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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 400


Chapter 400: Compromise

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For some unknown reason, when Sheyan heard the words 'expert sniper', he immediately

recalled that southern region sniper who executed that Tier-2 legendary creature in one shot!

Thinking of that, Sheyan was instantly enlightened. If it was that person, then it was no wonder

that Prince Stalo had acted as though a powerful adversary had arrived.

In actual fact, no matter who it was, having a sniper observing you would essentially feel like

having brambles and thorns pricking one's back. What more Prince Stalo who had to continue

duelling with contestants?

Although both parties were involved in a duelling contract, but! That lone sniper wasn't part of

any contract or pact. If he really wished to unleash a shot and snipe Prince Stalo into neardeath

state, then it couldn't be considered foul play. In this manner, Prince Stalo wouldn't have

a period of rest at all. What's more, who could clearly say there was only 1 ambushing sniper

and not two?

One shot to near-death state. Another sniper simply following up with another shot, before

blatantly entering to snag the dropped key......although Stalo's performance had been

domineering so far; at this very moment, he still didn't dare to take his own life as a joke.

After Zi heard Eros's words, she batted her eyelid at him and ignored him. Then, she refuted

Prince Stalo solemnly.

’’Well since you can arrange for a Growth-hunter to supply you auxiliary mana replenishment

out of the field, then there's nothing strange about me inviting someone to spectate the

battlefield. Your reasoning is that it is fine as long as one doesn't directly interfere with the

battlefield, then my action isn't considered violating the rules too.’’

Listening to Zi's words, Prince Stalo immediately felt a sense of speechlessness. In theory, did

Prince Stalo possess the ability to challenge 17? Yes! However, it would definitely be gravely

taxing on his MP. One must understand, his opponents were contestants, elite personnel who

had been chosen by the realm itself! Not just 17 wild boars for the slaughter!

Therefore in Stalo's arrangement, Eros was a crucial chess piece to replenish his MP within the

30 seconds regulated break. He even considered the possibility of being sneak attacked by

others during that period. Still, those other 12 Growth-Hunters were not vegetarians and would

definitely jump to his aid if that happened. The only miscalculation was actually the possibility

of an insanely powerful sniper, one that could threaten his life.

Both sides sank into a deadlock. As time dragged on, it undoubtedly became advantageous to

the defenders. More crucially, with such an incomparably terrifying beastly sniper hidden in

the darkness, even a Growth-Hunter would feel pins and needles; and could at most exhibit

80% of their true potential.

Prince Stalo sighed deeply, before spitting out.

’’Fine! Zi, consider me giving face to Zeus. Today, I shall let you off. But since our hidden

mission cannot be completed, the 13 of us cannot expect to leave empty handed.’’

Zi very frankly replied.

’’Fine! Everyone here will hand over 3,000 utility points, 3 potential points to compensate your


At present, there were roughly 70 - 80 plus defending contestants, and they could be

considered refined sand washed by the billows*. Hence although Zi's offer caused some to

nearly cough out blood, it wasn't severely detrimental to them.

(TN: *Chinese idiom referring to people that have gone through trials of intense warring)

Yet more critically, the side mission for the defenders would be accomplished very soon. Don't

even mention others, completing this battlefield side mission would at least reward them with

2 achievement points. This itself eclipsed 3,000 utility points and 3 potential points, what more

the subsequent missions etc.

As for Prince Stalo and the rest, obtaining over 200,000 utility points and 200 plus potential

points to divide, was considered a pretty consolation. If they dared to revolt and retaliate; the 13

of them fighting against 70-80 contestants, while that frightening sniper existence laid

hidden. Then inevitably the defenders would suffer severe casualties, but they themselves

would possibly be utterly annihilated!

Hence, this formidable pack of uninvited guests chose to compromise, and dejectedly retreated.

Fortunately, theirs was just a hidden mission and not a main mission, if not they definitely

wouldn't be willing to take things lying down.

After this series of incidents, the remaining defenders no longer ventured out. They honestly

and obediently stayed by the crashed valkyrie. Primarily to prevent others from destroying the

engine, and secondly for their personal safety.

Don't mention those 13 Growth-hunters returning for vengeance; if that lone sniper wished to

slay anyone, he would pose an intense threat to the overwhelming majority. Fortunately, he

seemed like a lone hermit and was unwilling to join any party; hence, most of the contestants

heaved a sigh of relief.

In actual fact, a contestant of such incredible calibre would have a higher chance of survival by

not joining a party. It may seem like party members could supply additional security and safety,

but it also came with appalling limitations. For example, losing the freedom to choose the

location, time and target to fire. Besides, during a party battle, experienced opponents would

definitely sacrifice all cost to slay him first!


Time trickled away by the seconds. Currently, Zi's reputation was second to none. She had

garnered the undisputed allegiance of most contestants. Worth mentioning was the fact that

Reef also received esteemed respect. Primarily due to his performance in battle and his

unwavering willpower of steel. Pledging his unyielding tenaciousness, he had impacted the

multitudes greatly - doing battle alongside such a MT, his grandeur alone was sufficient to

propel their morale vehemently.

Finally, the 3 days timeframe concluded, causing everyone to heave sighs of relief. To most

people, accomplishing this side mission smoothly was satisfactory already. Especially those

individuals that had reaped massive benefits during the beast war. For example silver storyline

grade equipments dropped from legendary creatures, a whole load of utility points, and never

forget, that resurrection tool 'Unmodeled Amnio Tank'; of which 4 were sold off.

According to most people's prior experiences, once a side mission of the realm war was

accomplished, returning to the realm would still hold punishments; penalties of attribute

points and what not. However, the rule forbidding them to bring out harvest from this world

would be terminated. Hence, to such individuals, it would be relatively worth it.

Instead, Sheyan was secretly deeply moved. ’’This realm war mission difficulty is indeed out of

the norm!’’

Their entire cohort didn't follow according to the mission designation of defending till the

beast horde ended, but chose the compromised path of executing the RDA workers to appease

the beasts. Such conduct naturally lowered the intended difficulty of the battle side mission

'Footing'. Thus, when a natural calamity was avoided, human disaster approached!

The realm allocated a hidden mission to an obviously formidable pack of Growth-hunters,

allowing the 13 of them to create a conflict here. Only by passing through the tribulation, could

this mission be officially counted as complete........

Thinking of that, Sheyan couldn't help pondering about that fabled 'no one knows its rewards'

Golden Side mission! With regards to this medium intensity realm war, just a mere starting side

mission was already incredibly daunting. Then for a golden side mission, wouldn't its difficulty

be beyond terror? All in all, this information was on the eve of being officially disclosed!!

’’Come.’’ Sheyan inhaled deeply, exposing an expectant expression. ’’I've been waiting.’’

[ 5 ]

[ 4 ]

[ 3 ]

[ 2 ]

[ 1 ]

[ Mission duration over. ]

[ Contestant no.1018. Within these 3 days, you and your party have successfully guarded the

Valkyrie's core engine. ]

[ You completed the side mission 'Footing'. ]

[ You receive 7 achievement points.’’ (Base reward +3 points. Silver party leader additional +3

points. Legend level additional +1 points ]

[ You receive 10,000 utility points, 5 potential points reward. ]

[ Pointer: You accomplished a battle side mission which relies heavily on party strength. 5 party

contribution experience points earned (2 points base reward +3 additional for high difficulty

reward)! ]

’’Woah woah!’’ Sheyan instantly felt a surge of delight. He hastily inquired of Reef. In the end,

Reef received 5 achievement points, an additional 2 as the vice head of the a Silver prestige

party. Apart from that, the 3 party members were all supplied with 5 party experience points.

Cumulating it, the prerequisite for upgrading the party level was fulfilled. Except, Sheyan's

current military ranking was still 2nd lieutenant and limited his party growth. Luckily, with the

extensive application of achievement points, promoting to lieutenant (first) wasn't that

excessive. It only required 70 achievement points. Right now, Sheyan had already amassed 61

achievement points. If his plans went without a hitch, then promoting wouldn't be a problem

upon returning to the realm.

At this moment, the realm issued a list of notification through their nightmare imprint.

[ Serial no. 601-09 Interstellar Vehicle Venture Star (ISV Venture Star) is currently outside of

planet Pandora's atmosphere. They have already responded to the earlier call of distress. ]

[ 8 hours later, there will be another valkyrie dispatched from the ISV Venture Star to escort

everyone to Hell's Gate. During this period, you are free to roam about. Upon arriving at Hell's

Gate, the next follow-up side mission will automatically be triggered. ]

[ Pointer: This world is a battlefield of high mortality rate. Therefore, by staying inside a

valkyrie (any valkyrie) for a period of time, you will receive the privilege of returning to the

realm. Time taken to return to the realm is 5 seconds, any assaults will interrupt the returning

process. ]


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