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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 399


Chapter 399: Foreshadowing against foreshadowing

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Meanwhile, the other 5 contestants had by now, recognized that battling against Stalo inside

this halo was unwise; as they all fled in rapid successions.

Yet while they ran, the chances of frostbite became increasingly potent, with icicles condensing

over their feet in succession; not a single one could escape the field of Stalo's halo. Finally after

being getting struck and frozen by Stalo's 'Ice Lance'; when all seven were engulfed by the icesnow

cyclones, the cyclones had already combined 5 times. Ultimately in the end, 9 miniature

ice-snow cyclones had brazenly evolved into a titanic blizzard tornado of deadliness!!

One could clearly notice; in its primary stages, a single ice-snow cyclone would merely cost a

contestant his freedom, but its damages were nearly negligible. Yet after fusing into a titanic

blizzard tornado, it released shrilling mournful wails similar to that of demons weeping and

gods howling; seizing the consciousness of individuals, causing the multitudes to cover their

ears! The 7 contestants couldn't withstand even 30 seconds inside the blizzard tornado, before

sinking into near-death state.

Right now, Sheyan and the others could tell; the initial ice-snow cyclones were obviously

harmless, and required manifold fusions before its murderous potential escalated to terrifying

heights. It was no wonder that Stalo had urged all 17 to come at him together. If all 17 had really

challenged together, then he would be able to summon out 19 miniature ice-snow cyclones......

Moreover, attempting to escape this person's halo was no easy feat, perhaps one would be

forcefully frozen at the fringe of the frost halo. On the contrary, if there were fewer people, than

Stalo's method wouldn't be so effective.

In truth, this blizzard tornado relied on headcount. The fewer individuals, the lower its

potential. Of course, if there was only one foe, there would still be 3 cyclones in the end. Hence,

to multitudes of enemies, this was a true terror to behind. To a single challenger, it was almost

chicken feet.

After obtaining victory, the ice and snow halo beneath Stalo's feet rapidly retracted like a whale

sucking in water; like a invisible whirlpool beneath Stalo, the frigid ice and snow were

vanquished within seconds. The domineering Prince stalo towered over the entire field; though

he appeared calm and composed, a momentary intimidation pressured mightily over everyone.

Following that, the contestants learnt to be obedient, taking cycles to do battle. Yet that halo

'Beckoning of the Extreme North' of Stalo was incredibly disgusting; once someone moved, the

chances of being frostbitten became relatively high. Some tried utilizing flash

movement/transportation abilities in sneak assaults, yet Prince Stalo's light sketches of ice

ramparts were like a heavenly moat around a city, obstructing the assaults of everyone.

After 4 skirmishes, Prince Stalo obtained total victory. Moreover, every victory was sketched in

light shades. His offensive capabilities led one to utter speechlessness. His method of

assaulting was exceedingly simple. Once someone became frostbitten, he would consecutively

hurl 'Ice Lances' at over, causing the contestant's HP to constantly decline.

when everyone reckoned that Prince Stalo's MP was nearly dried up, Eros who had lost to

Mogensha earlier strolled forward; before remotely pointing towards Prince Stalo. A thread of

light blue ray like waves linked up with Prince Stalo's body, and shockingly supplied an endless

replenishment of MP over!! Within 30 seconds, Eros had already transferred half of his MP to

Prince Stalo.

Such a scene led their opponents fighting this war of attrition, to glance at each other in

dismay. Although they felt a little unjustified, there was nothing for them to dispute.

Following that, several other long range expert combatants stood forward in challenge, trying

their luck to escape Prince Stalo's frost halo. Yet when that happened, Prince Stalo would

simply retract his halo back, and raise a ice rampart to cover his front. Then, he would simply

unleash 'Ice Lances' at his opponent! After retracting the halo, as he focused his magic on his

'Ice Lances', its attack potency and accuracy became incredibly frightening. Volleying shots at

each other, the ones at a disadvantage were unfortunately those gunmen.

First halo 'Beckoning of the Extreme North' , ice ramparts , 'Ice Lance' and those icy tornadoes.

Again and again, Prince Stalo only demonstrated these 4 abilities, yet he managed to beat the

remaining contestants like crows and peacocks that made no sound*! Apparently, simple

convenient strikes were enough to handle any challengers.

(TN: *Chinese idiom, that means absolute silence)

Of course, the situation now was partly because most of the experts had already participated in

the forray, and only remnants of contestants that weren't reserve-duty Growth-hunters were

left. Attributes wise, they naturally succumbed to the overwhelming pressure of Prince Stalo

that even Growth-Hunters would hail as a peak fighter.

Sheyan's mind repeatedly recalled Prince Stalo's battles, as he constantly felt a slight deja vu.

Then he proceeded to observe Zi! An idea flashed through his mind; thinking deeper, Zi's

combat skills and Prince Stalo's were rather similar, almost identical.

Except strictly speaking, Zi grasped the abilities of space. Prince Stalo grasped the abilities of

ice. Both possess formidable large scale offensive abilities, the only difference was Zi didn't

seem capable of conjuring a domineering field halo like Stalo. However as of their current state,

Zi's overall combat skills were more meticulous. At least she could segregate friend from foe,

and be a prominent figure in party battles.

Viewing from various perspectives, Zi supplemented lots of effort into various capabilities. For

example, her revolving rhombus mana crystals, the buff effect sustaining her movement speed

boost. It appears as if she had to juggle various aspects simultaneously, hence her

fundamentals appeared exceptionally sturdy.

As for Prince Stalo, he single-mindedly devoted to slaughter and destruction! Without

exception, all abilities indicated an intrinsic murderous spirit. Even his ice wall could be pushed

out to inflict damage onto people. Moreover, he even had to rely on Eros for MP regeneration,

and not his own.

Narrating their current situation, it really contained a flavour of the wuxia novel 'The smiling,

Proud Wanderer' (笑傲江湖). Prince Stalo was like a disciple of a Huashan sword sect, only

pursuing death and hurt; following the path of sharpness. While Zi cultivated different skills

the likes of 'Violet Mist divine Skill (紫霞神功)', 'Blunt Spirit Sword Art (冲灵剑法)' , 'Cloud

Ascending Ladder (梯云纵)', 'Destroying Jade Fist (破玉拳)'. Although her development speed

would be slower, her shortcomings would be relatively fewer; and her later stages of cultivation

would be intangibly broadened.

At present, another one challenged and suffered a crushing defeat without exception. Slowly, an

awkward silence phased in, and no one stood forward after the 30 seconds break. One must

understand, with every passing second, Prince Stalo would recover a sliver of MP. The effects of

cyclical challengers would diminish greatly. Mogensha couldn't help stealthily whispering to


’’Boss, if you go up against him, what are your chances?’’

Sheyan instead avoided answering him, but gently replied.

’’That woman Zi should've made preparations beforehand. If not, when facing Aldaris

previously, she would've definitely fought till the very end!’’

Prince Stalo defeated yet another 3 contestants, only a measly few contestants remained. While

receiving a replenishment of MP from Eros, he coldly swept his abstruse vision at the

remaining few, then with a peaceful tone he called out.


This tone wasn't conceited, and didn't contain a despising mood; instead, it had an added

flavour of seriousness and gravity! This no doubt caused one to feel the dreadfulness of Prince

Stalo. Although he was noticeably arrogant, he maintained an ice-cold objectivity when facing

enemies. At least, he lived by the motto - no arrogance in victory!

Right now, Sheyan felt rather apprehensive internally. Did he really have to act personally

today? Then, by sacrificing a price to utilize that thing......but even so, Sheyan only had 40%

confidence. Besides, Sheyan was only a normal contestant, he wasn't even on a reserve-duty

Growth-hunter level! Compared to a peak Growth-Hunter like Prince Stalo, the disparity was


To occupy superiority, he could only resort to catching someone off guard.

While at this moment, the entire duelling field was plunged into silence. For some unknown

reason, an electrifying and unfathomably austere aura had shrouded the battlefield!!

Contestants with outstanding perceptive sense, no longer cared about individual face as they

lunged to take cover behind objects; as though it would guarantee them safety.

Sheyan lowered his head, discovering that his hair had involuntarily stood up on his arm.

Concurrently, many gasps could be heard. It was like the world had lost its volume.


The one with the greatest reaction was still Prince Stalo. He abruptly swung towards the west,

with both his arms pushing forward. In that instance, a series of rumbling clamours resounded.

Ahead of him, an entire 7 regiments of crystal transparent ice walls condensed and sprouted in

successions; blocking himself from the west.

’’Zi! What's this suppose to mean?’’ Prince Stalo's tone was extremely flat, but it contained a

sliver of rage.

Zi faintly laughed in reply.

’’I haven't done anything!’’

Prince Stalo remained silent. Instead, Eros bellowed out with bloodshot eyes.

’’Indeed you've done nothing, except to arrange an expert sniper to aim towards our duelling

field! What's the difference between such conduct and shameless acting?’’

For some unknown reason, when Sheyan heard the words 'expert sniper', he immediately

recalled that southern region sniper who executed that Tier-2 legendary creature in one shot!


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