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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 396


Chapter 396: Fighting fiercely

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The fierce collision instantly slammed grave damage onto Aldaris. His vision blackened as his

limbs soared upwards, wretchedly tumbling backwards as though he fell flat on his face; his

face smeared with filth. It was exactly the same scene as when Sheyan suffered the collision

back in the PotC world.

However, a coat of blue screen surfaced around Aldaris, its undivided essence circulated with

luster. Reef couldn't contain himself.

’’Holy, that moron actually managed to raise his 'MP-guard' to beyond lvl 4?’’

Aldaris immediately climbed back up after his tumble. Without a single decadent expression,

his eyes actually leaked out a stimulated enthusiasm.

’’Good! Come again!’’

He even wiped away his trickling nose blood. This action instantly caused everyone to giggle, as

the bunch of Growth-hunters shook their heads faintly. Prince Stalo shut his eyes thoroughly,

his heart rebuking himself for listening to Eros; actually allowing this idiot to compete. ’’Eros is

really a fool, he probably sucked in a whole load of consolation marijuana after his defeat to

make such a recommendation!’’

’’Oh?’’ At this moment, Sheyan could suddenly smell an indescribably keen odour emitted from

Aldaris's body. Sheyan further noticed the nose blood that trickled onto the grass beneath

Aldaris; it congealed like rubies on the grassy surface, not dispersing for long.

Although she occupied first advantage, Zi didn't lower her guard. She once again, wiped her

crystal ball and gazed into it. Yet this time, Zi's expression was visibly stirred. The astonishing

feedback from her crystal ball this time, was shockingly 4 Alaris dashing towards her from the

east, south, west and north! Moreover, his dash was stricted and increasingly determined! Such

a sensation, headfirst with his blade trailing behind; it completely felt like a fanatical suicidal


If one described Aldaris's first charge as a blend of speed and craftiness, then his second charge

was like a cold wind from the extreme north; matchless biting cold as he advanced

courageously, igniting the flames of war and blood!

Encountering such a peculiar feedbacked scene, Zi's expression turned gravely solemn. One of

her 6 rhombus mana crystal fractured, transforming into stars of mana crystals refuelling into

her body. This time, Zi extended her hand and pointed towards the sky!

Visibly seen instantly, that boundless attraction force appeared on all 4 sides surrounding her.

Then 4 entire 'Force Collision-Wall' took shape around her. At this moment, Aldaris was

already piercing lethally towards Zi. At the moment he reached 30 metres away from her, a

peculiar scenario of 3 other Aldaris emerged; all rushing in from separate directions. Including

his unknown primary body, they surged towards Zi!

Naturally, there weren't 4 Aldaris, and 3 were indefinitely illusions!

Hence, when faced with such a situation, most people had to make a choice. That was to search

out the true Aldaris amidst the 4! Moreover, one had to give an answer within 2 seconds.

Instead, Zi didn't bother with that decision. Her method was to directly shred apart the

question test paper itself!

An entire 4 transparent 'Force Collision-Walls' sped towards the 4 Aldaris. Sure enough, the

Aldaris of the north instantly knocked flying, his nose gushing out blood as the remaining 3

illusions utterly vanished.

Force.Alternate-shuddering Wall!

Standing beside Sheyan, Huckle abruptly interrupted.

’’Zi is very prudent today. She rather waste a load of MP, to prevent that guy from approaching.

Seems like that guy is issuing an immense pressure onto her.’’

Instead, Sheyan was deliberating another matter in his mind. Why did Aldaris allow Zi to fully

rejuvenate to optimal state? Sheyan firmly didn't believe in things like gentlemanly demeanor

or chivalrous nobility. Such an idiot would appear 1 in ten thousand. Moreover, he had the

immense luck of encountering one already (Reef would rage, curse his mum), then he shouldn't

be encountering another!

Right now, he could infer that Aldaris definitely had some form of advantage in dealing with a

fully recovered Zi......this deduction sounded rather far-fetched, but thinking deeper, it

definitely wasn't impossible.....

Aldaris sighed, shaking his head as he stood up again. He smiled bitterly as he wiped off the

blood from his nose, sprinkling it to the ground. Looking rather dispirited, he once again

continued to attack!

This time, Zi wasn't one to be complacent. She continued gazing into her own crystal ball,

instantly noticing that Aldaris would once again execute the same attacking move; splitting

into 3 illusions as he wildly grazed in. Facing such a reckless onslaught, Zi no longer felt it was

a thorny problem. She was exceedingly confident in her own capabilities. Besides, how many

'Force Collision-wall' could Aldaris eat? No matter how defensively strong his 'MP-Guard' was,

she should've already scraped off a rough half of his HP. He, how much more blood can he shed?

To Sheyan who had stronger perceptive sense than Aldaris, he could retrieve precise statistics -

which was that Aldaris could at most withstand another two 'Force Collision-Wall'. The third

one would slam him into a critical state!

Yet at this moment, Zi furrowed her brows. She could scarcely sense something was wrong;

because this time, the crystal ball's prophesy lasted too short. A slightly duration of 4 Aldaris

charging in, then the feedback vanished. The crystal ball's feedback period was at least

shortened by a third.

However, time was tight. Zi immediately affirmed her choice to confront Aldaris. With her

finger facing the sky, she once again drew energy.

Force.Alternate-Shuddering Wall!

Force accumulation,


4 formless tremendous walls swept out, heavily colliding into the face of the 4 incoming

Aldaris. Instead......but! The 4 Aldaris seem to disappear into thin air, they were actually all


Then where was the real body?

Zi's four directions were all swept through by her incomparably formidable 'Fall Collision-

Walls'. Then the only threat would be.......the sky!

That's right! Aldaris was currently like a northern goshawk*, preying on its food,

(TN:* A northern Goshawk is a bird species of China)

Directly swooping down!!!

His downwards swoop was extremely acute, like an urgently desperate wind assailing one's

nostrils; causing his hair and his outer cloak to flutter backwards wildly. He then raised both

arms, his muscular outline distinct from his wind struck attack; causing his entire self to emit a

cutting incisiveness against the rushing wind!

At present, a shocking 40 cm long dagger appeared in Aldaris's hand. The dagger appeared

exceedingly malevolent and bewitching, comparable to a great beast's ivory fangs.

The dagger's body carved an arc in midair, its tip releasing a faint maroon light; probably due to

prolonged periods of bloodshed previously. Its dagger shaft was tooth white, yet its entire body

radiated with a faint greenish glow! As for this glow, it was the first time Sheyan had seen it.

Huckle couldn't contain his amazement as he announced out.

’’Is that, is that a light-green grade weapon, one that can mature?’’

Aldaris's five fingers wrapped around like hooks, firmly gripping onto the dagger shaft. When

Zi finally entered his attacking range, his eyes flickered as he seized the moment with strength.

The dagger combusted with fiery blue flames, with ash-black embers skirting around the

flaming edges. It appeared like a combination of blue and black, incomparably heinous.

Several spirit/ intelligence based contestants when witnessing such a flame, could only feel

their hearts submerging, deeply caving in!

Zi was currently in her refractory period of just releasing an ability. There was no time for her

to dodge. As she personally observed the dagger, carrying those blue-black embers, thrusting

towards her neck, she shut her eyes with neither panic nor fluster.

Two rhombus mana crystals instantly wafted in, curving out two arcane lines as it protected

her vital throat. Simultaneously, Zi activated her 'MP-Guard'. A blue coat enveloped her entire


Yet at this moment, Aldaris's wrist suddenly shifted; curving down from Zi's necks as it slicked

downwards. That bewitching bone-dagger carried its blue-black embers, blatantly thrusting

into Zi's dark-blue crystal ball.

In that instance, time seemed to have congealed.

Yet one could feel at the moment of impact between the dagger and crystal ball, two

unfathomable forces erupted into an incomparably intensified collision. A violent explosion, as

glaring brilliance illuminated the entire scene. That sparkling and translucent crystal ball

shattered into thousands and ten thousands of fragments; scattering in all directions. It was

like icy rains sprinkling everywhere, a fantasy reverie!

Aldaris's aim was actually that crystal ball that could prophesy opponent's movements!! Then

it wasn't hard to explain why the crystal ball cut off its feedback abruptly previously; because it

prophesied its own destruction, obviously it couldn't prophesy anything else.

Facing such an incident, Zi's expression instantly turned pale. Her eyes were set ablaze with

deep furiousness. Her left fist clenching into a fist, glimmers of colorless rays permeated

through the cracks of her fingers. The rays swiftly slid forward, condensing beneath Aldaris's


At this moment, Aldaris was about to conveniently swipe his dagger upwards. Instead, Zi

brandished her hand, directly sending Aldaris crashing into the distance. His bone-dagger

carved a bluish black afterimage 10 cm in front of Zi's face, as it carried a reluctance towards its


Force Convergence-toss!


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