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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 393


Chapter 393: A Sand pike

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When Mogensha's bullet whistled in, it directly penetrated the soldier's face and through his

brains; finally drilling out from the back of his skull. Due to its massive kinetic swirls, it ripped

a huge chunk of brains out in the process.

The audience gazed on in horror, as the soldier's expression convulsed grotesquely. From his

back view, one could see a bowl-sized black hole, bloodied brain fluids draining out like tree


Eros's gaze turned colder, immediately summoning the other American soldier to return. A

cannon fodder existed to be sacrificed, yet mindless sacrifice was definitely foolish. This was a

male that thoroughly understood his weaknesses and strength.

After pondering, he actually gave up pursuing Mogensha and turned around to leave, while

pulling the gap between himself and Mogensha further. Ultimately, he held the superior

advantage here. When time was up, victory would naturally be his.

This was simply retreating to advance!

More crucially, this duel wasn't a personal affair with that AK. It was a duel that directly

affected their temporary party's hidden mission! If he could face the next opponent in optimal

condition, then his path ahead would be much smoother.

Yet at the instance both parties pulled open a sufficient distance, Mogensha stood up and

showed himself. Ho! The onlookers gasped in surprise. He had already kept his golden AK.

Within both hands, was now a shocking giant pistol; one with a high precision aiming device

mounted above. Such was its relative size that it seemed as though the pistol had two gun


(Here is the official picture for u guys)

This was the main crime lord that allowed Mogensha to shed his 'mortal body' and reached the


Sn-9 Wasp pistol

Its glorious resplendent splendor, instantly captivated the crowd's attention!

(When a contestant's 'Basic Long-range combat' attained lvl 7, there is a chance of drawing an

additional property - 'Long-range Weapon Slot +1'. At present, Mogensha's primary weapon

slot was equipped with his 'Sparta silver-spear', while his long-range weapon slot now had two

spaces, occupied by his Golden AK and the Sn-9 Wasp. If there's confusion about weapon slots,

it more or less mirrors the WoW format.)

The gap between Mogensha and Eros was presently over 300 metres. However, Mogensha still

pressed his trigger! From afar, Eros instantly sensed an unexplainable blaze of threat. If an

example had to be cited, then it would be analogous to an ordinary person being bound up,

while an evil bumblebee buzzed in within centimetres. Instead, this bumblebee was crafted

with scorching metal......

Over his body, 6 formless rhombus shields floated out immediately, yet the incoming beam very

bluntly smashed through one shield, and directly impaled Eros's arm.

A throbbing wave of piercing pain instantly overwhelmed Eros!

This beam was indeed a special ability of Mogensha's weapon - 'Wasp Stinger' - During an

attack, there's a 33% chance of negating 50% of defence and deal penetrative damages. This

attack takes precedence!

In this instant, Eros's expression finally changed. This astonishing twist of events was

completely out of his control! The smallest possibility of random variables had shockingly

surfaced. His opponent wasn't even equipped with an authentic sniper ace up his sleeve.

Instead, he was holding onto a rarely seen giant pistol with sniping capabilities!

In a flash, Eros immediately acknowledged his own blunder. He released a muffled harrumph

from his throat, as he ferociously charged forward; attempting to shorten the gap to Mogensha.

However, Mogensha possessed abundance of combat experience, he immediately turned to flee.

Not only that, during the course of him fleeing, he actually managed to strike two gunshots at

Eros without slowing down.

One of the shot skewed radically, transforming into a beam as it swept through the surrounding

trees. Creaacckk! It snapped off a 7-8 metre tall purple bracken tree. This tree crumbled

clamorously, as leaves wafted into the air. As for the other bullet, it very frankly whistled

through the hole left by the shattered area of the formless rhombus shield. Psst! It skid across

Eros's face, leaving a trail of blood!

Recalling the entire performance of Mogensha and Eros's dueling, those Growth-Hunters

immediately adopted a solemn expression. They clearly understood......Eros's greatest threat

potential wasn't within 300 metres proximity, but within a 100 metre radius!

Moreover, his foe even had a weapon that contained penetrative properties, which

meant.....ordinary cover wouldn't pose a huge help! Once Eros pursues and shrinks the gap

between them, the price for his opponent daring to return fire, would be having his safety gap

being forcefully shortened. However, since golden AK possessed the ridiculous ability of run

firing, then things would be exceptionally thorny.......

Eros immediately shrugged aside the glock that Prince Stalo had handed to him. Currently, he

retrieved a 'Holy Bible' lookalike, before carving a cross in midair. Instantaneously, dazzling

golden-bright radiance descended onto his body. Eros then bent himself in furious pursuit. The

experienced Mogensha obviously wasn't willing to allow him that luxury, he continued

sprinting away. While sprinting forward, he abruptly leapt up in a front somersault as his head

and arms faced his opponent in midair. Then, he aimed and released two shots.

This time, yet another shot missed. Instead, the other gunfire carried an acute buzz identical to

a wasp, stinging against Eros's chest. In a flash, an illusion of ice disintegrating on Eros's body

could be seen, before fresh blood came pouring out.

’’Damned! He really does possess a mobile firing ability!’’ The amount of contestants that

utilized firearms occupied at least a fifth here, they all understood deeply the intrinsic difficulty

of maintaining accurate firing at foes while sprinting.

Perhaps Mogensha's first strike could be described as a blind mouse encountering a dead rat. As

for the second time, if one still attempted to brush it off, then he would really be a discountable

fool. As for now, it was already the third time Mogensha exhibited such formidable abilities!

Eros's pupils immediately shrank. He instantly leapt behind a lateral tree. Instead, upon

viewing this situation, Mogensha hurriedly activated his 'Beastly Instincts'! Da Da Da! 3

consecutive fires.

The 3 gun shots crackled forward, instantly colliding each other's tail. The third and second

round were like supplements for the first. Bam Bam! They combined, as the first bullet jetted in

carrying a piercing wasp buzz. Boom! It penetrated through that tree sheltering Eros.

The tree loudly exploded forth with sharp fragmentations of wooden chips, before dispersing

like gust of winds.

Eros immediately darted out, but blood was already trickling down his left calf!

Although he suffered an injury, Eros's eyes flushed with a disdainful look. He took a deep

inhalation, both hands pressing down onto the ground. Currently, Eros was obviously in a

motionless state, a golden opportunity for Mogensha to assault him. Yet.....Mogensha only

stared with widened eyes.

Because in this short duel, Eros had discovered a fatal weakness of Mogensha. That was

Mogensha's weapon ammunition capacity was too little - only four rounds! After he released

the 3 shots, Mogensha had to empty out the magazine, and engage in reloading.

Of course Mogensha had another choice here, that was to change to his AK and fire. It was just

that the distance between them was nearly 300 metres, and his AK's precise accuracy and

damage would be discounted greatly.

Most importantly, the golden AK bullets didn't possess penetrative capabilities. At most, it

could smash against Eros's 6 rhombus shields. Even under heavy firepower suppression, Eros

would still be able to resist for 10 seconds.

At present, if one were to survey a hundred square metre radius of the area, one would be

appalled to discover the state of withered vegetation. The moist and fertile soil had dried up,

cracked and finally turned granular! This tropical rainforest thriving with vitality had now

morphed into a desolate desert.

At this moment, Eros exclaimed loudly. Drawing both hands from the ground, he raised his

palm and grasped!

’’With Gaea's might!’’

’’Come forth!’’

Eros snarled out.

’’Sand-Exiling Pike!’’

Shua!! The sandy ground abruptly converged, forming together and assembled into a sandy

long pike! The sand constituting the long spear seemed to contain life, revolving and

circulating about. Eros retracted back, exerting strength as he hurled the sandy long pike

towards Mogensha ferociously.

Reaching the pinnacle of velocity, it surged in by 150 metres before declining to seek solace

back into the ground. Yet at this moment, the distant Eros raised his left hand, with his bible

lookalike once again in his hand. He then pressed his hand over the cover page, before chanting


’’With Gaea's might!’’

’’Take form!’’

Appearing like a huge finger pinching in from the sky, the sandy long pike converged towards

the ground. Then it actually condensed into a sandman that was roughly half a metre tall. The

sandman had an appearance identical to Eros.

As the sandman landed, it made a front roll before dashing towards Mogensha. Its dashing

speed was terrifying to behold. At this moment, Eros was still within his casting state and

utterly immobile. Yet Mogensha was still reloading and completely unable to attack him!!


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