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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 384


Chapter 384: Ruby card! Perverted longsword!

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Since his comrades has spoken, Sheyan gladly obliged;in the end, his luck struck red! The first draw was instantly that Ruby card!

The second draw was a miscellaneous good - 'Combat Bandage', at most worth 500 utility points.

The third drawing chance was given to Mogensha to test his luck. The black dude slanted his cigar as he puffed, but actually managed to draw out an honorary medicine out! It still had 12 hours on its cooldown. Laughing heartily, he tossed it to Sheyan. Sheyan bluntly received it, counting as recuperating his losses.

Since he had drawn what he wanted, Sheyan produced the Ruby card and begun toying with it;attempting to activate it but was notified that it required to be back within the nightmare appears that Mogensha wasn't wrong, it was most likely a hotel card kinda item. A second later, Sheyan received a pleasant surprise.

’’Reserve-duty Growth-Hunter no.17214's slayer value exceeds 20 points.’’

’’You are awarded with another chance from the blood chest!’’

’’Oh woah!’’ This message was notified towards all party members, probably to prevent one from hoarding it. Mogensha excitedly whistled. ’’Hurry man! One more time. It seems like that fella was involved in a massive massacre in the previous world.’’

Sheyan laughed and asked Reef.

’’Wanna test your luck?’’

Reef shrugged his shoulders, and humbly replied.

’’God Said, 'Do not covet your neighbor's wife, nor covert others' houses, fields, manservants, oxen, donkeys, and all that he has'.’’

Sheyan smirked silently, understanding Reef's unique character, as he stretched his hands into the blood chest. He touched against a solid form, that 50% chance of hitting nothing didn't surface. Exerting force to retract, with a brushing sound, he directly pulled out a deep radiant object!

Weapon: +7 West (IV test edition)

Origin: ? ? ?

Rarity: Dark-blue

Material: Chromium alloy/ Pure silver magic blade

Base damage: 18 - 40 points

Embedded artifact: Lich Sandro's Heart. (Effect: +1 to this weapon's precedence)

(TN: From the game: Heroes of Might and Magic)

Embedded artifact: Bloodstone (Small) (Effect: +3% to explosive strike rate)

Attack interval: 3.5 seconds (It isn't as light as it looks)

Durability: 47/104

Attack range: 3 metres (Close combat)/25 metres (Throwing, current user does not possess the relevant ability to execute this)

Equipment position: hand

Requirements: Dual handed with strength 25 points/Single-handed with strength 45 points.

Requirements: Basic close combat lvl 7, Advanced ability 'Blade mastery' lvl 2 (Or a more advanced ability)

Weight: 12.82 kg.

Equipment upgraded attack (Every upgrade adds 2-5 damage): 14 - 35 points.

+4 weapon bonus: Increase attack by 6 - 15 points.

+7 weapon bonus: Increase attack by 12 - 30 points.

Equipment cumulated attack: 50 - 120 points.

Ability: 'Incisive' (Passive) - This incisive blade can penetrate through most armours. When weapon inflicts damage on opponent, it will deal additional damages.

Details: Additional damage is 30% - 50% of original damage.

Details: Additional damage negates defence! This effect has authority precedence (+1 from Lich Sandro's Heart), similar to crushing damages.

Special property: This is a blade that can defeat both liches and humans. Therefore If you can satisfy its avaricious appetite, you can temporarily obtain the privilege of using it. You can sacrifice 1 base attribute permanently and 3000 utility points to equip it without meeting its usage requirements.

Description: This is the forged blade of lich hunter West. To provide a valuable weapon for the blade warriors, West repeatedly experimented and forged, forging and accumulated 13 longsword. This longsword is the fifth product of his forging experiments. Although it has many flaws, it possess an all conquering aura. Of course, it cannot be compared with the thirteenth final experiment, the official 'West'.


’’Woah woah!’’ Mogensha couldn't help gasping in surprise. ’’This.......this blade when accompanied with crushing effect, is simply outrageous!’’

Sheyan laughed.

’’Jin Ximin was instantly sunk from optimal state to near death state after one slash, and died from the second slash!!’’

’’Lille was so powerful?’’ Reef couldn't help frowning after hearing this.

Sheyan nodded seriously.

’’No matter what, he is still someone who touched boundary prowess.......that awakened power, it is enough to cause the masses to tremble! Moreover, from today's battle, I've learned numerous lessons. Especially, in one area of consideration.’’

Reef earnestly replied.

’’Say it.’’

Sheyan breathed in deeply.

’’Perhaps we've been neglecting one aspect, and that is a support type mage contestant......I'm afraid those guys are insanely frightening upon their boundary breakthrough! The closest we can model to is that Uzel. Once he exhibited a full-on support from his boundary awakening, even an official Growth-Hunter like Makaji could be beheaded by an unawakened Lille. Moreover, we were all toyed within his palms, incapable of lifting a finger against him!’’

Mogensha grunted.

’’This situation is an exception......they've identified the weakness of us not having a mage contestant comrade! If not after he conjured his illusions, a high intelligence or high spirit contestant would be able to discover the abnormal ripples of magic force easily, and could anticipate it. Furthermore, even if Uzel was successful in dragging them into his 'Illusion dimension', they could still utilize their magic to pinpoint the location of Uzel!’’

After hearing Mogensha's explanation, Sheyan nodded silently. Following that, they started sharing the loot.

Without a doubt, that longblade was given to Sheyan. Although he couldn't utilize it yet, as it required an advanced 'Blade Mastery lvl 2';a scroll for that 'Blade Mastery lvl 2' though it wasn't an inferior good and had a pretty high cost, if one was willing to fork out money, it was definitely purchasable. If they really met with any danger, then forcefully using it through its special property was still plausible.

As for Uzel's blood key, Sheyan pondered before discussing.

’’I've accepted a military rank mission which requires an offering of blood keys. If you guys don't object, I'm planning to offer up this blood key.’’

Reef nodded and replied.

’’I agree. Moreover, we've already acquired quite a plentiful supply of utility and potential points so far in this world. As for Uzel, most probably his equipment would be primarily intelligence or spirit attribute based, it isn't very helpful to us......most importantly, I feel that a reserve-duty Growth-Hunter's blood key would obviously show more sincerity than offering the blood key of an ordinary contestant!’’

Sheyan nodded, obviously in agreement with Reef's opinion. Naturally, if one treated the realm as a fool to neglect, then most likely good rewards would be held back! He then gazed out of the tree entrance into the distance, the rain still pouring down in torrents. The silhouette of trees swayed gently within the darkness, like weird beast baring fangs and claws as they wobbled frantically. Occasionally, a gloriously brilliant flash of lightning would occur, illuminating the entire night sky. After a brief thought, his serious tone voiced out.

’’Everyone on alert. From here on out, we may suffer a sneak ambush anytime;a long range one.’’

Mogensha's heart skipped, immediately pasting against the thick wall of the tree;even his face could feel the crude texture of the tree hollow. The feeling was weird and coarse, like the rough skin of an old farmer that had laboured for years;rough, prickly yet with a tinge of warmth. With a flurry, his golden AK was in his hands as he spoke with full alert.

’’Boss, you saw something?’’

Similarly taking cover behind an object, Sheyan gently shook his head.


Mogensha curiously asked.


Sheyan then pointed towards the sky outside, signalling Mogensha to take a look. Still, he could only see a patch of pitch-black, until the lightning flashed through the night sky;only then did he notice that apart from the swaying trees, there were shockingly several silhouette figurines swaying in the darkness. Suddenly, Mogensha recalled something, causing him to become stumped.

’’1, 2, 3, 4, aren't those the Na'vi's sleeping pods? Which means........there are still some fish that escaped the net!’’

Sheyan lightly shook his head.

’’Not just 4.’’

Following another bolt of lightning, Sheyan gazed outwards before dragging Mogensha over.

’’From your previous angle, you could only see 4 of the Na'vi's sleeping pods, you can get a better view from here.’’

Mogensha waited for another flash of lightning before carefully observing, then cold sweat started rolling down his forehead. Inside the cluster of leaves, there were at least 12 other sleeping pods, indicating 12 Na'vis........going one step further in deduction, the 3 Na'vis that they had dispatched off earlier were all the old and sickly that stayed back to guard their home! As for the true fatal hunters, they hadn't returned!!!

’’Then why aren't we leaving, why are we still here?’’ Mogensha couldn't help but ask. This wasn't because Mogensha was fearful;but that those 2 metre long arrows were indeed menacingly terrifying, with fatal neurotoxin even smeared over it. Sheyan and Reef both had ridiculous thick skin coupled with the 'Life-link', but what if the arrow struck him? That was indeed a legit reason to worry.


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