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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 386


Chapter 386: Midnight conflict

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Since the opposing party had a misconception of the 'humans being disastrous at close combat',

then Sheyan wouldn't pursue to correct them. Instead, he simply cried out in alarm as he raised

his symbolic white grade shotgun, delivering volleys of rounds outwards.

Based on his physique and defence; even if the Na'vis decided to adopt long range assaults, it

was simply impossible to kill him with a few arrows.

Streaks of blazing gunfire flashed through the night sky. Mogensha was still puffing on his

slanted cigar, while his rifle vibrated violently. Evidently, 2-3 rounds actually ran off target and

scurried towards the sky.

Sheyan was observing those distinctly off-target bullet sparks and was about to tease

Mogensha; little did he expect those stray bullets to strike against several overarching

branches, and create a tiny explosion. Instantly, heavy branches came crashing down along

with the rain.

These branches were neither small nor large, they were at least 2-3 metres long; crashing down

strategically ahead of the few Na'vis. Their thick, dense leaves coincidentally obstructing their


At this instance, Mogensha's next two rounds accurately and mercilessly pierced into the head

of the first Na'vi, blowing up consecutively against the Na'vi. If not for those scattered branches

obstructing its view, the exceedingly agile Na'vi would have easily dodged them!

An explosive impact slammed against his head, causing the na'vi to experience a severe whip

back; his legs still trying their utmost to carry his body forward, still kicking vigorously against

the air. Coincidentally, a lightning bolt flashed through the skies, recording this comical scene

of a na'vi playing air football. Of course, the standard scene of mud and blood surging into the


Merely pausing for a split second, the trademark gong-like crashing sound of the AK resounded

again. This time, it concentrated its efforts towards the fallen Na'vi in the mud. Although a

grounded target had smaller surface area, the Na'vi was still stunned from the severe damage

to its head. If Mogensha didn't seize this glorious chance to empty his rounds on an open

target, then when would he?

Meanwhile, a seemingly harmless red-dot connected with the left calf of the struggling Na'vi.

Indeed, Sheyan had produced that crude 'Nail gun' without hesitation, and pressed the trigger!

A 14.7 cm long titanium needle bullet drilled into the calf with ease, piercing through the skin,

flesh, nerves and finally lodging into the bone. Like a hot knife through butter, it drilled its way

in for nearly 10 cm before stopping near the kneecap; anywhere it past became a mutilated

mess! Accompanying it, was an awfully shrilling shriek.

An ordinary na'vi would have 2,000 plus HP, with average defence. Mogensha's explosive

rounds were deadly, even involving elemental damage effects. As for Sheyan's special 'Nail

it was specially designed against armored giant beasts on Pandora. Undoubtedly, if the

Na'vi didn't die on the spot, he would be devastatingly crippled.

After shooting, Sheyan casually tossed the 'Nail gun' to the idling Reef, as he directly teased.


The speechless Reef twitched his lips. Only party Ace was capable of treating an MT as an ammo

reloader. But who was to blame him, after all, he didn't possess long range offensive

capabilities? He could only sulk and reload. At this moment, a blue radiance flickered from

Mogensha's body, 'Beastly Instincts' was activated again! This time, his golden AK was actually

targeting downwards.

A chilling biting-cold bullet rapidly volleyed into the muddied ground! Instantly, a faint azure

thin ice spreaded out swiftly from the struck area. A second later, a huge blue foot trampled

down onto it! No doubt, the thin ice and mud supplied sufficient imbalance, as the na'vi faceplanted

into the ground, falling flat into the mud!

However, a Na'vi's exceptional balance in forested terrain was displayed fully. With his tail and

hands anchoring the fall, although he was drenched by the mud, he managed to avoid falling so

wretchedly. Instead, the na'vi nimbly executed a front roll, until Mogensha's remaining 4

bullets came swerving through the air with keen accuracy, as it sliced through the Na'vi's

braids! A firework of sparks appeared, followed by a burning charred smell; the Na'vi's braids

were sliced in two!

Peculiarly, at the severed intersection, there were shockingly 7-8 strands of interweaved silky

red threads; currently spitting out fine blood mist! The Na'vi instantly released an

unexplainably miserable howl, clutching his head as he rolled around in agony.

The na'vi's hair actually contained massive amounts of neural queues, which they rely on to

communicate with the various life forms on Pandora. When Mogensha had severed the Na'vi's

braids, that agony was akin to castrating a male's 'braid'.

While they took down two Na'vis, the remaining 7 had already rushed within 30 metres of the

tree hollow entrance. They dashed and leapt about under the darkness of the rainstorm,

emitting long tribal war cries of ’’Ye ~ Oe~~~~~~~’’. Black braids fluttering in the wind, against

their brightly lit blue faces that appeared like demons. If a mentally weaker person were to

witness such a scene, he would've been intimidated till his soul separated from his body.

While rushing in, two Na'vis stuffed 'food' into their mouths to replenish energy.

Coincidentally, a lightning bolted down and illuminated the area for a split second, allowing

Mogensha vision as he immediately retch. Actually, the 'food' they stuffed were shockingly

dried flesh.......but more revoltingly, the dried flesh were wrapped with 5-6 cm curly long hair;

one had no clue if it was armpit hair or pubic.........

Witnessing such a revolting scene, Mogensha wasn't planning to show mercy. He retrieved his

short spear wrapped in scarlet fabric, and devoutly kissed it. A momentary silence followed.

Then, the ineffable words rolled out from his tongue.

’’The wasteland traveller calls forth the rain........’’

’’Your sharp spear longs for fresh blood.’’

’’A bloodied liver is awaiting your recognition’’

’’Come forth! My allies!’’

’’The enemy's mortal flesh as thy sheath.’’

’’The enemy's wails as thy pleasure!’’

It was obvious. His silver spear had seen through an upgrade. Mogensha then straightforwardly

threw it out!

As it surged through the sky,

An astounding clap of thunder infiltrated down the earth, electrifying the short spear. Beneath

the irradiated thunder sky, the short spear metamorphosed into a chain lightning, its sharp tip

bolting down furiously; crackling and rumbling, as it crashed down around the enemies!

The first electrocuted na'vi instantly turned burnt black, not sparing him even a chance to

groan, the chain lightning propelled to its next target. Electric blue currents lingered over the

na'vi's body, as it grimaced in pain, trying its utmost to maintain its foothold. But at this

moment, a red-dot pinpointed between its brows! Reef who had reloaded bluntly aimed with

the 'Nail gun'. Observing the stance of half-kneeling while aiming, he was definitely a whole lot

better than Sheyan at this!

Cyan fumes permeated out, a blooming red dot formed on that Na'vi's head, his expression

became incredibly dazed! Behind its head, a grotesque explosion of blood. Although the front

wound was as tiny as one's fingertip, a huge portion of skull behind had shattered; gruesome

mess of brain sap and blood spewing out. The red and white blended with the muddy waters,

exhibiting an amplified melancholy!

Negate defence!

Explosive strike!

The first casualty of this Na'vi squad!

Reef smirked at Sheyan as he innocently shrugged his shoulders, his body language was


It isn't your firing skills, but the awesomeness of this gun........

The electrifying chain lightning bolted through the Na'vis, polluting the air with a burning

stench. Mogensha's current peaceful expression was that of enjoying the rain scattering onto

the leaves. The tremendous might of lightning running amok through his foes was like a

permanently touching melody to his soul.

Suddenly, at this very moment, a slightly larger Na'vi pounced forward; somersaulting twice in

mid air before landing. Shockingly, it seemed like he wasn't the least bit affected, dodging the

lightning field. When he landed, his hand was clearly gripping onto a bone dagger. Yet

strangely upon steadying his footsteps, a gigantic longbow was already in his hands.

No one had noticed any substantial movements! It was like a humble strumming against a

string, a light pinch before a 'twang' resounded. A 'short' arrow catapulted out, with its speed

completely undetectable, as it bored into the chest of the pleasure indulging Mogensha.

Without warning, the unstoppable arrow carried his entire body backwards, forcefully pinning

him against the wooden wall behind!

Running archery!!!

This was an immensely difficult archery technique. Even an adeptly trained soldier when

attempting to open fire while moving, would frequently pause for a brief moment to aim and

fire. If not, the chances of landing their shots would plunge significantly.

As for opening fire while sprinting at maximum speed without slowing down, it was completely

known as resigning to luck. Only a rarely seen opponent with such an innate ability was capable

of this. As for horseback archers being able release arrows accurately, that was completely

different from being able to sprint while releasing an arrow.


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