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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 388


Chapter 388: Demolishing

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'Rum and Songs' activated!

A string of blood launched out from Jacques's back. In that instant, he could only feel his vision

darkening....losing control of his senses as he stood rigidly where he was.

Amidst the pitch-black darkness, a fiery tongue abruptly spat out; propelling its bullet into

Jacques's calf. The bullet exploded upon impact, its immense force sending the stunned Jacques

crashing to the ground.

Another 4 cunning rounds came chasing in viciously, striking Jacques's braids, as his braids

wobbled wildly upon impact; releasing a whiff of burnt stench. Indeed, it was the careless and

severely injured Mogensha who had finally resurfaced.

As mentioned previously, a Na'vi's braids were like the sensitive jewels of a male's future.

Naturally, those 4 bullets had delivered unimaginable agony to Jacques; a similar sensation that

of ferocious consecutive kicks against the swaying jewels between a male's legs. Once he

recovered from being stunned, Jacques groaned as he swung round to retaliate; his eyes terribly


Mogensha's chest was still shedding blood from the arrow hole. How would he forget the recent

lesson he paid in blood so easily? After opening fire, Mogensha quickly dove towards the side,

utilizing a dead na'vi corpse with a broken neck thanks to Sheyan, as a perfect meat shield.

However, the next second, he issued a mournful howl. Jacques's arrow, one filled with

resentment and suffering, penetrated through the corpse of his own species; finally piercing

into Mogensha's perky buttocks.......

After Jacques released the arrow, he spared no delay as he forcefully endured the searing pain

jolting through his braids. Exerting force through his legs, he leapt and seized the vines ahead.

Like an orangutan, he prepared to flee. Instead, a merciless figure appeared from the tree

hollow entrance, pursuing Jacques with matchless speed.

Mud splashed wildly, a momentum incomparably unyielding. Although Jacques possessed

breakneck agility, his hopes of survival were destroyed in just 50 metres. 'Zergling Rush' had

already been activated on Sheyan's body long ago. Once he drew in, he unleashed 3 ruthless

punches consecutively, smacking the vision out of Jacques!

Jacques was about to continue fleeing, but how would Sheyan allow him to? A curse-mix

shattered onto the floor, a confusion effect gripping him. Like a vengeful spirit not willing to

disperse, Sheyan's fists came crackling in. Though Sheyan could only land 1 out of 3 punches

against the nimble Jacques, one punch was sufficient to send aching sorrow into Jacques's


When Jacques counterattacked, his foe completely disregarded trying to block; blatantly

swapping injury for injury. Hence, even before escaping the poison fog, this valiant warrior was

forced into desperation.

Jacques made a last ditch attempt and stabbed his war-dagger deep into his enemy's chest.

Instead, all he felt was stabbing into solid wood. The enemy was shockingly ignorant of pain, as

his neck was gripped by the enemy. A firm grip, one that had completely constricted him. His

elongated body easily lifted up, then forcefully slammed downwards! At this moment, Jacques

still attempted to retaliate, whipping against Sheyan's face with his tail!

Sheyan's answer was just a fist.......a domineering and cumbersome fist!

Mud splashed sorrowfully, Jacques's war-dagger carved a lonely and melancholic arc in midair,

finally submerging into the sordid mud. Bubbles gurgled up, and finally its glow dimmed and

extinguished. Sheyan's eyes flickered with maliciousness, once again raising his fist and

pounding down!

One fist,

Two fists,


The brave Na'vi resolutely gritted his teeth shut, not willing to offer a single sound; even till the

brink of death, not a single scream. This was the cruelty of war. In death, his clansmen would

avenge him. Akin to that human skull hung above the fire dyke previously, one that was even

converted into food for the Na`vis!


After affirming all ambushing Na'vi warriors had been slain, the 3 gathered by a bonfire within

the Hometree hollow. Sheyan dragged the Na'vi corpses in, causing the black dude Mogensha to

feel heavy in his heart; thinking his boss was a vile individual who intended to roast these

Na`vis in the name of justice. Who knew after a brief inspection, Sheyan whispered seriously.

’’The thunderstorm is almost over, I'm afraid we have to risk it and travel in darkness.’’

Mogensha was taken aback.

’’ just said that it was insanely dangerous!’’

Sheyan gently shook his head.

’’Take a look, do you see any differences between the corpses?’’

Reef carefully examined but found nothing. Instead, Mogensha was more keen on picking up

signs, his eyes immediately differentiated it.

’’Eh, there's something fishy with this guy's ornaments!’’

’’Woah, even his facial painting is different!’’

’’Look at the feather ornaments of these fellas, they are all monotonously faced downwards!’’

’’And the embroidery design of their arrows; these few guys are the same, while the others have

another design. Right, I seem to have come across this somewhere before! Right! It's right on

the wooden wall over there!’’

Sheyan nodded.

’’I'm not as observant as you. Except, I noticed those embroidery designs on that wooden wall,

which most of the aboriginals possess. Yet, those few stronger ones didn't. Instead, they host a

different grainy pattern at the similar spot - It appears as if they aren't together.’’

Reef's face became sullen.

’’You're saying.......reinforcements?'

’’Yes! If we continue staying here, then reinforcements will arrive. I'm afraid, our chances of

leaving then would be zero.’’

Sheyan earnestly continued. ’’Furthermore, the thunderstorm has ended. Earlier, the biggest

worry for not leaving, was due to an ambush by the Na'vis in the've already

experienced how deadly their archey can be right. Since the threat is temporarily alleviated,

then we should make haste to avoid them.’’

Jacques's special arrow had sent Reef flying for 5-6 metres; Penetrative damage + ability

damage + explosive strike + poison effects. Even after the 30% damage reduction of the 'Hydra

armour', it deducted an astounding figure of close to 300 HP; and this wasn't factoring the

persisting damages (damage over time) yet.

Such mighty clan warriors if a few arrived, no, it just required 2-3 vigilant ones to trap and

suffocate them inside the tree hollow. Then, there would be nothing they could do. If that

amount was doubled, then there would no longer be a party Ace.

Faced with Sheyan's jesting, Reef gnashed his teeth and snorted.

’’What deadly, I was just a little careless.’’

Mogensha chuckled silently.

’’Too careless, letting an arrow pierce your heart.’’

Reef blushed, but jabbed back at Mogensha.

’’That's better than being pinned to the wall!’’

When Mogensha heard the words 'pinned to the wall', his vision darkened. His breath choked

within his throat, an unbearable trauma that he hadn't grown accustomed to. Fortunately,

Sheyan clapped his hands, deciding to split the spoils now.

The primary reason for them being here was to accomplish the milestones of 'Plunderer' and

'Headhunter' for Lille and Uzel. At present, the storm had concluded. With their shared party

storage, they naturally accomplished 'Plunderer' with ease. After searching through the Na'vis,

they only managed to amass a total of 6 longbows.

After a discussion, they allowed Sheyan to accomplish the milestone. As for the 'Headhunter'

title reward, it was actually 20% damage boost against Na`vis. Although it seemed a little trivial,

but after considering title synthesization that even reserve-duty Growth-hunters like Uzel and

Lille had placed heavy emphasis on, there should be some obscure profound worth pegged to it.

Apart from that, Jacques also dropped a peculiar shaped bugle horn, radiating with faint black

glow. After a brief inspection, they realized this should be a Na'vi's version of a top grade key.

When they opened it, 3,000 utility points and 3 potential points surfaced. Apart from that, there

was a piece of black glowing leaf, and a bundle of arrow darts. On the leaf were strange

characters written with blood. Once they interacted with the two objects, information popped


’’Name: Hardstone Arrow-darts. (condition: normal)

’’Origin: Takji Clan - crafted by warrior Jacques.’’

’’Rarity: Dark blue.’’

’’Usage effect: Every Arrow-dart deals 10 - 17 damage.’’

’’Description: An essential object for all na'vi hunters.’’

’’Usage requirements: This object can only be used with longbow/ bow/ crossbow type


’’Description: 'Hardstone Arrow-darts' are commonplace in Na'vi clans. But I swear haughty

elves have definitely not seen this before, since their archery is manifold superior to a Na'vi.’’


’’Esoteric mobile firer (Incomplete) (Unique object: This ability can only be dropped in the

Avatar world)’’

’’Rarity: Black’’

’’Usage effects: Increases the accuracy of firing, while moving at high pace.’’

’’Usage requirements: Agility 35 points, perceptive sense 20 points, 'basic long-range combat lvl


’’Description: This ability is only grasped by rare intellectual creatures; normally the genuine

insights personally recorded by these intellectual creatures during training. To upgrade this

ability is exceptionally difficult, one requires the complete volume.’’


No doubt, 'Esoteric Mobile Firer (Incomplete)' was learned by Mogensha, where it shockingly

required 10 potential points! He could only withdraw an advanced payment from the allotted

share of the party. As for the intended effects, it was still unknown, but still it definitely

wouldn't fall short! Not only was this 'Esoteric Mobile Firer' of black grade, more critically, it

was a unique product only produced in this world! This was exceedingly rare. It could be

described as an inheritance, totally unsubstitutable!


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