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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 390


Chapter 390: An extended difficulty, an extended mission

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It was only until later that the defenders realized that the group of uninvited guest had

exceptional prowess; having a huge pool of Growth-Hunters, at least some were reserve-duty

Growth-hunter that had awakened their boundary! Yet were the valkyrie defenders weaklings?

There were at least a small portion of them that were reserve-duty Growth-hunters, what more

their superiority in numbers! However, once a full scale war breaks out, even if the aggressors

were annihilated, the amount of casualties on both sides would be incomprehensible.

As for the 13 contestants, they were actually dispatched here by Hell's Gate. They managed to

acquire a hidden mission; entailing a special mission description of a crashed valkyrie at

coordinates xxxx xxxx. The core engine of the valkyrie was immensely valuable, and they were

tasked to take a look; retrieving it if the engine wasn't destroyed. Of course, this mission

duration was only 6 hours, and not to be exceeded. All in all, both parties reaching a perfect

resolution and compromise wasn't possible.

When the two forces sunk into a deadlock, the infiltrating group of Growth-Hunters probably

felt that victory would be tough, and brute force wasn't wise. Hence, they proclaimed for a duel

under fair conditions, if the 13 of them could be defeated, they would immediately turn and

leave. It could be 1 versus 1, or any versus any; ultimately, the maximum was 13 versus 13. As

long as one sank into near death state, then the duel would conclude and no casualties would


As for the duel, it followed the preceding contracted regulations:

'King of Fighters' format (A challenger will continue fighting until he is defeated)

When the duel begins, a starting gap of 50 metres would be enforced by the realm.

Duel period of 10 minutes.

If nobody sinks into near death state, then the victor would be decided by HP (Percentage) left.

After a match, there will be 30 seconds of rest.

Conceding is permitted.

Upon conceding, temporary battle immunity will be granted (To prevent deceitful conceding)

Medicines are prohibited during a duel.

Of course, to prevent vicious underhanded behavior of dealing a finishing blow to a near death

state contestant, these regulations were all officiated by a realm contract.

Of course, if when the defenders disagreed, the 13 individuals simply announced to place every

individual on their black list, even if they couldn't reap any benefits from this world. Simply

speaking, they were referring to unscrupulous and malicious acts done in the darkness -

infiltrating the valkyrie secretly to commit serial homicides on individuals. Once this cunning

words made light, it naturally latched onto the defender's achilles heels. Besides, the defending

contestants were ultimately like disjointed loose sand, that moles could easily take advantage


Hence due to such circumstances, both parties naturally begun dueling.......


After discerning clearly the sequence of events, Sheyan exhaled deeply.

’’This battle side mission's indeed above my expectations! We managed to

interrupt the beast horde's skirmish and lowered the mission's risk, yet such a sudden

intensive hidden mission emerged almost immediately!! Only by defeating these 13 Growth-

Hunters/ reserve-duty Growth-hunters, can we obtain final victory!’’

Observing the incomparably unresigned Demondream, Huckle of the Illume-union exclaimed

with shock beside Sheyan.

’’Even Demondream was defeated!’’

Mogensha chewed on his chewing gum, heartlessly rapping out.

’’That's normal, that woman isn't worth much.’’

Huckle's expression turned ugly, but giving face to Sheyan, he didn't fall out with Mogensha.

Instead, he replied with sarcastic mockery.

’’Then try dueling for yourself. By the way let me inform you, seven others have already fallen

to that Growth-hunter Zeiss.Carl's katana!’’

Mogensha didn't seem to care as he replied.

’’Then how many have they lost.’’

Huckle's facial muscles twitched and answered.

’’That person was the first challenger, he hasn't lost yet.’’

Sheyan's expression immediately turned solemn. Contestants that could survive in a beast

horde, would they be ordinary individuals? Instead, this katana wielder had already claimed

victory in 7 matches. He then recalled Lille and the rest he faced earlier on, it was easy to

imagine the might of this fella. ’’Is it really when compared to ordinary contestants, a Growthhunter

would really hold such overwhelming supremacy?’’

Becoming absent minded as he pondered, his ears suddenly rang with the familiar and homely

'DA DA DA' AK gunfires! Sheyan was instantly startled, a disbelieving notion surged into his


’’This guy.......’’

He raised his head; in a blink of an eye, that black dude was actually inside the court! He

actually initiated a duel against that Growth-hunter! Sheyan's heart flushed with surprise.

That Growth-hunter utilizes a katana. Just one look could tell his speed was like rushing water,

wouldn't Mogensha be restrained till death? About to yell out, a hand pressed against his

shoulder. Instead, Reef nodded, earnestly urging.

’’Boss, golden AK's reputation didn't come about by mere bragging.’’

Sheyan's heart shuddered. Ever since Mogensha had taken the initiative to follow him, he had

really been extremely low key. Yet he couldn't neglect the fact that every single task he had

been given, was fully accomplished with satisfaction.

More crucially, due to the fact that their current party dynamics were lacking, their firepower

output was completely reliant on Mogensha himself. Moreover, before their fates intertwined,

he was still the head of the long range combatants in the Symbiosis sect; a powerful aide of the

Metals Professor? Would a slipshot individual be recruited by her to become a party's backbone?

Then she very possibly had recruited him out when she left her own party!

At present, the distant duel had officially begun. Mogensha puffed on his cigar as he stood in

challenge. When the duel begun, both parties were enforced to a 50 metre distance by the

dueling regulation. The grim expression katana contestant very bluntly introduced his katana

and dashed forward. Mogensha spat out a puff of smoke; his AK muzzle pointing forward as it

begun volleying out fiery tongues.

In a flash, that Growth-hunter momentous charge turned unhurried, as cold streaks of rays

appeared from his body; the glows emitted by his fluttering katana!

Mogensha's bullets halted in midair, as though relinquishing its mobility momentarily;

freezing rigidly like stop motion just like in 'The Matrix', before being sliced apart into two!

Then the bullet fragments scattered onto the ground. Meanwhile, the contestant had already

buried his head, continuing his speedy charge. He was like a knight, forcefully thrusting aside

the way ahead!

Mogensha puffed on his cigar, allowing the sweet cyan fumes to enter his lungs before he

returned to aim and fired.

That Growth-hunter had already reached within 30 metres. The same scene played out; his

speed slightly diminished, cold streaks surfaced on his body. Yet this time, when his katana

blade arrived at the bullets, a sequence of insanely violent chain explosion erupted!

Healing medicines and bandages had their cooldown usage periods, they weren't infinite.

However, there was only 30 seconds of rest between each duel. Thus, after 7 bitter duels, this

Growth-hunter had his health plunged to a relatively low degree. Instead, though facing such

ferocious explosions, Growth-hunter Zeiss.Carl swept forward with his katana, advancing

forward with incomparable incisiveness!!

At this moment, a cold gimmer flickered in Mogensha's eyes. His finger once again pressing on

the trigger. A blue flash radiated from his Golden AK.......

Beastly Instincts


DA DA DA DA DA! This time, a burst shot of 5 unleashed from the gun barrel! The 5 rounds

appeared ordinary; however during the flight process, the fifth bullet erupted with speed as it

clashed against the rear of the fourth bullet; the fourth knocked against the buttocks of the

third.......until the first bullet got struck, that velocity amplification compounded, transforming

it into a white laser that bolted forward; directly piercing into the throat of the reserve-duty

Growth-hunter without sparing a chance!!

Explosive strike!

Near death state!!


The faces of those Growth-Hunter guests were all exceedingly ugly! In their hearts, a gunmen

attempting to challenge their comrade was simply wishful thinking. Yet their expectations

were now like a river pouring away by the day; more crucially, the opponent wasn't even a

Reserve-duty Growth-Hunter!!

According to theory, sudden bullet-speed amplifications was a basic ability that all gunmen

should grasp. However, Mogensha's bullet-speed amplifications were honestly too devilish!

That's right, it could only be described as devilish. During the former barrage, the Growthhunter

already had a rough adaptability to Mogensha's shooting speed and count. When the

second assault arrived, it was shockingly a speed amplification, then amplified, then amplified

again! A total of 4 rounds of bullet-speed amplification! Everyone's reaction time had its limits,

and this was something that Mogensha seized to create an opening!

Of course, one had to note this katana wielder Growth-hunter had already defeated 7 others

consecutively. Most of his abilities would probably be on cooldown, and essentially all his

healing medicines or supplies would be on cooldown. Therefore, Mogensha seized this

opportunity, to bring about an explosive take down.

At this moment, Mogensha slapped and raised his Golden AK in a carefree manner, laughing

confidently as he lifted his rifle to the sky before releasing a puff of smoke fumes.

Sheyan chuckled lightly, raising a thumbs up!

As for the opposing Growth-Hunters, they didn't appear particularly affected by their

comrade's defeat. One of them stepped forward to drag the reluctantly looking Zeiss.Carl back.

Then, another robustly built Growth-hunter with a ponytail strolled forward, his face

expression emotionless. Instead, his hand tugged onto a Carbine M4a1 equipped with a silencer;

raising it towards the black dude, who was still puffing on his cigar from a distance.

’’Woah woah, AK versus carbine, are they playing counter-strike?’’ Huckle whistled and


Every duel conclusion would have 30 seconds of rest. Seizing this chance, Mogensha definitely

wouldn't allow himself to be disadvantaged. Although he hadn't sustained any wounds, he

immediately extinguished his cigar; popping a blue chewing gum into his mouth. It was a

regeneration food, refuelling his MP.

TN: Do note once again. Author sometimes calls the reserve-duty growth-hunter as growthhunter.

Probably not willing to reveal their strength yet or something. So as of now, just treat

the growth-hunters as reserve-duty ones, until author explicitly states that person is an

official growth-hunter


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