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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 401


Chapter 401: Golden Side mission!!!!

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After the list of notification, the realm finally offered something that most contestants were


[ You must be warned. The realm doesn't encourage cowardly behavior of fleeing during a war.

Therefore, you must pay a costly penalty of 3 points of your highest attribute/5 achievement

point as safety transportation fee. In view that you have completed the first side mission, you

can now bring whatever harvest you've accumulated in this world back to the nightmare realm.


When this notification surfaced, out of the 70 plus remaining contestants.....shua shua shua! 10

others vanished. Those individuals had definitely earned their basins full and were unwilling to

stay any further. To make such a decisive choice at this time, they naturally had excellent selfcontrol;

forsaking future prospects of abundant rewards and opportunities.

Closely following that, a magnanimous booming resounded.

[ Warning! Warning! You are qualified to receive the Golden side mission. This mission cannot

be shared! It is of extreme difficulty! ]

[ Warning! Warning! The Golden side mission has surfaced. Mission must be purchased with 3

achievement points and 30,000 utility points! ]

[ Warning! Warning! The Golden side mission is isolated! Regardless of individuals accepting

this mission, only one person can ultimately complete it! ]

[ Details: You only have 1 minute to accept or decline this mission, no extensions! ]

Ogling at this notification, the wildly expectant Sheyan couldn't restrain his heart from beating

wildly. Such demanding mission acceptance requirements, while only one can receive its

eventual mission rewards! Both Reef and Mogensha were similarly dumbstruck.

Their period of involvement inside the realm was longer than Sheyan; yet this Golden side

mission, no matter its mission acceptance requirements or isolated completion criteria, it was

their first time encountering it!!

At this point, Sheyan immediately turned his head to glance at his two party members.

Concurrently, both Reef and Mogensha noticed an unbelievably ludicrous passion burning in

his eyes! Reef inhaled deeply and nodded, clenching his fist to Sheyan to demonstrate his

support. Brother black only lighted his cigar and issued a thumbs up sharply.

After forking up 3 achievement points and 30,000 utility points, Sheyan finally obtained this

daunting mission. Without mentioning much but by just looking at its price tag, one could tell it

was indeed worthy of the word 'Golden'.

[ You've obtained a Rank C Golden side mission - Cherokee's Sacrifice. ]

[ Mission deadline: None - Upon returning to the realm, if this mission isn't completed, it will

be deemed as failure. ]

[ Mission content: Slay the Chieftain Cherokee. Carve his heart out as sacrificial offering. ]

Then......nothing, absolutely nothing!!! Wasn't this too hard?????? Sheyan was instantly

stupefied. This Golden side mission was too excessively absurd, just 3 phrases! 3 phrases that

was all, what kind of notification was this, not a single warning was given. Hence, Sheyan was

now faced with two crucial factors.

The first was to clarify what kind of creature was Chieftain Cherokee. According to the literal

meaning, it should be a certain clan lord of the Na'vi clans. Yet one couldn't eliminate the

possibility of a diabolical ferocious beast, the same monstrosity as a Great Leonopteryx.

Secondly, this mission's difficulty would be inevitably arduous. Just from its simple

introduction, one could tell how tough it would be. For example, slaying Chieftain Cherokee

after a thousand ounces of painstaking effort, one still had to offer it as sacrifice; who knew if

the sacrificial ceremony required a tier-6 Thanator's blood as sacrificial rite, or inviting

Tsahik* Mo`at (Mother-in-law of the main lead) of the Omaticaya Na'vi Clan in the original

storyline to recite special incantations etc.......

(TN:*Spiritual leader in the na'vi tongue)

Therefore, the thing Sheyan urgently needed now was information, massive loads of

information! Naturally, only Hell's Gate may possess such information.

More importantly; even if Sheyan tossed aside the Golden side mission, he still had two urgent

matters to see to.

Previously back inside the luscious forest where Lille and Uzel had disclosed their malicious

intentions; by catalyzing the crux of their actions, one could determine there was a mystery

buried inside the Great Leonopteryx's skull. Undoubtedly, it masqueraded a tremendous

mystery and fortune within, which could probably be solved only after heading to Hell's Gate.

Next was an important extraordinary object that Sheyan possessed - 'Chris Redfield's Lucky

Bracelet*'. That bracelet required the blood of a movie's main lead to unseal.

(TN: Sheyan acquired this bracelet in chapter 75 of the Starship Trooper world (vol.5))

At this point, modular cultivation of the Avatar body of the main lead, Jake Sully, should have

commenced.......indeed, Sheyan was currently coveting that main avatar body that was still

being cultivated; still without a soul owner.

One could imagine, amongst the entire armed security forces of Hell's Gate, at least 60% would

be mobilized to deal with terrifying invading creatures. 35% would be tasked with safeguarding

the treasury of precious stockpiles of high purity Pandora crystals. There was no cause for

doubt, treasures that exceeded 20 million american dollars per kilo in worth had full

justifications to be overly guarded. Therefore, the security of the laboratory should be relatively

slackened. Naturally, that was quickest method to fetch some of the main lead's blood.

Ultimately, it was necessary for Sheyan to make haste to Hell's Gate base. Waiting dorkily over

here for 8 hours wouldn't be a decision any wise man would take. Hence, Sheyan immediately

thought of summoning a Blackthorn Overlord as their flight carrier. Instead, he very swiftly

eliminated that notion.

On one hand, that would easily provoke the attention of others. At present, Sheyan was still

unwilling to let others know of his association with that alien arachnid race. On the other hand,

it was due to the Overlord's intrinsic characteristics. It was a flight type creature without a

shred of self-defense capabilities, the worst case scenario would be vicious Mountain Banshees

or that rare Great Leonopteryx deciding to have a change of taste buds. Once he provoked these

daddies and uncles, it would really be the case of 'easier to invite the devil than to send him


But at this moment, Zi proactively found her way to them; more precisely, to seek for Reef. She

very bluntly reiterated that their Illume-Union had Hell's Gate's coordinates. 10,000 utility

points and everyone can proceed with this alliance. Upon reaching Hell's Gate, they can prolong

their cooperation.

Under Sheyan's urging, Reef straightforwardly agreed. Then he added that their alchemy

master was left with a scarce amount of concoctions. Moreover, due to the prices of raw

materials inflating and the economic crisis, they have no choice but to start accepting

manufacturing costs in this aspect......

Reef's nasty behavior was evidently filled with purpose. Instantly, Zi's expression turned sully;

yet though she was dissatisfied, she couldn't impulsively declare they didn't require his


As a party leader, one naturally had to take responsibility for one's party members; making

decisions to guarantee their survivability. Hence, a valuable concoction that could grant at least

6 points of bonus attribute, if one could get their hands on it, then it must surely be done.....the

outcome was after negotiations, Sheyan's side managed to earn 5-6 thousand utility points

from them instead.

Facing this passive atmosphere, Zi had the impulse of 'grabbing a slipper to smack

cockroaches', she gnashed her teeth and coldly snorted before leaving. Fortunately, Archeaphill

managed to contain the situation, becoming an intermediary lubricant to this situation. He

then gestured Sheyan and the rest over to travel together.

The remaining individuals of the Illume-Union were all peak experts, but the prowess of

Sheyan and the trio spoke for themselves; naturally they cordially invited them in. To the

masses, arriving at Hell's Gate 8 hours earlier also signified receiving their battle side mission

an entire 8 hours ahead of schedule. Moreover, who was to say Hell's Gate wouldn't consist of

loads of side missions?

In actual fact, this 8 hours that the realm initiated may seem rather silly, but it wasn't at all

without reason. In fact, according to the expected sequence of resisting the beast horde or those

Growth-hunters, the 8 hours was supposed to be adequate rest to heal up after experiencing a

terribly insurmountable hardfought victory. It was time for them to recover their broken and

severed limbs. Except, it didn't factor in that the contestants would reach such a


As the saying goes, A step ahead leads to many steps supreme. What's more, this was 8 long

excruciating hours! Waiting for the valkyrie to fetch them....when one finally arrives at Hell's

Gate, then others would've probably advanced manifold steps ahead in the subsequent battle

side mission. Hence, under Zi's deliberate emission of this fresh news, most contestants here

all craved to follow their party out. Besides, Archeaphill had made a personal vow in

guaranteeing that they would arrive there within 2 hours.

With the Illume-Union operating in this manner, they managed to receive 1,000 utility points

from every single contestant; craftily reaping huge proceeds from this. Zi's expression finally

turned slightly better. The rest was needless to say, the contestants hurriedly journeyed off.

Accompanying their rich and overbearing manner, the Illume-Union actually managed to

produce 3 'AMP Suits' with guns blazing as they led the pack; with many smaller units of

contestants trailing them in this journey. Under normal circumstances, even if they

encountered a forest tyranny like the Thanator, they could easily dispatch of it. As long as they

didn't encounter any large Na'vi clan, they could directly bash their way forward.

Along the way, Sheyan and Yuan Zhan became on good talking terms. Sheyan's designed role in

this temporary party was to supplement bonus buffs before the battle broke out. Yuan Zhan, as

a summoner, obviously couldn't storm the front. When Sheyan simply mentioned his

interactions with summoners like Phelps and Fanu, he easily shared a common language with

Yuan Zhan.


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