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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 391


Chapter 391: AK Vs M4

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When the duelling commenced, the two gunmen immediately leapt behind lateral rocks to take

cover. Yet at the exact instance Mogensha darted to the side, he simultaneously aimed across

with his AK; releasing a burst shot of 5! This action instantly caused the pupils of all long range

firepower contestants to shrink.

How disastrously low was the accuracy rate of shooting in movement was known by all;

especially when the opponent was a Growth-hunter, it was simply a waste of bullets. Yet reality

was always rhetorical. In that moment, everyone could see two shocking blood lotus that had

bloomed on the arm of the ponytail contestant. Sheyan could even hear whisperings from the

other side.

’’Careful! I'm afraid Le'montesovo is going to lose. To shoot while moving, that golden AK is

simply too frightening!’’

Getting shot twice right at the get go, it could be said that Le'montesovo was gravely

disadvantaged. Because if both parties decided to avoid conflict, although he wouldn't suffer

much injuries and practically no damage would be dealt on both both parties, he would still

inevitably lose to the 100 percent health Mogensha. Hence, if Le'montesovo wanted to win, he

had to take the aggressive initiative.

Yet the iron rule of law in war was that defence was much easier than assault! Especially with

such a limited timeline.

Yet as Le'montesovo gritted his teeth and rushed out of his cover, he shockingly discovered

Mogensha was already out there awaiting him! Mogensha's thirst for battle, had vastly

exceeded his own!

Intense gunfire rumblings pierced into the air.

Both sides engaged in tactical evasion; yet in Le'montesovo's perspective, the first incoming

bullet had actually deviated from him, and struck into the ground beside his leg. Instead, a thin

layer of blue ice rapidly converged towards his leg, condensing a freezing sensation!! It

immediately plunged his movement speed down, causing not a single of one of the following 4

bullets to slip out of the net! When the rounds struck against Le'montesovo, an insanely violent

explosion erupted!

However, Le'montesovo had simultaneously retaliated while being assaulted. Beneath his M4

carbine, a smoky rifle grenade catapulted out from an add-on equipped grenade launcher. The

grenade swerved a remarkable arc, heading directly for Mogensha!

Boom! A clamorous explosion resounded, a blazing numbing sensation overwhelmed

Mogensha's chest; before a searing pain pervaded his entire self! Fortunately, he managed to

executing an evading roll beforehand, preventing himself from a direct hit! Mogensha's

willpower was more fortitudinous than others; spitting a mouthful of blood, he managed to

press his trigger before landing on the ground. Fiery intertwining rounds glazed across,

piercing in retaliation to the counterattacking Le'montesovo.

As time clicked by swiftly, Le'montesovo became increasingly cautious; even if one was a

formidable Growth-hunter, if he didn't meticulously strengthen physique and HP, then he

would still be frail. Furthermore, Le'montesovo was used to treating his foes as though driving

out a rabbit from its den, normally utilizing his heavy firepower to bombard and overpower his

foes. Thus, he wasn't very adapted to such a solo challenger scenario. (In WoW context, it was

like a level 80 PVE hunter challenging a level 70 beastmaster)

As seconds drifted by, both parties repetitively chiselled away at each other's HP; even

Mogensha was left with roughly 60% HP. Yet at this moment, Le'montesovo suddenly

acted......In a flurry, he roared furiously as his body emanated a bloodish red glow, saturating

onto his rifle; in a flash, this entire rifle transformed bloodied red!

Carrying his M4a1 carbine like a heavy machine gun instead, Le'montesovo darted out of his

cover as he stomped forward. Then assuming a rambo like posture, he triggered his rifle!!

This was Le'montesovo's Rank A ability - 'Polarbear's fury' ! During its duration, his bullet's

penetration rate would soar by 300%, precision +30 and increased 50% explosive strike rate!

What was more, infinite ammunition!!

At present, Mogensha was hiding behind a huge boulder. Tiny rock fragments erupted as

though dozens of invisible chisels were grinding fanatically at it. Amidst blusters of rock

fragments, the entire boulder was reduced to 1/3 its size! At this rate, this cover was projected to

vanish from this world within a short span of seconds.

Thus, Mogensha could only dive out. Opening fire towards the skies, his AK47 unleashed

devastating fiery tongues. However, bullets spewing out of the M4a1 similarly converged into

streaks of blazing lines, forcefully penetrating into his body. If they were to compare damage

severity, every 3 bullet rounds of AK could only rival a bullet from the M4a1 carbine.

Hence in that instance after issuing his burst shot of 5, Mogensha tossed aside his golden AK. In

a flash, he pulled out his 'Sparta spear' and hurled it without hesitation! That streak of chain

lightning bolted through the gap between them, directly electrifying and sending Le'montesovo


Near-death state!


2 consecutive takedowns!

Identically, under the barrage of bullets, Mogensha was similar sent crashing with his face

against the ground. However, he very quickly used his AK47 to support his body up. One could

tell how drained he was, his face was smeared fully with fresh blood. Yet as though he didn't

give a damn, he chewed on his chewing gum and snickered at Le'montesovo.

Kneeing grievously on the ground, Le'montesovo's bloodshot eyes widened, and frantically

raged out.

’’This......this isn't possible. He's cheating, he definitely consumed medicines!’’

The remaining Growth-Hunters similarly could tell something was fishy, they clearly

understood the might of Le'montesovo's 'Polarbear's fury' ; moreover, he at least delivered 4

shots to that black dude! To an agile specialized range user, 4 gunshots definitely contained

immeasurable deadliness. If one didn't painstakingly temper one's physique, it would be

impossible to escape near death state. Yet for one who placed focus on physique as well, then

the black dude's offensive capabilities wouldn't be so ridiculous.

Still, this duel was officiated by the realm's contract, it was impossible for any illicit acts.

Hence, the only explanation was that this gunman actually possessed battle regeneration

abilities! The realm contract prohibited medicine consumption, yet a contestant's personal

ability cannot be banned.

If one had consigned the defeat of the katana contestant to Mogensha having exploited a cheap

situation, then the defeat of a second Growth-hunter was completely out of everyone's

expectations. Faced with such a situation, a tall and burly Growth-Hunter with white hair

commanded in a sullen tone.

’’Eros, you go.’’

By releasing this statement, it clearly indicated his status as leader.

Another Growth-hunter with an elegant demeanor marched out, and humbly prostrated


’’As your excellency wills, Prince Stalo.’’

From Prince Stalo's waist, he retrieved a gun holster. Contained within, was a pistol that

originally looked dark and gloomy. Yet once the Prince grasped it, it shockingly glittered with

faint golden radiance. The glow didn't appear to be released internally, but was instead plated


Obviously, it was an upgraded weapon by Prince Stalo. As for the faraway Mogensha who was

currently wrapping bandages carefreely, his pupils immediately contracted. The weapon in

Prince Stalo's hands, was shockingly a Glock pistol.

Only a veteran would know, from an artistic perspective, the glock wasn't a pistol but rather a

wall brick of a streetside latrine. Yet this ugly thing had been the most esteemed version of

pistol that western law enforcers utilized since the 20th century. The balance between a glock's

appearance and functionality was skewed all the way to its latter.

If one's self esteem was hurt using a Beretta, Colt or even a Type-54 pistol; upon changing to a

glock and firing several shots, one would recover utmost confidence in one's shooting abilities.

The intrinsic and near perfect mechanism of the glock allowed even beginner students to easily

hit their targets. To a veteran gunman, using a glock didn't require any adaptability phase.

A glock's simple and crude composition was not only easily maintainable (cleaning only

included 5 components including magazine), its reliability was extremely shocking.

During durability testing, a glock was randomly frozen in a block of ice, buried in sand and mud

before fishing out to clean, submerged into seawater before plucking out, throwing against

concrete cement from 50 metres high, and crushed by a 10 ton truck for 'nth' times. Yet after all

these torture, reloading and test-firing 100 rounds would display results of zero malfunctions.

The glock was like a wall brick, without a single aesthetic praise, yet it became one of the most

excellent weapons to date!!

Prince Stalo held the pistol for approximately 5 seconds, before tossing it over to Eros. At

present upon careful observation, the glock's appearance was as ordinary and usual. However,

fairly complex engravings were carved onto its surface, releasing a thin glimmer of gold.

When Eros caught the pistol, his wrist instantly sank and had to support it with both hands

instead. Yet when he firmly gripped it, it was as though his body essence, aura and spirit had

congealed over it!

With an abrupt flurry of his wrist, the glock subsequently shuddered; releasing 3 rounds into

the atmosphere, whizzing towards the distant Mogensha. Yet the duel had obviously not begun!

A clamorous upheaval broke out amongst the audience. As the fumes dispersed, the 3 rounds

were directed in extremely crafty angles. The first whistled past Mogensha's ears, 1 very

precisely extinguished Mogensha's cigar, and the other swept across Mogensha's eyes! Such a

provocation was vividly portrayed!

(TN: I apologize if i messed up the WoW characters (or any other game characters), some

chinese terms are extremely difficult to deduce and pinpoint the exact WoW character author is

referring to. Because the chinese translation of english characters are quite different.)


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