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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 389


Chapter 389: Another Conflict

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At this moment, Reef abruptly gasped.

’’Have you guys completed the Salary Raise' milestone? The one that requires killing 3 male Na'vi. Why have I just gotten the notification of me finishing it?’’

Sheyan similarly didn't realize that, and likewise immediately discovered it after examining. There were probably females amongst the 3 Navis they dispatched off before Lille and Uzel's rebellion, hence they only accomplished the milestone now. As for the title bestowed from that milestone, it was Outstanding Worker'.

Its properties included receiving additional rewards when accomplishing a mission from the RDA company.

This milestone similarly had a continuity. This time, it required killing 10 male Navis/1 Hammerhead Titanothere.

Following that, Sheyan headed towards the remnant wreckage of Makaji's AMP Suit', carefully fumbling beneath the mud. He then lifted the buried stone coffin and the skull of the Great Leonopteryx, before bluntly storing them into their party storage space.

He then pondered carefully as he surveyed the Hometree, his eyes harbouring evil intentions. Then he patted Mogensha's and Reef's shoulder.

’’A little help here.’’

Reef suspiciously asked.


Sheyan bluntly replied.


He then trotted towards the front of the Hometree, one that had long forfeited its vitality. Sheyan then directly smashed a punch towards the supporting roots that were bracing its colossal weight! Repetitive successions of wood fragmenting sputtering echoed through the forest.

’’Some help here, really a load of help please. If not, I can't guarantee those hostile reinforcements wouldn't catch up to us later.’’

An hour later, the surrounding tranquility of the Hometree was disturbed once again.

’’Glock glock!’’ Galloping hoof sounds!!

At least 20 Na'vi riders mounted on 6-legged great horses raised their longbows loftily, as they rummaged impressively through the dark forest; mud splashing against hooves. Even the usual screeching of birds and insects ceased. The longbows slung across their backs emitting a domineering air of threat.

Blessed with night vision capabilities, the Na'vi had long surveyed the current situation clearly. No doubt, a battle had occurred here.

An extraordinarily intensive battle! A catastrophic extent that even the sacred Hometree appeared as if a dozen Hammerhead Titanothere had stampeded through.

’’Invaders!’’ The leading na'vi rider issued with hateful rancor, his face painted with war patterns.

They simultaneously leapt down their horses, already observing the corpses of their own race piled at the Hometree. Their deaths were complicated, mostly due to gruesome physical abuse and fractured bones. Deaths by the overpowering ravage of brute force was rarely seen by the Na'vis.

Suddenly, the foremost Na'vi cried out with incomparable grief.


Jacques, a valiant warrior of their clan, was actually nailed to the wall by an arrow; his eyes still widely opened! Naturally, this was done by the vengeful Mogensha. The bunch of them shot forward with shock and grief, pulling out the arrow to retrieve their clansman's corpse. Thus, they completely overlooked a thin thread connecting the arrow to an unremarkable trigger. But on hindsight even if they did, it made no difference. Most Na'vi would not recognize the multitude of bundles called high intensity explosives'.

TN Sheyan purchased those high intensity explosives back in chapter 18 of this volume

seconds later, a massive and depressingly oppressive explosion resounded within the root system of this colossal tree. It was as though a violent tremor shook the earth. An abrupt despairing convulsion trembled through the root and up its trunk! The raining zenith of leaves scattered down as a commemoration of its past! In a split second, the great tree connecting heaven and earth shook incessantly; amidst the constant snapping, it finally collapsed unhurriedly!

Such was the immense ruckus the collapsing Hometree had caused. 3 males trudging through the dark and moist forest weren't deaf, reflexively swinging their heads round to look. Mogensha couldn't help exclaiming.

’’Those guys were too fast. If we had dragged on for a tad longer, we would've been screwed.’’

Reef avoided a falling rotten log, accidentally trampling over a red fern bush by the side. Instantly, his body was enveloped in a revolting stench. He creased his brows and clutched his nose, pondering a little before uttering a muffled statement.

’’The might of that explosion was too massive. In addition to the entire Hometree crumbling over them, I'm afraid not a single reinforcement of that Takji clan survived. Should we take advantage of this weakness, and raze their Takji clan?’’

Sheyan grit his teeth as he pulled out his leg from the rotting mud. He raised his head to the sight of a jellyfish looking hybrid fuchsia, pondering briefly before replying.

’’We'll talk about it next time, let's return first. If we can't take the initiative against the Na'vi in combat, then such a battle may not be worth taking!’’

’’Oh! Heavens above, I hate these trippy roots man, shit what kind of animal crap did I step on, it stinks!’’ Mogensha suddenly yelled out.

Sheyan coldly scolded.

’’Shut up. Just look at the way ahead. If not for these glowing plants, we'll probably take the whole night to return to the valkyrie.’’

After exhausting all their strength slaying 11 viperwolves, 21 abnormal insects and carnivorous veggies; Sheyan and gang finally caught sight of the enormous valkyrie. At present, the sky begun exposing its ember dawn clouds.

The exhausted party Ace sneaked back to the second floor of the valkyrie. In spite of the Illumeunion's despising gazes, they headed towards the end of the channel to sleep. As for Sheyan, life wasn't so easy. He still had to return to the self-healing manger of the valkyrie to recover his severed limb, before falling asleep. Of course, recovering a limb wasn't free, and he had to spend a large sum of utility points.

For the sake of the party member's safety, the departed worker's metal identification card once again displayed its usefulness. Party Ace very blatantly occupied his cabin; of which Sheyan utilized the camp bed, Mogensha used his military blanket while Reef used his pillow and the floor.

Of course to contestants, breaking down this sliding iron cabin door wouldn't take much effort. However, the door was merely used as a warning signal and not protection. If any uninvited guest seeked trouble, Sheyan and the rest had the luxury of a few seconds of buffer time; and retaliate heavily against that bearer of malice.

4-6 hours of sleep to ordinary people was perhaps a tiny breather. Instead for dynamic contestants like Sheyan and the rest, it was sufficient to rejuvenate their energy; their mental state completely and thoroughly revitalize. It was like their biological clock was in sync as they woke up precisely together.

After their earlier battles and trekking, they were famished. They hurriedly stuffed sandwiches into their mouths, drinking down a bottle of gatorade ferociously; and finally sucked in 3 tubes of toothpaste-like nutrition dosage. This item was purchased from the dead RDA worker previously, it was said to effectively replenish their strength and supply energy! Of course, it probably contained steroid type stimulants.

It was at this moment, an unexpected chilliness wafted in from outside, like an incisive knife gently caressing their faces. They frantically leapt up, directing their attention outwards.

’’This feeling.’’

In that instance, both Mogensha and Reef could feel it. Their immediately turned around, Reefs pupils shrinking in a flash.

’’That..that's a Growth-Hunter. The aura akin to an official Growth-Hunter like Makaji!’’

The trio hastily scrambled out of the cabin, instantly seeing members of the Illume-union guarding the area, as though preparing for their great rivals. Catching sight of Reef and the rest, they displayed a sudden precaution. However, upon realizing it was Reef and Sheyan, for some unknown reason, their eyes actually exposed a delighted expression.

At present, they peeped out of the shuttle window. Shockingly, two groups of people were facing each other intimidatingly. The group nearest the valkyrie had more contestants; most

were familiar faces, they were contestants who mutually defended the valkyrie against the beast horde previously. While in a distance, were 13 individuals.

The 13 seemed rather on good terms with each other, laughing and chatting; their arrogance rich and dense, as though completely disregarding the contestants in front of them. The crimson nightmare imprint on their chest seemed to float out virtually, looking exceedingly distinct; probably the symbol of a Growth-hunter. Amongst the 13, one was astonishingly that Aldaris that seemed to be familiar with Reef!

Within the space between the two sides, a contestant strolled away holding onto a japanese katana. His chest flickering with glaring crimson glows, the symbol of a Growth-hunter! Not far away from him, was shockingly a kneeling woman, her pale face beaming with fury. Indeed, she was a core of the Illume-union, Demondream. However, she had been shockingly beaten into a near death state, except it was unsure why the opponent wouldn't deliver the fatal blow.

That katana contestant strolled several steps forward, before turning around; pointing his silver glowing katana towards the contestants shielding the valkyrie, he coldly announced.


At this moment, Sheyan finally got the rough details from the contestant beside him. Roughly 8 in the morning, that group of contestants had suddenly approached the valkyrie, intending to directly infiltrate the second floor to the core engine of the shuttle. The illume-union was obviously unyielding, thus both sides naturally fought.


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