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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 392


Chapter 392: Awakening!!

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Mogensha's expression turned grave upon such a provocation. This black dude was obviously

not going to take this lying down. Spitting his phlegm, he erected a middle finger. When the

duelling begun, Mogensha immediately exploited the weakness of a glock's firing range. He

turned and dashed towards the nearby forest, obviously trying to use its complicated terrain to

deal with Eros. While he ran, he concurrently turned to fire.

Such a move was fairly common. Prince Stalo exposed his admiration through his eyes, then he

faintly shook his head.

Blazing-hot bullets propelled in, clashing mere centimetres from Eros's periphery before

rebounding off in ripples. Eros maintained an unhurried posture, inching forward with each

step! Until Mogensha entered his firing range then he immediately raised his pistol and opened


Currently, the crowd was aghast to discover; though Eros had been walking while Mogensha

running, the former had exceeded the latter in speed!!!

At present, Mogensha had just arrived at the forest. Executing a front roll, he easily kicked

against a lateral bracken tree before trying his utmost to conceal himself behind something.

Instead, that scorching bullet penetrated through the trees and landed onto his right shoulder

with ease; blood gushed out into the air!

Due to that, Mogensha's attempt at counter-firing missed its mark. However, with his

rebellious personality, he violently attempted to strike back in retaliation.

Yet at this moment, Eros seemed to have long anticipated that Mogensha would counterattack

in such a manner, promptly hoisting up his pistol, aiming and coldly fired!

A slanting bullet whizzed closely to the ground, before refracting forward in a 30 degrees angle.

Mogensha had been consistently weird and unpredictable, and unless he was caught off guard,

how could the enemy have predicted his movement and adapted oneself? What more, even

releasing such a refractive bullet? His chest immediately suffered from a ruthless memory, with

blood spraying out once again; his counterattack dissolving like soap bubbles.

Sheyan and Reef glanced at each other and sighed gently. Needless to say, this situation was

exceedingly clear. A suppression of attributes.

It was clear Eros's agility and perceptive sense eclipsed Mogensha's. Though its disparity didn't

flourish effects such as crushing damages like the strength attribute, there was still a stark

difference. Thus, Eros was able to maintain a step ahead of Mogensha, and suppressed him

incredibly. Under such situation, solely relying on combat experience could be deemed as futile!

One could envision the glaring venom in Prince Stalo's eyes now. Selecting such a person of

strength and discipline to stifle his prey, withering away his prey in a smooth and orderly

fashion! Such that even in defeat, his opponent wouldn't have a single excuse.

Currently, Eros who had occupied supremacy, displayed a calm expression. While aiming his

pistol towards Mogensha with his right hand, he drew a curve with his left.

Carving from up to down, his finger left a remnant glow of line in the air. Shua! A glowing door

emerged, with two fully armed American soldiers marching out. After scanning their

surroundings, they stooped forward and rush out. Utilizing standard tactical movements, they

swiftly flanked towards both sides.

Eros remained standing still and his eyes seemingly shut. Holding his pistol, he placed it by his

side naturally, as though he no longer had intentions of moving. Yet everyone knew that once

Mogensha resurfaces, he would suffer a heartless bout of gunfire!

Such an offensive style caused one to unintentionally think of the phrase - cutting the grass

while hitting the rabbit!

(TN: Chinese idiom which refers to while doing something, one conveniently does something

else as well. Most likely referring to resting, while slowly achieving victory)

’’The victor has been determined.’’ Prince Stalo gently issued. His voice was light, yet it rang

deeply in everyone's ears.

Reef frowned. Instead, Sheyan's eyes twinkled and refuted.

’’Indeed, It's Eros's defeat.’’

Sheyan's words wore spoken loudly, that everyone's attention halted onto him.

As though trying to prove the validity of their statements; within the next second, Mogensha

suddenly dove out, making consecutive rolls on the ground. After getting shot resulting in

dripping speckles of blood, he submerged back into the dense forest.

However this time, Mogensha managed to retaliate after getting shot.

Beastly Instincts, activated!!

5 penetrative rounds propelled out, the supernatural ability that took down the katana

contestant earlier once again showed itself.

5 rounds, mutually colliding at each tail. Finally, the last round transformed into a white streak

as it drilled into Eros's brows.

Instead, a flash radiated out from Eros's periphery, which gave birth to 6 rhombus semitransparent

shields and forcefully deflected the incoming bullet away!

His final attack was actually futile!

’’Nearly there.’’ Prince Stalo no longer watched as he lightly announced. ’’Another two more

shots to eliminate him.’’

Sheyan kept silent this time. Instead, his heart was screaming out.

’’If I haven't guessed wrongly......Mogensha. Golden AK, Mogensha. After following me for so

long, if your prowess are indeed as formidable as what Reef mentioned, should've

already fulfilled the qualifications for that step!’’

The forest was deathly still. Bracing their rifles, the two emotionless American soldiers

continued advancing with standard tactical movements; like cold murderous machines. Their

statuses were fixed as cannon fodder, like a fishnet serving only to drive fishes out of the water!

In the next second, within the dense area Mogensha was last seen. An astoundingly glaring

crimson red glowed out, like needles prickling everyone's eyes.

Boundary reached!


Golden AK Mogensha had actually possessed the capability to breakthrough the 50 points


The crux of it was very likely to be that black grade, 'Sn-9 wasp pistol', he had just acquired.

Still, Eros had an unwavering expression, appearing as though he had anticipated Mogensha's

awakening. Instead, his gaze transformed grimmer, as he maintained his position. Suddenly, a

shadow darted out from the distant. Eros's expression remained unchanging, likewise his

posture held still. Except, the two summoned American soldiers immediately opened fire. Tu Tu

Tu Tu! Bullets rated as unmissable struck against that shadow. Instead, it was merely a dried up

tree stump.

At this very moment, Mogensha finally lifted his AK and leapt out from his cover. This time,

Eros's firing speed was clearly slower. Moreover, when his finger reached the trigger, he could

not press it! That was because his shooting line of vision had two obstructing dots between him

and Mogensha. The two shocking hindrances were indeed his own summons.

With Eros unable to take a shot, Mogensha finally succeeded in retreating several metres away,

hiding deeper into the forest. At present, the awakened Mogensha was still lacking Eros in

agility and perceptive sense, however, it was no longer that sort of total suppression.

Yet more critically, Mogensha had already realized. In the shooting aspect, Eros seemed to be

rather unaccustomed. He wasn't like one who arduously clawed up from the depths of life and

death. Instead, he was like a shooting athlete, and his style was akin to that of 'practice makes


Mogensha continued wafting through the forest. His unceasing efforts as vigorous and nimble

as the reindeers sprinting along the Alaskan fields. Every leap and jump ingeniously exploited

the cover from the two American soldiers. As for those two soldiers, trying to land a hit on

Mogensha before was already difficult, what more now; it was simply impossible.

When Eros finally came to that realization and ordered his soldiers to the side, Mogensha had

already pulled open a gap of about 150 metres.

This was already out of a glock's maximum range. Instead, Eros's lips curled into a cold sneer,

because his HP was still 100% while the current Mogensha didn't even possess a third of his HP.

Yes, fleeing further away was indeed escaping his firing range, but! Under such a vast

proximity, Mogensha's firing threat would greatly decline as well, becoming terribly hard to

threaten Eros!

One shouldn't forget; before Mogensha awakened, Eros's perceptive sense had stifled

Mogensha totally! Which goes to say, Mogensha's base abilities probably didn't elude Eros's


A veteran shooter himself, Eros obviously knew that though basic attributes could inflate

greatly after awakening, basic abilities still required learning. As for the current Mogensha's

basic abilities, it was inadequate for him to even wield a white grade sniper!

At the 200 metre mark, Mogensha shockingly begun his counterattack. The rumbling gunfire of

his AK47 echoed through the dense forest. This time, Mogensha's firing method was very weird

- an appalling single bullet firing rate! With a 200 metres gap, though Eros's attacks were

deadly, the glock's range had become his achilles heel. Mogensha could now freely assault Eros

without caring about dodging.

Jetting out from the golden AK, 4 incomparably fiery bullets drilled into his foe's body. Every

time Mogensha fired, he would lift his foot and retreat. As though his footsteps were in line

with a fatal rhythm, displaying a performance of fine execution. Every step he made left clear

heavy footprints, yet his rhythmic posture appeared as though he was floating over the surface.

Mogensha's target obviously wasn't Eros, but the two American soldiers that were reluctantly

pursuing him. The reason he started eliminating those two 'aiding' obstacles was that after

fleeing so far, the two soldiers had ceased to be useful. Secondly, having just awakened his

boundary, he definitely had to adjust to the sharp increase in agility and perceptive sense;

advancing a step further in understanding his battle capabilities.

The piercing AK gunfires reverberated through the skies, seemingly within everyone's reach.

A summoned American soldier suffered consecutive shots to his arm, stomach, chest and thigh.

He was about to roar furiously but instead, a bullet wrapped in flames appeared before his very



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