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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 394


Chapter 394: Triple Kill!!!!

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The sandman was rather small and appeared somewhat adorable. Some members of the Illume-union couldn't resist the urge to giggle, but their giggles quickly faded. That was because wherever the advancing sandman stomped, it would leave an astounding half a metre deep pothole, the size of a bathtub! Within it, was completely devoid of sand.

With each traversing step, the sandman swelled by a portion. Finally, it transformed into a 4 metre tall sand golem, its body filled with dried rotten leaves and grainy sand. With astonishing impetus, it dashed towards Mogensha.

Its sandy body appeared rather spongy. Whenever a large branch collided against it, it would splatter apart. However, the sand would hastily replenished itself.

Mogensha opened fired, but instead discovered that his 'SN-Wasp' was utterly useless against it. At most scattered sand fragments would spill down. The sand golem appeared as if it was utterly indestructible!

The golem chose its dashing path wittily, overshadowing the direct line of fire between Mogensha and Eros. Thus, although Eros was completely immobile while sustaining his spell, Mogensha was completely unable to attack him either.

With disaster at his doorsteps, Mogensha immediately shifted to his Golden AK;DA DA DA DA DA the 5 burst shot rang out! At that instant, tiny holes appeared on the sand golem's body, and within the haphazard mess of loose sand, one could even see through its body and view the scenic forest behind. Yet the golem's face displayed no anguish, but became increasingly infuriated and vicious.

Suddenly, the golem raised both hands! A surreptitious, sinister and abnormal buzz echoed within the atmosphere, along with indescribable glows of concentrated earthen-yellow blooming from the hollow of its palm above its head. The glows gently swirled before being heavily smacked onto the ground, unleashing a chaotic mess as sudden slurry mud waves rippled towards all directions! In a flash, it extended towards the extremes.

Mogensha couldn't dodge in time, as his feet was instantly trapped by the viscous mud, causing his speed to decline greatly. Every present step he made, the area beneath would naturally transform into a waterlogged mire, with his foot sinking at least calf deep. His speed superiority was destroyed!

Experiencing this deadly crisis, Mogensha no longer ran. He dove forward and quietly did a somersault flip, hiding behind a huge tree. Half-kneeling, he raised his rifled and triggered, concentrating his shots against the chest of the sand golem. Sand and dried twigs fluttered into the air, as its charging velocity faced some resistance.

Except this time, the periphery of the sand golem suddenly unleashed a faint earthen-yellow light-screen. This light-screen actually seemed like an outstanding guarding ability against long range assaults, as it repeatedly deflected away incoming bullets.

The golem issued an enraged bellow, turning sideways slightly as it ferociously executed a full force pulling action, as it horrifyingly severed its own right arm;before sending it thrusting towards Mogensha. Mogensha immediately raised his rifle and fired, causing the impending sand arm from the sky to explode right ahead of his head.

Dense grains of soil, sand and mud showered down like a muddy sandstorm, with droplets of mud that actually contained intense corrosive nature. As Mogensha took cover back behind the huge tree, he could hear the sizzling acid sound along with white fumes emerging;infiltrating the tree with potholes, as it eroded beyond recognition!

Suddenly, ’’Szzii’’ ! A droplet of yellowish mud dripped onto Mogensha's shoulder, releasing an awful burnt stench into the air. His wound instantly decomposed vehemently, with disgusting pus and water streaming out of it. Instead, Mogensha maintained an ignorant expression, steadying his guns with boulder like stability. His eyes glaring with determination at the golem's chest, and fired without anxiety;as though nothing in the world could distract him!

Though Mogensha valiantly opened fire, the gigantic golem's rate of sand regeneration was simply too frightening. Very quickly, it reached within 30 metres of Mogensha. Yet in that instance, Mogensha's wrist shuddered;aiming down towards the legs of the sand golem. 3 flaming rounds urgently jetted in, colliding in midair as it ignited a tremendously violent explosion. It seemed as though he was trying to decimate the golem's left leg and foil its movement!

At this moment, Eros's face exposed a cunning sneer. He had long anticipated Mogensha's action! Swiftly, he drew a symbol onto the his bible lookalike.

’’With Gaea's might!’’


In that instant, the solid mother earth seemed to have transform into the ocean, allowing the golem's entire frame to sink down into the ground;ingeniously evading the explosion threat of Mogensha's colliding bullets.

Within the next second, the gigantic golem was already bellowing furiously and breaking speedily towards Mogensha, swinging a pounding fist down onto its damnable foe!

Yet, its first froze a metre above Mogensha's head.......

In a split second, the golem's sandy surface exhibited dried cracks, hardening and finally crumbling down like a millennium old ancient sculpture;transforming into dust and blown away by the wind.

Mogensha flipped his wrist, he stored the 'SN-9 Wasp' in his hands before retrieving a cigar and puffing it deeply! Blood-soaked from the top, he waved towards Sheyan as he limped over.

300 metres away, Eros was shockingly kneeling in near-death state on the ground. He shut his eyes without a thread of emotions......

After summoning out the magnificent sand golem, that powerful Growth-hunter had constantly positioned it in Mogensha's line of firing. Relying on the golem's frightening 4 metre frame, was actually a relatively simple feat. However, once Mogensha started releasing crazed assaults against the golem, his assaults dealt a massive underlying threat to Eros. In actual fact, whenever the golem's essence was destroyed, it would similarly be weakened.

Under the immense pressure, Mogensha gambled;betting on Eros's combat habits!

If Eros was a team player, someone that cared and cooperated with allies, then he would surely neglect his personal safety during the most critical moment;because, his party members would do the same for him.

If Eros was a solo player, then he would always pay attention to his personal safety!

In reality, Mogensha had a 70% confidence that Eros was a party team player, seeing that Price Stalo was obviously his boss. Hence, once Eros's gigantic golem burrowed into the ground, Mogensha had seized that opportunity when his prior bullets had exploded into smoke. Pulling out his 'SN-9 Wasp', he relied on his memory;utilizing 'Beastly Instincts' to release 4 fatal rounds.

Due to the hazy smoke, Eros was completely oblivious of Mogensha's act! Hence, he hadn't a single notion of evading!

’’Triple kill!!!!’’

Mogensha wasn't a quiet fella. Brimming with smiles, he raised his Golden AK and pranced about incessantly before the valkyrie defenders! In return, the defenders issued a warm applause. Sheyan finally understood the underlying intentions of Mogensha stepping forward previously.

From a wider perspective, Reef as an MT was known by everyone. Yet Mogensha managed to defeat 3 contestants in a row, allowing his personal glory to completely overshadow Sheyan.

From his own personal perspective, after experiencing matters with Makaji, Uzel and Lille;Mogensha who had suffered an unexpected backstab felt as though his position within the party was marginalized. Although Sheyan and Reef said nothing, he wasn't one to idle but instead bind his silk before it rains*. Right now, he finally displayed his worth, and at the same time vent earlier grievances on these Growth-hunters.

(TN: *Chinese idiom, prepare ahead)

’’Good.’’ Sheyan humbly chuckled, his heart uttering that word.

The group of Growth-Hunters adopted ashen faces. The arrogant overlords who triumphed 7 times consecutively had taken a sudden shocking twist and lost 3 consecutively! Moreover, the black dude actually blew a kiss with his thick lips at them. This was adding fuel to the already blazing wildfire. The black dude even whistled further in provocation, causing the Growth-hunters to clench their fists tightly.

At this moment, Prince Stalo spoke out with a sullen expression.

’’Moyan Lin! You handle him!’’

Having his name called, the Growth-hunter took half a step forward but was abruptly interrupted. A skinny, slim and tall figure stood forward;on his back, twin falchion blades were strapped across into a cross! They emitted an overflowing ghastly chilliness!

’’No need for that trouble, just leave the rest to me, Wendy!’’

Prince Stalo's eyes swelled with flames!

’’Do as I said!’’

Wendy wasn't very courteous, refuting in sarcastic repartee.

’’Yeah your words already costed us a defeat! Stalo, watch yourself a little, we are just temporary partners!’’

Following that, Wendy strode largely towards Mogensha, issuing his challenge!

Mogensha, this black dude, strolled 50 metres away from him, lazily puffing on his cigar;not even batting an eye at him! If Wendy's heart wasn't nervous, that would be a lie. At the start of the duel, he immediately unsheathed his twin falchion blades, before smearing a layer of fresh blood onto the blade. Brandishing the blades into the air, the blades combusted with flames.

Wendy snarled loudly, sweeping forward with his fiery blazing blades. His entire being seemed to have transformed into a peerless blazing lion, pouncing savagely at Mogensha with unbelievable speed. This sort of speed......was actually not the least bit inferior to Sheyan when he activated his ring's 'Horn Rage'!

At this moment, Mogensha immediately spat out a fog of smoke, as he lazily commanded his nightmare imprint.

’’I Concede........’’



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