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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 406


Chapter 406: Variable

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Faced with Sheyan's request, Parker straightened his tie.

’’Sure, no problem. Jenny, bring 3 cups of coffee to my office. Mine without

milk and sugar, thanks.’’

Parker's office had a relatively simple design. The shelf behind his office desk

laid out various cultural relics seized from the Na'vi folks. At the side of his

table, a pandora crystal suspended in midair. A portrait of an olive-ball sports

team hung on the nearby wall. Only after the secretary delivered the coffee,

withdrew, and shut the door, did Sheyan earnestly begin.

’’I'm here to persuade you, Mr Parker. I'm currently employed by a fine

gentleman with extraordinary economical backing. Please forgive me, I cannot

reveal his name. My mission is to capture a female Na'vi infant from planet

Pandora. Therefore, thinking for me life, I require the RDA company's current

detailed report of planet Pandora, including the various life forms, their

characteristics, the surrounding topography diagrams and others.’’

Parker stared at Sheyan, slanting his brows up as he issued a teasing but

disapproving tone.

’’Okay, lieutenant sir. I'm very clear about your intentions. But I just feel that

you haven't raised one crucial question. That is, how are you going to persuade


Sheyan smiled slyly.

’’That is the reason I've brought Mr David Beckham here with me. He is an

outstanding prodigy in that aspect.’’

Parker shrugged his shoulders.

’’Fine, I look forward to it. But it is no joke many others have called me

stubborn Parker. Moreover, it is with teeth clenched, and shouting from the

bottom of their hearts.’’

Jinkuang stood forward, producing an already cracking briar cigar before

pulling out a cigarette bud from god knows where. After lighting it, he elatedly

puffed a mouthful.

’’I heard that every kilo of 90% or higher purity Pandora crystal has inflated to

40 million dollars in the current market back on earth?’’

Leaning against his robam chair, Parker pressed down on his office desk; a

curved hologram screen instantly propelled out.

’’Accurately saying, it is 41.34 million american dollars, Mr Beckham. That is

the latest valuation of London's trading floor.’’

Jinkuang conjured up his tricks and retrieved a tiny leather suitcase, then he

flung it towards Parker.

’’Time is money, my friend. I don't wish for you to waste my precious time


Parker suspiciously asked.

’’What's this?’’

Sheyan tilted up his brows and replied.

’’Before you open the case, I have a suggestion; and that is to lower your

window curtains, if not I dare guarantee that you, will regret it Mr Parker.’’

Parker shrugged his shoulders.

’’My office isn't designed with window curtains. But under my strong orders,

they will still protect my personal privacy, for example......’’

Parker's lips curled into a peculiar smile, and picked up a remote control to

press. The originally transparent window immediately turned blurry.

Outsiders wouldn't be able to spy on the inside.

’’This is really a great human design.’’

He then proceeded to open the case, instantly becoming starstruck by the

emulsion of radiance from its interior. After several seconds, he finally

squeezed out some words.

’’What is this.......?’’

By now, Jinkuang had cleaned up the coffee ahead of him, and casually pulled

the cup in front of Parker towards him. Beaming with smiles, he drank down a

gulp and continued.

’’Here's 2 kilograms of pandora crystals of 95% purity, Mr Parker. According to

your market rate, this guarantees 82.68 million american dollars.’’

Directly harvested Pandora ores frequently had relatively low purity rates. To

the humans, only after complex processing and refinery could the crystal reach

a 90% and above purity rate. Therefore, if one directly lugs a case of recently

excavated raw pandora ore to find Parker, he would be treated like a mental

patient. Even during normal circumstances, nobody would bring only a

pocketful to trade like Jinkuang.

Apart from that, under high tech surveillance monitoring, attempting to

embezzle finished products from factories was exceedingly difficult. Although

it required 5 full years to travel from Earth to Pandora, developed

communications made it easy to monitor everything.

Parker quickly covered the case, his expression had changed.

’’To gather our detailed information on pandora, the company till today has

expanded much labour and resources surpassing a hundred billion.

Furthermore, till now, so many outstanding workers have sacrificed their

treasured and costly lives.......’’

JInkuang used an exaggerated tone and cried out in fear.

’’Woah! My friend, I remember your industrial injury compensation payment is

501.07 thousand dollars, but you recollect and additional 40% of it as income

tax. The unlucky family of the dead would then, only receive 316 thousand

dollars. Most importantly, the RDA company frequently recruits tramps

without family and please don't use the word 'costly' and dishonour

my common sense alright?’’

Following that, this short old man very agilely leapt sidewards and opened the

door. Meanwhile, Parker kept the suit case with shocking agility, as Jinkuang

yelled out.

’’Miss Jenny, our Mr Parker needs another 3 cups of coffee. More sugar and

milk, and please find the biggest mug, thanks!’’

When the coffee girl Jenny retreated out from the door, Jinkuang once again

picked up the coffee mug in front of Parker, and drained it in one gulp. His tiny

eyes blinking as he resumed.

’’If Mr Parker can spare us some convenience in certain areas, then we can add

another kilo on top of that case.’’

Parker licked his skewed lips, feeling as though he was standing on a turning

point in life. Senator, elections, se*y girls revolving inside his craving desires.

His tone became slightly deformed.

’’For example?’’

Sheyan replied.

’’I am very interested in the Avatar program. I hope I can tour the biolab a


’’Tour? Just a tour?’’ Parker asked, filled with uncertainty.

Sheyan laughed and replied.

’’No information whatsoever will be left behind, I don't want to create any

trouble for you. I just want to touch those big boys, you can treat this request

as my fetish.’’

Parker hesitated briefly, before replying with difficulty.

’’I'll need to consider a little.’’

The convicted and forceful Jinkuang once again drank down a mug of coffee,

pulling his lips and added.

’’I express my admiration for your self-control, Mr Parker. But I have to warn

you. Not everyone can resist the enticement of 600 ounces of gold. Moreover,

this 600 ounces of gold is amplified 600 folds!’’

That sentence was the final rice straw to overwhelm the camel's back. Parker

finally made a decision and clapped his hands.

’’Alright alright, you guys have persuaded me. I'll hand over the information

immediately. But the avatar biolab is something I cannot directly interfere

with, you must wait till Grace brings a team out for exploration.’’

Sheyan bluntly replied.

’’No problem. Apart from that, I've also earned your friendship, ain't it?’’

Parker hesitated slightly, before smiling faintly and stretching out his hand.

’’Yes, lieutenant. This is an exceptionally expensive friendship. But I will let

you understand its true worth.’’

Simultaneously, Jinkuang put on an act to receive the reports. Instead, Sheyan

received the notification from his nightmare imprint.

[ You have acquired the friendship of an important storyline character - Parker

Selfridge. Your relationship with him is raised from 'Cold' to 'Amicable'. ]

At this point, Sheyan suddenly realized a carelessness on his part, and


’’Dear Selfridge, although my employer has repeatedly emphasised that my

mission wouldn't be risky, and I wouldn't meet any rivals, but I reckon that is

just trying to use kind words to deceive and convince me with malice.

Therefore, I wish to implore you as a friend, have you seen a group of people


Then Sheyan begun describing, the special characteristics, looks and figure of

Eros, Stalo and that entire group. Parker Selfridge sighed. Observing his

behavior, Sheyan understood. Sheyan immediately seized the chance to forge

the iron while it was still hot.

’’Dear Selfridge, if a friend brings a lucrative transaction of 82.68 million

dollars, I would surely pray for him to live a hundred years; because he may

very well surprise me with additional benefits.’’

After Parker head this, his brows raised. Pressing a button, he spoke out.

’’Jenny. I need yesterday's secret archive of the company within 1 minute.

RIght, passcode oojkl112398.’’

At this moment, Jinkuang had finished all his milk coffee.......very swiftly,

Parker answered Sheyan.

’’They are special advanced staff of the company. They even possess certain

superpowers. Oh, you should know, it is completely different from your bunch

of steroid injection doping methods. Ah, sorry, I'm not talking about you. Their

mission is unusually arduous, but I cannot reveal to you its contents.’’

At this moment, someone knocked the door outside; probably regarding

matters for head administrator Parker to settle. Sheyan could only arise and

bid farewell. Although he couldn't obtain his full objectives, it was considered

to be a trip not made in vain. Before exiting the door, Parker halted Sheyan as

he meaningfully issued.

’’My friend, If you aren't busy with work, you can visit our Hell's kitchen.

(Hell's Gate staff canteen) I recommend the two dishes, peacock venison and

tangerine sake stew. You can rest at the staff lounge, and find magazines,

books or games to pass time. Striking a balance between work and rest is the

secret to success. I'm afraid even playing till midnight, and rushing to work is

still manageable.’’


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