirred up. Actually, those leaves were moths that possessed incomparably queer poison. Its mouth was like a mosquito and could insatiably absorb human's blood. The poison it secreted into the human's body could easily paralyze its prey, and these moth were abnormally avaricious;that even Sheyan personally witnessed it drawing blood till its skin stretched excessively and broke.

Next, were mutated fungus. Its exterior appeared like a regiment of round rocks. But just a light step would trigger a 'Bang!' explosion of dull-yellow smog in a massive radius of 10 square metres. The fog inherited countless fungi pores, that would adhere onto one's body........


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