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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 405


Chapter 405: Visiting Parker

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As the saying goes, some rejoice while others worry. Amongst every 10 contestants, 7-8 of them

ended up heaving sighs of vexation and despair after all the class 1 missions were snagged.

However, individuals who obtained the class 1 missions similarly exhibited a bitter expression;

totally baffled by the mission requirements. In the end, the 3 remaining summoners became

like celebrities, with many encircling them, seeking for advice.

Instead, Sheyan was already sentimentally attached to this world. Even when entering the

realm war, he squandered an entire 4 achievement points to draw this Avatar world! He had

already conjured contingencies to various situations many times, why would he be deflated by

just a mere mission? Naturally, he had cards up his sleeves.

Hence, Sheyan simply spectated the disorderly scene as he stood alone. Yawning widely several

times, he sat down onto a spongy sofa nearby. Looking rather exhausted, he leaned back, and

appeared as if he was about to sleep soundly. He was utterly disregarding his personal mission.

Meanwhile, Yuan Zhan was frowning as he provided relevant mission advice to the contestants

around. Observing Sheyan's lackadaisical conduct, his eyes flickered as he strode over and


’’Seaman, why aren't you getting busy?’’

Sheyan opened his eyes as he gazed at Yuan Zhan, whom he was now on good talking terms

with. Then he helplessly replied.

’’I need to catch Fan Lizards. They only appear during the night, and are essentially dried twigs

in daylight. Do you expect me to search every single tree? Why would I operate now?’’

Yuan Zhan sighed deeply, desiring to speak but halted. Finally, he awkwardly replied.

’’So it's that creature. Hais, that isn't a species of our earth, I have no knowledge about it.

Truthfully, I can't help you at all.’’

Sheyan shrugged his shoulders, and replied dejectedly.

’’Seems like I'll just have to wait for nightfall to catch the Fan Lizards.’’

Yuan Zhan revealed a sympathizing expression before turning to leave. After distancing

himself, he directly communicated with Zi.

’’No surprisingly movements by that person you wanted me to watch. His mission difficulty is

pretty tough.’’

’’I still feel there's something about him I can't see through. I don't know why, but I feel like

I've encountered him before.’’

’’I think you've remembered wrongly, boss. Such an incredible support, if you've seen him

before, then you wouldn't forget him.’’

’’There's no doubts about Reef's innate ability, while Mogensha's combat prowess speaks for

itself. Yet when I observe them, I get a strange feeling that Seaman is their matter

what, you must definitely watch him tightly. If need be, resort to extreme measures!’’

’’I got it. Your desires will be implemented.’’



Sheyan continued laying on the sofa. According to their earlier plans, he allowed Reef and

Mogensha to split and complete their own missions. Besides, their earlier performance

definitely aroused the attention of some. A tall tree attracts the wind wasn't just a saying

spoken for entertainment. After they dispersed and left, their absence also signified removing a

large portion of attention on party Ace.

More crucially, the Illume-union held the greatest influence, yet the other contestants weren't

individuals to be trifled with. Hence, those contestants were already mixed within the ranks of

the Illume-union. Such a scenario was undoubtedly beneficial to Sheyan. Besides, fishes are

more easily caught in muddy waters.

After most of the contestants had left the base, Sheyan finally stood up leisurely from the sofa.

He strolled out of the Biolab, wearing his oxygen mask as he trailed the airfield towards the

west. Very quickly, a 4 storey grey steel building surfaced ahead. Resolute and firm, its roof

hosted various antennas and solar energy generators etc; apparently similar to the upper layer

bridge structure of an aircraft carrier. Only, the building's long blue airtight mirrors enhanced a

romantic dreamy tint to it.

The nexus of Hell's Gate, the RDA operations center. Straightforwardly speaking, one could

view it as the main office of Hell's Gate, the core of communications. A synthesis of meeting

rooms, administration and operations control, and the living quarters of executive RDA staff. If

this building were to be destroyed along with the humans inside, then the entire Hell's Gate

would become crippled; exactly like losing its head.

There wasn't any security like he imagined when Sheyan arrived at the operation center's

entrance. Strictly speaking, the RDA company was a business company not a military

organization. Moreover, committing crimes here on a planet 5 light years away from earth, was

fairly simple. Yet, trying to flee afterwards would be tremendously difficult. Unless, one

replicated the impossible feat of Mr Jake Sully (Main lead); ultimately foregoing hotdogs, NBA,

se*y girls, thongs, marijuana, home and even the body his parents created.

A bustling scenery unfolded inside the operation center. Numerous workers paced back and

forth, like busy working ants in an ant nest. Sheyan's face failed to even attract a sliver of their


After brief encounters with 'n' amounts of people, and traversing a of stretch of steel corridors;

no one knew when a short shriveled old man appeared behind Sheyan. Indeed, it was Jinkuang.

Though he wore a western hat and held a civilized cane, he still glanced around like a little

thief; as though surveying for the optimal route to flee after committing a robbery.

Very quickly, they arrived at the roof. A hall occupying 500 square metres greeted him, along

with bulks of computers arranged tightly in a ring formation; juxtaposed to each other. Not

forgetting, the presence of several busy computer operators. Presently, a humongous steel

framed window allowed everyone here to view a spectacular panoramic scene of Hell's Gate

from the control room.

the middle of the hall, a front-projected holographic display was installed, spanning over 10

square metres. This round table liked machinery illuminated various topographic profiles

through its holographic display, with staff members scanning data on those profiles. Here, was

also the place staff members held discussion meetings.

Witnessing the holographic display, Sheyan affirmed that this was the place of interest. Thus,

he very politely knocked on the door. Sadly, everyone ignored him. Sighing, he proactively

retreated backwards. Sticking out his chest and sucking in his belly, Jinkuang brazenly adopted

his evil tyrant demeanor; stomping the door as he swaggered in.

A rich instant coffee aroma congested into Sheyan's nose. Within the gaps of dazzling arrays of

computers, the hard working Sheyan glanced about. Finally, he caught sight of a pathway, one

that was covered with 5-6 metre long green felt. At the end of the carpet, was an overturned

teacup, its mouth facing away from the felt.

On first look, a 30 plus year old male was waving a golf club beside the felt, before lightly

striking a white golf ball, as it slowly rolled into the teacup. Yet regrettably, it knocked the edge

of the teacup and slid away. Regrets after regrets, this happened 3 times consecutively.......

The jittery male mumbled to himself in frustration, and intended to retrieve the ball. Instead,

he immediately halted his movement, because Sheyan had already picked the golf ball up.

Sheyan then smiled and strolled over.

’’Mr Parker. Your shoulder is too stiff. If you use your wrist strength and be slightly gentler, the

outcome will be better.’’

White shirt tucked into his grey pants. His sleeve was halfway folded, and he wore a necktie.

This male was Hell's Gate most authoritative personnel - Head administrator, Peter Selfridge.

He shot a glance at Sheyan, revealing an annoyance familiar to Sheyan. Yet after giving some

thought, he quickly replied.

’’Woah ho. I've heard of your name before back on Earth, Lieutenant. But I don't recall the base

personnel list having your name. Fine, I admit that perhaps not breathing fresh air in a long

while has impeded my memory. But for your previous words to become persuasive, then 3, wait,

no, I'm afraid a beautiful 'hole in one' is necessary.’’

Sheyan laughed and answered.

’’I agree to your point.’’

Sheyan then extended his hand to Parker. Parker shrugged his shoulders and handed the golf

club over.

Sheyan scanned the end of the green felt as he waved the club in trial. He then displayed a

dissatisfied look and placed the teacup right at the tip of the pathway, while he occupied the

other end. The gap between them was at least 30 metres. Parker strode forward to obstruct, his

face revealing his displeasure but he still smiled and voiced out.

’’Hah oh, Lieutenant sir. The instruments here are very costly. Most are millions of dollars in


Before he managed to obstruct Sheyan, Sheyan swung the club; strike!

The golf ball flew out, curving a 15 degrees smooth arc crossing through 30 metres, accurately

landing into the teacup. To a contestant with great perceptive sense and adequate agility, this

feat couldn't be simpler.

Mr Parker was awestruck for several seconds, before warmly clapping.

’’Truly marvellous, the next time I play, I will definitely follow your suggestion. We can talk

now, what do you have for me?’’

Watching as Parker handed his golf club and ball to the besiding female secretary, Sheyan

swiftly swept his gaze through his surroundings before answering.

’’Can we talk in your office? Mr Parker.’’


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