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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 397


Chapter 397: Mage-Nemesis

Translator: Translation Nation Editor: Translation Nation

Closely after Aldaris was knocked flying, an unexplainable sparkle twinkled in Zi's pupils; like a

peerlessly sharp pointed tip emitted chilling rays. This was the sign of a powerful controlling

and damaging ability of hers - 'Force Needle-Explosion' this moment, once Aldaris

received her most lethal technique, even if he wasn't stunned, he would surely sink into neardeath


Yet at this moment after he crashed down, Aldaris lifted his head and cast a sly smile. Gripping

his bewitching bone-dagger, his right arm abruptly blurred in movement,

A ferocious hurling movement!

Concurrently when Aldaris sprayed out blood as he was struck by the 'Force Needle-Explosion',

his bewitching bone-dagger had whirled in like a boomerang, deeply stabbing into Zi's

underbelly; blood soaked and ripping, the dagger spiralled back into Aldaris's hand!

Vividly seen, the tooth white bone-dagger's shaft consecutively transformed bloodied red;

insipid black air rings of ripples diffused out. All of a sudden, Zi tottered as if she was on the

verge of collapse! On the contrary, Aldaris abruptly became revitalized, his lips curled into a

surreptitious snicker.

’’Zi is most likely going to lose.’’ Reef suddenly spoke out. ’’That guy's light-green (Maturing)

grade dagger is called 'Mage-Nemesis', which originates from the Lord of the Rings world. In

the third age, year 3019, 3rd day of the 11th month, Gríma Wormtongue drove this dagger into

Saruman's back, killing him ultimately. That weapon doesn't have high offensive powers, but it

has a special property. Every time it lands an attack, it will inflict additional damage and burn

off a portion of MP. Its additional damage has a very high precedence, and it's worth x4 of the

opponent's intelligence!’’

’’That property complementing with Aldaris's 'Vampirism-Touch' ability, allows him to

successfully heal a terrifying portion of his health. This is because the lifestealing ability of his

'Vampirism-Touch' even counts in the burnt portion of the opponent's MP!’’

****Author: If you still don't understand, let me give an example. If Zi's intelligence was 50, its

base damage is 10 points, and Aldaris inflicted a blow to her under the condition that her

defence is 0 points. He would inflict damages of (10 + 200) to her health, and (+200) to her MP.

His 'Vampirism-Touch' ability has a 30% lifestealing property. Then with one strike, Aldaris

can heal (3.3 + 66 +66 = 135) HP!

Yet if Zi didn't possess much MP, then naturally Aldaris couldn't ignite his ability; causing his

life stealing abilities to be greatly impaired. Thus, that was why Aldaris had chivalrously

allowed Zi to recover first, before initiating the duel. Regrettably, this method couldn't be used

against Reef......firstly, Reef possessed low intelligence attribute. Secondly, even without MP,

his 'Shattering Cardiac Roar' didn't require MP. Moreover, his remaining passive abilities and

equipments didn't require MP......

Following that, Aldaris altered his battle style, adopting a rather leisurely and carefree floating

misconception. Until later, his earlier comical scenes of wiping off his nose bleed and

sprinkling the blood to the ground finally surfaced. This Aldaris actually managed to execute an

enveloping ionic storm, with a tremendous radius. Dazzling impetuous rush of electric ions

wantonly shredded through the atmosphere in a winding brilliance. This large area of effect

assaulting ability couldn't segregate friend nor foe. However, Aldaris managed to cast 'Blood-

Elude', demarketing through the positions he demarcated with his blood earlier on; trapping on

Zi inside the ionic storm.

At this moment, Sheyan suddenly noticed an ineffable flicker in Zi's eyes, one that wasn't

resigned to admitting defeat. His heart instantly skipped a beat.

’’Perhaps......this woman has a trump card?’’

However, Sheyan's conjecture couldn't be verified. Trapped within the ionic storm, Zi very

bluntly and peacefully conceded.......then, she lightly wiped off the bloodstains of her lips and

stood up. Coughing lightly, she issued.

’’Prince. It has been a long time. Your abilities should've improved greatly. Then for the next

duel, we choose a party battle.’’

Speaking till here, Zi paused for a moment. Not fully expressing herself, she earnestly


’’5 vs 5 party battle!’’

Right now, the opposing Growth-Hunters were only left with 6 individuals. Prince Stalo was

the tacit leader of them. By suggesting a 5v5 duel, Zi was like openly conspiring against them.

Zi probably understood the fearsome capabilities of Prince Stalo, but possibly something that

couldn't complement in a party context. Therefore, the opposing Growth-hunters had only two


Form a duelling party with the remaining 4 optimal condition Growth-hunters, along with that

Aldaris who had displayed all his aces so far; naturally they would lose out in that aspect. The

benefit was that they could preserve Prince Stalo as the final thread of hope.

If Prince Stalo participates in the 5v5 duel, and his personal abilities couldn't assimilate with

his party; then the overall outcome would be like a '4+1' team, instead of a '5'. Instead, it could

even have a negative backlash, turning it into a '4-1 = 3' scenario! Once they lose and was left

with Aldaris......then Reef could challenge him alone!

Hence, Zi chose to establish such an invincible position; such was the scheming shrewdness of

this woman!

After the pack of Growth-hunters heard the phrase '5v5 party battle', Aldaris's expression

instantly sank; as though he wanted to say something but could not. Prince Stalo suddenly

raised his head, his white hair fluttering in the wind as he gazed at Zi with a queer expression.

His lips twitched slightly and responded.

’’Zi, your MT is already defeated. He doesn't have the rights to rechallenge. At this moment, you

actually dare to have a party battle with us? Is your desire so great to see me in action?’’

Zi very calmly replied.

’’Archeaphill challenged on my instruction. As for the reason behind that; naturally there is

someone else more suitable for the MT role in this context!’’

Prince Stalo's face instantly turned ugly. He knew Zi was an extremely astute and experienced

woman, and she rarely resorted to deception. It was either do, or don't do; and if she did, she

would do it with great certainty.

The fierce, haughty white haired male swept through the remaining contestants with his

piercing gaze. Reef obviously wouldn't exhibit his shield hovering it everywhere, while Sheyan

slanted his face downwards in purposeful submission. Hence, Prince Stalo couldn't tell at all.

After a long pause, Prince Stalo finally laughed hysterically, before his laughter halted abruptly.

It was like calligraphy, penning down a single heavy stroke which penetrates through the back

of the paper!

He raised his head, opening his eyes widely as he glared at Zi and enunciated his words one at at


’’Fine. Then we shall have a party battle! 5 vs 5 party battle!’’

’’Indeed this is the case.’’ Sheyan whispered inwardly. ’’Then if I didn't guess wrongly, the

party's crux would rely on that person......the Illume-union's summoner, Yuan Zhan! As long as

they guard Yuan Zhan well, that guy would be able to incessantly summon massive powerful

reinforcements in battle! If that's the case, then Reef had already been in Zi's calculations!’’

Indeed, Reef very quickly spoke to Sheyan.

’’Zi wants me to form a duelling party with her Illume-union, and wishes to gain some blendmix

from you.’’

Sheyan laughed and answered.

’’No problem.’’

Yet the current Sheyan had his mind on full velocity throttle. He could remember exceedingly

clearly. Back in the Pirates of the Caribbean world when he encountered the Illume-union, he

could faintly discern Zi was the leader. However, the leading authority seemed to have been

shared between another contestant. To appease their internal conflict then, that person

expressed willingness to form out a dividend of 30% as compensation. It was because of his

proposal, the Illume-union's conflict was appeased.

However, it seemed like there wasn't such a person in the current Illume-union!

Moreover in Sheyans memory, he only recalled Sable. There wasn't a Demondream, Yuan Zhan

and even Archeaphill! A contestant's facial features could be changed at will, but one's aura and

equipments would always stay unique. For example, Demondreams unique mysterious and

misty composition, Archeaphill's stunning imposing great shield. They would all leave a

profound impression!

’’Unless, not all of their members are gathered, or perhaps they are hiding their true strength, or

perhaps there was a splitting division?’’ Such notions couldn't help floating into Sheyan's heart.

Right at this moment, the duel begun! The contestant grouping was Reef, Yuan Zhan, Bowman

70mah from the Gothic party which was a male named Lin Mushen, and finally a youth named


(TN: Note author actually included Sable inside, but I think he miscounted because that would

be 6 people.)

This youth named Konan was someone Sheyan had met back in the southern region of the

battle. He was an expert in conjuring formidable force fields, which could be used for both

offense and defense. When enemies enter the force field, they would be affected by

hallucinations and various abnormal effects. It was of a similar class to Uzel that they fought

against previously. Naturally, this youth should also be a reserve-duty Growth-hunter. If he

revealed his awakened might, his prowess would go through an overhaul.

In the end, the battle wasn't out of everyone's expectations! Zi's temporary created party

obtained final victory. Yet what astonished everyone was during the duel of the 10 contestants,

neither side were willing to concede. Thus, the battle was fought to the utmost of aggressive

intensity. In the end, it only concluded when 9 of them sank into near-death state. As for the

final person to live through it, it was the stunning Reef!

With a severed arm, a severed leg and sprawled over the ground, Reef tenaciously outlasted the

entire duel!

It was in the final fair moments, in extreme desperate straits, that he roared out with a last

'Shattering Cardiac Roar' and eliminated his opponent! Such a huge reversal was completely

unimaginable by the onlookers.


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