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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 383


Chapter 383: Lottery discussion

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The 'Life-guard' was like a soap bubble, utterly extinguished and destroyed. Sheyan stationed

his fist in midair, his expression that of slight deliberation; as though Lille's words had enticed


’’Oh, really?’’

’’Really!’’ Lille raised his head towards Sheyan, but was immediately greeted with a black

muzzle pointing between his brows! The next thing he heard was a thunderous boom!

’’I'm sorry, Mr Lille. Your suggestion failed to persuade me.’’ Sheyan retracted 'Ambition', as he

coolly replied. ’’My instincts tell me, you aren't sincere.’’

Sheyan bent forward, helping to close Lille's 'unwilling even in death' eyes. He then picked up

that sorrowful blood key from Lille.

A notification rung in his ears.

’’You've slayed reserve-duty Growth-hunter no.17214!’’

’’PVP milestone 'Suspect' count: 4.’’

Sheyan then silently glanced at that silver-storyline grade object 'Shriveled Tangerine', then

shifted his gaze towards the faint shimmering silver glow on his right fist. He then snorted.

’’What a disappointment, Mr Lille. I've really overestimated your strength, I still thought you

would perform a last act. In the end, you couldn't even force out my final trump card.’’

Following that, Sheyan wrapped himself with a bandage, heading towards Reef and Mogensha's

location; presently, brimming with exhaustion. The winds blew, and the sky had already

dimmed craftily. The leaves rattled against the wind, emitting crackling noises. Lightnings

flashed across, illuminating Sheyan's filthy and fatigue back image; still, the sensation of an

indomitable mountain remained, nonconforming to any pressure.


Reef comfortably sighed. He finally stretched his arms and stood up,

’’Dammit, near-death state is really intolerable! Seeing and hearing without mobility, feels

really like a nightmare.’’

He could sense the endless refreshing stream of coolness from the bandages, recuperating bits

of his strength. He sighed comfortably again, as he examined Sheyan's severed left arm and


’’Seemed like a really tough battle eh?’’

’’Hpmh, with you draining and delaying them for so long previously, I obviously had to finish

both off! If I hadn't thought about injuring myself to trick Lille, and luckily baited Lille in, how

would I have managed to kill him?’’

Sheyan had already tried ripping at the flesh vines wrapped around Mogensha with all his

might. Although it had long lost its master to control it, the flesh vines was still a carnivorous

vegetation; gripping tightly onto its prey, as it repeatedly secreted paralysis poison. With

Sheyan's 49 points of strength, he was still unable to rip it with a single hand. Reef then flashed

out his lightsaber. 'Vwam vwam vwam' he finally freed Mogensha.

Mogensha was scarred with lines over lines of purplish-black marks; suppressing his HP to the

minimum with its weakening/paralysis effects. After a brief moment, he finally managed to

regain some strength, as he leaned against a nearby tree and panted.

’’Those distasteful vines! Shit ass veggies. Ah ah ah, I hate all things long and curvy. Today, I

must feast on it to vent my anger!’’

Sheyan breathed in deeply.

’’The fearsome might of a truly unparalleled. If not for Reef having

drained nearly most of the MP of that illusion master, if I wasn't able to restrain the impressive

abilities of that fool Lille; I reckon, we would've been annihilated.’’

Reef hatefully lashed out.

’’That Uzel......even if we hadn't discovered the skull of a Great Leonopteryx, those guys didn't

harbour good intentions from the start. I don't know if you guys noticed, but the contract pact

he had signed with us was actually counterfeit!’’

When Reef spoke, the other two hurriedly investigated, realizing that it was indeed the case.

Sheyan then sulkily reply.

’’That means, either they had an ability that could exploit the realm, or that illusion master Uzel

was able to mislead our senses when signing the contract. He was able to trick us into thinking

our signed pact was verified officially by the nightmare imprint, yet this had never happened!

f****! With a spirit/intelligence type party member, we wouldn't suffer such foul

discrimination. But his trick still contains some loopholes. Once we accomplished the

milestone but instead not receive a single remuneration we were expecting, then we would

certainly be alerted about that.’’


At this moment, glaring streaks of lightning zapped down consecutively from the sky, forming

a blinding meandre. Torrents of rain began pouring down, pattering against Sheyan's naked

wounds. This drenching outcome shockingly brought about a slight burning sensation, as

though countless needles were pricking his skin.

The atmosphere of Pandora was filled with poisonous elements, hence the rain was likewise

corrosive in nature. It could even threaten the HP of a formidable contestant. As their bodies

became soaked, it wasn't at all favourable for their wounds, and dealt uncomforting pains.

As the rain descended, it splattered noisily against the emerald leaves. Within a short period,

the sky was bestowed with blurry white showers, as repetitive static sounds roared into their


Under such circumstances, like the entire world was being submerged underwater, if they

hurried back to the shuttle now, they would definitely meet an eventual calamity; a catastrophe

of heavenly tears and lightning. Therefore, Sheyan pointed towards that nearby Hometree, as

the 3 bluntly sprinted towards it.

Observing the incessant flashes of lightning in the sky, Mogensha worriedly exclaimed while

sprinting through the mud.

’’Rumour has it the larger a tree, the easier lightning will strike it.........’’

Sheyan shook his head.

’’Impossible, don't forget the Hometree is surrounded by an abundance of pandora crystal

veins. The magnetic force field it creates defies gravity, the lightning wouldn't be attracted by

it. If not, I believe those poor Na'vis would've long become extinct due to thunderstorms.’’

As Lille and Uzel had instigated their battle near the Hometree, the 3 didn't waste much effort

in charging into the safety of the Hometree's hollow. At present, the skies were pitch-black,

thunderous lightning and rain accompanied it; still, the hollow of the tree contained an

unfathomable tranquility. The Hometree even exuberated a peculiarly fresh odour that even

their oxygen mask could not keep out, still the 3 of them gradually calmed down.

The slayer value of Uzel and Lille were both relatively high, hence they had both dropped blood

keys. After some deliberations, Sheyan fished for Lille's blood key, and summoned out a blood

chest. 4 options were presented to him, which immediately caused him to become stumped.

Lille's equipments on hand were pretty outstanding, as expected of someone dispatched to be a

mole; it seemed like he was valued highly by his boss 'Zeus'. The twin-daggers of silverstoryline

grade was needless to say, there was even that +7 dark-blue grade long blade that was

incredibly heaven defying. Not only that, his enchanting 'Phantom Clone' ability and that +8

flame damage equipment were indeed rarities.

At this moment, Mogensha observed that Sheyan was hesitating, and earnestly urged.

’’Boss! Just pick to draw the items! Yes, that option of drawing 3 items from a dead contestant's

interspatial region. Don't forget about that Ruby card! It's a minutely rare spoil that only a

Growth-Hunter would drop.’’

Sheyan furrowed his brows.

’’I just checked for details about a ruby card, but the reply was that my privilege isn't sufficient.

Perhaps you know of something?’’

Mogensha chuckled gleefully as he drank from his military canteen. Then, he wiped his thick

lips and replied.

’’In fact, I've heard from the Metals Professor before, a ruby card can only be dropped by a

Growth-Hunter who has slayed innumerable multitudes of others. After dropping, it won't

summon any chest whatsoever. It is merely used like a hotel room card.’’

This time, even Reef became interested.

’’Room card?’’

Mogensha nodded, before earnestly continuing.

’’That's correct. Think about it, a room card that can be used in the nightmare

realm.......undoubtedly, it must be pertaining to the personal rooms of our nightmare realm!

Once you utilize the ruby card, you can enter and wantonly plunder!’’

’’Wantonly, plunder??!’’ Sheyan discarded his usual collected self, as he couldn't help

demanding. ’’But he has already died!’’

Mogensha curled his thick lips, this action undoubtedly caused his lips to become fatter. His

bearing also became heavier.

’’But who knows the truth? This was what I merely heard, it was probably overhead by that Fanu

from others. Even he hadn't personally witnessed it before. More importantly, after what we

heard from them, this Makaji is indeed a severely distasteful and wicked fella. Not only had he

infiltrated into different parties, and betrayed them after reaping benefits, he probably harmed

numerous others before meeting us. Still, with his plentiful loots, I reckon we should make a

gamble for his ruby card.’’

Reef nodded in reply.

’’I'm in favour of AK's view. If we choose equipment, there is a 50% chance of missing. Even if

we did, it may be an equipment not relevant to us, the chances of gaining would reduce to lower

than a quarter. But by choosing the random draw of 3 items, just based on the fact you guys

battled for so long, I reckon he had probably squandered loads of his items. Therefore, I reckon

gambling for the ruby card holds a chance of at least a fifth!’’

’’Fine then! I'll draw!’’


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