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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 395


Chapter 395: Zi enters!

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Wendy's blade had obviously already reached Mogensha's face, but was instantly blocked by an incorporeal barrier. The raging flames whirled in backlash, engulfing backwards violently in Wendy's face! Along with mud splashing at Wendy's face, it caused him to look exceedingly haggard.

Instead, Mogensha sat down leisurely inside his protective barrier, while his cigar was still completely intact. He spat out another puff in Wendy's face, and snickered silently.

’’This stick is an authentic cigar from Havana, rolled between a lass's thighs.’’

Wendy's teeth chattered;brimming with rage, yet was unable to vent it on this old fox Mogensha. He could only yell wildly, pointing his falchion blade at the defending contestants.


The next moment, his smugness vanished. The next one was shockingly the Illume-union's MT, Archeaphill! One didn't need any introductions, just looking at that great silver murderous-looking shield smashing majestically into the ground, one could tell what Archeaphill did for a living.

Wendy's expression turned ashen. Frankly speaking, he was an offensive close-combat demon, but his defense and HP was relatively thin. Such a model loathed contestants with incredibly resolute defence and HP, one who could endure prolonged battles!

The following duel was needless to explain. Archeaphill naturally treaded on the path of defense and counterattack. As for Wendy, he was like a wolf licking his wounds from a distance, before sharpening his claws and pouncing in exploitation. If there was nothing to gain, he would retreat before attacking again........the conclusion was done after the 10 minutes period. Archeaphill's exorbitant supremacy of HP percentage easily dispatched Wendy, attaining victory.

In defeat, Wendy offered not a single word. His expression incomparably ugly as he turned to leave.......

Following that, a long range combatant Growth-hunter challenged. With a speed declining ability, that Growth-hunter was able to rely on 100% HP to attain victory, but was unable to sink Archeaphill into near-death state;one could tell how extraordinary Archeaphill's +7 great shield's defensive capability was. Archeaphill was like a turtle hidden in its shell, merely hiding behind his imprenable gate-like shield.

Although he submerged into a passive defensive state and could only pull out a handgun occasionally in retaliation, the other Growth-hunter had 80% of attacks falling short to Archeaphill's indestructible +7 silver 'Bulwark of Azzinoth', and even received backlash recoil repercussions.

Yet anyone could tell how formidable that Growth-hunter was. Although not as abundant in terms of combat experience as Mogensha, that Growth-hunter didn't lack might nor grandeur. Though that was so, squaring off against a turtle-in-a-shell tactic, would simply cause one to feel binded in both arms and legs.

Even more mysterious was that Archeaphill actually possessed a passive health regeneration ability. Even after the 10 minutes duel concluded, his HP was still at roughly 50%.

From an MT perspective, there was no need to doubt Reef's specialized talents;one look was enough to deduce this.

’’That guy has probably learnt a new ability, allowing him to recover a definite amount of HP whenever the enemy deals an explosive strike. Although he seems rather unkillable in a single duel, if two enemies were to attack from front and back;his inflexible nature would exhibit itself, only awaiting to be covered in cuts and bruises!’’

After Archeaphill's defeat, undoubtedly, a huge portion of close-combat agile contestants already had rather plentiful experiences in dealing with gun type contestants;what more towards a duel that wouldn't risk their lives? Immediately, several other agile close-combatants challenged, by principle of natural numerical advantage. Hence, that Growth-hunter was withered down by the masses, with one following up whenever one falls!

Following that, the battle gradually became more intense. When the opposing team of Growth-hunters had 8 individuals left, Zi floated composedly onto the field. She consecutively defeated two Growth-hunters, while her overwhelming talents exhibiting itself. Actually, those 6 crystals orbiting around her in perfect harmony, were magic crystals congealed with mana. During a crisis, it would serve as additional fuels of MP!

Seeing Zi lifting weights while making it look light, defeating two opponents while not fully expressing herself yet, the remaining Growth-Hunters glanced at each other in dismay. Under normal circumstances, each contestant would have obvious shortcomings.

For example, MTs would have deficient firepower or sluggish agility. Agile close-combatants were speedy both in movement and attack, yet their HP or attack damage would be lacking. Summoners could summon heaven-defying creatures yet their bodies were mortally frail. Mage contestants had weaker HP and endurance as their shortcomings, but made amends with terrifying explosive damage or effects.

Yet Zi seemed to be devoid of weakness! She was able to cast a positive buff 'Force Journey' and raise her personal movement speed. According to Mogensha's reckoning, her magic shield ability should be at least lvl 4, with additional supportive powers! Hence, the HP deficiency shortcoming of a mage base contestant was superseded. Moreover, those 6 mana crystals could replenish her MP at anytime, sustaining her battle capabilities......

No doubt, Zi should be an official Growth-Hunter! Riding on her imposing grandeur of dispatching two powerful Growth-hunters, her robe fluttered in the wind;shaking the entire crowd. In that instance, the 6 remaining foes were intimidated by her loftiness. Nobody stood forward to challenge even after 30 seconds has past, such was this extraordinary scenario.

One must understand;even if Zi didn't consume medicines, her MP regeneration rate was still stunning. At present, only one mana crystal was left orbiting around her;as time dragged on, then she would be able to recover more MP! After a brief while, the mana crystal orbiting around her divided into 3 once again. At this time, someone trudged forward, his hands folded across his chest as he gazed at Zi and humbly asked.

’’Fully recovered yet?’’

The crowd broke into an upheaval upon hearing that question! Actually, it wasn't that nobody dared to challenge, but that this individual wasn't willing to exploit Zi's situation! He was slowly waiting for her to rejuvenate to her optimal state, before engaging her.

Wasn't this pure confidence and haughtiness?

Zi gazed at him, earnestly replying.

’’Not yet.’’

That person straightforwardly replied.

’’Okay, I'll wait before challenging again.’’

As the two conversed, Sheyan could hear a cold snort from Reef's nostrils. He couldn't resist the urge to giggle, because the one that challenged Zi so haughtily, was a person familiar to Reef - Aldaris!

Sheyan heard from Reef before, that Aldaris belonged to a class of mage-warrior dual combatant;his primary attributes were strength, intelligence and spirit. Relying on magic shields and lifesteal to sustain his survivability in battles, while counting on his equipment to compensate movement speed. The major reason he lost to Reef was his inability to deal substantial damage to Reef, hence his 'Vampirism-Touch' couldn't steal much HP.

Yet.....if Aladaris dared to square off with an optimal state Zi merely based on that, he surely had something else up his sleeves. If not, he wouldn't be so confidently conceited. Very quickly, Zi healed up completely. With a serene expression, she drifted towards the centre of the field, before gently issuing.


Aldaris squatted lazily by the side, his dressing was totally a hip-hop style;backwards baseball cap, large shades, and a lip ring. Yet after he arrived in front of Zi, though his appearance and dressing remained unchanged, his entire aura had changed wholly - A cunning and refined air, emanating a graceful chilliness;like an iron city within a snowstorm, icy, imposing, refined and tremendous!

Their duel commenced. Due to the 50 metres gap, Aldaris's first move was to approach Zi as soon as possible, drawing closer as he demonstrated a meandering zigzag movement. Instead, Zi produced a bowl sized crystal ball, which permeated an abstruse blue. It was impossible for one to identify what grade that object was, and one could only reckon it to be within the category of soul equipments.

Zi utterly ignored Aldaris and opted to seriously focus onto her crystal ball;as though she was conscientiously gazing at still waves, the tranquil sea.

Reflecting now on the crystal ball, was a shocking figure of Aldaris crouching;yet currently, he was clearly sprinting forward. The crystal ball's feedback of Aldaris then inclined forward before he abruptly bounced forward, directly plunging down like a rock and pasting himself to the ground as he rushed in. That kind of bizarre furtive movement was completely unprecedented, like how humankind's rapid evolution till now was still shrouded with mysteries.

After observing this scene, Zi raised her left palm resolutely and faced it outwards. Only people with outstanding spirit/intelligence could sense that her palm contained an endless attraction, ushering elevated compression into the surrounding air. Then, slices of fragments rapidly assembled towards her palm, forming into a formless and perfect wide rampart before she sent it colliding forward.

This was a move that served Sheyan a plate of bitterness in the past.

Force Collision-Wall!

Yet even more strangely before this, that originally sprinting Alaris actually imitated the reflection on the crystal ball identically. Crouching down before leaping up, he then descended again, before......he blatantly welcomed Zi's 'Force Collision-wall' ! It was exactly as though he had delivered himself to her door!


The crystal ball Zi was holding onto could shockingly prophesy her opponent's upcoming movement! Such an ability could only be described as a divine mystery.


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