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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 408


Chapter 408: 3 stabs 1 shot

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Zeiss.Carl was slightly startled, but realized the contestant in front seemed rather familiar. It was indeed that support class in Reef's party. He smirked coldly.

’’You're quite a reckless patriot.’’

Sheyan's expression had submerged like water, dropping his eyes without making eye contact. Instead, his frame was like an unwavering lofty mountain, shielding Mogensha behind. At the brief moment of interaction, Sheyan had already utilized a HP regeneration medicine on Mogensha. At present, Sheyan only wished Mogensha wouldn't become his personal weakness.

At this moment, under the glaring sunlight! Zeiss.Carl heaved his katana, bolting forward like thunder!

Human in front, while katana behind;sparks erupted from friction between the blade and rocks, seemingly attempting to carve a secant line and split the world into two. Its loftiness second to none!

Sheyan's pupils strangely contracted, abruptly shifting half a step horizontally as he raised his arms to block his face. Instantaneously, 7-8 weird vertical icy strokes flashed in the atmosphere, along with the blunt sound of metal colliding.

In a flash, Sheyan's elbows dripped with blood with scars covering densely. Coagulated crimson blood ice chunks even scattered onto the ground. Painfully groaning, he retreated 3-4 steps back.

At this moment, that depiction of 'Zeiss.Carl' charging towards Sheyan had diluted into the air. As for the real Zeiss.Carl, he appeared before Sheyan, still holding his katana. With an amazed expression he asked.

’’You actually saw through my move?’’

Sheyan endured the pain and replied with gusto.

’’Under such circumstances, you would definitely finish off AK first! Since I know your intentions, then even if a thousand hoodwinks can fool my eyes, it cannot mask the truth!’’

’’Is it so?’’ Zeiss.Carl's 'so' word was dragged purposefully long, filled with intense ridicule.

This time, 2 shocking image of Zeiss.Carl appeared in Sheyan's eyes! One of them leapt exorbitantly towards Mogensha like a hunting eagle. As for the other, he raised his katana towards Sheyan and thrusted in!!!

Without hesitation, Sheyan pounded towards the foe in midair, but his punch connected with emptiness. Instead, the Zeiss.Carl in front of him waved his katana, directly slicing a bone-deep pitiful wound across Sheyan's leg. Fresh blood instantly poured out from the deep cut, the pain it brought throbbing terribly. Sheyan's facial muscles twitched from the searing pain.

’’There is only one truth.’’ Zeiss.Carl glared at the hurting Sheyan. Laughing hysterically at his flustered expression.

’’And.....that is in my hands!!’’

His laughter echoed through the forest. Two Zeiss.Carl surfaced again. Another pouncing towards Mogensha again, while the other thrust his katana towards Sheyan. Without hesitation, Sheyan once again pounced towards the mid flight Zeiss.Carl. Just as in the past, he smashed through the illusion.

The real Zeiss.Carl brandished his katana with a sneer, inching forward and slicing forth. An ice-cold scorching mix of pain terrorized against the intersection of his chest and abdomen!

Instead this time, Sheyan didn't groan out. At the slicing instance, he suddenly stood firm;as though time and tide had stagnated. Sheyan pulled backwards like the serenity of the deep ocean!

His head still hanging down, with most of his face covered by his hair. Yet his entire being was like a surging volcano. At this moment, it utterly erupted, no, exploded forth!!!

An incomparably defying deep-blue long saber abruptly appeared in Sheyan's arm;sporadic stars glittered down alongside the blue glows. A split second later, the blue long saber hacked down against Zeiss.Carl without restrain. This long saber then raised again, manifesting its magnificence amidst the dullness. Like a gigantic depraved waterfall, it showered down from high heaven.

A screaming torrential shower!!

The shrilling howl of a zergling filled the air!

’’You!!!’’ Zeiss.Carl's voice boomed with astonishment. He was about to retrieve his katana after slashing at Sheyan, hence his entire centre of gravity was shifted forward. To evade the enemy's counter attack, he would have to forsake his weapon and swiftly retreat!

Yet to the haughty arrogant Zeiss.Carl, he simply couldn't accept that. He would rather execute another slash and swap blows with his opponent, before moving away and striking again. As a Growth-hunter, he had built up this conceitedness.

He could never ever believe there was someone who could strike faster, and harder than him!!!!

Casting a vicious glare, he instantly drew back his katana, and swung forward again!

In this moment, blood gushed out simultaneously and blended together;along with the terrifyingly acute sound of blades chopping into flesh and blood.

At the striking moment of infliction, Zeiss.Carl's pupils instantly shrank as tiny as a needle tip! Not only agony, but a turbulent flood of fear flooded his heart momentarily!

’’......How can this, the might of his saber, how can it be so monstrous!!!!’’

’’Did he trigger a rare effect?’’

’’Was it someone helping in the dark?’’

’’Is it......’’

A thousand notions swept through his heart. Zeiss.Carl could only recognise one word.


’’Even if his slash is stronger than mine, I am at least faster than him.’’

But the second slash!!

A second slash of devils and monster, a second slash of deadly rumbled frantically like rolling dust!

Zeiss.Carl had just withdrawn his body, before seeing a deep-blue glittering blade ray coming his way. Like a giant wave crashing against the reef, covering heaven and earth;sweeping forward with lightning speed threatening to flood the whole earth!

’’AHHH!!!!!!!’’ Sheyan's second slash directly cleaved an arm off Zeiss.Carl, sending his blood spurting towards the sky. The searing pain instantly crumbling his willpower! But his desire to survive remained steadfast. Teeth gritting with blood, Zeiss.Carl acted in with rational judgement.

’’This Seaman's second slash is so rapid, but it appears roughly at 60 points of agility;still falling short of mine. Even if this guy was a tiger disguised as a pig, I.......can still escape!’’

But Sheyan's impending third slash directly morphed into a crackling thunder, unable to be captured with the naked eye. Only an incomparably sorrowful blue flash invaded into the fleeing back of Zeiss.Carl, who was already 2 metres away. Like hot knife passing through butter, blood wasn't even drawn yet before the saber was retracted back.

Zeiss.Carl's rapidly rushing figure instantly turned sluggish, his face exhibiting great disbelief;trying his best to turn to glance at Sheyan. His throat emitted gurgling sounds, eyes filled with resentment and despair.......seeing his state, he had already entered near-death state. Moreover, he had no life saving medicines.

Seeing this scenario play out, Sheyan spared him no last words. He immediately plucked out 'Ambition';a blazing lead bullet penetrated his forehead!

3 blades of thunder rolls and lightning flashes. That final wild gunshot carrying the rich sea breeze!

[ You killed reserve-duty Growth-hunter no.19011! ]

[ PVP milestone 'Suspect' count: 5 ]

(TN: Author actually wrote x3 here, but it should be 5 because the previous was 4)

Watching Zeiss.Carl's corpse, Sheyan picked up his dropped blood key;before issuing a suffering groan, as he raised his head to gulp down his 'Endless Vodka'. The boiling sensation streamed down his throat and flowed towards his 4 limbs. Then he tossed the wine cup towards Mogensha, who by now, had recovered from near-death state.

Examining Mogensha's miserly mass of wounds, Sheyan reached his hand out and pulled him up.

’’Can you move? Reef is still waiting for us.’’

Gulp gulp. Mogensha drank down two shots. Wiping the blood off his lips, he leaked his splendid white sunshine smile and replied.

’’Just a Growth-hunter, delivering two blood keys to us.’’

Sheyan faintly sighed in response.

’’This is my failed planning, I didn't consider those pack of Growth-hunters lingering around. I've exposed you guys to huge risks.’’

Brother black used his teeth to help bandage a wound across his arm, and giddily consoled.

’’Boss, you are already a freak. Any powerful person will have times of errors. It has been a long time since Reef made a sound. I reckon our party channel is being disrupted by a powerful spirit Growth-hunter. We must make haste to save Reef, let's go.’’

Sheyan replied.

’’No hurry. The reason I rushed here is fearing for your life. Reef's life wouldn't be lost so easily. That pack of Growth-hunters are limited in numbers, they wouldn't directly clash with us;and can only find a suitable location to make a move. Therefore, while they would send more people to tail their group, a smaller group would lay in ambush to plot against those returnees.’’

’’If not, once someone gets killed and spreads word, all contestants would instantly return to surround them. Then they can at most kill 2-3 returnees only. Something like that is merely beating the grass to scare the snake*, their goal would end in futility!’’

(TN:* Chinese idiom, meaning inadvertently alerting the enemy.)

Looking pensive, Mogensha nodded. Sheyan then continued.

’’That is why they chose two high damage high speed assassins to deal with you, the gunman that can escape the easiest. Therefore, to deal with Reef, they would dispatch a long range combating Growth-hunter that is adept at speed reduction!’’

’’In theory, such a Growth-hunter is able to finish off Reef without the risk of getting harmed. But if that's the case, then there's a prevalent flaw;their offensive power wouldn't be that dreadful. Therefore, as long as Reef devotes himself to defense, he would be able to sustain for a long time.’’

(TN: I've changed Sheyan's long blade to long saber instead, and the required advanced ability to wield it to 'Saber Fluency' from 'Blade Mastery')


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