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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 407


Chapter 407: Sneak attack!

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Upon hearing the word 'midnight', Sheyan's gaze flickered. Understanding, he

nodded faintly and led Jinkuang away. After exiting Parker Selfridge's office,

Sheyan frowned instantly. Mogensha and Reef had both attracted the crowd's

attention to pull the wool over other's eyes, but now, they were separated;

joining temporary parties to accomplish their missions. ’’If Stalo and gang

were to only return at midnight.......’’

Thinking of that, Sheyan devoted wholehearted attention to link up with

Mogensha and Reef through the party long-distance channel.

’’No matter what you guys are doing right now, I don't care whether you've

finished your mission; get your asses back to Hell's Gate immediately, and be

careful on the way. If you encounter any dangerous situation, just utilize the

RDA workers as shields. According to my inference, if anyone harms a RDA

member now, the consequences would be severely grave.’’

’’I only have one reason in recalling you guys back urgently.’’ Sheyan very

seriously continued.

’’Those Growth-hunters aren't gone yet. They are expected to return at

midnight. Previously, they ate a huge loss due to our superior numbers. Most

likely, those scums would seek to return this favour! The Illume-union are

united and I wouldn't care much. Instead, those other contestants are united in

appearance, but divided at heart; thus, we have a huge problem.....this realm

war really lives up to its reputation. If one doesn't pay attention, then one

wrong step would lead to defeat on all sides!’’

Recalling those preposterous Growth-hunters, even Reef couldn't resist

inhaling a chilling breath. He instantly became worried.

’’Then what about our accepted mission?’’

Sheyan laughed in response.

’’Those few kilograms of high purity pandora crystals that AK harvested

weren't in vain. Since we've gotten hands on a detailed full RDA report on

Pandora, completing missions would be ten times easier than those other

headless houseflies! Therefore, a slight delay of several hours wouldn't

amount to anything.’’

’’Hais, a pity it was pretty hard to settle Parker Selfridge. With Jinkuang's

ability and all the crystals we have, I only managed to raise our relationship to

'Amicable'. If I could've gotten some mission from him, then raising our

reputation within the RDA company would be much easier.’’

The two members could sense the urgency of the situation. Reef still bidded

farewell to his temporary allies. Instead, when brother black heard the words

'get your assess back to Hell's Gate immediate', he ceased fire instantly and

turned to leave; without uttering a single word.

Sheyan was currently extremely worried. There wasn't a need to dwell on

Reef's capabilities, while Mogensha's personality had already solidified

favourably in Sheyan's heart. Furthermore, the pandora crystals used to bribe

Parker Selfridge were all supplied by brother black without a single complaint.

These crystals were relatively sparse existence in the realm, and were worth

thousands upon thousands of utility points. More critically, it may not even be

purchasable with money! If his party members suffered mishaps, then it would

be excruciatingly difficult to replace them.

Yet after a measly few minutes, Mogensha cried out with a raspy voice.

’’Shit! I've been targetted, they've chased up to me......’’

Without finishing, piercing gunshots completed his statement. Reef also

furiously roared.

’’I see you, AK. Head towards your west. Those guys have been laying in

ambush here.............Ugh!’’

Sheyan no longer delayed, rushing out with an ashen face! His eyes ablaze with

fieriness. At this moment, Sheyan's 'spirit' attribute suddenly plunged by 1

point. His lips were agitatedly tightened, even his facial muscles twitched



Mogensha was currently in bad shape, even his standing was unstable.

Violently gasping for air, he utilized his AK as crutches to brace himself up.

Clearly seen, two ghastly long wounds were slashed across his abdomen in an

'x' shape; as though his innards were about to spew out. However, amidst the

blood stained thick lips, was a shocking desperate smile of madness!

A blood key, drenched in fresh blood like a striking cornelian was flashing

within in his tight grip.

5 metres ahead, that katana wielding Growth-hunter was closing up on him.

His name was Zeiss.Carl, the one that defeated 7 in a row the previous day; but

in turn was trampled by Mogensha right at the pinnacle of glory. A crushing

shameful humiliation, that had to be avenged!

Therefore, he took the initiative to participate in the small squad devised to

take down Mogensha and Reef. Who knew, in a battle of 2 versus 1, the

awakened Mogensha managed to steal victory with fire; relying on his

'Esoteric Mobile Firer' ability, he slaughtered one right before a thunderbolt

could reach the ear.

The person Mogensha slew wasn't one of the 13 Growth-Hunters. It was

another summoner identical to Phelps from the Symbiosis sect, but able to

polymerize with his summoned creature to attain massive strength.

For example when he pursued enemies, his borrowed boost was called 'Deer

force', which greatly enhanced his speed; but his defence/HP would likewise

decline. While locked in combat, he utilized 'Bear force', transforming into a

high HP high strength model like Sheyan.

Prior to that, Mogensha had clashed with that contestant, and realized the

impatient Zeiss.Carl had detoured to block off his front; causing both hostile

contestants to separate, an action of underestimating their enemy. Seizing

that opportunity, Mogensha retreated instead of attacking, before

momentarily later, erupting with frantic retaliation. Hence, while that

contestant had utilized his 'Deer force' to pursue, Mogensha abruptly managed

to strike him into near death state. Then by supplementing a final shot, he

slayed that contestant.

Yet after his outburst of firepower, it no doubt meant that Mogensha had no

strength left to deal with Zeiss.Carl. But being able to explode forth and slay

one under such disadvantaged conditions, Mogensha was inevitably deserving

of his impressive reputation. In harsher terms, even if he died, his name would

live on!

Moreover for this time's sudden boundary awakening, Mogensha had directly

selected agility and physique. High agility assisted him in fleeing, while

physique assisted his sustenance. As the saying goes, even ants desire to live.

His heart still harbored hope, thus he didn't believe his boss Sheyan would

abandon them! As of now, the only thing left and the only thing he had to do,

was to drag on! Dragging on till death claimed him!

The enraged Zeiss.Carl had an ashen expression. Brandishing strokes as he

sliced towards Mogensha. His blade rays appeared peculiar, containing an

impression of retracting upon release. After slashing out with unbelievable

speeds, when it touched Mogensha's flesh, it would retract back without fully

expressing itself.

Yet when the blade rays flashed, a chunk of flesh would be subtracted off

Mogensha's body; a chunk as thin as paper! Of course, the intensive agony was

akin to dying by a thousand cuts!

In the present world, Zeiss.Carl was actually one of the most famous sashimi

chef in Japan, Hokkaido. It was beyond clear what he was trying to do to

Mogensha. He wanted to slice Mogensha who had humiliated him, one layer at

a time!!

’’Run ah, continue running ah. Aren't you very strong? Everyone else is being

monitored by us, do you think someone will rescue you?’’

Zeiss.Carl howled as he waved his katana! With one kick, he directly stomped

down onto the wretchedly scrambling Mogensha, before trampling onto his

lips with his black box-toed shoes. Exerting force to grind down, he even

stuffed the tip of his shoe into Mogensha's mouth!

Instantly, soil flooded into Mogensha's mouth, he could even feel the hard but

faintly elastic sole with his teeth. This wasn't a great feeling, yet the blood

soaked brother Black appeared rather receptive. He still adopted a giddy smile,

raising thumbs up with both hands.

Zeiss.Carl revealed a pleased expression. He loved forcing his opponent into

desperation, and then watching them beg for dear life; before condemning

them after letting them taste hope! Thus, he retrieved his legs. Brother black

panted for a while, and spat the soil out his mouth. Instead, he flashed a smile,

issuing the most commonly known profanity in this world.

’’F*** you.’’

Zeiss.Carl roared furiously, he was actually played for the fool! His katana

shimmered, sending one of Mogensha's ear flying. His katana then hanged

down on Mogensha's other ear, gradually severing it!

Warm blood slowly trickled down the Mogensha's cheeks. Brother black was

obviously not those tough nuts that endured under such pain, he screamed

sorrowfully as a paleness flushed on his anguished face. This scene was

exceedingly common in Zeiss.Carl's eyes. Yet he had forgotten one thing - a

scream was simultaneously a call of distress to others. Moreover, if Mogensha

didn't display exceptional suffering, then his foe may lose interest and very

well behead the neck of a limbless bird.

A murky greenish-black vapor abruptly formed beside Zeiss.Carl. After a

period of dizziness, that Growth-hunter very blatantly slashed his katana past

Mogensha's neck, directly sending him into a near-death state; before

intending to deal a fatality!

Yet at this moment, due to that brief stunning period, a swiftly fierce figure

had pounced over; both hands seizing the dying Mogensha's shoulder! Then

using his own back, he endured Zeiss.Carl's decisive chop as though it was

nothing. Exerting great strength with both arms, he flung Mogensha far away.



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